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Grand Chancellor James Airell

"I didn't come to power by accident. Maybe think about that before you think about crossing me."

0 · 401 views · located in The Empire of Dalcaria, and other nations.

a character in “Dalcaria: Forged in Fire and Blood.”, as played by Lord Saethos


Username: Lord Saethos
Name: Grand Chancellor James Airell
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality/Species: Dalcarian, Human
Orientation: Heterosexual
Personality: On the outside, "straight-laced", cold, calculating, sometimes even a little bitterly sarcastic. James keeps his emotions as much to himself as he can, but his actions demonstrate ambition, dedication, and perhaps even compassion. Whatever his true feelings or intentions may be, he won't be opening up about them any time soon.

Rank: Grand Chancellor of the Empire of Dalcaria. The Head of State and central figure of power and authority in the nation.
Occupation: Governing the Empire.
Education: At a rather young age, James was inducted into the Royal Guards, and as a result received an education supported by them, and the late King himself. He learned the basics of education in his first few years with them (adding upon the education he had when under his parent's care and House Black's mandate), and soon after expanded his knowledge into economics, business, politics, and several other areas of study. Along with this, he obviously attained more "job relevant" skills related to his work for the Royal Guards, and the late King.

Factions: Although essentially "independent" of any factions, His Excellency still retains hidden (yet total) control over the Intelligence Services, and the Royal Guards. The Royal Guards swear absolute loyalty to the Grand Chancellor and carry out all his commands. The Intelligence Services, however, only largely swear loyalty, but not totally. They carry out his orders in secret, and make it their business to ensure no one else in the country can see or feel his influence in the organization. It has been assumed by many that he still controls them, but with no evidence or paper trail, he is able to wield his vast network in a way that could almost seem like there were a spy in every home.

Religion/Philosophy: A believer in The One, and has likely been for many years.
Political Ideals: Evidently he has no issues with dictatorships, so long as he's the one commanding it. Has demonstrated a leaning towards social reforms to protect those who have been oppressed (especially by the last regime), and has pushed certain legislation he states may lead to greater wealth for all citizens of Dalcaria, not just the wealthy.

Biography: James Airell was born somewhere in South Central Tavastia, to parents of minor nobility. What they were like remains a mystery to most, except for the Grand Chancellor himself. At the age of 10, James was robbed of his parents. House Black, who had been very active in "involuntary recruiting" at the time, had attacked the town in which his family resided and held influence. His parents were murdered, and James himself had to falsify his name and identity. House Black took him with them, and for the next three years trained James to become one of their hopeful killing machines.

Not much is known about this time, or his kidnapping, but it is known that around the age of 13, the Royal Guards (led by the King himself) attacked a camp he was residing at. They killed every House Black member who shot back, and even some who didn't, with the intention was to save whatever youth there were at the camp. James ended up being the only one left. After that, he was taken in by the Royal Guards who helped raise, educate, and train him. This ended up being for a greater purpose in the end.

After the murder of the King by House Black, James took the position of Commander of the Royal Guard, and soon after was granted the position of head of the Intelligence Services by the then Grand Chancellor. Using his contacts and power, James built up a force to fight the coming Civil War, working behind the scenes as best he could to dismantle the efforts of the others who craved the office of Grand Chancellor. In the end, he won the war, crushed all his opponents, and took the title of Grand Chancellor of the Empire of Dalcaria.

Since then, His Excellency has shut down the death camps of the last regime, legalized marriage between Dalcarians and non-Dalcarians (including Lishundans), re-legalized marriage between same-sex couples, reinstated members of The Temple who followed its original purposes, and has been rebuilding the country far faster than anyone expected. He has been viewed as controversial in some cases, constantly butting heads with Parliament, who seems very intent on limiting his power, and continues to fight a war against the remnants of House Black (who effectively operate as a terrorist group at this point).

But this is just what is mostly known of His Excellency. Many secrets may hide in his life, and his past, and there are few with the knowledge of what those may be, or the skills to obtain it.

Skills: His Excellency is a very skilled firearms user and swordsman, and has a fair amount of knowledge in hand to hand combat. He is a fair driver, horseback rider, and even has some skills in piloting boats. He is a relatively strong public speaker, and has been known to have his charismatic moments.
Transportation: Quite a variety. Whatever his position can afford him.
Home: The Imperial Palace in Durelieus.


Weapons: His family sword, Erasius, as well as a variety of firearms.
Powers: James has some skills in magic use, but his most important power is [REDACTED].

Picture: (Of your character)
Theme Song: (Also optional?)

The New Grand Chancellor: Like the old Grand Chancellor, this is the man in charge of most of the government as well as the country. He has the full support of the Dalcarian Intelligence Agency, the Royal Guard, and most of the members of the Fascist Grand Council, and a great deal of support from the national police force, a few ex-rebel groups, and a number of nobles and persons of business. The military has also, for the most part, pledged their loyalty to him, but their loyalty is to Dalcaria first and foremost. He does, however, still have opposition within both the house of nobles and parliament, which may soon affect his political position. Regardless though, at the moment this man is the most powerful person in the country, and more than that, he is essentially the most powerful man in the world.

So begins...

Grand Chancellor James Airell's Story