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Riley Kingsley


0 · 306 views · located in Earth, 2072

a character in “Damaged Goods”, as played by XViolet7




Riley Kingsley

Nickname(s): Kingsley, Ri

Age: 26

Birthday: September 14, Virgo

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Dialog: #007f00

Race: Wizard

Ability: Spellmaster


Image Appearance

Hair Color & Style: Blonde, typically cropped short and styled

Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Skin Tone: Light

Height & Body Type: 6’3, slim
Other Features
: Riley has a tattoo of a pentagram on his lower right calf, he got it as a symbol of protection.

Style: Riley prefers to dress casually in his blue jeans and hoodies on a day to day basis. When he goes out, say to a party or even a simple date, he enjoys dressing classy in a nice suit and dress shirt. He alternates between his converse and dress shoes depending on the occasion. He always wears a black gold bracelet that was gifted to him by Lola when they were fourteen. Engraved inside are the words “di immortales bestia” which stands for Immortal Beast.

So begins...

Riley Kingsley's Story


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Dialog: #6600CC
Location: Town

Hearing Vitane talk, Lola wanted to throw up. How could someone have been so cruel to this beautiful person? She shuddered at the horror and squeezed Vitane’s hand. “He makes Jason and Forrest sound like angels.” She blew air out of her nose and her mind shifted to their lives in the castle. Lola had lived an enjoyable life prior but maybe this arrangement was exactly what Vitane needed.

“I mean they do say you look for guys like your dad, right?”
Lola frowned and shook her head “Don’t talk like that, you can’t blame yourself. It’s not like you wanted to stick around right?” She glanced over to the windows and saw him peering in and she sighed irritably “This castle, this need it don’t you?” she asked softly. Her mind hated the thought. She knew that if Vitane were to stay at the castle should have too as well, no way Forrest would let her go and Lola couldn’t just abandon her there.

She took a sip of her cappuccino and shook her head, she wanted to cry. Soon the brothers would come looking for them and they would find them easily no doubt. She wanted to run but now there was this man outside the cafe, he was a barrier, they were trapped. “I miss my teleporter” Lola mumbled.

Lola stared at Vitane’s face, part of her just wanted to go back to the castle and hide out all day. She wanted to just go back to last night where everything was like a fairy-tale and forget this real world bullshit.

Suddenly, the cafe door rang open announcing the arrival of a new customer. Lo!
Lola glanced over to see her best friend Riley at the door. “Sorry, I’ll be right back”
She got to her feet and made her way over “Hey Riley” she said lightly. He took her arm and pulled her in and gave her a big hug, he held on tightly as he spoke Where the hell have you been, I’ve been worried sick”
Lola pulled away but kept their hands intertwined. “Sorry sweety I’ve just-”
At first I thought you were in New York with your mom, but then she called me and she’s freaking out. Is you phone dead, I even stopped by at your house yesterday, it looked like you hadn’t been home in days”
Lola grimace “I’m sorry to leave you in the dark, I’ve just been-wait-my mom’s in New York?”
Riley gave her a weird look and nodded I need to figure out a spell or we need to come up with a potion, your memories are getting really bad Ruby. Yeah, she went to go find your dad. You were pissed about it for weeks.
Lola squeezed his hand, she finally remembered what she was doing before she was captured. She had a fight with her mom, she begged her not to pursue the excursion but it was no use. She stormed away and was captured on her way home.

Dialog: #000066


Jason glanced over at Forrest in surprise when he mentioned Evie “Shit.” he mumbled and sighed heavily. He knew how much Evie had meant to Forrest, and this made him worry. He couldn't see his brother go through something like that again, it was too much of a close call and both of them being miserable did this world no favors. Their love and her falling into madness was a dark time, he shuddered at the memory.

Jason agreed when he mentioned teleporting over to the girls. He had to let Vitane go, never had he set a slave free before but he knew that it was probably for the best. He hoped it would be easy but the thought of something having happened to Nathan gave him a pit in his stomach They were trying to escape he concluded. He walked up to Forrest, he placed his hand on his shoulder and spoke into his watch “Take me to Vitane” he commanded. They were transported to the outside of a cafe. Jason looked up at the sign “I’m not surprised” he mumbled. He glanced over to see Kris standing next the cafe window and they exchanged a look, something about him made Jason feel uneasy.

They made their way inside the cafe and Jason winced “Fond memories of this place” he stated sarcastically. He glanced around until he spotted Vitane sitting alone on one of the loveseats. As he made his way over to her, he and Lola exchanged a look. Lola’s face fell immediately “Digging a grave” he stated in a low voice as he walked by.
Lola grabbed Jason’s hand and tugged him towards her “It’s not you.” Jason gave her a perplexed look as she dropped his hand, and she nodded towards Vitane. A feeling of relief washed over him but he felt tense when he could see that she was upset. He shook his head and shoved his hands in his leather jacket as he walked over to Vitane.

Jason plopped down next to her and placed his hand up on the back of the sofa. “Having fun?” he stated unenthusiastically. He analyzed her face, she seemed rather uncomfortable. He glanced back over at Lola who was busy conversing with a friend and he felt himself clue in a little at what she was saying. He dropped his hand to her knee “What’s going on?” he asked softly.

”Who was that?” Riley asked.
Lola looked up at Riley and shook her head “I’m sorry to leave you in the dark like this, but I should go”
He lifted a hand to her cheek and furrowed his brows "Ruby, what’s going on with you. Are you okay?”
Lola could feel tears filtering behind her eyes, she gave him a weak smile and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. “I’m sorry Kingsley, I’ll call you when I can, okay…”
She glanced over nervously at Forrest and dropped Riley’s hand. Riley's eyes were locked on her face with worry “What do you want me to tell you mom?” he asked as she started to walk away.
She peeked over her shoulder “Just cover me, like that time at Bellamy’s she chuckled.

She walked up to Forrest and stood next to him “Hey” she greeted in a small voice.


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Dialog: #6600CC
Location: Town

Lola hugged Forrest back, wrapping her arms loosely around his waist, she felt uneasy and her palms were sweating. She needed to leave immediately. She leaned away from Forrest slightly as he said “Hey yourself.” She glanced back over at Riley who was eyeing her worriedly as he ordered his usually Dark Roast coffee and sat at the bar chatting up a storm with some mutual friends. Her heart sunk, she missed him dearly and she missed her life. She had known Riley since they were kids, he had taught her everything she knew about alchemy and he always had her best interest at heart.

Riley took a sip of his coffee and mouthed What’s going on?
Lola rolled her eyes Leave it she mouthed back with a plea in her eyes. His eyebrows furrowed and he shrugged at her.

Lola dropped her gaze to the ground, she avoided eye contact with Forrest as well. She felt slightly relieved however that he seemed concerned rather than pissed. As he glanced back and forth between her and Vitane, her mind was racing. She wanted to pull away and just run but as he rested his arm around her shoulder she felt herself ease up a bit and melted into him, she grimaced Damn lack of control.

“Is everything okay?” Lola glanced over at the door to see Kris walking over to Vitane, she tensed up “God dammit” she mumbled. She finally met Forrest’s gaze “No” she simply stated.

When Forrest redirected them to Vitane and Jason, Lola walked with caution and her eyes locked on Vitane. She sat down on an adjacent loveseat and leaned close to Vitane having the front of their knees touch. She intertwined her fingers with Forrest, gripping tightly enough to make her knuckles turn white. Just analyzing Vitane's face made her long for an escape Please just teleport us out Lola thought desperately.

Dialog: #000066


Jason furrowed his brows at her, his mind began shouting anxiously at a million things he could have done wrong. He shook his head and remembered Lola’s words It’s not you. He was startled when Vitane gripped his arm tightly as the cafe door sounded. He glanced over at the door and back at Vitane as the stranger approached “Who is this guy?” he asked. He brushed a hand through his hair and sat up straight with a hard expression on his face.

“I’ve been looking for you. Come on it’s time to go”
Jason gave Kris a look and then back at Vitane. He casually moved her grip from his arm to intertwine their fingers. He sensed the threat and his eyebrows furrowed but he took a deep breath to remain calm, he didn’t know the situation after all. He tried his best to make light of it “She’s on a date” he replied smoothly.

He exchanged a look with Forrest when they joined them "I was just taking Vitane back to her grandma. You see, she's very worried about you. Would seriously hate to worry her, she's prone to heart attacks.”
Jason eyed him carefully and lifted a brow “You seem awfully merry considering the situation”
“That’s none of your concern”
“Well it is my concern, I’m sure if Vitane wanted to see her grandma she would have mentioned it by now” he snapped.
“She did, to me! Lola interjected. She gave Jason a look before she refocused her attention to Vitane. “Sorry to ruin the surprise V” she smiled “She actually wanted to introduce you to her, you know, since you guys are getting so serious.”
Jason gave Vitane’s hand a light squeeze “Then it’s settled, we’ll go see her after coffee”
“Probably not a good idea, Vitane’s grandma is very frail and not fond of newcomers.”
Jason let out an exasperated sigh, this guy wasn’t going to fuck off easily. He glared at Kris and bluntly stated “You seem to know a lot, how about you let Vitane talk for herself or you could just fuck off since you so rudely interrupted us.”


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Dialog: #6600CC
Location: Lola’s Room

Dialog: #000066

Jason got to his feet and gently moved Vitane behind him as he took a protective stance. “I think you should go before anyone one gets hurt”
Kris glanced over at Jason and grinned “Now where is the fun in that?”
Jason scoffed and ran a hand through his hair, he rubbed his chin with his thumb. He was trying his best to stay calm but this guy was hitting a nerve and his hands were vibrating with fury. He shook his head and took hold of Vitane's hand “Lets just go” he mumbled.
As he stepped forward Kris placed a hand on Jason’s torso and without thought Jason punched the guy square in the jaw.

Kris stumbled back a couple steps and chuckled as he wiped the blood from his mouth “Nice punch.”
Jason lifted a brow, Kris’ eyes flashed devilishly as he took a quick step forward and returned the favor. Jason’s head jolted back as he rubbed his cheek in surprise. His hit had been inhumane and now Jason was pissed. His breath became low, he wanted to maintain control but he struggled as his kitsune fangs slowly formed and his eyes turned completely white. He bellowed at Kris and charged at him, pinning him to the ground. He threw a couple punches at his face until Kris grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and threw him off. Jason rolled himself up and Kris was also on his feet. Jason took a stride forward and uppercut Kris in the chin. Kris flew back and smashed his head to the ground. He gave his head a quick shake before he jumped to his feet. He dodged another punch from Jason and grabbed Jason by the neck and dangled him in the air for a moment before he launched him onto the table. The dishes shattered beneath Jason’s body and fell to the ground.

Lola let out a small scream as Jason’s body flung right in front of her. She stared at him with wide and terrified eyes, he was transforming. She pressed herself back against the booth unable to catch her breath, she was feeling herself going into panic.

Suddenly thick blue smoke began to form around her, her head snapped up in Riley’s direction and she shouted “Riley don’t!”
A moment later the smoke cleared and Lola found herself standing in her bedroom with Riley by her side.
She fell to her knees and began pressing her skin in horror “RILEY THEY CHIPPED ME!! You have to take me back!” she panicked.
Riley crouched in front of her “Lola it’s okay, it’s okay. You’re safe here”
Tears began pouring down Lola’s face “Riley!! I’m chipped I might explode right now!!”
“You would have already done so by now if that was the case.”
"Fuck! I don't know how much time I have, please Riley please!!"
"Lola relax, you're okay, really you are. The chip would have killed you before we got here if that was the case..."
Through a waterfall of tears, she slowly looked up at him and gawked “That’s comforting” she said with slight amusement in her voice. Riley grinned "Relax dear, you're okay." He stood up and reached forward to pull her onto her feet as well. He brushed a thumb across her cheeks to wipe away the tears. His eyebrows creased “Lola, you’ve been missing for more than a week, what is going on. Who were those guys.”
“You have to take me back Ri!”
Riley shook his head “Not when you’re like this. Talk to me, you tell me everything, what is going on. Where have you been?”
Lola took a step back and began to pace around her room. She was panicking, her mind was screaming and she couldn’t calm down. She sat on the edge of her bed and stared at her zebra carpet as she attempted to regain control of her breath. Her body was shaking, she was free and she was intact. An overwhelming feeling encompassed her as she placed a hand over her racing heart “They are the Carson brothers” she said slowly.
Riley’s mouth fell slightly open “You were on their list?”
Lola met his hard gaze and nodded “You know of them?” Riley walked over and sat down next to her, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder “Of course I know of them, they’re fucking terrifying...rogue supernaturals.”
“Then you know why you have to take me back. Riley you taking me like this puts you in danger. I had a plan, I was going to escape I swear!”
Riley lifted a brow and shook his head “No you weren’t. You can believe that all you want Ruby but the moment that guy put his arm around you, I saw your face.”
Lola pulled away and stared at him with an insulted expression on her face “I still would have escaped Ri!"
"With all due respect Lo, as my best friend, you would not, you were all googly eyes."
"Well, that's not fair, you can't just say that. I mean sure he’s sweet and gave me a fucking alchemy lab and he’s not bad in the sack-”
“You slept with him!”
Lola shrugged “We were having a moment” she argued.
Riley lifted his brows and scoffed “A moment?! Tell me Lola, what creature has given you stockholm syndrome?
“STOCKHOLM? I don’t have stockholm syndrome” she protested.
Riley removed his arm from her and leaned away glaring. "You may be fucking terrified but there is a gleam in your eye. You have stockholm.
“No I just, I don't! Riley, you have to take me back, he’s a 300 year old demon he’ll crush you in an instant”
“A demon? Okay for one that’s sick, second there is no way I’m taking you back to some guy who has a reserved seat in hell and third I can protect you!”
Lola got to her feet, she was raging “Drop the cocky attitude Ri, he would crush you in a second and I’m not some damsel! I can get out, just give me like, give me a week.”
Riley rolled his eyes “So what you can get seven more nights with him”
Lola frowned, she wanted to slap him but she knew everything he was saying made sense, the chip hadn’t gone off. She was fine, she was free, why couldn’t she just accept it? She blew air out of her nostrils and shook her head “I can’t go like this, not with you in the middle. Please understand.”
"I can't do that. Lola you're free"
"Riley, I love you but please trust me when I say he'll find you. You'll get killed over this. You have to send me back please, please, please trust me!"
"I do but this is insanity, I'm a wizard. I can protect you."
"You're 26, he's 300, he's been around much longer. I promise you he's faced a wizard before. Riley please don't do this, please. You have to send me back."
Riley couldn’t understand it, the girl he grew up with, the one who always put herself above all others and out of harm's way wanted to get back to the fire. He rubbed his chin as he pondered with their eyes locked on each other. Finally he nodded “Fine, I don't know why I'm agreeing but I trust your judgement. I'm not giving you a week, you have three days then I’m coming to get you. But I’m not taking you back to the cafe. They can meet you at their home. Just imagine it as I teleport you, okay.” His eyes filled with tears as he stood up and pulled her into him. They held onto each other tightly for several minutes. Riley kissed her on the forehead “I’m going to regret this”
Lola nodded “Probably” she flatly stated. Riley grimaced as he let go of her. He took off the black gold bracelet she had given him when they were younger and slid it onto her wrist. "You know how much this means to me, whatever happens in there, at some point, you'll have to give it back." Lolas eyes filled with tears and she hugged him again. She wiped her face as she took a couple steps back and exhaled deeply. She gave him a weak smile “Just three days”

As Riley was about to conjure his transportation spell, black smoke appeared between the two of them and a hooded creature appeared in its place. Lola’s mouth fell open “The Hunters” she mumbled.
All that could be seen from the hood was razor sharp teeth smiling at her. Hello Lola he hissed.
The color from Lola’s cheeks vanished as she stood there petrified I hear you found yourself in a new dungeon. Well, before you return, we have a message for the brothers”
“Lola run” Riley sternly demanded. Lola turned on her heel and ran out of her bedroom door and into the hall but it was no use. On the other side of the hall stood another hooded creature with a bow and arrow aimed right at her. She had no time to react, the arrow was launched and pinned her in her right shoulder. She stumbled to the ground and stared at the smokey arrow in horror. Her arm turned completely black and the shadow was slowly enveloping the rest of her body. She felt woozy when thick blue smoke formed around her. She was transported back to her room in the castle. She wanted to scream but she was too petrified and she felt lighthead. She tapped the arrow with her finger and it dissipated but the blackness kept crawling down her body “The shadow of death” she mumbled before she fainted.

Jason gave his head a shake to regain control in order to avoid transforming. His eyes returned to their icy blue state and his teeth retracted. He jumped to his feet and let out a small grunt, his nostrils flaring. As Kris was charging at him again he conjured a ball of flame in his hand and tossed it. It hit Kris in the stomach burning through his shirt and part of his skin, but to Jason’s surprise the gash healed fairly quickly. “You’re no human” Jason stated in a low voice “Fair enough.”

The two met in the middle throwing punch after hard punch. Blood spewed from each of their mouths. Jason leg swept him and Kris fell on his back. He bent forward and grabbed Kris by the collar of his jacket, the bastard was still smiling through a blooded grit. Jason let out a low growl and threw Kris against the wall. He slid to the ground and Jason walked up to him and grabbed him by the neck. He pinned him up against the wall and let his claws grow into his skin, Kris’ blood began spewing at his fingertips. “Get Vitane out of here” he demanded.

Kris’ smile had finally vanished as he jolted at the pain but it wasn’t over. He reached up and twisted Jason’s hand out of his neck with great force, it sliced his skin but the healing was rapid, he was not phased. Jason’s hand was practically crushed as Kris pushed him off with is other causing Jason to stumble to the ground. Jason did not hesitate to get back on the ball of his feet, part of him was starting to enjoy this fight, finally a worthy opponent. He kicked Kris in the torso and Kris jolted back against the wall. Kris then lunged himself at Jason and pinned him to the floor of the cafe. He wrapped his hand firmly around Jason’s neck, Jason struggled to breath but only for a moment. He conjured a spit of lava from his throat and it hit Kris in between his eyes. Kris fell back in agony, holding his face. Jason rearranged himself on his knees and leaned forward. He wrapped his hand around his neck once more and this time he was burning through Kris’ skin, with fire in his eyes, he was ready to end it.


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Hex Code:#8600A1
Location: Town

Hex Code: #0A0A8E
Location: Town

Vitane was lightly pushed to one side and her eyes rose to see Jason coming to her aide. Her heart wanted to skip a beat. This man that knew nothing of her past or who she really was was eager to protect her. She made a small smile and sat back in the booth. Vitane eagerly took Jason's hand when he offered to leave but Kris stopped them and before she knew it, fists were flying. Vitane cowered in the corner of the booth, trying to get as far from the action as possible. Her head snapped over toward Lola and her eyes widened, as she watched her only friend become enveloped in smoke. She reached out to her but where their hands should have touched, there was only air there and her image disappeared.

Her jaw quivered in fright and she tried to control her body, but it was convulsing too. She started to slink underneath the booth to have a little more protection but a large hand reached down to her and encouraged her to get up. She accepted and rose with Forrest's help. He grabbed her face in either of his hands, he looked so worried and lost.

"What happened to Lola?" He asked her. She shook her head and shrugged, tears streaming down her face.
"I don't know, I don't know!" She cried desperately. Another crash from behind them sent Vitane into Forrest's arms for protection. He held her and carried her outside of the cafe. The two watched the fight through the window. Forrest wasn't about to get involved, he knew Jason would have gotten angry if he made things unfair by joining. That's just how they were. Stay in your fight, I'll stay in mine. At least most of the time.

Inside the diner Kristopher was being burned around the neck by Jason. He squirmed some under the pain, but through it all, he let out a little laugh and smirked.

"Wonder're flammable.....too..." He said through gasps before snapping his fingers. An explosion emitted that second, the windows were blown out and the door swung off its hinges. By now everyone that had occupied the diner had scattered and only Vitane and Forrest felt the heat and pressure from the explosion. Shards of glass flew past them and Forrest threw himself around Vitane to protect her.

When the two looked up and saw the wreckage, Vitane shrieked in fear of losing Jason. Smoke billowed out of the windows and there were a few small fires lit inside the diner. Vitane fidgeted against Forrest's grasp and he allowed her out. She shot through the doorway and scanned the area quickly. Kristopher was gone, but Jason was there, on his back. He had taken most of the blow and Vitane dropped to her knees, weeping next to him. Seeing his charred body. It hurt. It also reminded her how much she cared for this man. She scooped his head up gently and rested it in her lap. She smoothed off the bits of soot and wiped away the blood on his face then brushed his hair back out of his eyes.

"Please get up." She begged through tears.


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Dialog: #6600CC
Location: Forrest’s Room
Her mouth was dry and she swallowed hard when Forrest stepped towards her. She couldn't believe she had just admitted such a fact, something she had never been able to honestly say prior, at least not in this sense. She couldn’t read his expression and when he lifted her up so effortless she allowed him to, not that she really had a choice. Her stomach fluttered in pure bliss as he wrapped her legs around his bulky torso. She was breathless with her back pressed against the wall. She wrapped one arm around his neck and rested her other hand on his bicep. She loved feeling him, he was so warm and a small moan escaped her lips as he kissed her neck. When he said that he loved her, she felt her heart skip a few beats. She couldn’t bring herself to say it back, not again, and not after the day she’s had. Nonetheless she proceeded to kiss him and allowed the night to take its course.

For two days Lola couldn’t leave Forrest’s side. They would spend all day in bed, getting high, having sex, talking, laughing and living in a daydream. They only escaped when they were hungry and Lola paid no mind to the world around her, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. She couldn’t believe he was here with her. Out of all the chaos in her life she had never felt such euphoria and she indulged in every second of it. At night she would fall into a dreamless slumber in his bed only to wake up to his gleaming eyes and his sensual touch, he was so perfect.

On the third day Lola didn’t spend lunch with Forrest. Instead she went over to Riley’s apartment to convince him that she was okay. He had looked tired but relieved as he pulled her into a tight hug. He gave her back her phone that he had found on her bedside table and she returned his bracelet. They chatted on how she’s been but the pleasantry was short lived. They spent a substantial amount of time arguing, he accused her of stockholm syndrome and he refused to hear anything of Forrest. He’d call him scum and state that it was sickening for her to feel this way over a fucking demon. He ended up conjuring two dispel potions in effort to prove a point. After much yelling and fighting Lola downed the first one to try and wash away whatever spell Forrest had her captivated under and to Riley’s surprise it did nothing. He then noted that she wouldn’t feel this way if she had all her memories so as a result she took the other to rid of all the effects of oblitus. She was instantly burdened with a harsh migraine as literally all of her memories began filtering in. For a girl who had remembered every single little detail prior, she felt as though her head was about to explode. She ended up throwing the vial at Riley’s face and stormed out of his apartment without another word.

She didn’t bother telling Forrest that her memories had been restored, instead she lied saying that the migraine was a result of pressure change in the atmosphere. She got high in attempt to get rid of it but it was rather useless, she was out of it for the rest of the day, slightly in shock at all the things she had forgotten. That night and for the following four she had numerous night terrors. The vivid dreams of Hunters, death, her father, Riley, Forrest, and even Vitane haunted her mind. She would wake up every morning out of breath and sweating. To calm down she would take a shower then spend the rest of the day distracted by enjoying Forrest’s company, he eased the pain and his presence suppressed the burdening thoughts.

It had been a week now since her ordeal with the Hunters and the day Forrest said he loved her. Lola rested on top of Forrest with her head against his chest and her eyes closed. She listened to his oddly beating heart and found comfort in his breath. It was about nine in the morning and she had woken up from another hellish nightmare, she had rolled onto him as she tried to relax. His calming aura made everything better and she could lie here forever.

The peaceful atmosphere was disturbed by her cell phone blaring. Lola’s had snapped up in it’s direction “Sorry” she mumbled and pushed herself off of him and onto her feet. She walked over to her purse and pulled out her device and grimaced at the caller ID. She hesitated before she pressed speaker to answer. “What” she answered in annoyance.
There was a long sigh on the other end before Riley spoke in a rather sarcastic tone “Still pissed huh?”
Lola rolled her eyes and walked back over the bed. She sat up against the headboard and rested her phone on her lap “Your damn right I am. What do you want Ri?”
There was a paused “...your birthday is tomorrow...” he said softly.
“Congratulations you can read a calendar” she snapped.
Riley sighed irritably but continued “I know how much you’re dreading turning 25. I was thinking we’d go to Le Matin for brunch like we always do...then go watch some bad movies before we hit the town.”
Lola stared at her phone and bit her lip as she pondered her response “Um...I don’t think so Ri…”
“Come on Ruby, we always celebrate your birthday together and this one’s a big deal for you. I mean the only year I missed it was your twenty-third when you refused to join me on my Thailand trip” he broke off into a chuckle at the end.
“You know damn well why I didn’t go with you!”
“I see you memories are's your head?”
Lola groaned “Look, you know me better than anyone and I can’t believe I have to say this to you but I really don’t feel like talking right now. Okay? Just fuck off, I’ll-”
“Are you seriously still that pissed about what I said about the Carson brothers and Forrest? Fucksakes Lo, you can’t blame me. Stop defending those fucking bastards.”
“Riley for fucksakes, I’m done talking about this”
“What has gotten into you? Fuck, I know you Lola, something is going on with you. You would never put yourself in this situation and I’m still unconvinced about-”
“Goodbye Riley” she hung up her over him and changed her phone to mute, she tossed it onto the ground and sunk under the covers. She grunted irritably, Riley knew exactly which buttons to press to piss her off. She was frustrated that he brought up Forrest again and her birthday. She had completely forgotten that tomorrow was April fourteenth “Fuck” she grumbled.

Dialog: #000066
Location: Jason’s Room
The week had been dreadful for Jason between hours of pacing and impatiently waiting. The doctor had stated that Vitane had fainted due to lack of nutrition and he would stop by everyday to give her a shot to fulfill her needs. Jason was skeptical considering Vitane had attended every meal but as the days went on, color had returned to her cheeks. It pained him to see her so frail and all he wanted was for her spring up in bed like nothing had happened.

The walls of his room were slowly driving him mad, he needed a distraction and after his scare with the Hunters and Kris he didn’t care to leave his home or dabble in arson. Instead, when he wasn’t obsessively checking up on Vitane, Jason spent his days in the coliseum. The arena had a simulation system that could generate holographic monsters to be physically interacted with. For the first few days Jason focused on healing, after decades of not caring to, he desired to enhance the skill. He’d generate hunters and demon like beasts to attack him and he took beating after beating. At first he nearly killed himself doing it as he’d lie on the dirt ground and stare at the sky in agony. He focused solely on his wounds and meditated to heal them, this became highly beneficial as he gained control of his mind. It was a frustrating process, he avoided shifting to his kitsune form and became irritated hearing the automated voice system saying over and over again Defeated, would you like to fight again? Nonetheless he continued to take the hits and he was getting better every time.

By the fourth day he had almost mastered his skill, with every blow he would heal instantaneously. His regeneration had kicked in on full, his skin was turning into armor and he felt minimal pain. At this point he decided to train in his combat skills. He was light on his feet and able to kill off any enemy that approached him with the system on master mode.

On the fifth day his friends Eli and Zack joined him in the arena to spar. They were eager to fight their friend and both of them enjoyed battling as much as Jason.
“Why are you fighting us in your human form? Eli asked when he and Zack entered the coliseum.
“By improving myself in this form, I will be four times stronger once I’m a kitsune. Only makes sense. Oh, and no weapons” Jason responded, noting Zacks sword.
Dude, I’ll get killed” he protested.
“No offense Zack but your hand to hand could use massive improvement.”
Zack huffed irritably but dropped his sword “Maybe your sword fighting could improve”
Jason grinned “I doubt that”
“I’m surprised you're not sparing with Forrest” Eli stated.
Jason shrugged “He doesn’t need to train, the guy is a tank. Besides, I haven’t seen him at all this week. Not that I’ve been attending meals but I think he’s been holed up in his room. God help us if Lola is in there with him.”
Eli stared at him in disbelief “Lola Hart? Shit man, you let Forrest take Lola? That’s fucked!”
Jason rolled his eyes “I know you’re friends but stay out of it. I don’t care much for her but this can’t be good for either of them. He told me she was comparable to Eevie and that’s concerning. You guys weren’t there but I am not living that nightmare again”
Zack and Eli exchanged a look and Zack couldn’t help but pry “What was so bad about it?” Jason sighed irritably and brushed a hand through his hair “Nevermind that, enough questions, let’s fight.”

After about an hour of messing around they turned the event into a drinking game. With every hit you would have to finish a beer and by the end of it they had each downed about twenty of them. They then hung out in the lounge where they had a few more and played poker until dawn.

Jason stumbled into his room once they left and took a hot shower that made him feel even more drunk. He plopped down on his bed next to Vitane and began ranting about his love for poker and arson and how they came into his life at the same time. He mentioned his mom and how he missed her dearly and then he transitioned to venomous bantering about his dad. He called him a bloody murderer that ruined his life but that he expected no less from a demon. He then referred to Forrest and how he was so different and that sometimes Jason felt like more of a demon, he found it ironic. Eventually he passed out from exhaustion and woke in the evening where he spent the night and the next day pacing and reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll to Vitane. In between chapters he’d always comment on how Alice was one of his favorite novels and chuckled to himself at parts he’d read a dozen times before.
“It may sound crazy but people who are closed minded about this world need to open their eyes. The realms within this universe are endless” he stated in admiration. He then looked up at Vitane with saddened eyes, his frustration and impatience had subsided. He just wanted her to respond for once so he could shut out his hellish accusations that forever cluttered his mind.

It had now been a week. Jason sat on his bed next to Vitane as he texted with friends about Forrest’s birthday tomorrow. One of the maids had provided him with a new phone, teleporter and had restored his precious jacket. He sat in boxers as he messaged his friends, he chuckled at their group chat as they all discussing their excitement to get wrecked. Between texts he would peek over at Vitane hoping that maybe today she would finally wake up.


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Hex Code:#8600A1
Location: Jason's Room

Vitane felt trapped in a world consumed by darkness. The pain had finally subsided but she would often find herself submerged in a dream world that reflected her past. A simple memory reoccurred behind her closed eyes.

A feeble, trembling hand belonging to nine year old Vitane held a bloodied pair of scissors. Thin lines filled with blood covered her legs and arms. Her eyes closed in the dream and she opened them to see herself in the mirror, now twenty years old. Scars decorated both legs and she was holding a razor blade this time. She was sat on a toilet with the bathroom door locked, on the other side a raging Kris yelled at her to open the door. She wanted to cut down her arms and never wake up again. She had left one Hell and entered another.

She lost count of how many times the memory replayed. But another memory ultimately purged the old one. Her mother's bright and laughing face shone in early sunset light. She ran around the swing-set with Vitane and the two giggled harmoniously. For once, her father looked on them with smiling eyes as he sipped on the bottle in his hand. Vitane hid behind the slide at the park, clasping her hands over her mouth to stifle her giggles. Her mother snuck up behind her and gently tackled her to the ground and the three of them seemed to laugh forever. It was one of the few memories she could look back on that actually made her smile.

After what seemed like an eternity of being unconscious, Vitane slowly started recognizing the world around her again. The sharp poke of her daily shots, the sound of Jason entering the room, and his voice that was so very comforting. He continued to nurture her, keeping conversations with her as if she was able to still reply. If she could, she would have hung on to his every word.

At some point the door to his room opened and he seemed to move things around as he walked through the room. It was hard to piece together why this was until he laid next to her and she could get a better concept of his state of mind. In her head she stored every bit of information he spouted to her in his drunken state. After listening for a while, she concluded that their familial past somewhat mirrored each others. Abusive fathers and loving mothers who deserved better. He later mentioned Forrest and how instead he felt like the demon. She wanted to hug him but couldn't force herself to move, her weak body still refused. But she could also relate to this recollection. She often felt like she deserved such a title for how she acted after losing her parents. And with that thought she needed to remind her future self to thank her grandma for being so patient with her.

Time's essence slipped away and Vitane hated not knowing if it was day or night. Her mind was rather active in the real world but her body still couldn't recoup. This made her angry that she wasn't in control and in her head she yelled at the voice for putting her in this state again. Another night, she assumed, went by and Jason read to her. Vitane loved hearing him retell one of her favorite stories.

More time passed and belatedly Vitane's eyes scrunched together as she moved her shoulders. Her muscles were incredibly stiff; it felt like she had been caked in stone and she was finally starting to break free. She attempted to sit up but her debilitated body wouldn't allow it. She grunted in frustration and her eyelids fluttered open. She glared at her body and propped her arms up to ease herself back to use the headboard to lean against. She denied any help she was offered and sat in silence for a couple of minutes and breathed leisurely while staring down the length of her body. It looked as though she could have gained a few pounds because of her immobile state. The voice in her head whispered faintly, telling her to hurry up and exercise. Frustrated, Vitane yelled back at it in her head.

She peered over at Jason and without saying anything, threw his phone across the bed and just curled herself around his body. This is what she had wanted practically the entire time she had been unconscious, just to feel him nestled against her. She looked up at him from her position on his chest and she smiled thankfully.

"You read Alice just like my mom used to." She raised a delicate arm to hold his face and she kissed the opposite cheek.
"And I don't think you're a demon at all." She had been waiting to tell him how much she appreciated him being there, but as she rested her head against his chest again, she felt like her actions spoke louder than her words ever could.

Hex Code: #0A0A8E
Location: Attic

The first two nights were utter bliss and it seemed to pass by in mere hours. The demon slept more throughout the week than he had in years. His heart was happy again and at times he felt as giddy as a child with every minute they spent together. On the second night while Lola slept, he eagerly scribbled out each position she lay in on sketch paper and filled in the details when she wasn't shifting. He stored them away before she woke and started on a different piece. He outlined a locket, giving it intricate design. When he was completed he folded it neatly and stuck it into his back pocket for safe keeping.

He woke her showering her with kisses and around lunch time he slipped away to go into town. He went to his regular jewelers where he often would buy sterling silver rings and necklaces for himself or Jason. The bell on the door announced his arrival and a happy demon clasped its hand together from behind the counter. She was the only other demon around that Forrest knew of and in the past, the two had had coffee together. She was grinning from ear to ear as he approached her. He obtained the drawing from his pocket and slid it across the glass counter top and she eyed him suspiciously with a huge grin on her face.
"Something custom, tree boy?" She excitedly unfolded the piece of paper and immediately slammed a hand against her chest.
"Good gracious where do I find a man like you to make me pretty things like this?" She chuckled and peered at him from behind jeweler's glasses on her nose.
"When do you want it by, hun?"
"Preferably this weekend. It's her birthday." He seemed to glow at just the thought of giving her this gift. The blonde demon grinned even wider and stored the piece of paper behind the counter.
"I can have it done by Friday." Forrest beamed and hugged her over the counter.
"I knew I could count on you."
"Well of course you can, hun. I am the best after all." He left her with a wad of cash and returned to the castle around the same time as Lola and the two continued to stay holed up in his room.

He laid in bed Friday morning, sleeping peacefully. In his sleep he wrapped his arms around Lola and nuzzled her. His eyes filled with life as her cell phone rang and Lola politely apologized. He playfully grabbed at her leg to stop her from answering right away and laughed under his breath. He propped his hands behind his head and listened to Lola and Riley's exchange. He was interested to hear that her memories had returned and pondered why she hadn't told him yet, but brushed it off.

"You know, my birthday is today..." He said, snatching her in his arms again and pulling her close and molding her into the shape of his body.
"And we always throw a huge bash when it's anyone's birthday in the house. Pretty much an excuse to party for Jason. But wha'd'ya say we...share a birthday party?" He grinned and kissed her forehead then down her temple before hopping out of bed.
"And I'm gonna start the gift giving a little early..." He said, snatching the manila folder he had filled with drawings of her and placed it in front of her on the bed. He sat at the edge of the bed in his boxers and eagerly nudged it toward her.


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Dialog: #6600CC
Location: Balcony
It started with euphoria, a sense of complete bliss. The way he touched and kissed her, the world stood still despite the hours passing. By the time it was around four in the morning, she had finally fallen asleep in his arms.

A knock on his bedroom door had her peek from under the covers to what appeared to be midday shining from the window. She rubbed her eyes and rolled over in the bed, longing for more sleep. Her slumber had been unusually dreamless and she dreaded the night forthcoming. Forrest had gotten up to answer the door, a woman on the other side requested for Lola, stating that the party was starting soon and her presence was needed in her bedroom so she could get ready. Lola let out a small groan when he closed the door. She sat up in the bed and brushed her fingers through her long messy hair. Despite the hours of sleep, she looked as though she hadn’t had any in days. Her cheeks were flushed and she appeared ill. She felt sick to her stomach too and rubbed her lower abdomen. She gave Forrest an uneasy look as she got up from his bed and slipped into her dress. “Um” she mumbled, feeling dizzy and pressing a couple fingers to her temple. She swallowed and gave her head a shake “I’ll see you in a bit” she muttered. She walked up next to him and pecked him on the cheek and left without another word.

As she walked, she was overwhelmed with an emptiness, feeling hollow and lost. The hallway walls pulsed at her sides and when she got to her room everything started to spin. She stood with her back to the closed door, her sight grew blurry. She brushed a hand on her face and stumbled over to the ensuite bathroom. She collapsed in front of the toilet, she grasped her stomach and winced. She couldn’t contain herself and she began to throw up. Minutes passed of continuous sickness. She heaved when nothing else would come up and laid on the ground with her eyes squeezed shut. She felt numb, tears poured down her cheeks. She breathed deeply, she couldn’t bare the thought of the night ahead. She was too weak, there was no way she could win, not like this. An image of Forrest crept in her dizzied mind, it haunted her. The way he’d react, how she would undoubtedly lose him, was it truly worth it anymore? She breathed again, steadily, and slowly sat up, leaning against her palm as she brushed some hair from her face. “Get up, Lola. Get up.” she commanded herself. After a couple of minutes she managed to push herself off the ground and stepped into the shower.

When she was cleaned, she walked out into her bedroom in a robe. A trio of women caught her off guard, they had been patiently waiting, and smiled at her. ”All nice and clean, dear. Come on, let’s get you ready” one chimed.

Her surroundings seemed to move at a slow pace. The women had sat her down in a chair in front of a three panelled mirror they had set up in her room. She stared at herself with empty eyes, hours passing, as they chatted away excitedly, doing her hair and doing her make-up. The minutes ticked by in her head, as if every second closer brought a new feeling of shallowness. Thump. Thump. Thump. A pitch ring sounded in her ears. She barely interacted, lost in thoughts of darkness and damnation.

When she was all dolled up, one of the girls handed her the dress. She stripped down and slipped into it. A set of hand was quick behind her to zip it up. She was than garnished with numerous pieces of expensive jewelry and when they were done, the women sighed in satisfaction at their masterpiece. The make-up artist informed Lola that a guard would soon arrive to escort her before she and the others scurried off.
Lola stood now in front of the mirror and stared blankly at her reflection. She was surprised at how the gown fit her like a glove. Her formerly circled dark eyes and look of illness and exhaustion were now hidden under a layer of make-up. She smiled weakly at herself, she looked exquisite but the pain was too burdening. A memory than surfaced, she stood in front of a mirror like this one, though she was different, the resemblance somewhat parallelled. It was an image of her in gown, it was for a ball she had attended centuries ago when she had been crowned a Hunter. How she missed the parties, the dancing, her dear friends and most of all the realm. She missed who she used to be and how simple it was, she sighed, she couldn’t wait to go home. She brushed her dress and twirled to face the door when a guard poked his head in. He gestured to the hall and Lola bowed her head to follow.

She counted her steps, she could see an hourglass with its beads of sand trickling down in her mind.
He lead her to a balcony near the ballroom and instructed for her to wait for Forrest so they could enter the party together. The balcony overlooked the front lawn of the castle. “He’ll be with you in a moment” the guard stated before he left. Lola walked up to the railing and gazed upon the night sky. Below, hundreds of beautifully dressed creatures were slowly filtering into the palace.

She felt weak in the knees and gripped the railing to steady herself. She wanted to throw up again and took deep breaths to calm down.
Suddenly, two clouds of navy formed on either side of her and in their place stood Riley and Tien dressed in formal suits. “You look stunning and Happy Birthday!” Riley exclaimed. She peered at him and smiled weakly, she felt tense.
“Why are you still in this realm, Tien? Your services have been dismissed”
“You know me Lola, I’m an honorable man and will never go against my word” he replied.
He knew, didn’t he?” she asked, peeking up at him through pained eyes He knew I’d be reincarnated into a human, that’s why he never wanted me to come here. We argued for days, I was so stubborn, so heartbroken over her death. When I saw his face, I longed to make him feel all the pain he caused to the thousands of souls that he took...and to her. He was on our list anyways but the bloodlust was pure greed and not justice, he knew this. When I cut his neck, nearly chopping off his head, I felt a moment of grace. I could see her eyes within his, I was fine leaving it at that. Death was too generous, that’s all the Kitsune had ever wanted. After all the torture and pain inflicted, to me, the debt was paid. So why was I sent back to kill him, he knew I didn’t care to anymore. No matter, that vengeance is from a different life. For I may have the same spirit but no longer the same mind. I have grown weak and as much as part of me still longs for his soul to be vanquished, you know as well as I do that I cannot do this.”
Riley placed his hand on top of hers “I have spent my life protecting you Lola, though most times you didn’t need it. Tien and I may obey the crown but you are my oldest friend from this life, and his from another. We are with you to the end, do not let some Demon cloud your purpose. His debt was never paid, he continues to kill. You know this, we can easily take him out but your life is now on the line...Here...”
He placed a vial in her hand and removed his. She brought the bottle to her face and analyzed the clear liquid “It will make you indestructible, like when you were a Hunter. The only side effect is you’ll go berserk once it kicks in, in about a forty-five minutes to an hour. I don’t think it’s a negative effect in this case, use it to your advantage.”
She grimaced but drank the potion without hesitation. She gave Riley the vial and took a deep breath.
Tien placed his hand on her shoulder and waved his other over the ring she wore on her right ring finger “The gem is enchanted, you know how this works. It’s good for one soul, do not fill it with any others, only his will save you from damnation. We and the others will fight with you, Lola, have faith in your strength.”
They were then surrounded by smoke and evaporated in that moment. Lola bowed her head in pained defeat. She gripped the railing of the balcony tighter, leaning into it and debating letting herself fall over. She took a breath and she swallowed some saliva. A sudden boom and flash of color painted the sky and Lola’s eyes shot up to gaze upon breathtaking fireworks.

Dialog: #000066
Location: Entrance Hall
Jason was surprised at the mention of her time manipulation. He made a mental note to fire the idiot who drafted their files, having conveniently excluding such a significant detail. His eyes narrowed when she mentioned an altercation between him and Lola. He scratched the back of his head as he pondered on empty thoughts. He stared at her face with a look of blank confusion, he felt foolish. The effects of oblitus seemed to pulse as if trying to fight off any images that he so forcefully attempted to extract. He grabbed his whiskey and finished off his drink. He stared at the empty crystal and met her gaze when she asked if Lola had hurt him. He scoffed at the idea, he was easily twice her size and the redhead was just a human after all. He placed the glass down on the pool table and rubbed a scar on the right side of neck. It was linear, about halfway through and covered by one of his tattoo’s, he vaguely remembered how the mark got there but the thought of Lola seemed to trigger the sudden throbbing. Finally, he shrugged “Don’t worry about me, I’m sure whatever you saw was a result of my own stupidity anyways.” At the request of getting some rest, he quickly agreed and they headed off to his room.

He enjoyed his night with Vitane, pushing aside the anxiety until she had dozed off. With his arm wrapped around her, he stared at the ceiling for hours. His mind was feverish, filtering through conversations and images that didn’t make sense.

When the sun started to rise, he slipped his arm off from under Vitane and sat on the edge of his bed. He had a hankering to burn, it had been almost a week since he had set anything on fire. He jumped from his bed and slipped into a pair of jeans, a simple black t-shirt and grabbed his leather jacket and cellphone. He teleported himself to the edge of a cul-de-sac with five homes in a semi circle. He began to wander down the asphalt road with his hands in his pockets, glancing at the white houses on his sides. Everything looked so peaceful in the morning rise.

He pulled out his hand and conjured a ball of flame. He stared at it for a long moment, feeling himself hesitating for some reason. He gave his hazy head a nod and then launched the ball at the home in the center. He then conjured another and whipped it again, tossing them like snowballs through the windows. After about half a dozen, the flames began to expand and engulfed the home. He shoved his hands back in his leather jacket and watched as the house exploded in flames and kissed the neighbouring houses. Than the screams sounded as the smoke trickled up into the sky. Sudden goosebumps rose on the back of his neck, it was a feeling of exhilaration but something was off.

The setting quickly became eerie, the sky greyed and the clouds turned black. Thunder sounded in the distance and then three figures appeared in front of him. The one to his left was his mother, she stood there pained with burns and charred from the fire. Her clothes were torn, her eyes were puffy and red. All the color washed from his face in horror at the sight of her. To his right was Vitane, the left side of her body was burned, and her remaining articles of clothing sparked with small flames. She had numerous gashes on her body as though she had been cut, spewing out blood. Her eyes were circled black, she looked impossibly thinner and hollow. He wanted to reach out to her, but his arms were pinned and he couldn’t move. Than, in the center stood Lola. She grinned at him beneath a dark violet hood. Her face pale and haunting, her eyes glistening. She lifted her hands to her sides and he unwillingly mimicked her. Two balls of flame conjured in his palms and with unspeakable force he was made to launch them at Vitane and Ariel's chests. They blasted up and were engulfed in the flames.

Jason bolted upright in his bed, out of breath with sweat beads trickling done his forehead. He glanced over at a peaceful Vitane and was filled with relief. “Fucksakes” he muttered, his body was in slight shock, it was just a dream. He placed his hand gently on Vitane’s shoulder and sighed. He then pulled the blanket over her bare shoulder and kissed her cheek. He shook his head and swung his legs over the side of his bed. He stared at the ground for a long moment trying to brush away the terror. Finally he got up, grabbed a pair of silk boxers and sweatpants and headed to the lounge.

He plopped down on one of his couches and leaned forward with his head hung. He stared at the coffee table in front of him, his heart was racing, the nightmare was still so vivid in his mind.

A couple hours passed, he had wandered around his lounge, smoking, drinking and attempting to comprehend his scattered thoughts. At around eleven in the morning, Eli and Zack had joined him which helped ease his mind and forget about the nightmare. They were both dressed up in suits, looking classy and ready to party despite the fact that it didn’t start for another eight hours. Nonetheless they played a game of poker and got hammered, as per tradition as Zack would say. When six thirty rolled around a very exasperated Theresa, Jason’s maid, burst into the lounge with Jason’s suit in hand. There you are! she exclaimed. She walked up to him and handed the suit, she grimaced, smelling the whiskey off his breath. I know it’s not my place master, but you are to give a speech very soon. You should sober a little.
Jason crooked his brow “When have I ever been sober for a speech, T?”
She leaned over the counter and grabbed a glass and filled it with water, she shoved it in his hand. He downed the drink and pulled off his pants, Zack and Eli started to whistle drunkenly from behind. Jason slipped into his suit and was given another glass of water “Why so eager to sober me up” he asked as she adjusted his shirt and jacket.
I’m here to help you make good impressions Jason, you have a lovely girl waiting for you and God knows that if she can get you out of your slump than I will do everything in my power to see it through. she grimaced and a touch of fear twinkled in her eyes Sorry, I didn’t mean to speak to you that way.
Jason chuckled “Tired of cleaning up after me?” She gave him a look and sat him down on one of the barstools. She brushed his hair to style it to the side. There, you are all ready, please drink in moderation she said and scurried off.

Jason glanced at the time on his watch and back at his mates “Let’s party boys” he stated. He jumped over the counter and took out three shot glasses and filled them with tequila. They all cheered and downed the alcohol, wincing as it burned their throats. They then made their way through the castle. Jason stopped by the grandmaster staircase in the main hall “I’ll meet you guys in the ballroom.” he said and stopped at the bottom step. He leaned against the post to steady himself. His sight was a little foggy and the tequila was starting to kick in. With his hands in his pockets he stared at his feet and waited for Vitane’s arrival, feeling a tinge of nervousness in his drunken state.


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Dialog: #6600CC
Location: Dining Hall

Dialog: #737373
Location: Labyrinth
With the fairy dust settling in her system again, Lola was animated in her motions, her eyes were wide and she continued to bounce in her seat. She and Arkin exchanged a look when Ian so rudely interrupted their conversation. Lola wiped her nose of the fairy dust and ignored his greeting, she didn’t care much for Ian. He was an asshole and she didn’t bother wasting her time conversing with such an egotistical mind.

Arkin on the other hand actually liked Ian, despite his arrogance he made him a Hunter for a reason. He sipped his Dwarven beer and listened to the vampire converse with Tien. It never ceased to amaze him how Tien could get along with everyone, especially someone like Ian.

“Hate him,” then Ian pointed to Lola, “Fuck her...I mean I could fuck her but, eh, I’ve got a woman waiting at home. Plus I don’t want the god’s throw away hoes.” Ian boomed with laughter and Tien laughed along with him. Lola gritted her teeth and glared at him, Arkin chuckled and gave his head a nod. An unseen force lifted Ian from the booth and launched him up. He slammed against the ceiling and plummetted onto their table. Ian propped himself up and he roared with laughter once more.
Lola leaned forward their faces a few inches apart “For the record I would never fuck you-”
“She once said the same thing to Ark” Tien interjected and snickered. Arkin who was drinking his beer nearly spat it out as he burst out laughing. He slammed his beer down on the table and coughed in his knuckles. He placed his hand on the side of Tien’s head and playfully shoved it as they continued to laugh. Lola sank back in her seat and groaned “I hate...all of you” she complained “And Tien, you will pay for that comment.”
He shrugged “Probably.”
She shifted her eyes between Ian and Tien, she giggled and finished off her beer. She gently placed the empty glass on the table and got to her feet “I loathe when you two are together. He brings out the little shit in you, Tien.” she stated with a laugh before she turned away and walked off into the party.

Arkin crooked his brow and watched Lola disappear through the crowd. He sipped his beer and got to his feet. “Always a pleasure, Ian” Arkin toasted with a chuckle and downed the remaining beverage.
He strided up to Lola who had run into Eli and Riley Kingsley. She gave them both a big hug and bounced in excitement “You came!” she cheered.
“Only stopping by, I can see you’re wired. Thank you, Arkin, for always getting her fucked up.” Eli flatly stated.
“Honestly after all these years do you expect anything less from me?” he chuckled.
Eli sighed and wrapped his arm around Lola’s shoulder and they walked over to a vacant table and sat down. He leaned forward and spoke as clearly as he could over the blaring music. “After your exit at the Carson’s-”
Lola winced and pressed into the table as a slash cut across her back, she did her best to remain steady so Eli wouldn’t ask questions. He seemed oblivious to her momentary discomfort “Ri and I went to find your human parent’s. As requested we gave them oblitus, leaving no trace of you in their lives.”
Lola frowned but then smiled gratuitously “Thank you, Eli. I really appreciate it.”
“I know. Now take care of yourself. I’ve basically raised you twice, I don’t need a third.”
Lola laughed Raise, that is a big statement, more like kept an eye on me between your hunts and reckless partying with Jason.”
Eli chuckled “Hey now, that was in the later years, I still had to raise Riley. Admittedly he was less of a handful than you.” Lola grinned and brushed some hair behind her ear. Eli got to his feet and Lola did the same. He wrapped his arms around her for a hug and kissed her gently on the forehead. “I’ll see you around, Ruby.”

Arkin watched with Riley as Lola and Eli set off to find a table. He glanced over at the wizard “Do you have it?” he asked.
Riley pulled out a small vial from his jean pockets and handed it to him. Arkin analyzed the blue liquid and grinned devilishly as he swirled the mixture. “Forrest Carson” he stated, the solvent illuminated for a moment. He beamed at Riley and shoved the vial in his pocket. They shook hands and Arkin headed for the bar to order a couple drinks.

Lola skipped over to Riley and they caught up briefly. She apologized to him for having been so moody and ignorant, he laughed it off stating that he blames her humanity and that it was inevitable. They hugged goodbye and she wasn’t alone for long, Arkin was at her side again with two beers in hand.
He handed one to her and they clung their glasses. At first they each took a sip, but eyed each other. As the seconds ticked on they began chugging competitively. Lola averted her gaze to her drink, struggling to keep up, Arkin was done within a moment. She finished the last drop and wiped her mouth “In my defense” she hiccuped “I’ve barely drank in twenty-five years.” She swayed drunkenly, Arkin placed his arm around her shoulder to steady her and chuckled “Excuses, excuses” he teased.
She beamed up at him, and fell against his torso. Something suddenly felt different. It was like a burden of sorrow had been lifted, though it wasn’t from the realms shade. In it’s place was this unexplainable void, it was a familiar feeling though through her drunken haze she couldn’t make sense of it. She glanced up at Arkin and analyzed his face, it was blank as stared back at her. Did she forget something? That seemed unusual, impossible actually. She grimaced and averted gaze out towards the party. It was so lively here, everyone around her was having such a wonderful time. Then it dawned on her, she had been homesick! Of course, that had to be it. She missed being at Arkin’s side, her Hunter’s quests and most of all these wild gatherings. No. She shook her head, that wasn’t it. Sure she was homesick but the feeling was as though her heart and mind were missing a piece, a slight ache as though she had forgotten a loved one. She grimaced, love, she had never known such a thing, solely comfort and the lies she’d tell herself everytime she got in bed with whomever. The closest she’d ever gotten was Arkin and sure he wasn’t the worse company. He was one of her best friend after all, her life long companion but never had this odd feeling presented itself. It was almost as though she had known true love. She brushed some hair behind her pointed ear and finally just shrugged, it was probably the drugs making her all delusional.

Arkin watched her carefully, the effects of oblitus were taking over he assumed. It was for the best, he was Demon, a wretched spawn from the flames of Infernum.The spawn of Syxx, the bastard who tore his family apart, possessed his beloved, killed his parents and stole his sister. He hated him and he hated his sons all the same. Abominations, that’s what they were. A stain on their bloodline that needed to be eliminated. A memory that she didn’t need burdening her wild mind. After all, this was his realm, his home and he was determined to protect every inch of it and every being who resided. He wasn’t about to let some Demon brothers be his downfall and he wasn’t about to let one of them take her. Since the moment she had been home she was wallowing, something he had rarely ever seen. She had always been so animated and cheerful,he didn’t deserve her tears, let alone her. He had no regret, and rightfully so. Her face became dazed as though she had never known pain. She smiled up at him finally, her eyes were clouded in a drunken haze. He had missed the wild nights with her.

“Would you like to dance?” Lola asked sweetly. Arkin grinned at her “Of course” he responded. She grabbed his hand off her shoulder and they walked to the center of the dancefloor. They were pressed against each other grinding to the rough beat of the music. Lola wrapped her arms around his neck, she was in blissful intoxication. The adrenaline of familiar lust rushing through her as they danced.

The tempo changed and a song from Earth started to play, Summertime by My Chemical Romance. They broke apart slightly and Arkin twirled her. She fell easily into him, they danced in very sensual manner, slow and to the beat of the music. You could see the comfort in their movements, centuries of experience. Lola was feeling herself blackout as she indulged in his every touch and every motion. She was completely wasted and whether or not she was dancing gracefully was questionable in her perception.
Though Arkin could see she was belligerent, she was nonetheless as rhythmic as if she were sober. Lola always had a way to keep her composure on the outside when it came to dancing, though she never personally believed it. It was habit really, repeating similar steps through the centuries made it easy while intoxicated.
“So you never told me, what was your favorite part about Terra?”
Lola pondered briefly and smiled up at him “Aging again, the shift as I got older. The adrenaline of mortality with Death lingering at your doorstep.”
He grinned and exhaled humoredly through his nostrils, he had missed her quirky responses. “And losing your ‘virginity?’
Lola giggled “Same old Ark. Well if I must stroke your ego, it wasn’t as good as my first time.”
Arkin crookedly grinned at her and cockily responded “You’ll never have it better than me, babe.”
Lola shrugged and beamed back at him “Unfair advantage, who can compete with a God?”

He grabbed her thigh, lifting it at his side and dipped her. He held her steadily and kissed gently on the lips. Suddenly, she found herself in his bed. It was always so easy with Arkin, she couldn’t deny the lustful passion between them, every time was an odd rush of adrenaline. He pressed his tequila coated lips against hers and she pulled him into her. He grinded and kissed down neck, she closed her eyes allowing herself to indulge in the ecstasy.

Lola was propped up on top of Arkin, sobriety was slowly kicking in as she gaze upon him. She frowned and lifted a hand to his cheek “You’re sad” she whispered.
Arkin exhaled through his nostrils and shrugged “Have you forgotten what this realm does to you, Chaos?”
Lola shook her head “No Ark, it’s not Tenebris. Look I don’t know if we’ll ever talk about it, maybe now is as good of a time as any...we parted on a really bad note...mind you, I don’t think that’s it either. ”
Arkin shifted and Lola rolled off of him as he sat up against the headboard. Lola readjusted herself, she sat on top of his legs with hers curled back on either side. He brushed some hair behind her pointed ear and averted his eyes, he was formulating a response in his mind. He had so much to say, so much he longed to tell her. The secrets were eating him from the inside, though he knew he couldn’t breathe a word. He was nervous, the Tenebris prophecy and Lola’s were coming to life. If he didn’t play his cards right, he would lose it all. Lola furrowed her brows at his sudden look of distress “Arkin.” He shifted his gaze and locked it with hers “I haven't felt like myself lately I guess. Nothing to worry about, really. It’s just Tenebris wasn’t the same without you.”
Lola’s mouth curled up into a half-smile, she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He lifted a hand to the small of her back and held her there for a long moment. She pulled away and breathed, resting her forehead against his temple.
She then leaned away from him and shrugged her shoulder “It’s you and me, right?”
Arkin beamed at her “Always”

After a significant time had flown, Lola had fallen asleep in his bed. He was never one for sleep, in fact he hadn’t rested in nearly a millennium, he didn’t need it. In fact, simple meditation was the key to cure his fatigue. He walked over to his closet and slipped into his suit. The day ahead would be eventful no doubt. With his sister having carelessly invited those nuisances, he had work to do. He walked over to the bed and gently pulled the covers over Lola’s shoulder. She hummed in bliss as she curled beneath the blankets, she looked so at peace when she slept. He let himself be encompassed by black smoke and he appeared in his labyrinth.

Though she seemed peaceful, Lola was very stressed. She spent her dreams searching and searching out of frustration for something she’d forgotten. It was significant no doubt, how could she not remember it? The gap in her mind was causing a migraine and finally her eyes fluttered open. She squinted as she gazed out of Arkin’s bedroom window, the feeling of constant night was odd to readjust to. She was thankful for the lack of a hangover, being immortal had it’s perks.
When she sat up in the bed and leaned back against the headboard, something was seriously wrong. She brushed her hand along the covers and grimaced, where had she been just a couple nights ago? She had still been on earth, but with whom? Had she been in her home? That didn’t seem right. She exasperated and shook her head “It’s just slap Lo, clearly it’s making you delusional.” She muttered and got to her feet. She slipped into her dress from the previous night and sauntered over to her bedroom. She took a much needed hot shower, she indulged in the water. Her skin was feeling very dry lately, it was weird having to stay consistently hydrated again. After a good while she stepped out and wrapped a towel around herself. She dried her hair and tied it up into a neat ponytail. She got dressed and headed to the dining hall for breakfast. The room was magnificent, like most in the castle the ceiling was made of glass to allow the natural light of the large moon illuminate the area. The walls were mostly french windows of two stories high, draped in thick maroon curtains tucked neatly at the sides.The table was filled with the Hunter’s that had come for the party, all chatting away and indulging in their meals. Lola plopped down in her usual spot across from Tien and a plate of food was set in front of her. She took a bite and noticed that Tien was eyeing her curiously as he took a haul of slap. “What?” Lola questioned. She could feel him in his mind, maybe he sensed the void and was confused.
Tien shook his head “Nothing” he smiled genuinely, though she could sense the falsehood in his words. She didn’t bother pursuing it, like when they were kids. Tien was always selective on the information he shared and at the end of the day, it was always for the better.

He conjured a stick of slap and ignited it with his lighter. He propped himself with his shoulder against the wall and took a large drag as he patiently waited. He liked slap. He had been very addicted to it in his youth but when he lost a bet against Lola he leaned off for a few centuries. He saw no need to smoke it but things took a dark path when she had left the realm. He grimaced and analyzed the stick in his hand. It was a stupid addiction, a happy stick as Lola once referred to it. Though he couldn’t deny, it was euphoric. As if all was at ease in the world, just how he liked it. Suddenly, Forrest came into view. Arkin grinned and took another haul of his joint, oh how he loved watching the Demon bastard struggle.
“Hello Forrest, are you enjoying my realm?” Arkin blandly greeted. Forrest came to a halt, he seemed surprised and infuriated by Arkin. He started for him but Arkin simply chuckled and waved his hand, a collared chained appeared through a cloud of smoke and latched itself around Forrest’s neck. It pulled him back causing the beast to fall onto the ground. He grinned devilishly at his agony, but furrowed his brows at the realization that Forrest had healed from all his previous wounds. "I see you met my twin.” he stated and took a final drag of his blunt and tossed the butt to the ground. “Ariel is always looking after her babies, even when they're a fucking abomination to our bloodline.” He turned and leaned with his back against the wall, he kicked his feet up and sat casually in the air, his feet pressed against the wall in front of him. He conjured a smokey ball with his shadow manipulation and tossed it up and down in his hand. “I mean, considering everything your prick father did to my family, I never understood why she didn’t just annihilate you and Jason. Pathetic. Oh how she begged for me to take care of you, yeah, like that was ever going to happen. I’ll tell you though, it didn’t go without complications especially with my lovely redhead. She has a soft spot for Demon’s, odd how she’s always enjoyed the torment.” He dropped to his feet, the ball of smoke evaporated and he casually strolled over to Forrest with his hands in his pockets. The Demon was standing now and Arkin stood about a foot away from him. He grinned crookedly as usual with a dimple formed on his left cheek. “I’d formally introduce myself, you know names and all but I’m sure you’ll hear it moaned soon enough. Tell me Forrest, are you hoping to see her again? Are you rushing for answers and understanding? Must be frustrating, you know, falling so hard for a woman that will never be yours.” He conjured another slap joint and stuck it in his mouth. He listened intently to the Demon, though not really caring to what he had to say. Finally, he gave him one last malicious grin and said “Anyways, this has been fun but I have other arrangements to attend. Maybe I’ll fuck your almost fiance again before my next meeting” he winked at him and chuckled “I’ll see you later, Demon.” He turned on his heel and waved his hand for the chained collar to release. Just as he vanished in his cloud of smoke, in his place emerged a shadowed replica of Jason with a look of bloodlust in his eyes.

Dialog: #000066
Location: Tenebris Bar
Jason cautiously got to his feet, his eyes were locked on his mother’s stern expression. He felt weak to say the least, he could sense his body healing at a gradual pace, the same extent he felt in his previous visit to the realm. He stood uneasily on his lightning struck leg and his arm hung uncomfortably at his side from being dislocated. He winced at her and brushed a hand through his hair. “Conjure your sword.”
Jason crooked his brow and shook his head “No way, not until you tell me what the hell is going on.” She jerked her hand and whipped his leg, he jolted forward and nearly lost his balance. It stung greatly and the hit left a bloodied mark “We don’t have time for this. Conjure it!” she demanded. Jason growled at her and waved his hand to summon his samurai but it didn’t appear. He stared at his palm and focused, he was growing ever more frustrated and he longed for more slap to make the agony vanish. Though it would probably be useless, he was still in a dreamlike haze and eating another flower would possibly make this into a greater nightmare.
“Bastard, he’s robbed you of everything. We’ll have to start small.” Ariel stated and waved her hands, her whips disappeared into a cloud of smoke.
Jason crooked his brow and attempted to cross his arms only to recall that his dominant was immobile, he cringed and bitterly responded “Oh so there is a purpose to you kicking my ass.”
“He doesn’t feel pain and neither should you. You must rebuild yourself, earn your strength. Good thing too, you and your brother were born much too powerful.”
“Yea sure, whatever you say. Well I’m relieved to be honest, here I thought you were just resentful.”
Ariel crooked her brow, their expressions nearly mimicking one another’s “No Jason, you’re my baby boy and I could never hold a grudge against you. Granted, I heard prophecies of your downfall but never did I imagine you would be sadistic enough to burn me alive. It’s always pained me to see you grow into your father but I expect nothing less considering, Wrath pulses through your veins.” Jason’s mouth twitched at the insult. To be compared to his father of all people was the greatest insult, especially coming from the woman who raised him. As much as he wanted to rampage for the comment, he didn’t blame her. He had done awful things and he deserved the torment.
“Enough talk. We have much work to do and so little time.” she stated. She walked up to him and Jason took an uneasy step back away from her. She scowled and grabbed his good arm to gently pull him towards her. It was weird feeling her touch again, Ariel always had a way to bring comfort even in the most hateful moment. “You will need to learn absorption. It is the only way to regain your power.” She touched his limp shoulder, he winced uncomfortably and he wanted to pull away but she had a tight hold on him. “Breathe, Jason” she calmly stated. His eyes finally soften towards her and his brows unmeshed from their furrow. Her palm felt cold against his skin, lifeless which confirmed his suspicion, she wasn’t truly here and if she was, she was merely a spirit. He felt pained, never had he felt a sliver of remorse for what he had done to her. But seeing her again, the way she was so forgiving for his greatest sin...he couldn’t comprehend why, this frustrated him. There was glow beneath her palm “Breathe” she reiterated. Jason took a deep breath, he felt his heart slow down. Her touch seemed to trigger something within him and suddenly his shoulder lifted into place, the pain on his leg vanished. She gave him a small smile “Pain will be frequent here, but you can recover. You must during the next storm, endure the rain, feel it’s burn upon your skin. Breathe, do not panic. Absorb the lightning, take in it’s vulnerability. Much like your healing, you can harness it.”
Jason listened intently but he had so many questions, she took a step back from him. He followed her with a step forward, he wanted to reach out but she sighed and glanced back to the castle. “Why and how are you here?”
She grimaced and peered back at him “We will meet again my boy.” She bowed her head and closed her eyes, there was a sudden flash of light and a moment later, she was gone.
Jason immediately dropped to his knees in dismay. He glanced around at the flowers contemplating eating another as he felt his high getting weaker. Had the delusion been caused by their power he wondered. He took a lily and sniffed it. There was an odd tingle in his system as though he desired the plant greatly, like a craving.

Suddenly, black clouds stormed overhead and he craned his neck towards the sky. His eyes widened, he wanted to panic but he attempted with all his might to remain calm at the advice of his mother or whoever the fuck that was, obviously still skeptical by her presence. He braced himself as the green drops started raining down on him. They kissed his skin, it burned like hell. He closed his eyes and winced as he sat back on his knees. It was agonizing, they were falling rapidly as though they were mocking him for his foolishness. With every drop, his skin receded, it smoked and bubbled leaving gash after gash. He was covered in his own blood, he was shaking but he refused to move from his spot, too determined to defeat the pain. Then, there was a crash overhead, his eyes fluttered open just as a bolt of lightning blasted onto him. He shot up into the air and slammed hard onto the ground. The strike had hit his torso. He propped himself up and breathed heavily “Fuck this” he growled and hurriedly got to his feet. He headed for the trees, longing to retreat. He ran as quickly as he could but another crash sounded and a blast hit him in the back, he plummeted on all fours. He let out an agonized cry and convulsed. He was weakening, his skin barely healing from the rain and his body was stiff from the lightning. His eyes were closing from weariness and fell on his back. He couldn’t fight this, he was powerless here. The delusion was trying to convince him otherwise. He gazed up at the darkened sky for a long moment before he couldn’t keep his eyes opened anymore. He had lost this battle. But an echo of encouragement was convincing him otherwise, he could hear his mother’s voice ringing in his ears. She was telling him to relax, to breathe and indulge in the discomfort. It was odd advice, who could possibly enjoy torture? His fingers twitched at his sides, he was shaking rather uncontrollably but the adrenaline of survival suddenly kicked in. He was in this realm for a reason and he wasn’t about to let this world defeat him. He took a breath, he calmed his feverish heart with every passing second. A wave of agony screamed in his mind, his downfalls once more being repeated with brutal images of his past. Black tears streamed down his face as he tried with all his heart to push the visions aside.
He forced himself out of the panic, he breathed again slowly. “Succumb to the torment” he mumbled to himself. There was another crash above, Jason’s eyes fluttered open and he furrowed his brows. He extended his arm out towards the sky and took a deep breath. A strike of lightning trickled from the clouds, he breathed deeply and it crashed right into his palm. He jumped onto his feet, the bolt was being absorbed into his hand. His eyes glistened with wild satisfaction. His scars from the rain healed immediately and the blood vanished. The lightning electrified in a pulse down his arm and he could feel it dancing within his veins. The storm overhead ceased. Jason grinned, a triumphant feeling vibrating in his bones. His brow twitched excitedly and shoved his hands into his pockets and glanced around at his surroundings.

Before he left the area Jason had grabbed a few lilies for future use. He wandered now in the town of Tenebris, it was surprisingly lovely. The tudor houses were in even distance apart, they became closer together like townhomes the further he walked into the town. The shops were in similar style, all conjoined. To his surprise the town was quite populated with numerous passersby chatting away, most had slap sticks in their mouths. They seemed pleasant in the somber world and all at ease. No one paid mind to him as he sauntered through, he thought it odd in a sense but he was thankful for the moment of peace.He stopped outside of a clothing shop and grimaced at his half naked torso. He didn’t have any money on him but he truly needed something to wear. He peered through the window and a saw lovely shopkeeper, a fallen angel, sitting on a stool as she read her novel. Jason grinned and brushed a hand through his hair. He walked into the store and casually wandered, admiring the articles of clothing. The girl was quick at his side Hello she greeted. Jason smiled at her with a crooked brow. “Lovely shop you have here, though you make it quite dazzling.”
The angel’s cheeks flushed and she averted her gaze It’s my husband’s” she said in a shy voice. Jason reached out and twirled a lock of her blonde hair. He then leaned with his shoulder against a nearby wall “Is that so? And where is your husband now?” She peeked up at him, her brow twitched up and there was a sudden look of lust gleaming in her black eyes.

The perks of being a Kitsune or just simply good looking, he didn’t care. Sex as always, got him what he wanted and oh how he loved fucking strangers, especially married ones. He stood from her bed and she lay there in awe, admiring him. He glanced back at her and grinned “Thanks for the lovely time. If you don’t mind, I will show myself out.” She didn’t even get a chance to respond as he was quickly out the door with his ragged pants. He walked down the stairs where the shop was located. He grabbed himself a fresh outfit from one of the hangers in the shop and slipped into it. He grinned at himself in the full length mirror and jumped over the counter where he propped open the till and stole some cash. He shoved it into his pockets and casually walked out whistling. He tossed his shredded pants into a nearby trashcan and sauntered down the road until he came across a bar. He walked in and glanced down at this watch for the time, though it probably didn’t matter at this point. The bar was quite full with only a few vacant seats. Jason situated himself at the counter and signaled for a drink. He hand the barkeep a five dollar bill and in exchange he was given a Dwarven beer. He propped his elbows onto the counter, he swirled the beverage in his glass and sipped his drink.