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Jason Winters

Decline this one please!

0 · 138 views · located in Earth, 2072

a character in “Damaged Goods”, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Jason Winters's Story


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Dialog: #6600cc
Location: The Dungeon

It’s been five hours…no…don’t lie to yourself like that, you’re exaggerating, three and a half at most Lo contemplated as she sat stiffly on the wooden bench. Where have I been these last few hours…damn mind, why didn’t you fight back Lo? Why would you get yourself in this situation in the first place? A tear rolled slowly down her left cheek, she sniffled and wiped her face with the palm of her hand. She shivered as goosebumps rose on her arms from an unexpected breeze. She frowned at her attire, she had to wear her pretty polka dress…who was she trying to impress anyway?

She frowned as she analyzed her surroundings, she couldn't remember where she was or how she got into the dungeon, her mind had checked out the moment she was grabbed. She Brushed her hands up her bare arms, they were slightly bruised, she had put up a fight when she was taken.

The wall in front of her was made of stone, hideous and lifeless in color. There was an odd stench in the air, it made Lo’s nostrils flare up in discomfort. She sighed irritably, she needed to get home.

She perched back and rested on her palms as she stared longingly at the window ahead of her. Glistening light sparkled through, it looked beautiful. Lola huffed under her breath and leaned forward resting her elbows on knees. She dropped her face in her hands and groaned irritably.

After another thirty minutes of unproductive thoughts, Lo could hear someone approaching. She became even stiffer as their footsteps approached. Two men she noted and a body…yes they’re dragging someone, I think? It seems a little too light to be a person, unless it’s a child? she let out a small gasp at the horrible thought. She shook her head and her ruby like curls bounced. She tugged a strand of hair behind her ear but it fell to her facehad to curl my hair, never thought I’d missed my straight hair, sigh, I need a shower

A moment passed before the guards stomped through the dungeon. She listened intently with her back to them as they exchanged words. A woman spat at them in hysteria, she felt a slight relief when the voice seemed mature it’s not a kid…good. The jail door creaked to a slam, she could hear the girl shuffling around in her cell but she dared not to glance over. She didn’t need to see her face, she didn’t need to know who was sharing her fate No need to make a connection, don’t get attached to anyone Lo, this is about you, you have to get out of here, save yourself, your life…and find a fucking shower

Brilliant she heard the stranger say. Don’t Lo…don’t speak, don’t make a comment. For once just keep your fucking mouth shut…okay…okay? She could feel the girls sorrowed energy, she couldn’t help it, something triggered in her mind and she just perked up as she glanced at the stranger. “It’s not so bad, I mean at least you’re dressed more appropriately. I thought today was a good day to wear a dress, guess not. Always look your best” she laughed ”I can hear my mother’s voice saying that. You know deciding to reject that gorgeous werewolf was such a bad call on my part. He could have protected me! I had to friendzone him, I mean he’s gorgeous and the sweetest guy, seriously, Tristan is great and all but I’ve known him since I started supernatural hunting. Oh, but not in that way, see when I go hiking I like to meet supernatural’s. they’re not all bad, most are really cool plus it helps when you stay away from the wrong side of town. I hear the pyramids have been taken over by the sand eleves. How neat is that?” she blabbered. Through her seemingly endless rant Lo analyzed the stranger’s expressions, and reactions, but struggled reading them. Dammitt…” she mumbled ”I forgot to feed the cat”.

Dialog: #000066

Location: On his way to the Living Room

Jace wandered with his hands in his leather jacket down the halls of the castle. He had a lit cigarette in his mouth as he let out a puff of smoke. The guards that stood against the stone walls of the hall all straightened up as he passed by. They all stared straight ahead and avoided eye contact as Jace shifted his eyes from one face to another.

He grinned and took a drag of his cigarette as he bowed his head, he loved the control. He shuffled his feet along the thick burgundy rug and reflected on his life in the castle. He loved this castle, he loved this place but he was often bored here. Unless there was a party happening in the main hall, the castle was rather lifeless and empty, something he knew his brother loved but he hated.

Today was a good day, he had just been informed that the new girls had arrived. Something he always looked forward too but somewhat despised. He didn’t like difficult girls and he didn't enjoy having to re establish his status, the process was dreadful.
As he approached the living room he began to conjure a fireball in his hand and tossed it up and down in the palm of his hand, like a tennis ball. The guards opened the large thick wooden doors for him and he stepped through. He chuckled when he noticed his brother was reading about his latest arson ”Don’t worry, I didn’t kill many people” he mused. He took the cigarette from his mouth and flicked it to the ground. He paced around the living room and admired the deco ceiling and the architectural details in the stone walls. ”You know that vampire Bulb? I know, fucking ridiculous name…anyways fucking bastard lost his house last night. Guess he hadn’t heard of the king of poker. Dumbass.” he scoffed.

He extinguished the ball of flame as he brushed a hand through his hair and plopped down on one of the armchairs “So Demon, when are we going?”


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Character Portrait: Forrest Carson Character Portrait: Lola Hart Character Portrait: Jason Carson Character Portrait: Vitane Todd Character Portrait: Jason Winters
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Hex Code:#8600A1
Location: Entrance Hall

The taller one known as Forrest unlocked Vitane's cell door and for the first second that she had been here, her instinct was not to book it. She slowly stepped out, almost expecting this to be some kind of trap or test, but Forrest closed the doors behind the women.

Jason's hand touched her cheek and she flinched away, her eyes dropping at he held her face to his hand. He removed his hand and slipped his fingers between her own then led her upstairs followed by Forrest and Lola.

This time when she was brought through their library, she was able to take everything in. It was a bit overwhelming, how much knowledge she could imagine being housed in these shelves. She wanted to tear away from Jason right now and plop down in one of the seats to stick her nose in a tower of books. She couldn't wait until she had the freedom to roam about and do as she pleased. If it were ever granted to her at least.

Each room was just as beautiful as the last. The paintings were all exquisite and their decor was lavish. These really were men of high standards. So why would they pick simple humans to be their companions? Couldn't they get any breed or specification they wanted? Maybe it was a power thing, she guessed.

They came to a stop in what Jason described as the entrance. Her eyes again wandered the walls, but next to her there was a burst of excitement and the overwhelming surprise of it all had Vitane's mind completely blank. Even if they had planned this together, even if it was the only thing she had thought about, right now she wasn't going anywhere. She watched, thoughtless, as Lola downed a small vile she had kept hidden.

"don't even think about it"

"I-I-I I wasn't." She stuttered honestly.

She didn't meet his eyes, but felt a warm surge when he pulled her closer. She couldn't tell if it was coming from inside of her or radiating from him but nevertheless, she nestled her head somewhat against his chest, still lost in her unknowing thoughts.

Hex Code: #0A0A8E
Location: Lola's Room

Forrest bowed some to Lola, allowing her to follow the two up the stairs. It wasn't but a moment that they were separated anyway, his hand loosely sitting on her hip in a respectable place. He guided her, room by room this way and enjoyed not being the one having to give this tour yet again because it was so much nicer being able to admire this woman in his arm.

When they came to the entrance hall he could feel a shift in her body posture. Like she was standing on her tip toes or holding her breath. His eyebrows knit in confusion and he watched her snatch...What was that? Before he knew it she had downed some colorful liquid and then she was gone.

"Ah, fuck." He grunted, making no clear move to rush for her either. His hand went to his face because he knew this would be costing some guard their life later on this evening and he would have to interview new ones that were reliable.

The guards all clamored around practically running into one another like loons. He passed them all, following his shadow sense to the stairs then heard his brother confirm her whereabouts from behind him.

"I'll handle this!" He barked at the guards. They all stood straight up where they were, in fear, but he passed them to follow Lola up the stairs. He was furious, but he didn't want to show Lola his horrifying side either. He had to get a grip.

His breathing slowed as he calmed down outside of her door. He could hear her inside weeping and that made him calm down much more. He couldn't blame the girl's for ever wanting to escape. He, too, would have run if he were given the opportunity.

He entered her room after she had stopped crying, but he stayed by the door after he closed it to give them some privacy.

He listened to anything exasperated she had to say and afterwards made his way to view a very large painting that was centered over the bed. It was of Lola. She was laying down, looking up, as if towards the painter. In the painting she was nude, but her womanly areas were covered by a thin sheet. One of her fingers was curled into her red hair. Forrest turn around and looked at Lola. "I think I did a pretty good job. What do you think?" He smiled sincerely at her.