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Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods


Two women are kidnapped and taken to the home of two mythical brothers who are looking for new servants. PRIVATE 1X1: TAKEN

6,743 readers have visited Damaged Goods since kelsiikhaos created it.


The year is 2072. Mythical creatures of all kinds have come out of hiding and taken over the planet.
Mermaids and sea monsters attacked the beaches.
Werewolves and centaurs ruled the forests.
Vampires and ghouls destroyed the cities' populations.
The few humans that are left are either kept against their will and made slaves to the creatures or they are in hiding.

Two brothers have been searching for the perfect servants to have.
Every one they have attempted with ended up being inadequate.
Now two more girls are on their way to the brother's mansion.

Will they team up and get away or will they end up falling for the demons?

Or maybe just end up as another snack for them.

Forrest Carson
Older brother
(Tom Hardy)
Race: Demon

Taken By: Kelsiikhaos

Jason Carson
Younger brother
(Andy Biersack)
Race: Demon

Taken By: XViolet7

Vitane Todd
(Kaya Scodelario)
Race: Human

Taken By: Kelsiikhaos

Lola Hart
(Holland Roden)
Race: Human

Taken By: XViolet7

Toggle Rules

Okay so I know that the opening isn't very pretty or descriptive, [and kinda cheesy], etc. but I typically like to write 300-500 words per post and I would like the same.
We can discuss background information, character buildup, and anything else in PM.

I will not be on every single day and I do not expect you to be either, but if you are gone a week or longer, I would at least like a heads up so I'm not obsessively checking on here.

Anything else, ask away!

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Character Portrait: Forrest Carson Character Portrait: Jason Carson Character Portrait: Lola Hart
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0.00 INK

Hex Code:#0A0A8E
Location: SW Tenebris (Beach)

Black streaks stained the once rosy cheeks of Forrest Carson. He had managed to get a hold on reality and the sorrow sluggishly left, leaving only a buzzing of discomfort and sadness in the back of his mind. He had risen to stand on shaky legs and he finally took in the new world around him. He’d never even thought about visiting Tenebris and now he knew why. Who would ever willingly come here? Especially if they were as sensitive as he was. He let out a trembling breath as his eyes wandered the grounds he occupied. The sand looked similar to Earth’s sand in the same texture and granular form, but here it was an interesting grey color. Forrest pondered momentarily if there was a science behind its color or if everything here was colored this way to insinuate the suffering of these lands. He wasn’t sure.

The air was heavy with warmth and a streak of perspiration slid down his forehead to his cheekbone. Forrest wiped it away to see a black smear on his fingers. Did Tenebris turn every bodily fluid black when it hit the air? Just as blood turned red for humans once it oxygenated? This place just got stranger by the minute. He uneasily looked at Jason, trying to remain aware of his surroundings. He wasn’t sure what was near, but he could sense some kind of danger lingering in the area.

“I fucking hate this place” Jason muttered “Be prepared, it’s a realm of sorrowed torment or as Lola would say, “a place to cleanse.” It’s the gateway between Heaven and Hell. Pleasant, I know.”

Forrest had already felt how real that statement was. He wanted to laugh at the idea that Tenebris could cleanse him, but inside he was a little more worried about how the cleansing process worked. If just stepping into this place interfered with his thoughts that much, he didn’t want to push his luck any farther. He wished with everything that the portal was still accessible. He glumly listened to his brother, but stayed keen to his senses. They were all he had now that he could fully trust.

Jason continued, “We need to get out of here. I don’t know who dragged us in but I sure as hell hope it wasn’t actually mom. If her spirit has lingered around here for that long, fuck. Where do we even go from here? Do we sit and wait for the portal to reopen or try and solve the riddles from that fucking scroll. I mean Two brothers, they must conquer he reiterated “That can’t be us, fuck Forrest, we’re no heroes, we’re damned beasts. Maybe Death wants a word with us, kill us personally, he rules this realm you know.”

Forrest had been focused on Jason’s tour guide information, but he had also been listening to his surroundings for any shifts. He shushed Jason with a finger by touching it to his brother’s lips and he quickly guided Jason away from the trees looming nearby and closer to where the water danced with the sand. Another rustle, but this time closer. It was so slight that most Supernaturals would miss it, but Forrest’s eyes zeroed in on the near center of the opening of trees.
There emerged a small mammal-looking animal. Its body resembled that of a rabbit. It hopped out of the clearing coming closer to them. Its face came into view as it closed the distance and Forrest noted that it had the head of a python. It jumped again on its two legs, getting ever nearer to the boys. Forrest was on edge, he didn’t trust anything about Tenebris and the demented rabbit-snake wasn’t helping him adjust any better.

It bounded toward them, still. It’s brown and grey fur was ruffled, but where the body met the neck, slick black scales cascaded up to cover its face. Forrest stayed still and held Jason by his side with one arm around his shoulder and the other placed on his chest.
”Don’t move.” He whispered into Jason’s ear as the creature landed another hop in their direction. Suddenly it hissed, its quadrate bone allowing its mouth to open to its fullness. Its mandibles had spread with the elastic ligaments to reveal a wide set of curving teeth. It resembled closely to that of a python on Earth - but this one probably differed in the fact that it could be poisonous - unlike the python found at home. When the beast hissed and showed its teeth, Forrest didn’t hesitate and he punted the creature far over the trees. It made an awful hissing scream as if flew into the night.

He met Jason’s gaze and they likely shared the same thought. What kind of deranged world had they just landed themselves in? As if answering his question a silver dragon soared overhead and he was taken aback. He stood gaping in awe and the dragon disappeared into the mountains farther beyond them. What other creatures did this place hold? He’d trained dragon’s in the past but dealing with wild dragons was a whole different playing field.
”Hey, Jace? Gimme a cigarette.” Forrest said for the first time in nearly a century.

A boom sounded overhead. Forrest’s brows cemented back into their discomposed state. What now? He looked up to the black clouds, bright lime green droplets fell to the ground surrounding he and Jason. A drop hit his right shoulder and it sizzled the moment it connected with him. It fried off the thin layer of clothing that separated the drop of acid from his shoulder blade and ate its way through and touched the Demon’s skin. His left knee buckled under the sudden pain he was now experiencing.

”Get to the trees!” He urged as he staggered toward the grove. He grunted in irritation against his grit teeth and hurried himself to get to cover. Another drop grazed his shirt, eating away at the fabric, but the drop slid to hit the back of his extended leg and it seared and spread across his skin. Forrest nearly collapsed. Why was he feeling pain?! He couldn’t answer his question, he just knew he needed to get to the woods so he could be shaded from this toxic rain. He looked to Jason and pushed him ahead of himself to give his brother a better start. He wasn’t sure if Jason was hit too, but he had to get his baby brother out of this even more than himself.

Forrest leaned against the first tree he came to, out of breath, and more black sweat was dripping down his face. His shoulder had stopped sizzling from the acid which he figured meant that the drop had completed its life span of pain. He looked now to his still burning left thigh and growled at it in frustration. How dare my body give out on me at a time like this! He thought angrily, but Jason entered his thoughts and he forgot about himself. He went to his brother’s aide and knelt beside him, urging that they would fix and bandage any wounds as soon as they had the right supplies.

He peered out to the beach where it conveniently had stopped raining just as quickly as it had started. Almost like the rain was a welcoming invitation from The God of Death. He huffed and turned back to Jason.
”You realize we have to solve this ludicrous prophecy-crap now, right? We can’t just leave when we’re already here. This thing was delivered to us by mother! That alone should make you want to figure out what the hell is going on here. I want to know why the fuck it suggests us in this thing and what exactly all of this means. The part about the world with new magic? Clearly it was implying this deranged realm. He looked down to see another rabbit-snake and almost jumped. It bothered him more that it had managed to sneak up on him rather than the actual presence of the creature. Another bounced up alongside the first one, both flecking their tongues out at Forrest in unison. He looked behind him to see if it was safe to back up slowly, but the one he had kicked had clearly called out to it’s posse to come to its aide.

Forrest gave another uneasy look to Jason as more of the population approached. He swallowed into a dry mouth and held out his hands as he would to ready them for his fire powers. He was never a fan of using flames as a source of punishment, in fact he hated using them at all. But this situation begged for him to rescue himself, especially if he could feel pain. He pushed the burning inside him up to his fingertips and palms to execute the method, but he was left looking like a fool in a shaolin position. A shocked expression covered his face and he tried again, pushing harder. His mouth slowly began falling open but he stopped it and cleared his throat, attempting to pick himself up from this setback. He still had his shadow manipulation. He outstretched his arm and touched Jason and closed his eyes to focus as the rabbit-snakes edged closer out of curiosity. Snake tongues now lapped at his ankles, but Forrest was busily trying to remove them from this area. He opened his eyes, ready to see new scenery, but he was sadly mistaken. His arm dropped and for the first time in his life he felt truly vulnerable. But more than that. He was actually terrified. He’d never experienced these emotions to their full potential and the fear was setting in quick. He breathed in a shaky breath then whispered to Jason,
”It looks like we’re powerless here….. Are we mortal? He wondered aloud.

It seemed like the rabbit mutations were too close in range now. One got frustrated with another and the first one spit venom at the second one. Soon there were a frenzy of rabbit tails and snake fangs and Forrest took this opportunity to scale the closest tree. It wasn’t his best idea, but he figured with rabbit hind legs they would not be able to follow him up. He looked over to Jason who had followed his example and he was perched in a black Oak tree across the small opening in the trees. He was glad they were safe, but how long would these things linger around them? Before too long, Forrest had dozed off.

. . .

Upon waking up, Forrest expected the Sun to be shining, but he was greeted with the moon again. He grunted, annoyed, then looked down to see an empty opening below them. He began to ease himself down the tree, but the words from the prophecy began circling around in his head. He thought he was just over-analyzing again, but a sudden tune developed in his memory that seemed very familiar. He concentrated, first hearing the music, then the beat and his mind finally clicked to the one that would sing the song. His mother.

He was thrown back to a time where he would lay in bed, and by the light of an oil lamp, his mother would read him a story. She would always tuck him into bed after and kiss him on the nose which always resulted in his giggling. Then she would say, “I love you moster my dear, Forrest.” And in reply Forrest would say, “I love you mostest.” Then she would sit on the edge of the bed, if they hadn’t been interrupted by Syxx yet, and she would sing him a lullaby. A lullaby that matched the prophecy exactly!

Forrest came out of his recollection and saw Jason climbing down from his tree. He too mimicked him and excitedly he said, ”Jason, I just remembered something really important that could be a clue!” But when his feet hit the ground he could hear the light laugh of the angel he had held not so long ago off in the distance. He blocked out all other noise including his brother, and his neck was turned in the direction of the sound. His eyes widened a bit at the idea of seeing her again and he bolted towards where he thought she was. After a few lunges he very distinctly, and now even louder heard, ”What are you on?” He couldn’t help himself but cry out to her, ”Lola!” Despite everything he was still ready to hold her and to know that she was safe. To know that she was still real and not a part of some dream he had conjured. He wanted to be mad at her because that would mean she was here, now. He felt so elated to have the opportunity to be able to touch her again, and hearing her laugh had practically healed his wounds; at least mentally. He felt like he was getting closer, but just as he was about to ask Where are you? He plummeted into a hidden trap door.


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Character Portrait: Forrest Carson Character Portrait: Jason Carson Character Portrait: Lola Hart Character Portrait: God of Death / Arkin Winters Character Portrait: Tien Character Portrait: Keaira Character Portrait: Adrian Character Portrait: Ariel Carson
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0.00 INK

Dialog: #6600CC
Location: Palace Bar
“Why the hell did we teleport back here?” Lola complained as her and Tien shuffled their way through the woods. They returned from a hunt, Tien carried an unconscious fairy over his shoulder and Lola dragged an unconscious werewolf by a black rope she had tied around his ankles. Tien turned on his heel to face her and shrugged as he continued to walk backwards.

The tip of Lola's ears twitched when she heard some light breathing. She paused mid step and glanced up. Through a break in the trees she could make out two figures sitting on branches. She pierced her eyes as she observed them, she could have sworn that the being closest to the ground was Forrest. A sudden slash ripped at her back and she fell on all fours. She cursed under her breath and sighed exasperatedly. Tien strided towards her, he extended his arm and helped her up. “He was nearly out of my mind. Fuck, I’m barely even high.”
Tien pulled out a slap stick and continued to walk. Lola glimpsed up again but then shook her head, his presence in this realm would be impossible. She continued to drag the werewolf and paced next to Tien, he passed her the joint and she took a large huff. She flicked the stick to the ground and they continued walking in prolonged silence. They were nearly on the outskirts of the forest when Tien said “Demons be damned, Demons be saved. Black wings of their own, their bloodline gave.”
Lola gave him a weird look “Ookkkaaayyy, what are you on?” she laughed. Tien simply grinned and proceeded forward.

"Lola!" Crisp and sudden, his voice echoed through the silent realm. Lola came to an abrupt halt and turned on her heel in the direction of his call. She felt a lump in her throat, was it truly him? She mumbled “Forrest?” She jolted forward, another slit across her back. She peered over at Tien, he seemed oblivious as he carried on. She grunted, slap was known to cause hallucinations. Nonetheless, she waited for a moment in hopes that she would hear him again but when all she heard was silence, she let out another exasperated sigh and continued onward.

They walked until they reached a circle of trees. Tien kicked one of the trunks, the ground shifted in the center and a set of stairs presented itself. They carried their victims down the stairs, the door closed quickly behind them. They reached the palace dungeon where they placed their creatures in individual empty cells. “See you in a bit” Lola stated and she skipped up the dungeon stairs into another part of the castle.

Arkin leaned on the doorframe of Lola’s bedroom, he admired her as she slipped into her outfit. She peeked over at him and nodded for him to come forward. He strided behind her and zipped up the dress, she turned on her heel to face him. “Too bright?” she questioned and grimaced.
Arkin brushed some hair behind her ear “Nah, you're perfect. Ready?”
She smiled up at him and nodded. He took her hand and they made their way through the castle exchanging a stick of slap.

They arrived at the palace bar which was already populated with hundreds of familiar friendly faces. The music blared from the DJ booth and though the night was young the room already reeked of alcohol. The music paused for a moment and the minotaur DJ that always hosted these events spoke in the microphone ”There she is! Everyone give a warm welcome to our crazy redhead, Llllooollllaaaa!” Lola grinned as her friends cheered, the room resumed with the music blaring even wilder.

The bar flashed for a moment between the ballroom of the Carson mansion and Lola jolted at an excruciating cut across her back. Arkin held her firmly at his side so she didn’t fall forward at the sudden hit. She shook her head and cursed under her breath. Arkin beamed at her and squeezed her shoulder “Come on, Chaos, let’s get fucked up.”
Lola glanced up at him and smiled weakly. She grabbed his hand from her shoulder and they made their way through the crowd. Individuals would stop them at nearly every step to give Lola a personal welcome and a big hug.

Tien shuffled through the party and huffed once he reached Lola and Arkin. He handed her a glass of Dragon’s fire alcohol and they cheered. Lola downed it without hesitation, it burned her throat and she coughed. “My God, I forgot how strong that shit is” she wheezed and giggled. Arkin took the glass from her and set it on a tray of a passing butler. He took her hand and they made their way to the bar. When they reached the counter Arkin signaled three to the vampire bartender. Tien and Arkin stood on either side of Lola as the mixologist laid out nine shot glasses. He poured three different alcohols, a shot of Siren’s Sea, Leprechaun’s Luck and Kappa’s Kurse. Lola grabbed the shot of Kappa’s Kurse and glanced over at Tien then Arkin “Bottom’s up” she cheered, they clung their glasses and downed the liquid. They did the same with the following two shots, Lola winced after each one. They all burned her throat in a different way, she scrunched up her nose and hiccuped. She turned her back to the bar and leaned with her elbows propped up on the counter to observe the party. She peeked back when the bartender laid out three more shots, one for each of them.
Lola gave Arkin a look “Just tequila” he grinned.
Lola laughed “Oh, like that’s any better!”
He brushed her hair aside and sprinkled some salt on the dip of her neck. She looked over at Tien, staring at him blankly as Arkin licked the salt from her body and downed his shot. Lola glanced back over at him and gave him a small smile. She took her beverage and said “I prefer to drink it straight.” She cheered with Tien and they slammed back the alcohol.

Lola was already feeling woozy, the music pumped loudly in her ears. She took an uneasy step forward and giggled. Arkin grabbed her arm to steady her and she beamed back at him “Clearly, I’m not used to this anymore.” He smirked at her and they made their way towards a booth. They scooted in, Adrian and Keaira came to join them. Lola sat on the edge of the booth so that she could hug and greet all those who came to welcome her home. Her words began to slur as the minutes ticked on. Her sight was hazy but she felt perky and energetic. A butler came by and set a tray of fairy dust down on the table. Lola passed it to Arkin who was sitting next to her. Arkin gave her a look and handed it back. Lola hesitated, she was already so blitzed from slap and the alcohol. Arkin nudged her arm with his elbow, she rolled her eyes and leaned her head down. Arkin took a hold of her hair as she snorted a line. She craned her neck back, she closed her eyes and gave her head a shake taking in the sweet pleasure. Arkin took the tray from her and everyone at the table followed suit, each snorting a line of dust.

The effects of the fairy dust were almost immediate. Lola felt completely wired and she started talking excitedly unable to control her mouth as she spoke. Everyone else was in a similar state, laughing along and talking hyperly. Lola bounced up and down in her seat, her pupils completely dilated. She tuned into Arkin who spoke in energetic excitement when a butler came by to drop off more alcoholic beverages.
“And these girls were just threatening Lola. I mean all three of them were psychotic. Lola’s just standing there giving them this face.” Arkin mimicked Lola’s unimpressed expression, he resembled her considerably. “She waves her hand and just fucking extracts theirs soul and tosses them to me. Their bodies fall limp, she just glances over at me and goes ‘Did you know fairies have jealousy issues’ Classic.”
Lola laughed “Oh come on Ark, you wanna tell a soul sucking story I got a better one for you." Lola took her Dwarven beer and chugged about half of it. She hiccuped setting the glass down and continued "Okay so get this, Arkin and I are like what, one-twenty-three and one-twenty-six? Anyways, we snuck into Immortuos, the Realm of the Undead, highly forbidden. We’re at this bar, absolutely fucking ripped. This guy comes up to me, says he recognizes me from a different realm. Tries this whole sweet talking, clearly wants to take me home. I say no, he starts to get aggressive. I turn off my allure and he keeps trying to pursue me. I keep telling him to fuck off. Finally, Arkin who was off flirting with some barmaid swings by. He’s slurring his words telling this guy to piss off or else he’ll smash his face. This guy scoffs and starts threatening Arkin, then he proceeds to grab my arm and pulls me towards him. No hesitation, Arkin just grabs this guy by the back of the head and smashes his face into the counter. A bar fight breaks out, over a dozen people get involved. End result, Arkin and I extracted-
“Three hundred souls!”
“Don’t exaggerate, it was fifty-two”
Arkin laughed “Completely illegal nonetheless” he noted and kissed her on the cheek.
Lola giggled and sipped her Dwarven beer “Remember the beating we got?”
Arkin groaned “Man, my dad was so pissed at us for going to that realm!”
“And the mess we caused”
“We were tortured for a month after that. On top of it all, he had to sign a peace treaty with the king of the realm. Lola and I were banned from visiting until we were five hundred.”
“How did you guys even extract the souls if neither of you were Hunters” Adrian asked skeptically.
Lola lifted a brow and replied as if the answer was obvious “How do you think we got in the realm? We stole one of the gems.”
“You didn’t go with them?” Keaira nudged Tien.
“Nah, Tien used to tare up the realms with us but Ariel was too good of an influence on him!”
“That, and I didn’t care for the beatings” he chuckled and took a large drag of slap.

Lola leaned over Arkin and grabbed the stick from Tien and took a puff. Arkin settled his arm around Lola and a butler came by with another set of shots. Arkin grabbed one off the tray and casually dropped it between Lola's breasts. “Mind your manners, love.” He grabbed the glass with his mouth and threw his head back as he downed it. He slammed the glass on the table “Never” he grinned and kissed her hard on the lips. Lola leaned back in attempt to break free, the upper half of her body completely off the booth. Arkin leaned with her keeping a firm hold on the small of her back. She placed a hand on his torso and awkwardly turned her head. "Arkin" she mumbled and nudged. He hovered above her and crooked his brow as he noted her discomfort. They sat up and Lola recomposed herself. She exchanged a look with Tien, she knew all too well that he was reading her anguished mind. She turned away slightly, she shifted her gaze towards the party and took a sip of her beer. Arkin moved his hand and intertwined his fingers with hers, Lola glanced over at him. Her mouth twitched slightly as they locked eyes, through the haze of drugs she felt uneasy.

A flash of memories filtered in her mind.
At first it was a simple yet blissful image, Forrest taking her hand and kissing the back of it.
Then she saw herself propped up naked on top of Forrest, grinning at him and he at her. She leaned forward and touched the tip of his nose with her own “I could stay here forever” she whispered.
Another, they sat in his shower, his arm around her as they cuddled close. The ceiling of the shower was all rain jets which gently soaked them. Lola leaned closer into him and closed her eyes, she indulged in his comfort.

Arkin grimaced when her face became grieved and she jolted into him, another slit on her back. She could feel him exasperate as he averted his gaze, sipped his drink and looked away.
The room had become warped, the mixture of drugs gave Lola a weightless feeling. A butler came by and placed another tray of fairy dust in front of her. She snuffed up a line without hesitation to wash away her sorrowed discomfort. A sudden pulse of adrenaline and rush of excitement tickled her veins. Numerous friends filtered by to give her a hug and welcome her home. It was in that moment that she realized how lonely she had been, how much she had longed. The thought of Forrest crept up again, of course a large gash exploded on her back. He had fulfilled the loneliness, with him she didn’t need the drugs, the false love or the hundreds of familiar faces. Just him, that was enough. The high he gave her was something incomparable to the substances of Tenebris and to the way she felt about anything, really. Though in this moment she was content and hyper, it was unnatural. Admittedly, she felt lost and hollow. Through her plastered state she smiled, she buried the ache in her chest as she accepted her former reality, this world was not what it used to be. For the comfort of home was no longer enough, her world ultimately felt like nothing without him.

Dialog: #000066
Location: SW Tenebris
Jason shoved his hands in his pockets and groaned. The shredded pants he wore, which were his only article of clothing, were empty. He had left his cigarettes in his jacket pocket of his suit, he grimaced “Yea, I don’t have any.”

There was a loud crash above and Jason craned his neck towards the sky. The black clouds from the mountains had crept overhead and suddenly they were rained on by lime colored drops. One landed on his cheek and sizzled. Jason clasped a hand over his face “Mother fucker.” His skin tore beneath his palm, he retracted it and observed; His hand had also burned from wiping the drop.
”Get to the trees!” Forrest urged. Another splatter landed on his bare shoulder and ate away at his skin. Black blood boiled on the spot and he began to hurry. He felt Forrest shove him ahead as he strided quickly for shelter. “Fucksakes, Forrest, I’m going!”
He plopped down under a tree and grimaced, the clouds literally dissipated the moment they took cover. Forrest ran to his side and concerningly observed him. Jason shoved him by his shoulder, he felt uncomfortable by his closeness “I’m good, I’m good” he reassured. He brushed a hand through his hair and cursed under his breath. He observed his shoulder, there was a large gash covered by hardened blood. It healed but very slowly, he grunted, his face probably didn’t look much better. He gave Forrest an uneasy look and grimaced.

“You realize we have to solve this ludicrous prophecy-crap now, right? We can’t just leave when we’re already here. This thing was delivered to us by mother! That alone should make you want to figure out what the hell is going on here. I want to know why the fuck it suggests us in this thing and what exactly all of this means. The part about the world with new magic? Clearly it was implying this deranged realm.”
Jason’s face became skeptical as he pierced his eyes at his brother “Forrest, as far as I’m concerned, that wasn’t mom, okay? That was some sort of bullshit illusion from the realm to drag us in here. Clearly they’re trying to mess with our heads and obviously it-” He broke off when a group of hybrid snake-rabbits bounced from behind a set of trees. Jason met Forrest’s uneasy gaze and tensed up as the creatures approached. He slowly stood as Forrest did and watched when his brother attempted to conjure his fire. He braced himself but the result left Forrest looking slightly foolish. He wanted to snicker at his struggle, but he was overwhelmed with a feeling of concern.
Forrest then proceeded to pursue his shadow manipulation, Jason watched him carefully and grimaced when the result was the same. He opened his palm and concentrated in attempt to conjure his own fire or even lightning but neither presented itself.
He felt slightly panicked and clenched his fist at the horrid realization. He was not only stuck in this realm but he didn’t have his magic either. He peered over at Forrest when he whispered ”It looks like we’re powerless here….. Are we mortal?”
Jason dropped his hands and furrowed his brows. He gave his head a shake and mumbled “Fucksakes. We’re so fucked.” He brushed a hand through his hair, he was peeved and concluded “There is no prophecy, they brought us here to kill us.”

Jason crossed his arms and observed the hybrids. They had broken out into a fight amongst themselves. He scoffed at the ridiculousness, but he was quick to follow Forrest’s actions when he started up a tree. He climbed up the black Oak closes to him, continuing until there was a break in the trees and he could see the realm. He sat with his back to the trunk and dangled one leg over the edge of the branch as he observed in silence at the mournful world.
A crow soared in front of him and landed on the tip of the branch. Jason lifted a single brow “I don’t suppose you open a portal?” The bird squawked at him, it inched closer, tilting its head in odd curiosity before it fled. Jason grunted and leaned his head back against the trunk and watched the stars. He couldn’t understand how there were residents in the realm. Never had he been one for emotions but this realm seemed to amplify all that he had suppressed. His heart ached for matters that he usually brushed off. He sighed in irritation and closed his eyes, he longed to wake up in his room when he opened them again.

A couple hours passed and the sound of rustling below had Jason open his eyes. He grumbled to himself at the realization that he was still in Tenebris. He glanced over, he lost balance and slid off the branch. He caught himself with one arm and dangled for a moment “holy fuck.” . His heart raced in panic, he swung his other arm to grab hold of the branch. He pulled himself up and sat with both his legs dangling on one side. He caught his breath after a moment and peeked through the clearing, he could make out two individuals; one had white hair with grey streaks, he carried a body on his shoulder. The other was dragging an unconscious werewolf, he could see the red hair so vividly. He sighed irritably and shook his head, he recognized the duo almost immediately. He thought it best to stay in place, the last thing he wanted was to get captured. He refocused his attention to the Tenebris stars and waited patiently for Forrest to wake up.

When he saw Forrest descend, Jason did the same. He landed on the balls of his feet next to his brother. His legs bent awkwardly and he winced, his body could no longer handle falling from such heights. He grimaced, he hated feeling weak.
Forrest spoke in odd excitement ”Jason, I just remembered something really important that could be a clue!”
Jason crooked his brow and crossed his arms “Oh wonderful, what is it Shaggy?” he responded sarcastically. Then he could hear Tien speaking so clearly in the distance “Demons be damned, Demons be saved. Black wings of their own, their bloodline gave.” Jason scoffed and glanced over at Forrest, “Is everyone here crazy?” He huffed and was about to ask a sarcastic question but Forrest’s eyes darted off when Lola responded. “Forrest” he said calmly “Think carefully.” But his concern was ineffective, his brother had already bolted towards the redhead. Jason groaned “Yeah okay, great idea Forrest! Fucksakes.” He shook his head and brushed a hand through his hair “Yup, follow her all you want. Go to the castle. Fantastic idea.” He continued ranting as if Forrest was still standing in front of him “Let’s solve this riddle Jace, oh shit wait a second is that Lola. Holy hell it’s almost as if she lives in this fucking realm. No kidding, who would have thought. Yeah well you can go after that lunatic and I’m going to go, in this direction! Far away from their bullshit. So have fun, Demon! Fucksakes.” He began walking north, he shoved his hands in his pockets and grumbled to himself in frustration. He craved a cigarette more than anything, the addiction was gnawing at him.

He wandered through the forest for a while until he came across a clearing. The opening looked upon a field of black lily’s. He stared at the landscape, the smell was intoxicating and inviting. He crouched down and analyzed one of the flowers, although colorless it was magnificent. “Huh” he mumbled and picked the flower, it dripped with black goop as he grazed it with his finger. A large grin appeared on his face when he noted that this plant was slap. He had seen all the Hunter’s smoking a black stick, for each visit, Lola was rarely without. He recalls seeing the shift in her mood, from glum to unnaturally elated. He had heard much about this drug, the residents of Tenebris were notorious for using it. He knew of ways to consume the flower, from smoking, to injection, to drops and to eating. Jason glanced around at his surroundings What’s the worse that could happen? he thought. He stuck the flower in his mouth and chewed; The taste was surprising, a mixture of his two favorite flavors, chocolate and coffee cake. He swallowed the substance and felt as though the liquid was sticking to his throat. He coughed in his hand and black ooze painted his palm. He winced and swallowed again uneasily. He stared at the ground ahead for a long moment until the discomfort eased. He glanced around at his surroundings, he let out a heavy sigh and began wandering through the field. He walked until he was in the middle of the area and lied down in the bed of flowers with his arms behind his head. He gazed up at the Tenebris stars in awe awaiting for the effects of slap to take over.

At first it felt odd, his body became immobile but ultimately he felt weightless. The sorrowed burden seemed to clear its shade as the minutes ticked on. There was a tingle in his finger tips and suddenly the realm seemed much brighter. The stars more vivid, the purple sky radiating in beauty. It was as though he could hear everything, from silent whispers creeping from the forest behind him to the roar of a crowd having the time of their life. His eyes became glazed, the blue turning a darker shade until they became black. He suddenly remembered his happiest moments and for the first time in his life he was encompassed by euphoria. He saw him and his brother reuniting after a hundred years apart at Woodstock. The vision so vivid in his mind, it was in that moment that all the burden and hardships seemed to vanish, being reunited with his blood. They drank, they snorted fairy dust and wooed all sorts of women. They partied and bonded like never before, both having emerged from dark places it was odd that they were so at ease. No matter the hardships, it was as though fate was finally smiling upon them. He recalls sharing a joint, he and Forrest laughed for hours catching up and sharing stories of their adventures. Jason started to chuckle at the memory, a blissful unnatural high taking over his body. He slowly sat up, finding energy in his bones. He glanced around, the flowers were vivid in color, shades of blue, purple, green and pink. He picked one and analyzed it curiously. He glanced back at the forest, the trees were a bright evergreen, the realm seemed so colorful and alive. The warm breeze was comforting and he felt infinite.

Maybe time stood still or maybe it zoomed by, he couldn’t tell for it seemed irrelevant. He felt at ease and his vision was hazy. The world around him seemed to pulse, he admired in blissful silence. But there was a break in the calm when a whisper said his name. He glanced around in mild confusion, the wind called in a familiar voice. He rested on his palms, listening intently as he waited to hear it again. Minutes passed of continued silence, he was sure it had been a hallucination. He lied back in the flowers, only to bolt upright once more when his name was once again called. He pierced his eyes, searching. His name was being repeated, it was sorrowed and there was a hint of betrayal. He slowly got to his feet and glanced around. He felt woozy and brushed a hand through his hair trying to shake off the delusion, though the voice grew louder. He felt like he was dreaming and part of him screamed to break free but he couldn’t wake up. Then, in the distance he could make out a silhouette, walking at a steady pace but quickly approaching. A whip shot before his eyes and wrapped around his leg. He was thrown into the air, he flew across the field and slammed onto the ground. He stared up at the Tenebris sky breathing heavily. Dark clouds formed above, a sudden crash of thunder and bolts of lightning targeted him. He rolled a few times dodging each blow but the last strike nicked his right leg. He jolted and let out a breath of torment. He uneasily shuffled to his feet and put his weight on his left leg. His eyes were wide as he searched for the individual who was attacking him. Then, from behind, the whip wrapped around his torso and threw him to the ground. “Come on” he shouted, his blood pumped with fury. He jumped on the balls of his feet, his leg bent forward awkwardly, he had already forgotten about the electrocution. He gave his head a shake in disbelief, he couldn’t brush off the dreamlike daze despite his adrenaline pumping. Out of nowhere the black whip was heading right for him. He caught it with his hand and wrapped it around his arm, he felt a tug but pulled with great force. The tension of the whip eased but only for a moment. A strong pull and his shoulder was dislocated. He fell forward onto the ground and let out an agonized cry. He propped himself up on his one arm, his heart raced heavily as black sweat beads formed on his forehead. A sudden kick to his ribcage and he was flat on his back. The moon became shadowed as a familiar creature looked down on him. He questioned his reality, her presence was impossible. Ariel grimaced at him, her face became stern and she took a step back. “Get up” she commanded.


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Hex Code: #0A0A8E
Location: Maze (SW of Castle)

Forrest landed wrong on his right leg and he was jolted with agonizing pain. He collapsed fully and growled out in anger. His jaw quivered, but not from the pain. He had been so close.
He hunched over his broken leg and curled his good one in closer to give him more support. He tried so hard to fight it, but black tears began forming at the edges of his eyes. He was so tired of crying over her, but he couldn’t stop himself. She’d heard him and even replied. He expectantly stared at the opening above showing a little sliver of the outside world. Millions of stars twinkled overhead in the midnight purple sky.

Time slowed on and Forrest hung his head in defeat much sooner than he had hoped to again. A part of him realized that he was too dependent on Lola. He had to get himself over her, there was no real assurance that she would even agree to go back with him. But his only other emotion towards her was anger and he didn’t want to develop that emotion into hate. He moreover felt confused and his breathing began picking up into a hyperventilating. He was so overwhelmed. With this new realm, with experiencing pain, and what had her little Hunter friend meant? He repeated the line in his head.
“Demons be damned, Demons be saved. Black wings of their own, their bloodline gave.” Was it a hint? Demons were always damned, how could they be saved? But his mind flashed back to the prophecy and he was reminded how a certain line somewhat mirrored what Tien had said to Lola.

He yelled in vexation and then bellowed out, “Damn you, Lola! He felt so abandoned here. He felt like a child again, being tucked carefully by his mother underneath a nearby bed or stowed away in a closet. For hours he would huddle in the dark and shiver in terror as he would repeatedly hear screams and pleas from his mother’s lips begging Syxx to stop hurting her for whatever the reason was that day.

His emotions were twisting up into each other. Above him he heard laughter and he turned to see a tall figure in a weathered cloak. An evil face grinned down at him and Forrest was now face to face with The God of Death. Forrest was shocked that he would see him this early on in the game, but he assured himself that surprises were bound to be around every corner. This was his realm and they were the hamsters in his maze of torture. This world was his to control and that unnerved the Demon even further. Forrest did not speak. He observed as The God of Death laughed heartily at him from his outcry then threw in an whirring and spurting object before closing the trapdoor and snuffing out the light.

The object skittered to the ground and began sparking where it sat before it exploded, sending Forrest flying into the nearest wall. His side hit the barrier and he collapsed, coughing and grunting in agony. His hearing was shot and all he could make out was the high ringing that continued non-stop. His hands went to his ears to try and muffle the sound, but then he realized his head was ringing. He tried opening his eyes, but his vision was blurry and his leg hurt even worse now. Where were his healing abilities? If he was healing it was a slower process than he was used to and he begged for it to hurry the hell up and disperse this pain.

His mind went back to the redhead. She was the cause of all of this. He wouldn’t be here right now if she hadn’t invaded his castle as the enemy. She had truly betrayed him and it was finally sinking in. She was to blame for all of this. For Vitane’s death, Jason’s suffering, and now Forrest was thrown into the mix because he just had to fall in love with a psychopath. He was so frustrated with her and with his emotions. He blocked it off as best as he could and focused on the matter at hand. He was now trapped in some dark hallway and he had a fracture, possible broken leg, a new bloody nose, and the slightly healed spots of eaten away skin from the acid rain.

Forrest grappled the wall closest to him in an attempt to hoist himself up. His efforts failed miserably several times and he cursed himself in German, now sitting in the most comfortable position he could manage. He began scooting instead, finding this to be his best and least painful method of transportation. He continued cursing in German as he pulled himself along the ground, going further into the black unknown.

His eyes had finally adjusted to the darkness, something he had never experienced before. Naturally his eyes would keep his vision in check no matter what kind of situation he was in, but now with these new eyes, he had to get used to things that humans endured. And oh, how he hated it. So helpless, so vulnerable, so powerless. He sighed, sitting in place. His muscles were beginning to ache from the effort, another new happening. He was so exasperated and his mind was exhausted. His limbs shaky despite that he’d only traveled a few hundred feet.

Forrest was struggling along again until he met a wall. He felt along the stones and deciphered that he’d come to a fork. Left or right were his choices. Or back towards where he’d fallen, in hopes that someone would peak their head in to help, but he doubted Lola would ever come and he lacked even more faith in the idea that Jason had followed him. Jason was too strong-willed to follow anyone. He had most likely gone off on his own and that not only worried Forrest, but it irritated him that Jason would not even care to stay together in this place.
”Selfish bastard.” He muttered as he pulled himself off to the left.

He stayed like this; turning here, scooting this way, and taking a breather for what felt like a very long time, but when he looked down to his forgotten watch he revealed to himself that he’d left Jason’s side about twenty minutes ago in Earth time. He’d been down here for at least a couple of hours, he was sure, but that had to be the comparison from Earth to Tenebris time. He grunted as he scooched himself farther on into the unknown.

A few long minutes later a bright white light descended from the ceiling of the enclosure. Forrest stopped in place and marveled at the pure glow. It blinded the Demon and his eyes squint against the blinding light and he held his hand up as a shield. The light sank down in front of him and stopped when it touched the ground.
The light expanded to all edges of the area giving Forrest insight that there were several hallways ahead to choose from. Then the light dissipated and a translucent Vitane emerged from where the light had been.

Forrest’s eyes slightly bulged at the sight of her, but he reminded himself that this realm was owned by The God of Death. It was very likely that spirits traveled through this realm.
”V-Vitane?” He asked aloud, still unsure if it was her.
The blue haired girl looked past him and frantically looked from side to side as if she was startled by the change of scenery. She then met his golden eyes and hers brightened into a look of relief that Forrest had never seen her express, especially towards him. She collapsed into him, but Forrest felt no warmth or touch from her. She seemed to be weeping, but when she rose, there were no tears present. Only the look of sorrow and gratefulness shrouded her face.
”Where are we Forrest?” She asked, still peeking around her shoulder.
”Some kind of maze, I’m not really sure. I kinda just dropped in.” He gave an awkward chuckle at his try at a joke, but he felt no heart behind it.
Vitane’s eyes stayed on Forrest’s and her face turned up into the biggest grin he’d ever seen, as if it had been the funniest joke she’d ever heard. She began laughing hysterically and Forrest figured it was just her way to relieve the insanity of this realm so he did not interrupt her.

”Vitane, what are you doing here?” He looked hurt, although he had pieced some of the story together already. She had died and now she was a wandering spirit here for whatever reason.
”I-I don’t know. But I found out something that could help you. The God of Death has a room with a giant gem in it...I think he’s a Hunter or something. But it’s-” She began being pulled away and she grabbed towards Forrest but her hand disappeared as he reached for it and she was gone and he was alone again.

Hex Code: #8E0A40
Location: Palace Bar

Ian shuffled across the palace, heading towards the party. He wasn’t quite sure why there was a party going on, nor did he receive an invite. But being a Hunter and living in this realm was enough of a reason for him to deem himself a guest too.
He pushed into the doorway, shouldering several people out of his way as he did so. He ignored the rude looks and scoffs directed towards him and continued about his merry way. As a butler passed by, Ian swiped one of the drinks off of his tray just as The God of Death replaced an empty glass onto the same tray. Ian turned away and downed the contents of the crystal in a single gulp then passed on the empty glass to the first open hand that he saw, despite that it was another visitor to the party. The woman who he’d handed the glass to had begun to argue with him that she, ”Was most certainly not his mother!” Ian turned around on heel without losing step and grinned at her.

”Of course you’re not!” He replied still grinning then began to turn around while finishing his statement, ”I killed her years ago!” He beamed then melted into the crowd.
He swayed with the music once in awhile when he felt the need. A few drinks later paired with the continuation of confused guests, Ian had found his way to the head table where The God of Death sat with whatever her name was and his good friend Tien.

Ian slid into the booth without welcoming and happily pulled the tray out from underneath the redhead’s grasp. She’d been bowed down to take in more of the powder, but Ian now was snorting line after line with a very confused Lola staring after him.
Ian sighed and leaned back against the support of the booth, his arm fell behind the backrest of Tien and he carelessly stared back at Lola and The God of Death.

”Sup?” He asked the two, nodding his head up when he did.
He smirked and looked back to Tien and a handsome grin swept across his face revealing the two pointy fangs that joined attendance with his other teeth.

”What have you been up to, my man?” Ian asked. The fairy dust was starting to perk him up and he was eager for conversation, but specifically with Tien. He didn’t much care for the other occupants of the table so he blatantly ignored them unless directly spoken to.

”Hunting, getting fucked up, the usual.” Tien replied smoothly with a grin on his face before he brought the slap stick to his lips to take another drag. Tien gave Ian a sideways glance and the Vampire caught on almost instantly.

”Gods, you’re just like Jenson! It’s not like I’m not an open book anyway.” He said then pointed to Arkin.
”Hate him,” He pointed to Lola, ”Fuck her...I mean I could fuck her but, eh, I’ve got a woman waiting at home. Plus I don’t want the god’s throw away hoes.” He laughed aloud but the only other person at the table that seemed to be amused by him was Tien who laughed with Ian.


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Dialog: #6600CC
Location: Dining Hall

Dialog: #737373
Location: Labyrinth
With the fairy dust settling in her system again, Lola was animated in her motions, her eyes were wide and she continued to bounce in her seat. She and Arkin exchanged a look when Ian so rudely interrupted their conversation. Lola wiped her nose of the fairy dust and ignored his greeting, she didn’t care much for Ian. He was an asshole and she didn’t bother wasting her time conversing with such an egotistical mind.

Arkin on the other hand actually liked Ian, despite his arrogance he made him a Hunter for a reason. He sipped his Dwarven beer and listened to the vampire converse with Tien. It never ceased to amaze him how Tien could get along with everyone, especially someone like Ian.

“Hate him,” then Ian pointed to Lola, “Fuck her...I mean I could fuck her but, eh, I’ve got a woman waiting at home. Plus I don’t want the god’s throw away hoes.” Ian boomed with laughter and Tien laughed along with him. Lola gritted her teeth and glared at him, Arkin chuckled and gave his head a nod. An unseen force lifted Ian from the booth and launched him up. He slammed against the ceiling and plummetted onto their table. Ian propped himself up and he roared with laughter once more.
Lola leaned forward their faces a few inches apart “For the record I would never fuck you-”
“She once said the same thing to Ark” Tien interjected and snickered. Arkin who was drinking his beer nearly spat it out as he burst out laughing. He slammed his beer down on the table and coughed in his knuckles. He placed his hand on the side of Tien’s head and playfully shoved it as they continued to laugh. Lola sank back in her seat and groaned “I hate...all of you” she complained “And Tien, you will pay for that comment.”
He shrugged “Probably.”
She shifted her eyes between Ian and Tien, she giggled and finished off her beer. She gently placed the empty glass on the table and got to her feet “I loathe when you two are together. He brings out the little shit in you, Tien.” she stated with a laugh before she turned away and walked off into the party.

Arkin crooked his brow and watched Lola disappear through the crowd. He sipped his beer and got to his feet. “Always a pleasure, Ian” Arkin toasted with a chuckle and downed the remaining beverage.
He strided up to Lola who had run into Eli and Riley Kingsley. She gave them both a big hug and bounced in excitement “You came!” she cheered.
“Only stopping by, I can see you’re wired. Thank you, Arkin, for always getting her fucked up.” Eli flatly stated.
“Honestly after all these years do you expect anything less from me?” he chuckled.
Eli sighed and wrapped his arm around Lola’s shoulder and they walked over to a vacant table and sat down. He leaned forward and spoke as clearly as he could over the blaring music. “After your exit at the Carson’s-”
Lola winced and pressed into the table as a slash cut across her back, she did her best to remain steady so Eli wouldn’t ask questions. He seemed oblivious to her momentary discomfort “Ri and I went to find your human parent’s. As requested we gave them oblitus, leaving no trace of you in their lives.”
Lola frowned but then smiled gratuitously “Thank you, Eli. I really appreciate it.”
“I know. Now take care of yourself. I’ve basically raised you twice, I don’t need a third.”
Lola laughed Raise, that is a big statement, more like kept an eye on me between your hunts and reckless partying with Jason.”
Eli chuckled “Hey now, that was in the later years, I still had to raise Riley. Admittedly he was less of a handful than you.” Lola grinned and brushed some hair behind her ear. Eli got to his feet and Lola did the same. He wrapped his arms around her for a hug and kissed her gently on the forehead. “I’ll see you around, Ruby.”

Arkin watched with Riley as Lola and Eli set off to find a table. He glanced over at the wizard “Do you have it?” he asked.
Riley pulled out a small vial from his jean pockets and handed it to him. Arkin analyzed the blue liquid and grinned devilishly as he swirled the mixture. “Forrest Carson” he stated, the solvent illuminated for a moment. He beamed at Riley and shoved the vial in his pocket. They shook hands and Arkin headed for the bar to order a couple drinks.

Lola skipped over to Riley and they caught up briefly. She apologized to him for having been so moody and ignorant, he laughed it off stating that he blames her humanity and that it was inevitable. They hugged goodbye and she wasn’t alone for long, Arkin was at her side again with two beers in hand.
He handed one to her and they clung their glasses. At first they each took a sip, but eyed each other. As the seconds ticked on they began chugging competitively. Lola averted her gaze to her drink, struggling to keep up, Arkin was done within a moment. She finished the last drop and wiped her mouth “In my defense” she hiccuped “I’ve barely drank in twenty-five years.” She swayed drunkenly, Arkin placed his arm around her shoulder to steady her and chuckled “Excuses, excuses” he teased.
She beamed up at him, and fell against his torso. Something suddenly felt different. It was like a burden of sorrow had been lifted, though it wasn’t from the realms shade. In it’s place was this unexplainable void, it was a familiar feeling though through her drunken haze she couldn’t make sense of it. She glanced up at Arkin and analyzed his face, it was blank as stared back at her. Did she forget something? That seemed unusual, impossible actually. She grimaced and averted gaze out towards the party. It was so lively here, everyone around her was having such a wonderful time. Then it dawned on her, she had been homesick! Of course, that had to be it. She missed being at Arkin’s side, her Hunter’s quests and most of all these wild gatherings. No. She shook her head, that wasn’t it. Sure she was homesick but the feeling was as though her heart and mind were missing a piece, a slight ache as though she had forgotten a loved one. She grimaced, love, she had never known such a thing, solely comfort and the lies she’d tell herself everytime she got in bed with whomever. The closest she’d ever gotten was Arkin and sure he wasn’t the worse company. He was one of her best friend after all, her life long companion but never had this odd feeling presented itself. It was almost as though she had known true love. She brushed some hair behind her pointed ear and finally just shrugged, it was probably the drugs making her all delusional.

Arkin watched her carefully, the effects of oblitus were taking over he assumed. It was for the best, he was Demon, a wretched spawn from the flames of Infernum.The spawn of Syxx, the bastard who tore his family apart, possessed his beloved, killed his parents and stole his sister. He hated him and he hated his sons all the same. Abominations, that’s what they were. A stain on their bloodline that needed to be eliminated. A memory that she didn’t need burdening her wild mind. After all, this was his realm, his home and he was determined to protect every inch of it and every being who resided. He wasn’t about to let some Demon brothers be his downfall and he wasn’t about to let one of them take her. Since the moment she had been home she was wallowing, something he had rarely ever seen. She had always been so animated and cheerful,he didn’t deserve her tears, let alone her. He had no regret, and rightfully so. Her face became dazed as though she had never known pain. She smiled up at him finally, her eyes were clouded in a drunken haze. He had missed the wild nights with her.

“Would you like to dance?” Lola asked sweetly. Arkin grinned at her “Of course” he responded. She grabbed his hand off her shoulder and they walked to the center of the dancefloor. They were pressed against each other grinding to the rough beat of the music. Lola wrapped her arms around his neck, she was in blissful intoxication. The adrenaline of familiar lust rushing through her as they danced.

The tempo changed and a song from Earth started to play, Summertime by My Chemical Romance. They broke apart slightly and Arkin twirled her. She fell easily into him, they danced in very sensual manner, slow and to the beat of the music. You could see the comfort in their movements, centuries of experience. Lola was feeling herself blackout as she indulged in his every touch and every motion. She was completely wasted and whether or not she was dancing gracefully was questionable in her perception.
Though Arkin could see she was belligerent, she was nonetheless as rhythmic as if she were sober. Lola always had a way to keep her composure on the outside when it came to dancing, though she never personally believed it. It was habit really, repeating similar steps through the centuries made it easy while intoxicated.
“So you never told me, what was your favorite part about Terra?”
Lola pondered briefly and smiled up at him “Aging again, the shift as I got older. The adrenaline of mortality with Death lingering at your doorstep.”
He grinned and exhaled humoredly through his nostrils, he had missed her quirky responses. “And losing your ‘virginity?’
Lola giggled “Same old Ark. Well if I must stroke your ego, it wasn’t as good as my first time.”
Arkin crookedly grinned at her and cockily responded “You’ll never have it better than me, babe.”
Lola shrugged and beamed back at him “Unfair advantage, who can compete with a God?”

He grabbed her thigh, lifting it at his side and dipped her. He held her steadily and kissed gently on the lips. Suddenly, she found herself in his bed. It was always so easy with Arkin, she couldn’t deny the lustful passion between them, every time was an odd rush of adrenaline. He pressed his tequila coated lips against hers and she pulled him into her. He grinded and kissed down neck, she closed her eyes allowing herself to indulge in the ecstasy.

Lola was propped up on top of Arkin, sobriety was slowly kicking in as she gaze upon him. She frowned and lifted a hand to his cheek “You’re sad” she whispered.
Arkin exhaled through his nostrils and shrugged “Have you forgotten what this realm does to you, Chaos?”
Lola shook her head “No Ark, it’s not Tenebris. Look I don’t know if we’ll ever talk about it, maybe now is as good of a time as any...we parted on a really bad note...mind you, I don’t think that’s it either. ”
Arkin shifted and Lola rolled off of him as he sat up against the headboard. Lola readjusted herself, she sat on top of his legs with hers curled back on either side. He brushed some hair behind her pointed ear and averted his eyes, he was formulating a response in his mind. He had so much to say, so much he longed to tell her. The secrets were eating him from the inside, though he knew he couldn’t breathe a word. He was nervous, the Tenebris prophecy and Lola’s were coming to life. If he didn’t play his cards right, he would lose it all. Lola furrowed her brows at his sudden look of distress “Arkin.” He shifted his gaze and locked it with hers “I haven't felt like myself lately I guess. Nothing to worry about, really. It’s just Tenebris wasn’t the same without you.”
Lola’s mouth curled up into a half-smile, she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He lifted a hand to the small of her back and held her there for a long moment. She pulled away and breathed, resting her forehead against his temple.
She then leaned away from him and shrugged her shoulder “It’s you and me, right?”
Arkin beamed at her “Always”

After a significant time had flown, Lola had fallen asleep in his bed. He was never one for sleep, in fact he hadn’t rested in nearly a millennium, he didn’t need it. In fact, simple meditation was the key to cure his fatigue. He walked over to his closet and slipped into his suit. The day ahead would be eventful no doubt. With his sister having carelessly invited those nuisances, he had work to do. He walked over to the bed and gently pulled the covers over Lola’s shoulder. She hummed in bliss as she curled beneath the blankets, she looked so at peace when she slept. He let himself be encompassed by black smoke and he appeared in his labyrinth.

Though she seemed peaceful, Lola was very stressed. She spent her dreams searching and searching out of frustration for something she’d forgotten. It was significant no doubt, how could she not remember it? The gap in her mind was causing a migraine and finally her eyes fluttered open. She squinted as she gazed out of Arkin’s bedroom window, the feeling of constant night was odd to readjust to. She was thankful for the lack of a hangover, being immortal had it’s perks.
When she sat up in the bed and leaned back against the headboard, something was seriously wrong. She brushed her hand along the covers and grimaced, where had she been just a couple nights ago? She had still been on earth, but with whom? Had she been in her home? That didn’t seem right. She exasperated and shook her head “It’s just slap Lo, clearly it’s making you delusional.” She muttered and got to her feet. She slipped into her dress from the previous night and sauntered over to her bedroom. She took a much needed hot shower, she indulged in the water. Her skin was feeling very dry lately, it was weird having to stay consistently hydrated again. After a good while she stepped out and wrapped a towel around herself. She dried her hair and tied it up into a neat ponytail. She got dressed and headed to the dining hall for breakfast. The room was magnificent, like most in the castle the ceiling was made of glass to allow the natural light of the large moon illuminate the area. The walls were mostly french windows of two stories high, draped in thick maroon curtains tucked neatly at the sides.The table was filled with the Hunter’s that had come for the party, all chatting away and indulging in their meals. Lola plopped down in her usual spot across from Tien and a plate of food was set in front of her. She took a bite and noticed that Tien was eyeing her curiously as he took a haul of slap. “What?” Lola questioned. She could feel him in his mind, maybe he sensed the void and was confused.
Tien shook his head “Nothing” he smiled genuinely, though she could sense the falsehood in his words. She didn’t bother pursuing it, like when they were kids. Tien was always selective on the information he shared and at the end of the day, it was always for the better.

He conjured a stick of slap and ignited it with his lighter. He propped himself with his shoulder against the wall and took a large drag as he patiently waited. He liked slap. He had been very addicted to it in his youth but when he lost a bet against Lola he leaned off for a few centuries. He saw no need to smoke it but things took a dark path when she had left the realm. He grimaced and analyzed the stick in his hand. It was a stupid addiction, a happy stick as Lola once referred to it. Though he couldn’t deny, it was euphoric. As if all was at ease in the world, just how he liked it. Suddenly, Forrest came into view. Arkin grinned and took another haul of his joint, oh how he loved watching the Demon bastard struggle.
“Hello Forrest, are you enjoying my realm?” Arkin blandly greeted. Forrest came to a halt, he seemed surprised and infuriated by Arkin. He started for him but Arkin simply chuckled and waved his hand, a collared chained appeared through a cloud of smoke and latched itself around Forrest’s neck. It pulled him back causing the beast to fall onto the ground. He grinned devilishly at his agony, but furrowed his brows at the realization that Forrest had healed from all his previous wounds. "I see you met my twin.” he stated and took a final drag of his blunt and tossed the butt to the ground. “Ariel is always looking after her babies, even when they're a fucking abomination to our bloodline.” He turned and leaned with his back against the wall, he kicked his feet up and sat casually in the air, his feet pressed against the wall in front of him. He conjured a smokey ball with his shadow manipulation and tossed it up and down in his hand. “I mean, considering everything your prick father did to my family, I never understood why she didn’t just annihilate you and Jason. Pathetic. Oh how she begged for me to take care of you, yeah, like that was ever going to happen. I’ll tell you though, it didn’t go without complications especially with my lovely redhead. She has a soft spot for Demon’s, odd how she’s always enjoyed the torment.” He dropped to his feet, the ball of smoke evaporated and he casually strolled over to Forrest with his hands in his pockets. The Demon was standing now and Arkin stood about a foot away from him. He grinned crookedly as usual with a dimple formed on his left cheek. “I’d formally introduce myself, you know names and all but I’m sure you’ll hear it moaned soon enough. Tell me Forrest, are you hoping to see her again? Are you rushing for answers and understanding? Must be frustrating, you know, falling so hard for a woman that will never be yours.” He conjured another slap joint and stuck it in his mouth. He listened intently to the Demon, though not really caring to what he had to say. Finally, he gave him one last malicious grin and said “Anyways, this has been fun but I have other arrangements to attend. Maybe I’ll fuck your almost fiance again before my next meeting” he winked at him and chuckled “I’ll see you later, Demon.” He turned on his heel and waved his hand for the chained collar to release. Just as he vanished in his cloud of smoke, in his place emerged a shadowed replica of Jason with a look of bloodlust in his eyes.

Dialog: #000066
Location: Tenebris Bar
Jason cautiously got to his feet, his eyes were locked on his mother’s stern expression. He felt weak to say the least, he could sense his body healing at a gradual pace, the same extent he felt in his previous visit to the realm. He stood uneasily on his lightning struck leg and his arm hung uncomfortably at his side from being dislocated. He winced at her and brushed a hand through his hair. “Conjure your sword.”
Jason crooked his brow and shook his head “No way, not until you tell me what the hell is going on.” She jerked her hand and whipped his leg, he jolted forward and nearly lost his balance. It stung greatly and the hit left a bloodied mark “We don’t have time for this. Conjure it!” she demanded. Jason growled at her and waved his hand to summon his samurai but it didn’t appear. He stared at his palm and focused, he was growing ever more frustrated and he longed for more slap to make the agony vanish. Though it would probably be useless, he was still in a dreamlike haze and eating another flower would possibly make this into a greater nightmare.
“Bastard, he’s robbed you of everything. We’ll have to start small.” Ariel stated and waved her hands, her whips disappeared into a cloud of smoke.
Jason crooked his brow and attempted to cross his arms only to recall that his dominant was immobile, he cringed and bitterly responded “Oh so there is a purpose to you kicking my ass.”
“He doesn’t feel pain and neither should you. You must rebuild yourself, earn your strength. Good thing too, you and your brother were born much too powerful.”
“Yea sure, whatever you say. Well I’m relieved to be honest, here I thought you were just resentful.”
Ariel crooked her brow, their expressions nearly mimicking one another’s “No Jason, you’re my baby boy and I could never hold a grudge against you. Granted, I heard prophecies of your downfall but never did I imagine you would be sadistic enough to burn me alive. It’s always pained me to see you grow into your father but I expect nothing less considering, Wrath pulses through your veins.” Jason’s mouth twitched at the insult. To be compared to his father of all people was the greatest insult, especially coming from the woman who raised him. As much as he wanted to rampage for the comment, he didn’t blame her. He had done awful things and he deserved the torment.
“Enough talk. We have much work to do and so little time.” she stated. She walked up to him and Jason took an uneasy step back away from her. She scowled and grabbed his good arm to gently pull him towards her. It was weird feeling her touch again, Ariel always had a way to bring comfort even in the most hateful moment. “You will need to learn absorption. It is the only way to regain your power.” She touched his limp shoulder, he winced uncomfortably and he wanted to pull away but she had a tight hold on him. “Breathe, Jason” she calmly stated. His eyes finally soften towards her and his brows unmeshed from their furrow. Her palm felt cold against his skin, lifeless which confirmed his suspicion, she wasn’t truly here and if she was, she was merely a spirit. He felt pained, never had he felt a sliver of remorse for what he had done to her. But seeing her again, the way she was so forgiving for his greatest sin...he couldn’t comprehend why, this frustrated him. There was glow beneath her palm “Breathe” she reiterated. Jason took a deep breath, he felt his heart slow down. Her touch seemed to trigger something within him and suddenly his shoulder lifted into place, the pain on his leg vanished. She gave him a small smile “Pain will be frequent here, but you can recover. You must during the next storm, endure the rain, feel it’s burn upon your skin. Breathe, do not panic. Absorb the lightning, take in it’s vulnerability. Much like your healing, you can harness it.”
Jason listened intently but he had so many questions, she took a step back from him. He followed her with a step forward, he wanted to reach out but she sighed and glanced back to the castle. “Why and how are you here?”
She grimaced and peered back at him “We will meet again my boy.” She bowed her head and closed her eyes, there was a sudden flash of light and a moment later, she was gone.
Jason immediately dropped to his knees in dismay. He glanced around at the flowers contemplating eating another as he felt his high getting weaker. Had the delusion been caused by their power he wondered. He took a lily and sniffed it. There was an odd tingle in his system as though he desired the plant greatly, like a craving.

Suddenly, black clouds stormed overhead and he craned his neck towards the sky. His eyes widened, he wanted to panic but he attempted with all his might to remain calm at the advice of his mother or whoever the fuck that was, obviously still skeptical by her presence. He braced himself as the green drops started raining down on him. They kissed his skin, it burned like hell. He closed his eyes and winced as he sat back on his knees. It was agonizing, they were falling rapidly as though they were mocking him for his foolishness. With every drop, his skin receded, it smoked and bubbled leaving gash after gash. He was covered in his own blood, he was shaking but he refused to move from his spot, too determined to defeat the pain. Then, there was a crash overhead, his eyes fluttered open just as a bolt of lightning blasted onto him. He shot up into the air and slammed hard onto the ground. The strike had hit his torso. He propped himself up and breathed heavily “Fuck this” he growled and hurriedly got to his feet. He headed for the trees, longing to retreat. He ran as quickly as he could but another crash sounded and a blast hit him in the back, he plummeted on all fours. He let out an agonized cry and convulsed. He was weakening, his skin barely healing from the rain and his body was stiff from the lightning. His eyes were closing from weariness and fell on his back. He couldn’t fight this, he was powerless here. The delusion was trying to convince him otherwise. He gazed up at the darkened sky for a long moment before he couldn’t keep his eyes opened anymore. He had lost this battle. But an echo of encouragement was convincing him otherwise, he could hear his mother’s voice ringing in his ears. She was telling him to relax, to breathe and indulge in the discomfort. It was odd advice, who could possibly enjoy torture? His fingers twitched at his sides, he was shaking rather uncontrollably but the adrenaline of survival suddenly kicked in. He was in this realm for a reason and he wasn’t about to let this world defeat him. He took a breath, he calmed his feverish heart with every passing second. A wave of agony screamed in his mind, his downfalls once more being repeated with brutal images of his past. Black tears streamed down his face as he tried with all his heart to push the visions aside.
He forced himself out of the panic, he breathed again slowly. “Succumb to the torment” he mumbled to himself. There was another crash above, Jason’s eyes fluttered open and he furrowed his brows. He extended his arm out towards the sky and took a deep breath. A strike of lightning trickled from the clouds, he breathed deeply and it crashed right into his palm. He jumped onto his feet, the bolt was being absorbed into his hand. His eyes glistened with wild satisfaction. His scars from the rain healed immediately and the blood vanished. The lightning electrified in a pulse down his arm and he could feel it dancing within his veins. The storm overhead ceased. Jason grinned, a triumphant feeling vibrating in his bones. His brow twitched excitedly and shoved his hands into his pockets and glanced around at his surroundings.

Before he left the area Jason had grabbed a few lilies for future use. He wandered now in the town of Tenebris, it was surprisingly lovely. The tudor houses were in even distance apart, they became closer together like townhomes the further he walked into the town. The shops were in similar style, all conjoined. To his surprise the town was quite populated with numerous passersby chatting away, most had slap sticks in their mouths. They seemed pleasant in the somber world and all at ease. No one paid mind to him as he sauntered through, he thought it odd in a sense but he was thankful for the moment of peace.He stopped outside of a clothing shop and grimaced at his half naked torso. He didn’t have any money on him but he truly needed something to wear. He peered through the window and a saw lovely shopkeeper, a fallen angel, sitting on a stool as she read her novel. Jason grinned and brushed a hand through his hair. He walked into the store and casually wandered, admiring the articles of clothing. The girl was quick at his side Hello she greeted. Jason smiled at her with a crooked brow. “Lovely shop you have here, though you make it quite dazzling.”
The angel’s cheeks flushed and she averted her gaze It’s my husband’s” she said in a shy voice. Jason reached out and twirled a lock of her blonde hair. He then leaned with his shoulder against a nearby wall “Is that so? And where is your husband now?” She peeked up at him, her brow twitched up and there was a sudden look of lust gleaming in her black eyes.

The perks of being a Kitsune or just simply good looking, he didn’t care. Sex as always, got him what he wanted and oh how he loved fucking strangers, especially married ones. He stood from her bed and she lay there in awe, admiring him. He glanced back at her and grinned “Thanks for the lovely time. If you don’t mind, I will show myself out.” She didn’t even get a chance to respond as he was quickly out the door with his ragged pants. He walked down the stairs where the shop was located. He grabbed himself a fresh outfit from one of the hangers in the shop and slipped into it. He grinned at himself in the full length mirror and jumped over the counter where he propped open the till and stole some cash. He shoved it into his pockets and casually walked out whistling. He tossed his shredded pants into a nearby trashcan and sauntered down the road until he came across a bar. He walked in and glanced down at this watch for the time, though it probably didn’t matter at this point. The bar was quite full with only a few vacant seats. Jason situated himself at the counter and signaled for a drink. He hand the barkeep a five dollar bill and in exchange he was given a Dwarven beer. He propped his elbows onto the counter, he swirled the beverage in his glass and sipped his drink.


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Hex Code:#8600A1
Location: The Boar’s Hat

Vitane pulled herself up from her laying position. She felt no muscles strain nor did she fatigue from the jump back to the palace. She wasn’t sure what drew her back exactly, but she was fervently annoyed and she huffed as she stood. She observed her surroundings under knit brows.

She didn’t know this place, so nothing looked familiar. She pressed forward to move, but could not feel her feet moving underneath her. She glanced down to see her bare toes skimming the cobblestone floors. She was floating in midair and she began to panic. She looked around for some way to bring herself down to the ground, but everything she touched her hand passed through with lack of disarray.

Vitane propelled herself forward. She wandered the halls with a rarity of someone noticing her and if they did they always looked away instantly as if frightened by her sight. Vitane was unsure why everyone looked at her so oddly, but she was grateful that no one forced her out of the palace immediately, as she was an intruder.

She explored several different halls of the castle, her desire and curiosity pushing her movements. She had unknowingly wandered back to the only place that was familiar to her. A large hall with black granite tile with grey grout covered the floors and the ceiling. The walls were made of a grey slate and along the walls were large golden columns. The walls were decorated with photographs of The God of Death with other people she did not recognize, but she barely glanced at the images. The pictures were surrounded by lavish, golden picture frames and a few special portraits were adorned with dark red drapes that hung from extravagant golden curtain rods. Around the room, small light wisps traveled in small luminous balls. When Vitane peered into the orbs, she could see flashes of life from the stranger’s soul. With one that passed she could see children playing while the mother happily watched over them, then a flash of change to her being stabbed in an alleyway. Vitane turned away at the sight and roamed farther into the hall.

At the end of the long passage, veered off to the left was an added joint space. It was hidden by more of the same curtains, but Vitane walked straight through them, being led there from the start. She was in a trance now, her eyes had lost what little color her transparency allowed and white orbs stared down at a massive crystal. She did not touch it, merely stare at it for an unknown amount of time. The crystal was planted on a similar golden column and was cradled in gorgeous black leaves that surrounded the gem. The jewel itself was a dark grey in color, perfectly matching the walls of the hall.

Vitane reached to touch the crystal but an attentive hand snatched her wrist and her eyes faded from the bright white back to their original state. She looked up to see a woman. She had incredible golden eyes like Forrest and she shared distinct resemblances to her love, Jason. She immediately felt at ease upon recognizing this. Her posture eased, even though she didn’t feel the movement.

”Don’t touch that.” The woman advised and Vitane looked back at the gem, confused.
”I wasn’t going to…”
”The power of the gem is strong. It is what brings us back to the castle and it is why we cannot wander forever.” We? What did she mean by that? She didn’t look like a spirit. She had form, color, and warmth.
”We have work to do.” She informed Vitane. Immediately Vitane’s brows scrunched together in ridicule. The woman had already turned away, too late to see Vitane’s contempt, but the spirit girl followed, lingering by the woman who walked on two feet and breathed air, yet grouped herself with Vitane. Vitane’s mood changed upon thinking of her state. She looked down at herself. She had been given an ugly dress upon her arrival, but it was the translucent glide that terrified her and depressed her even further. She was dead and it started to settle on her mind. Her chin trembled as if inducing crying, but no tears formed. Yet she howled out in a sob and her body stopped moving forward. The woman ahead of her turned around and came back to her side.
”We need to hurry.” She insisted, but Vitane’s lips were practically adhered to her chin from sadness.
”Oh, child…” The woman said, her eyes softening. She pulled Vitane close to her and even though she could not feel her touch, a warmth surrounded her, enveloping her entire being and taking away any sorrows within her. It was as if she had been touched by an Angel.

Vitane breathed in slowly, her eyes still closed. Her green eyes flashed back to life when her lids lifted and Vitane grasped that she was real again. She looked at herself excitedly, touching her arms and hands, glad to have feeling in her fingers again.

She turned back to thank the woman, but she was gone. Vitane sadly whined, looking around for her, but there wasn’t a trace of her. Vitane’s shoulders slumped. Throughout her visit here, the stranger had been the most comfort she had received. Her mind traced back to the woman and how she spoke. Her words very thought out and polite...Just like Forrest.
And her dark hair swept across her fine pointed cheekbones and gorgeous complexion...Just like Jason.
As if the world had collapsed on her she came to the conclusion that the woman had been their mother. It felt like she had been punched in the chest upon her recognition. How was that possible? Their mother was dead, this she knew. But she had been killed decades ago, if not longer. How and why was she still wandering this realm? Did The God of Death keep her here? Vitane had so many questions, but she wouldn’t get any answers today.

Vitane stared at the ground, trying to comprehend how she had died.
She tried hard to remember how or what had happened, but everything was a blur. She couldn’t recall anything of importance, just her longing for Jason.
Her heart would have stopped if it had been beating. She felt as though she’d been away from him for eons and the ache in her chest begged to be touching her love again.

She was drawn away from the room; like a dust-bunny lured into the hose of a Hoover, she was sucked away. The world around her obscured and obstacles smeared together from the pulling of whatever this force was.

She arrived and was spit out, her limbs swayed forward and her body held the characteristics of Jello. She wobbleed on her new feet and steadied herself with her arms stretching outward to either side. She breathed a sigh of relief. The energy had been so strong that it had scared her. Again she had felt incredibly vulnerable and like a pipe cleaner she twisted and bent to the gem’s desire. But it seemed like she had been the reason she had materialized here.

Vitane had been placed outside of a clothing shop. She watched Jason enter and her eyes brightened seeing his face again. She nearly melted, but she followed after him. She slowly opened the door inside to surprise him, but the moans tumbling down from upstairs turned her excited features into that of shock and bewilderment. She instantly became infuriated and stomped out of the store, slamming the door behind her as hard as she could - which wasn’t much for a ghost.

Vitane huffed to herself until she came to a tavern. A wooden sign hung above her reading, “The Boar’s Hat”. She scoffed and pushed open the door. It was dimly lit inside and the darkness outside didn’t help. She passed a table that had a vacant seat, but a foaming cup of beer held the spot for the assumed person in the bathroom. As she passed, the other two at the table had started up a conversation deep enough that they had turned their chairs to face each other rather than sit underneath the table.Vitane swiped the large pint without notice and began chugging as soon as it was in her grasp. She continued to walk until she found a wall that was scare of people and light. She leaned against it and propped her right foot up. She held her glass on her thigh and her head fell back against the wall, staring at the ceiling.

What the hell had she just witnessed. Well, thankfully she hadn’t completely walked in, but she felt so scorched. She had no heart, but her emotions gnawed at her. Had he already gotten over her? She wasn’t sure when she had died, but it didn’t feel like that long ago. She wasn’t certain, though. She sighed heavily and looked back down and stared at the beer bubbles that ran to the surface of her glass. Her heart felt heavy, but she had no real way to express that emotion. She was underived of tears and she wasn’t going to cryout here, so the melancholy could only be seen on her face. Yet a feeling grew inside of her and the sadness was pushed away to only a slight numb feeling in the back of her mind. Something had brushed away the grief.

The bell on the door clanged loudly announcing a new patron’s arrival. Vitane barely glanced up, but the flash of leather had her eyes following the figure suddenly. A fire built up inside of her and her breathing quickened.
She marched up to the bar and turned Jason’s barstool around to look him in the face.
And she slapped him with all of her might.

Hex Code: #0A0A8E
Location: The Labyrinth

Forrest was tired of this shit. Everyone kept leaving him! Jason had always put him on the back burner and Lola peaced out after his proposal. Arkin didn’t care to share anything when he locked him away and now Vitane had been ripped out of their nonexistent grasp and hauled off to who knows where. Forrest held his face in his hand and it dragged across, his palm resting in his hair and his thenar now pushed against his forehead. What the fuck had he gotten himself into. No. What had his mother done? Leading him to the worst Hell he could fathom. Lola running about with no care or worry of him, but he trudged through acid rain, little weird monsters, a bomb, and he figured there was plenty where that came from. He hesitated moving forward. Was she worth all of this? This torment? He breathed out of his nose. Of course she was.

Back to sliding around. He grunted as he pushed himself on. He came to the center of six jointed hallways including the one to his rear. The one to his very right had cool air expelling from it and it felt nice against his sweaty forehead. The one in the middle smelled putrid and Forrest crossed that one off immediately. The hallway to the left of the middle had a light at the end, but Forrest didn’t trust it. He felt the hallway on the right side of the middle pulling him in, drawing him to it. He realized in his time sitting here deciding he had leaned forward toward that hallway. He leaned back and laughed then shook his head. The hallway off to the very left blared loud music that he somehow hadn’t noticed until his arrival to the conjoining space.

He decided that the cool hallway was the safest bet and it had the benefits of refreshing him from the heat of the realm and the working of his trudge through the labyrinth. He removed his shirt. The cool air was relieving.

Forrest had barely made it 300 meters before another light shined brightly before him. He squeezed his eyes tight.
”Not again.” He complained. The light faded and he slowly opened his eyes.

A hand had swooped down to clasp his cheek and his face twitched when he realized his mother was kneeling beside him.
”Mm - M - Mother?” He whispered, his voice was shaky.
”Yes, my boy.” She cooed and held him lovingly. Forrest tried not to weep, but he had missed her so much. Her death had been the most painful one to endure. Losing a lover hurt him, but losing his best friend nearly killed him.
His breath shuddered and he finally moved his arms to hug her back.

She released from the hug and kissed his cheek then stood over him, watching closely. He looked up at her, curious, but his bones shifted in his leg.
”Ah!” He gingerly bent his leg at the knee then his face gleamed. He quickly felt his shoulder but there was nothing there. This was incredible! She’d given him his healing back.
”Don’t stand up just yet. It’s not immortal healing, but it’s better than nothing.” Forrest looked up at her smiling.
”I am grateful. Is that why you came to see me?” He was starting to understand how the spirits worked in this world. They could travel at unknown times, but eventually they would be taken back to wherever. She wouldn’t be here long, he concluded.

Ariel smiled and offered her hand for him to take. She helped him up and his leg was a bit shaky, but it was much more stable than before. He sighed in relief, glad to be rid of at least one vulnerability.

Ariel looked at Forrest seriously now that he was safely leaning against the wall.
”I don’t have long. But Arkin has Lola in his grasp! I worry for her, for you my son. I fear she is choosing a wrong path. You must save her! Fulfill the prophecy and take your rightful place as a God.”
Forrest looked at her in disbelief. What?
”Is Arkin The God of Death? Is he holding her against her will? Is she hurt? Gods, mother what the hell is going on?! What the fuck do you mean take my place as a God? I’m not right for that and you know it! Fuck the prophecy, I'm only here for Lola!”
Ariel listened to his raving in silence as the white light enveloped her again.
”Forrest, she is the prophecy." Ariel said calmly. "She is one of the quests the prophecy speaks of. You will succeed. I have faith in you.” The light got brighter and he could no longer see around him again, but he stared into the blinding light in a fenzy.
”What does that mean?! What quests?! I can’t be a fucking God of Wrath, mother!” The light departed and so did Ariel. ”Please don’t go.” He croaked.

Now Forrest was even more confused. As if he didn’t have enough questions already. He growled and it turned into a yell. She didn’t tell him anything helpful! He shook his head in dismay and continued to walk down the hall he had chosen.

Not long after, Forrest was surprised with another visitor. He stopped a few feet away from him and watched The God of Death carefully. Arkin smiled and it sickened the Demon. Forrest hated being in the palm of his hand. He looked at Arkin under constant furrowed brows. Forrest scoffed at Arkin’s welcoming into Tenebris. Fuck your realm. He made a bold move and charged Arkin, but he had tricks up his sleeves. Arkin latched a chain collar to Forrest and it drew him backwards. He stumbled and fell on his back. Forrest growled loudly.
”I see you met my twin.” Forrest’s anger halted at this statement. Twin? Was he speaking about Vitane? Not his mother. But Forrest had noticed Arkin’s observation of his healed body. She’d had a brother? A twin? And he was...The God of Death. This epiphany would have knocked Forrest on his feet if he hadn’t already been.

Forrest smelled whatever Arkin was smoking and noted the sweet smell and desirable taste. He hated that a part of him wanted to just get high and forget everything around him. The God of Death continued speaking. Forrest’s face turned angry again when he called he and Jason abominations. Jason had heard that his entire life by their father. He was no such thing!
”Don’t you fucking talk about Jason!” He warned, attempting to stand up but the collar seemed to be on a locking retractable leash and he was stuck in place. This made him angrier. He yelled out, using all of the strength he could muster to attempt to remove this nuisance. Not a budge. His gaze flashed to Arkin now. His eyes narrowed at his monologue. Lovely redhead? Forrest’s face hardened and his gaze was malicious.
”You don’t fucking touch her!” He bellowed. He forced against the collar again, but this time it released and he was allowed up, but as soon as he stood it locked in place again and he glared at Arkin. The blonde god grinned at him and Forrest’s eyes turned into slits.
“I’d formally introduce myself, you know names and all but I’m sure you’ll hear it moaned soon enough. Tell me Forrest, are you hoping to see her again? Are you rushing for answers and understanding? Must be frustrating, you know, falling so hard for a woman that will never be yours.”
”She’ll never be your’s either!” Forrest screamed so hard that spittle landed on Arkin’s face. He was livid. His mother had been right, it seemed. The God of Death had Lola following him somehow, but the way Arkin described it, it was definitely Lola’s choice. His chest tightened. Another realization that Lola relinquished him with every intent to return here. Had it been for him? Was everything a lie? He held his gaze with Arkin and his eyes began turning black at the edges. Whether The God of Death had taken his powers or not, he could not take away who he was. The cloud of black moved further into his eye as Arkin continued to speak.

”Maybe I’ll fuck your almost fiance again before my next meeting” Forrest raged and his eyes turned completely black. His right shoulder jolted upward as two long spikes produced out of them, then the same with the other. He was preparing to exterminate him, but before he could fully transform and gain back his abilities, Arkin winked, called him Demon like Jason did, released his collar and left. Where Arkin had stood was a shadow replica Jason. Forrest's tail had morphed by now and as the shadow clone lunged for him he swiped with his giant claws. His scorpion-like tail stabbed into the shadow at the same time and the impact dissipated the shadow imitation.

Hex Code: #8E0A40
Location: Palace Bar

Ian wiped a black tear from his eye from laughing so hard. Before he could deliver another comeback he was launched into the air. His hair swayed as he lifted high and then fell back down, nearly breaking their table. Ian slowly sat up, a huge grin present and then he and Tien began laughing together again. Lola chimed in about how she would never sleep with him and Ian was about to argue that point before Tien interrupted and pointed out that she’d said that phrase before, and to Arkin of all people.
Ian had slipped down from the table and taken his seat again but he pointed at Lola when they all laughed together.
Lola began bitching and Ian ignored her due to the new beer arriving in front of him. He nodded at the butler’s nice timing then handed him his empty mug. The redhead left with another complaint but Ian was spaced out and didn’t hear her. Lola pulled him out of it when she stood and left.
”Man, I love partying with you guys.” He smiled then looked down at the now available tray of fairy dust and pulled it to him to take in two lines at once. He coughed and threw his head back, seeing stars in his eyes. He was finally starting to feel the drugs.
Arkin stood to leave and Ian didn’t give him a second glance. He ignored The God of Death and continued speaking directly to Tien.
”You wanna go to a bar?” Ian asked, he was wanting to hopefully see some new faces.
”Nah, I’m good here.” Tien replied, sipping his brew.
Ian shrugged and got up from the booth, straightened his attire and walked away.
. . .

Ian felt a little tug inside of him pulling him to The Boar’s Hat so he shrugged and followed his gut. Upon entering he was intrigued immediately by the back of a head that was covered in blue hair. He smirked and confidently strutted towards her. A man got up from sitting next to the dude she was talking to and Ian took the seat. He ordered a double shot and a beer, then turned his stool around to look Vitane in the eye.

He smiled when she made eye contact with him. She seemed upset, but he loved a feisty woman.

”You make a cute smurf.”

The drink arrived and the bartender handed him the double shot which Ian swallowed then handed the bartender back the glass. Ian wiped his lip then looked over at Jason.

”Is that supposed to impress me?” Vitane asked, a hand now on her hip.

Ian ignored her. ”She your's or do I have a chance?” He joked with a drunken smile. He had no intentions of actually attempting anything, but flirting was never out of the question.


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Dialog: #6600CC
Location: Laboratory
Mocking whispers as they fluttered by, the stars in her galaxy were rotating in an obscure fashion. It wasn’t the drugs nor was it an illusion, she had most certainly forgotten something. Worse of all, she had extracted it for later observation and in its place where a star once twinkled was a black hole. What the hell was the purpose of a hall of memories if it didn’t retain even the most significant? Had she poisoned her own mind or enchanted it to forget? If so, why didn’t she leave herself a note stating not to worry and that it was for the best. She huffed in frustration, the only person who may know would be Tien. But if she did this to herself, he would never reveal it. Lola grimaced and finally turned on her heel away from the pestering void. She paced over to the door only to be launched off her feet. One of her memories blasted her onto her back, she breathed heavily and stared up at it with wide eyes. The star was black and threatening as it hovered a couple inches above her face. Lola slowly lifted her hand and touched it.

She was encompassed by the horrid past. Where the star floated now hovered the most frightening creature she had ever encountered. It was slender, black like the shadows, he had no face, just a mouth with sharp jagged teeth. It caressed her face with one of its seven fingers. It hissed as it breathed and her eyes were locked in petrification. She lay on black marble flooring, the walls were out of sight and her surroundings uninhabited. The atmosphere was the coldest she had ever felt, even the Snow Realm known as Nix couldn’t compare to this eerie sensation. They had entered a forbidden realm, their recklessness had made them fearless...and foolish.
“The eternal King’s son” she heard another creature hiss and managed to turn her head to see Arkin lying next to her. His eyes were fixated on the beast in terror. The critter lingered above him with a finger to his heart. Lola wanted to reach out and comfort him as he had done for her. Her agony was over, the demon’s had already slashed her soul with a curse. She stared at Arkin now through pained eyes of guilt, she was too stunned to move. The beast hovered above him like a floating shadow. It swayed as it spoke in its venomous hiss.

A tainted soul derived from madness
The immortal, the infinite status
A Cave, a world, the shadows wander
Two brothers, they must conquer
Trickery working in favor
From the abyss, emerges a savior
A dark crown, the throne, and an eye that is green
This realm has magic that's never been seen

She bolted upright into the present, the dark memory had realigned itself with the other stars. Lola slowly got to her feet, she was breathing unsteadily. She stared up at her galaxy for a long moment, it was a memory from her life that haunted her deeply but why would it present itself today? She shuddered, goosebumps rose on her arms and she finally hurried off in terror. As she exited her hall, she saw Tien walking out of his at the same time. He grimaced at her and pulled out a slap stick from his sweat pants pocket.

“Tell me, what have I missed in the last twenty-five years? He’s different. He’s worse than he used to be, his curse has mocked him since the moment we returned from Maledictum. Is his prophecy coming to life?” Lola questioned. They sat in their usual spot with their legs dangling over the tower balcony. Tien took a large toke of his joint and handed it off to Lola. He cleared his throat, she could sense his hesitation on the subject.
“When you left, Arkin went mad. Granted he’s been that way for centuries but it got bad, Red. I worry your return was a little too late, you should have seen him. Arkin has never been one to rage but he was convinced you’d never come home. That you’d rather die... no matter, you’re here now but he’s nervous, the curse is awakening.”
Lola grimaced and took a haul of the blunt.

They glanced behind them when the balcony door crept open and Arkin stepped through. He seemed flustered as though he had just been through an argument. He plopped down next to Lola and Tien reached in front of her to hand him the slap joint. He took the stick, Lola and Tien watched him carefully as he took a large haul and blew out in exasperation. He glanced over at them with a crook brow and tossed the blunt over the balcony. Lola leaned into him for comfort and he wrapped an arm around her shoulder. The three friends sat in prolonged silence awaiting for the high to take over.

After several minutes, Lola started to giggle, the haze of slap was making her giddy. “If a creature speaks to you frantically in their native tongue, something you cannot understand, would you kiss them or slap them in response?”
Tien and Arkin exchanged a look of humoured curiosity and eyed her to continue. Lola glanced over at both of them with a smile. She looked out into the realm as she said “You would slap them and if they got mad, you would quickly kiss them before they could do anything else.”
Arkin burst out laughing and breathed out “What?”
Tien chuckled and shook his head “You’re so fucking weird” he muttered.
Lola shoved him playfully with her elbow “The power of love, you hold your breath when you are kissed thus causing a daze of confusion, much like when you are slapped unexpectedly.”
“Your point in all this?” Arkin questioned through his chortle.
“My point, dear, is which is more powerful, love or fear?”
Tien and Arkin replied simultaneous though their responses were different.
Lola breathed through her nostrils humored by their replies. “And the tie-breaker?” Tien questioned.
Lola shrugged “Lust is a powerful demon” she simply stated.

She sauntered down to the dungeon carelessly dragging her werewolf victim across the ground. She had just returned from her latest cleansing session which for him did not go so well. His agonizing cries were like music to her ears, she had missed their torment. At the end of the day he should be grateful. With every sin suffered, his purity would earn him light which would go well in court, for he would get a chance at Heaven. She paused outside an empty cell and took a haul of slap in blissful silence. She twirled the stick between her fingers and sighed. She nudged the door open and slid the unconscious body into the cell. “Until later my dear” she chimed.
She skipped down the dungeon hall observing each occupied cell and debated on her next casualty. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going and nor did she feel she had to, she was presumably the only one roaming free.
But to her surprise, she crashed into a stranger just as she turned a corner. Lola stumbled back a couple steps startled by his intrusion. She slowly looked up at him, her neck craned back to meet his gaze. He was so tall, she felt like a child standing in front of him. His golden eyes gave her an odd sense of deja vu and the way he looked at her now was in awe and confusion. He lifted a hand up to her cheek as if he was in disbelief. Lola’s eyes widened and she brushed off his hand. She stared at him through furrowed brows and contemplated her actions. How did he get in here? Did someone forget to lock his cell? It must have been Keaira, she was notorious for leaving them unlocked. Lola shrugged and through her violet smoke she conjured a poisoned dagger and without hesitation she stabbed him in his waist. She watched as he became drowsy and collapsed to the ground. She grabbed onto his leg, they were encompassed by purple smoke and were transported to her laboratory.

Her lab resided in one of the palace towers. She was the only one in the castle who ever used it aside from her childhood when Eli would teach her ways of alchemy and Noel, the old King, taught her forms of cleansing. The lab was well equipped, it was large and circular. Half of the wall was populated with tall shelves that cut off when the roof angled into a glass domed enclosure. The shelves contained vials, books and five picture frames scattered on different shelves containing fond memories that she could admire while she worked.

One image was of her as a child with her mother and father, it was the only picture she had of her real parents. They all looked so happy, a perfect family portrait and the start to a cruel beginning. Another image was of her and Eli, Lola was around the age of fourteen when it was taken. They were in the laboratory, each holding a beaker, she recalls their names being called out and they both glanced back with grins just as the image was captured. The third picture was of her and Ariel. They sat on the edge of the pool, something they did often together with their feet in the water. Tien had taken this picture, it was candid. The girls, both over the age of a hundred, beamed at each other deep in conversation. The fourth image was of her and Tien. They sat on wooden logs next to each other midway into exchanging a slap joint as they always did. It was a perfect symbol of their relationship, casual, simple and carefree. The last image was of Lola and Arkin. It was her favorite picture of the two of them, it was sensual reflecting the nature of their relationship. It was from an erotic photoshoot they had done together a few decades ago. They both sat up, she on top of him with her thighs on either side of his body. He was shirtless wearing only boxer briefs. She wore a dark purple, satin lingerie dress, the strap dangling off her shoulder. He had a hand on the small of her back and the other on her opposite cheek as to not hide her face in the image. Lola’s one hand was on his waist and the other around his neck. Their faces were about an inch apart, he stared at her lips in lustful desire and she stared at his eyes. There was always something eerie in the way she looked at him, as though she was captivated in the moment in an unnatural but longing passion.

The edge of the shelves also ended where a curved counter began taking up about a quarter of the space. The large surface area had beakers, mortar and pestle, retort, calcinator and other sorts of alchemy equipment. The remaining area was a wall of plants, all unique and in bunches of about a hundred different varieties, specimens from several realms. In the center of the room was an operating table, one could assume it was a lounge chair but the straps dangling at the sides suggested otherwise.

She tossed the stranger onto her operating table as if he was weightless and strapped him into place. She grabbed a pair of shears and cut off his pants and removed his undergarments. She placed a linen over his lower abdomen to his upper thigh. She paced over to a drawer and grabbed a syringe filled with white liquid. She tapped on the barrel and pressed on the plunger to test a couple drops. She walked back over to the stranger, she wrapped an elastic band around his forearm to extract some veins and inserted the needle. He looked as though he had been through an ordeal but with the serum, his body suddenly healed fully of its scars and his hygiene improved as though he had just showered. She removed the band and the needle, she tossed both materials into a nearby trash bin. She stood over him now and observed him curiously. Why did he look so familiar? She gently traced the tattoo’s on his arm with her finger, she bit her lower lip as she pondered in prolonged confusion. She gave her head a shake, slap was making her delusional again. Though she couldn’t help but stare at his peaceful expression, there was a sense of longing within her but why would she yearn for a stranger?

Dialog: #737373
Location: Throne Room
Arkin was leaning against the wall of a hallway flirting with a Nymph from Cantata. She was visiting the realm for the party and had tagged along with one of her Hunter friends. Arkin grinned crookedly at her as they spoke and typical of Arkin, she was now on his lips. He leaned into her and he pulled her closely to him as they made out for a brief moment until Arkin felt a presence passing by. He glanced up from her and politely said If you'll excuse me. he kissed her again before he turned away. He paced up next to Ariel and grasped the back of her neck tightly.
Walk with me Ari he stated in a low voice and forced her in his direction. She tensed beneath his hold but made no attempt to breakfree. They walked into a small ballroom and Arkin unnecessarily shoved her ahead causing her to fall on all fours. He closed the doors behind him and started to pace as he glared at her through furrowed brows. “Are you done yet?” he spat.
Ariel slowly got to her feet and brushed herself off, she scowled at him but did not respond. He closed the gap between them, Ariel took a few steps away from him but she was pinned to the wall and he towered over her.
“You let them into my realm”
“It’s theirs!”
He growled and backhanded her, she lost balance and stumbled to the side with a hand clasped on her cheek. He turned on his heel away from her and paced again “After everything I’ve done for you!” he howled.
“Done for me?” Ariel scoffed and recomposed herself “Everything you’ve ever done has been for your own personal gain dear brother.”
Arkin stopped in his step and glared at her “You are starting a war”
“No, just fighting a battle. You started this war years ago.”
“All I have ever done is protect you!”
“Protect me?! Arkin, I am dead.”
“Because of his fucking child! You are bewitched by Wrath, permanently poisoned by his madness. I have kept you here so you could cleanse, gain repentance and you mock me by inviting those abominations! You are trying to rob me of everything, give the one bastard my throne and the other my love.”
Ariel leaned against the wall and crossed her arms “I am robbing you of nothing, your wretched soul has brought you here. You could have done great things with your throne but instead all you crave is power. As for your lost her eons ago, long before he ever came into her life. You know it as well as me, these things were never yours to begin with. They were granted to you temporarily.”
“You are mocking me of my curse”
“Then break it, you’ve had centuries to do so and yet you lather in its darkness. The adrenaline of war pulses through your veins, your downfall is your own doing!”
Arkin waved his hand, Ariel was suddenly in his hold with his hand around her neck. He squeezed, his eyes turned black with rage. “You’re done here, dear sister” he spat and with a little more force she erupted into a wisp. He stared at the orb in his palm for a long moment before he closed his fist and she evaporated.

After his much need slap session with his best mates, Arkin sat in his meeting room with Lola to his left and Tien to his right. They were accompanied by five of his Hunter’s from the Realm of Aquarius. There was a three dimensional holographic projection of the water realm floating in the center of the table. Arkin exasperated and waved his hand to disperse the image. He sat back in his chair and analyzed their faces “Remind me, how long have you been hunting together?” They all exchanged looks and seemed nervous to reply, Arkin gestured his hand insistently.
The merman in the center cleared his throat “Nearly a century” he responded.
Arkin crooked his brow and reexamined each one of their faces more carefully “And yet the rogue’s in the realm have multiplied. How odd, Queen Sirena is quite concerned. Aquarius hasn’t experienced war in-”
“Six hundred and twelve years” Lola interjected.
Arkin gave his head a nod “Therefore, I could claim that you are all lacking. However, I don’t believe that is the case. You see friends, nothing brings a group closer together or further apart than the threat of one's demise. Something you have all come very close too in your time together. It changes the way we wander, doesn’t it? Makes us more fearful to know that we have vulnerabilities.”
He caught one of the Hunter’s averting their gaze, he grinned crookedly and casually waved his hand. The ruby gem ripped out of the Hunter’s necklace and into Arkin’s hand. He crushed the gem in his palm as easily as if it were putty. The being let out an agonised cry and combust into thin air. Arkin hovered his closed fist over the table and let the sand remains trickle down onto the surface. He sat back in his chair and crossed his arms “Not all your friends are allies” he simply stated.
The Hunter’s all peered uneasily at each other and one even gulped out of fear.
“He was breeding rogues” Tien explained “Greed is a beast that cannot be tamed once it is unleashed.”
Arkin waved “You are dismissed.”
The remaining four Hunter’s nodded graciously and evaporated in their clouds of smoke. Arkin glanced over at Lola who was eyeing the ashes curiously. “How do you always know?” she questioned.
Arkin shrugged “The deceitful are made to fall.”

Arkin paced around his throne room smoking a slap joint to dissolve his frustrations. It had been a heavy day already and the demon was quickly approaching his palace. He worried for Lola to see him again, what if oblitus wasn’t strong enough? He was taking a risk to say the least but it was the final torment before his demise. Besides, what better way to torture someone than have their love hand it to them personally? A guard walked into the room, he lingered in the doorway and cleared his throat. Arkin stopped pacing to face him and gestured him forward. “The Kitsune has arrived, my King”
Arkin nodded “Bring him in”
A very drowsy Jason entered the room at the hand of two guards. He was shoved to the ground and fell at Arkin’s feet. Arkin sauntered over to his throne and took his seat. He set an elbow on one of the arms and rested his thumb beneath his chin with a finger over his mouth. “Welcome, Jason” Arkin unenthusiastically greeted.

Dialog: #000066
Location: Throne Room
He was enjoying the peace, sipping his beer and staring blankly ahead until he found himself spun around. If anything, it felt like a gentle smack on his face though he could sense her attempted force. He blinked a couple times staring at the ground next to him before he slowly averted his gaze to meet Vitane’s raging expression. He brushed a hand through his hair and let out an exasperated sigh, slap sure knew how to fuck with his mind. He leaned back with an elbow propped up on the counter behind him and he grabbed his beer chugging about half of it. He looked Vitane up and down, he gestured and simply stated “That dress does not flatter you.” He set his glass on the bar and crossed his arms as he analyzed her with a crooked brow. He wasn’t sure how to handle her illusion, he had questions, several, such as why was she here and so furious with him? Her anger he could assume, was the result of numerous things, he was a trainwreck of mistakes after all. He didn’t know where to begin, part of him wanted to pull her in and relish her apparition but Tenebris was an unkind realm and he refused to trust any of its good fortunes. Surely she wasn’t one of them, she was here to torment him. Remind him of his wrongful doings, another gift from Death to mock him of his failures. He was completely zoned out as he stared at her, she was beautiful. He had missed gazing into her green eyes and in their short time together she had left an imprint on his heart. He felt relieved in a sense to see her here though she didn’t deserve to wander this hellish place if she truly were dead. He reached his hand out to touch hers, she felt cold and surreal. He observed her pale skin, he pondered what to say and what to do. Apologize? Kiss her? He sighed reminding himself that he was in Tenebris, this was just another delusion to make him feel sorrowed for her lost. He scoffed at his thoughts, he was tired of letting the burden shade his momentary enjoyment. “Go ahead, state your piece, make me cry and be on your way” he flatly stated.
Surely he didn’t have much time with her either before she would vanish without explanation. She wasn’t truly here after all. He dropped her hand and lifted his own to his cheek, he brushed it along where she had slapped him. Finally, he recrossed his arms and stared at her under furrowed brows. He shrugged
“What a wicked high, not sure yet if I regret eating that flower. I mean at least you’re not as forceful as my mother’s delusion. It seems my purpose in this realm however is to get scolded and beaten by my demised loved ones. Interesting form of mockery or tactic, whatever you want to call it.”
He turned away from her slightly in annoyance and grabbed his beer again and sipped the remaining liquid.

The door rang to announce a new arrival, Jason paid no mind until the stranger plopped in the now vacant stool next to him and referred to Vitane as a smurf. Jason’s mouth curled up into a humored grin, he had never thought of that one before. He glanced over at the newcomer when he spoke to him directly “She your's or do I have a chance?” Jason glanced back over at Vitane, a realization of her realism clicked in his mind. He shifted his gaze between Ian and Vitane, “Wait a second.” He jumped onto his feet and closed the gap between them completely. He took her face his hands, he was dumbfound as he stared at her. I mean, she did feel real. Sure she had some dark circles around her eyes and she was cold. He felt at a lost for words and dropped his hands. He fell back down onto the stool with his jaw unhinged as he stared at her with wide eyes. He peered over at Ian and pulled out the black lily from his pocket, he held it in his palm to show him “Are you high as well or is she actually here?” he questioned. He could tell the stranger was completely drunk but what did that matter? If Vitane was truly in front of him why could this newcomer see her as well? Clearly she was a ghost, left here in spite of him or to torture her for whatever reason. He grimaced and gave his head a shake from his bewilderment. “Vitane” he breathed in awe “I thought I’d never see you again.”

The door sounded again, a shudder trickled down his spine. Jason slowly glanced over to see two guards pacing quickly towards him. He bolted up from his seat and stood defensively in front of Vitane. As if that would accomplish anything the guard spat. He had no time to react when suddenly Vitane was pulled away through a bright light. The guard closed the gap between he and Jason. Jason raised his hand to the man’s torso and sent a shock through his body. The guard collapsed to the ground and the other was quick in front of him. He grabbed Jason’s arm, twisted it behind his back and stabbed him in his abdomen with his sword. A growl escaped Jason’s lips, the pain was excruciating even with his ability to heal. He was shoved against the counter and his head was pinned down on the bar. He tried to break free but he could sense another individual assisting the guard in cuffing him. They propped him up and he shouldered one in the jaw. Suddenly, a needle punctured his neck and he was injected with black serum. He felt woozy, his sight grew dazed and he became limp.

He was fully conscious as they dragged him across the realm but he was immobile. He hung his head and his legs dragged behind him. The guards made crude remarks towards him and talked proudly of themselves. He glared through heavy eyes, where were they taking him? To the dungeons? To be tortured again? To be killed? He peeked up slightly through strands of hair and could see the castle through his clouded vision. He wanted to groan, fucksakes he thought bitterly.

The entrance door of the castle was propped open and he was now gliding across the dragon glass flooring. They transported him beneath the arch of the conjoined staircase, through a narrow hall and finally he found himself in the throne room. They shoved him forward and he stumbled flat to the ground. The floor felt cool beneath his cheek and he could sense a presence hovering above him. He heard a door close from behind, he blinked a few times searching for strength. His muscles felt flimsy and out of his control but he was able now to prop himself to sit on the back of his legs. He observed the stranger through groggy eyes as he took his place at his throne and welcomed him.
“In...” he muttered.
“Speak up Jason” the stranger demanded aggressively, his voice was surprisingly low and intimidating.
“In my defense” Jason nearly shouted, he couldn’t feel his lips move and was startled by his own voice. He uneasily cleared his throat and continued to speak “I didn’t want to come here. To this realm, I mean.”
The King chuckled in mockery at him and asked “Then why are you here?”
‘Dragged...against my will, seems to be the theme…” he muttered and trailed off as his eyes wandered across the room. There were large windows to the left side of him draped in deep golden curtains all tucked neatly with black tassels. The throne was on a navy carpeted platform of three steps, it was large in height and unique in detail. The throne was silver, the cushion was black and within the silver metal were designs of skulls and bones. To his left were four portraits in which one in particular caught his heavy eyes. It was his mother, she was youthful in appearance and there was an unfamiliar innocence gleaming in her eyes. She looked beautiful but what the hell was her painting doing here? His eyes shifted to the one next to hers, it was of another woman. She had immortal youth, her violet eyes were captivating and her facial features mimicked that of Ariel. He observed the two remaining portraits slowly piecing together an unexpected realization. His brow crooked and he gazed up at Arkin “Since when” he mumbled and cleared his throat again, speaking seemed increasingly more difficult Since when does mom have a brother?”
Arkin smirked “Precisely thirteen minutes after she was born.”
Jason eyed him in slight disbelief but goosebumps rose on his arms, what the dark elf had spoken made sense to him now. He was part Fallen and not only did his mom have a twin but he was the God of Death. He felt as though he was gaping stupidly and attempted to close his mouth. He couldn’t tell whether or not he was drooling at this point but the haze grew evermore controlling.
“Arkin, is my name” he introduced.
Jason shrugged uneasily “I don’t care” he muttered. “What-what did you do to Vitane? Why is she in this realm...she should...she-she should be in” he breathed “Heaven”
“She spent the last few months of her life clinging to a Demon. Do you truly think her soul is pure?” Arkin retorted.
Jason’s head hung against his will, he forced it up uneasily and locked his gaze with Arkin “Yes” he breathed in almost pleading tone.
Arkin grinned at him crookedly, a look of malice gleamed in his eyes. “If you’re sure. Maybe I should send her to Lola first, to be certain”
Jason felt raged and he growled “Don’t you fucking hurt her” he spat. His heart felt like it was erupting out of his chest at the adrenaline but it was brief. He had tensed up and furrowed his brows but dropped back on his knees in weakened defeat.
“Careful, Demon”
Jason grimaced, the way he called him Demon was venomous and distasteful. It sounded harsh and he understood now slightly why Forrest was always bothered by it.
“Don’t worry, I have special plans for her. Besides, Lola is preoccupied with your brother at the moment. Which reminds me” Arkin whistled and a guard came back in. He got to his feet and gestured towards Jason, the guard strided up to the Kitsune and grabbed onto his arm “Take him to the colosseum dungeon, I could use some entertainment.”
Jason attempted to nudge away from the guard but his effort was useless. He was completely drowsy now, his sight grew blurred. He felt himself being pulled and a moment later he fell into unconsciousness.

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Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods

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