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a character in “Daft The punk”, as played by :Nagato:



Name: Cynic is the only name she is known by; her real name was said only once, two years ago, to the school, and it has long since been forgotten.

Gender: Female

Age: 17


Appearance: Cynic's appearance is clearly not one that conforms to the wiles of contemporary fashion and ideals--if anything it flies in the face of everything most girls consider 'fashionable' these days, and both her physical aspects and choice of clothes cause her to stand out quite a lot in a crowd. She stands at full height at six feet even, and as a result towers over just about all other girls in the high school, and a fair deal of the guys as well. Her strong and firm body build is similarly atypical for a woman--lean muscles are clearly visible in her arms and abdomen, indicative of a considerable measure of upper body strength. In terms of facial features, she possesses sharp, attractive features, with high, prominent cheekbones (a clear indication of her Mohawk heritage), a small, sloping nose, and thin dark lips, though the signs of stress and cigarette abuse are quite evident on her features as well; in addition, she is known to favour using darkening around her eyes, though it is most certainly less of a feminine thing than most who use make-up would use it for, and lends more of an aire of strangeness and disconnection from others to Cynic. Her eyes, peering out from the blackness that surrounds them, seem to match the darkening in colour (an effect that is in fact caused by the darkening around the eyes), but in actuality are a very dark brown colour. Her hair in its natural state is a lustrous black sheen, entirely straight and falling as far down as her chest--but Cynic never really let her hair remain in its natural state. Instead, she has long since taken to dreadlocking her hair, and also highlighting it with varying shades of red and orange. As a result, the lustrous sheen of her hair has become a faded black tone.

Cynic possesses a number of tattoos on her body as well as piercings (these are not visible in the images given). A faint, coiling pair of cobras are tattooed running up both hands and arms, while, tattooed over the snakes on her left bicep is a large, flaming ankh; on the right bicep, an Uraeus. Across her collarbone are tattooed thorned, coiling vines; directly above them, in the centre, is a tyet, directly below her throat. On the very back of her neck, where the spine ends, the symbol of a wedja, symbolising wholeness, is found. Finally, tattooed on the back of each hand is an Eye of Horus. Her lip is pierced with a single lip ring, she has two studs pierced into her left eyebrow and a ring around the right; from each ear hangs a single ankh earring.

As said, Cynic's choice of clothing is regarded by most as outlandish and causes her to stick out like a sore thumb. Her general outfit in actuality does not vary much from day to day. She is typically to be seen in a tight sleeveless shirt, usually in a darker colour and sometimes showcasing a favourite band or group of hers, followed by a pair of regular fit jeans, typically with a number of rips or tears in them. Finally, the outfit is finished off by a pair of knee-high leather harness boots, supplemented by metal buckles on either side which cause a metallic clink as she walks. She can also be seen to don a leather jacket quite often, as well as a number of accessories; this includes a copper bullet belt (which can be seen in the images) and various spiked gauntlets and wristbands. Cynic is never seen to be wearing a dress or a skirt, and one can assume she doesn't even possess any such kind of clothing.


Personality: The woman who calls herself Cynic chose a fitting name in terms of her persona. Despite the fact that her appearance may make her seem like even more of a delinquent than any one of the hoodlums in Weather Report, she is seen almost as something of a wisewoman whom, if you come to be regarded by her as an acquaintance, will share her advice and wisdom when requested. Otherwise, however, she is a laconic and reserved girl, who expresses no apparent outward desire to have anything to do with the majority of the people around her, whether they are constituents of Weather Report or living in fear of them. In fact, she doesn't seem to take an active interest in anybody, and for the most part is seen as a loner who has no real friends or family by the rest of the school; Cynic is seen as an almost mysterious, strange figure whom no one really knows about. She regards the Weather Report delinquents with indifference and apathy, but then again, they've yet to really mess with her or try to bully her. If Cynic's actions so far are to be taken as an indication of how she would react to this, it is likely she would ignore them utterly--as for how she would react if they tried to rough her up...well, that can't be guessed. She seems to go about everything with confidence and sureness, with no concerns of her own but always willing to lend her own wisdom to aid the concerns of others. One aspect unusual about her is she is, despite her wisdom, known to be a heavy smoker of cigarettes--she never goes anywhere without a pack or two on her, and outside of school is rarely seen without a thin filter hanging from her lips.

She is also known to be oddly spiritual in a way--at least, her tattoos and habits seem to indicate this. Oftentimes she will seem to be meditating, sitting on her own with her eyes closed and posture firm, and many of her tattoos are spiritual in nature.

Though to those less attuned to the atmosphere of others, Cynic seems quite evidently confident and certain in all she does, someone who is more capable of ascertaining the presence and aire of others will find she is not quite so. Cynic has long since in actuality doomed herself to a lonely existence because, though she seems to have no fears and no anxieties, she is crippled by a fear of losing those whom she loves and cares about; as a result, she chose to keep others at arm's distance so that she would never build a connection to them, so that she would never have to feel the grief and pain of their inevitable departure. In Cynic's mind, the pain of a life utterly alone is far less hurtful than a life of losing everyone she cares about--it is a line of thinking that past events in her life have long since taught her. Under the layers of quiet wisdom and evident apathy lies a person who is far more conflicted and vulnerable than Cynic would ever seem on the surface--plagued with fears, sorrows, despairs and anger exacerbated by her use of cigarettes, and lack of true connection to others. They turn inward, making her only more reserved and silent, and all the more fearful of true friendship and companionship with others, and the seemingly inevitable severance of those connections.

Just as her name suggests, Cynic approaches life from a very philosophical, specific point of view, viewing the world with a sort of jaded negativity. She is a pessimist at heart, always expecting the worst is coming--as evidenced by the fact that she believes anyone she tries to connect with will someday abandon or leave her. She believes that trying to achieve lasting happiness is a pointless endeavour because, in her eyes, it is inevitable that eventually that happiness will be destroyed, leaving an even greater void, a greater sadness, than what had been felt before. She sees the kids around her, always happy and laughing with their friends, and believes that they are naive and ignorant of the true nature of life--that their happiness is thanks purely to their own blindness, while Cynic herself is doomed to see the world for what it really is. Cynic has never been shown that life can be anything but a lonely, painful journey.

History: To all but the headmasters of the school the girl who goes by the name of Cynic has no history--she says nothing of it when asked, and shares nothing of it on her own. Two years ago, she simply appeared one day at the school, introduced by instructors as a new student--her real name, given by the instructor that day she was introduced to her first class, has long since been forgotten, and only the name Cynic remains. She's been going through school alone since then, gaining a reputation for her quiet wisdom and loner tendencies; because of the mysterious aire about her and the certainty she exudes, she's never really encountered bullying, and at the same time few people approach her with the intent of actual friendship. Some come to her for advice or with questions, and she laconically shares her knowledge, but otherwise few associate with her.

Skills/Abilities: Cynic's ability is known as 'Shatterpoint'--in other words, she has unnatural accuracy and sense in almost everything she does, from utilising her throwing knives to finding something (or someone's) weak point and exploiting it to her advantage. Once she has a target in mind and her throwing knife has left her hand, you can without a doubt ascertain whatever it is she's aiming for is about to have the blade of her knife in them, exactly where she intended it. Moving targets are not a problem; Cynic is capable of quickly calculating their speed of movement, tendency, environmental factors, and all kinds of things most people wouldn't even think of, and then ascertain where to aim in order to hit an exact point.

Besides that, she's quite strong physically, and remains fit through a rigorous daily exercise routine; she's also a very skilled knife fighter even when not throwing knives, more than capable of dominating a fight with knives of all kinds. In a sense whenever she holds a blade it becomes less like a weapon and more of an extension of her own hand.

Items/Weapons: She keeps a switchblade on her, as well as her five beloved throwing knives; they are sheathed concealed in the folds of her leather jacket where she can reach them quickly if needed. Also, at least one pack of cigarettes, and a lighter.


Theme Song: Death - Misanthrope

So begins...

Cynic's Story