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Lord Saethos

"There is no abyss. Just me."

0 · 501 views · located in The Empire of Dalcaria, and other nations.

a character in “Dalcaria: Forged in Fire and Blood.”, as played by Lord Saethos


Username: Lord Saethos
Name: Lord Saethos
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality/Species: Unknown, appears human. Can appear as Caucasian, may also appear with jet black skin, eyes, and hair.
Orientation: Presumed Heterosexual.
Personality: As few mortal (or even immortal) beings have actually met the "being" known as Lord Saethos, information on what he is like is scarce. The stories told however paint him as a merciless, cruel, unfathomably brutal being. His ambition must know no bounds, as the stories coming out of the Underworld is that he conquered it, and dethroned most (if not all) of the Demon Princes. Some say he relishes in endless pleasure from the pain he causes, others say he could care less and that it's all beneath him. The most logical conclusion some make is that (like most mortals), his "personality" is dependent on his mood... And his goals.

Rank: Difficult to confirm, but the indication is that he has laid claim to being Lord or Emperor of the Underworld.

Occupation: Uncertain
Education: Unknown

Factions: Members of House Black seem to have "pledged loyalty" to him, but whether he accepts that or not is unknown. Rumors indicate he can be fickle, as likely to reward a "worshiper" with incredibly power as he is likely to roast them alive and peel off their skin.

Religion/Philosophy: Unknown, evidence suggests he sees himself as a god.
Political Ideals: Unknown, possibly irrelevant to him.

Biography: It is unknown when exactly Lord Saethos appeared in the world of Gardia, but there is heavy speculation he was neither born recently, nor on the planet itself. Regardless of where he came from or when, it is known that over the course of possibly the past century, he has waged a merciless war of conquest in the Underworld, killing both minor beasts and Demon Princes alike with unnatural ease. Many creatures of the Underworld have started to pledge allegiance to Saethos, many resist and fight loyally alongside the Demon Princes, and some have simply tried to escape the Underworld and find refuge elsewhere.

It is known that elements of House Black have participated in worship of Saethos, and even performed rituals in an attempt to summon or appease him. But who he favors is totally unknown. Rumors circulated for a short while that during the Civil War, near the final hours of it, Saethos actually appeared in Dalcaria, and some have claimed a confrontation between him and Grand Chancellor James Airell may have in fact taken place. But there is no actual evidence to confirm or deny these claims.

Skills: The full extent of his skills is unknown, but swordsman skills have been a common subject in relation to him.

Transportation: (Cars, horses, etc.)
Home: (Your house, city, and province that you live in for the most part. If you need names for places and descriptions of them, let me know and I'll give you a rundown)


Powers: Unknown, but it's expected his "magical" powers may surpass anything seen before, and that "magic" may not be the full extent of his powers.

Picture: (Of your character)
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Theme Song: (Also optional?)

So begins...

Lord Saethos's Story