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Victor Smythe

"Ladies, luxury, and a life of adventure! What better way to live?"

0 · 863 views · located in Kraigdarroch

a character in “Dalcaria: Forged in Fire and Blood.”, as played by Lord Saethos


Username: Lord Saethos
Name: Victor Smythe
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality/Species: A little Kraigdarrochian, a little Clarendan, and a little Tavastian/Dalcarian/Human
Orientation: Very Straight
Personality: Gentlemanly, loud at times, playboy, ladies man, but also caring too. Doesn't misuse his wealth very much, but anyone with money tends to buy some luxuries.

Rank: Ex-nobility, businessman.
Occupation: Demon hunter, detective of sorts, businessman, millionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
Education: Average education in Cirencester as well as Durelieus, took private lessons from The Temple later on on how to fight demons. Joined the military for a short while but quit when he discovered he preferred to be the one giving himself orders. Perfected his demon killing craft over the years.

Factions: The Financial District and other businessmen and women. No longer tied to the nobility, never was an official student of The Temple, just paid for the education to fight demons.

Religion/Philosophy: Believes in the One, but also tends to do things that may go against the "rules","ideals", or values of the One. Wants to try to be better at some point, but really enjoys the certain pleasures of life he gets now.
Political Ideals: Despite the fact that he seems to have cut himself off from politics completely (and his slight distaste for the way the House of Nobles and the Parliament conducts themselves), he is very supportive of the current Grand Chancellor, though he doesn't always voice this.

Biography: Victor grew up in a noble family that was in control of the small city of Cirencester, and its surrounding areas. It wasn't actually his father who was at the head of the family, but rather his uncle instead, which would end up leading to problems later on. Victor lived the average life of most noble children, though he became a bit of a patriot for Dalcaria at a very young age. Victor was in university around his late teens and early 20's, which is around the same time his parents died. This was saddening to him, but not exactly surprising as they had not been a young couple when they had him, so died in part from age. Not long after this, Victor's uncle died as well, leaving leaving him as the new heir to the Smythe family.

This ended up being more of a burden than a blessing however. The unfortunate circumstance was that Victor's uncle had been a heavy drinker, and had more or less left the family bankrupt. Victor was in a desperate situation, but rather than letting the family totally fall apart, he sold the families nobility rights to an ambitious fellow looking to "get up in the world". This was for a fairly large sum of money, of course. Victor kept the family's ancestral home in Cirencester, but their voting rights in the House of Nobles and Parliament were now totally gone. Still, Victor is known for being a crafty fellow, so despite selling the family's noble power, it is entirely possible he still has a hidden card to play, should he ever need to.

The money he gained from the sale of the noble rights had been quickly invested into a number of businesses, and it wasn't long before the Smythe family was making money again. Victor purchased a luxury apartment in Durelieus and started to expand his talents into a new field; demon hunting. Within a few years, and plenty of time training, Victor became an expert in killing demons, having learned a number of tips and tricks even some of the men and women in The Temple didn't know. Since then, Victor has been killing demons (for money and pro bono sometimes), running a very lucrative business, loving women, and being an all around shining example of the Dalcarian gentleman. Well, if you disregard the philandering.

It should also be mentioned that he has a VERY soft spot for Lishundan people (especially the women), and has been quite open about this as well, to the shock of some. But his love for Lishundan's is said to be more than just superficial, but that he has long toiled to improve conditions for them, and even protect them when and where he was able to during the Civil War even.

Skills: Swordsmanship, marksmanship, demon slaying, driving, a little bit of chemistry, running a business, wooing the ladies, drinking fine liqours, smoking from one of his many fine pipes, and many other things.

Transportation: Trains, planes, and his automobile
Home: The Smythe family manor. It's a mansion located on top of a mountain in the town of Cirencester. This is the noble residence for the area, but the person who purchased the Smythe family's noble rights did not purchase the mansion itself, or the actual name of the Smythe family either. Both remain in Victor's ownership. He also owns a luxury apartment in the uptown district of Durelieus.

Likes: Women (of all kinds), smoking, drinking, killing baddies, being a gent, driving his car, and Dalcaria itself (he's a bit of a patriot).
Dislikes: Evil people, evil people that are annoying, evil people that are cocky, racists and racism, and prejudice (judging a book by its cover).

Weapons: His pistol, his double barrel shotgun, and his cane (it's the furthest one on the left, kinda looks like a door knob on top). Why a cane? A gentleman always has a backup plan.

Clothing/Armor: His brown three piece suit with a brown tie. Also has a gold pocket watch.

Powers: Finely honed demon slaying powers. He likes to make sure that when he kills a demon, it won't ever be coming back.

Picture: Image
He has darker hair however, close to a medium shade of brown, not orange like in the picture.
Theme Song: Sky Titans

So begins...

Victor Smythe's Story