Vicinda Gale

"Time to gear up."

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a character in “Damaged Beyond Repair”, as played by Kagerou


Full Name: Vicinda Rose Gale

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Reason for being in Luchush?: "I needed to get away from my hometown."

Appearance: Image (Credit to whoever this is on tumblr. You're super cute<3)

Vicinda is tall for her gender at about 5 foot 8 inches, with grey-blue eyes and longer red hair. Her skin is pale, with freckles across her arms. She is very thin, but not weak in the least. (Will add more later)

Tattoos, scars, or anything else identifiable: She has a long scar across her stomach, and a small rose tattooed on her hand.


Known Traits: Slightly hot headed, stubborn, outspoken, kind, never leaves someone behind.

Likes/Dislikes: She likes alternative music, candy, tea, and cats. She dislikes people who think they're the top of everything, jerks, players, blood, and loud, unexpected sounds.

Pet Peeves: People chatting away like it's nothing, people commenting on how stubborn she is, and people asking about her tattoo.

Things that make them tick/super happy: People asking about her family. Cats make her happy.


Weapon Preference: Sword/knife. But a baseball bat will do.

Stealth or Fast: Stealth.

Clothing: A Rise Against Tee, a pair of denim skinny jeans, with a pair of flat running shoes.

Anything Else: She always keeps her music player with her.


Family: A mother, sister, and brother. Plus her cat, Kelia.

Why they left: She couldn't handle her mother's drinking anymore.

Cultural Background: Vicinda is Irish, German, and Native American.

Connections?: Just to her cat that she brought with her.

So begins...

Vicinda Gale's Story