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Noella Kristen Lyssa

"We stop looking for monsters under our beds when we realise they live inside us."

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a character in “Damages Beyond Compare”, as played by OmegaBecomingAlpha



Chin up princess or the crown slips.


Full Name
Noella || Kristen || Lyssa

El or Ella, depending on her relationship and familiarity with the person

Birth Date
June 18th | Gemini

Twenty-six || 26




Dialogue Color

People aren't always going to be there for you, that's why you need to learn how to handle things on your own.


General Appearance
Noella appears to be quite tall with lean, toned figure which she is quite thankful for. Her naturally curled hair is often worn loose, falling towards the end of her rib cage. Her hair used to be the colour of the sun's golden rays before she dyed her hair to a colour mixed between white and silver to remember her promise to herself. Her body predominantly covered in tattoos, which she absolutely loves. She is mainly seen in very little colour, apart from the occasional sapphire or maroon top. Her attire consists of more casual clothes including ripped black jeans and boots, although she does secretly love to dress up in evening gowns and feel beautiful, something she hasn't been able to do since the supernaturals took over.

Down her back
Her left arm
Her right wrist
Her left foot
The right side of her neck, which she uses to cover up a scar



Hair Color
A mix between white and silver

Eye Color
Sapphire blue

Skin Color
Slightly tanned

Atmokinesis- Create and manipulate the weather for approximately 30 seconds, depending on the severity of the manipulation.

Don't ever be afraid to be outnumbered. Pigeons flock together. Eagles fly alone.


Noella, after the betrayal and abandonment of her two parents, learnt that being alone is far more safer than mixing with the remains of humanity. It became a habit to wear her mask that restricted her emotional abilities until she became completely numb with past pain. Having trust issues, she prefers to observe until she is able to ensure a relationship and trust the person, then her true personality shines through. She proves to be an extremely compassionate and caring person towards others, quite often putting the needs of others above her own. Once she has figured that you will not leave or betray her, she would gladly stare down the barrel of a bullet to protect those who she loves and wants to protect.

Likes/Dislikes/Hobbies/Skills/Quirks/Bad Habits
Noella is quite an alternative girl, tending to like tattoos, rock music, thunderstorms and horse riding. Additionally, she likes purple calla lilies, books, strong black tea, sorbet and art. Due to her troublesome past, she hates the supernatural. Being vulnerable to those around her and being the centre of attention is something she hates. Her hobbies include reading, drawing, playing the piano, horse riding and listening to music. She proves to be skilled in the arts as well as being a talented musician. She is a relatively skilled fighter while additionally being a great liar. Dealing with various issues throughout her life, Noella's quirks include, suffering from depression and being quite indecisive, she also tends to bite her nails or play with her hair when nervous and is known to cuss quite excessively, additionally, because of her parents she has issues trusting strangers and those around her.

So begins...

Noella Kristen Lyssa's Story


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Hex Code:#8600A1
Location: Transported to Dungeon

Lifeless eyelids trembled weakly against blinding rays of sunlight that poured inside the back of the now ajar doors of the truck. The girl dared not open her eyes. She had been thrown into the vehicle some time ago, and had absolutely no recollection of where she had been, or how much time had passed since she had arrived. She groaned in distaste, holding up her skimpy arm to hide at least her eyes from the unrelenting ball of light. She was tugged forcefully out of her sitting position and in an instant, she hit the dirt ground. Hard. Her tightened eyes yielded the only agony she felt from the sudden drop. She was picked up swiftly and her legs could barely hold her up from the lack of use. She wiggled some on her unstable limbs as she managed to finally grow accustomed to the shining daylight. Two men in matching uniforms held either arm and guided her towards an unimaginably huge castle. Her eyes widened at the mass of just the exterior. It was an architect masterpiece with dark gray stones, a draw bridge and even a rising metal gate with spikes that inserted into the ground.
"What the hell?" She questioned aloud as she examined the gate with curiosity. The guard to her left tugged her quickly, as if trying to keep her from talking or something.
"Hey, what the fuck man?" Her voice raised some, her slim brows lowered angrily. The man to her right came close to her ear.
"For your own safety, the masters must not know you are on premises at this time. They aren't getting along at the moment and we wouldn't want anyone harmed because of it...Things get pretty...uh toasty around here." After that they both stayed quiet for a while. What could he possibly mean? Toasty? Vitane had never heard something so absurd. She rolled her eyes, but decided to comply only because she didn't want to get shoved again. She swallowed saliva from her now dry mouth as she entered the corridor. A giant gothic chandelier hung low from a very high ceiling - it was at least fifty feet above her - she could nearly reach up and touch the centerpiece of the room but she was carried away from it. She wondered why the place was so magnificent. Were there kings here?
She was led into another room. One that had a fireplace covering almost the entire wall. It would need entire tree trunks just to be the logs. There was a single seat placed in front of it atop a tiger rug. From her distance, it was hard to tell if there was someone sitting in it or not.
The room across from the one she left housed shelves that reached the high ceiling and expanded along either side of the wall. The men closed the door behind them silently as to not disturb anyone, she assumed, and on the wall with the door she took in the incredible grandfather clock and sitting area lavished with leather seats and couches and a glass table with detailed engravings.
"This way." The man on the left gruffed, tugging her along again. They were headed to a winding staircase that went...down? How much ground did this thing cover? Miles? It was hard to tell how far back it went from just the front door.
It began to grow much darker as the group descended the steps. Stench of sewer and scurrying of rats was the first thing she identified. It took a lot for her to get scared, but she was starting to get creeped out a bit because she was starting to realize where she was. A legitimate dungeon with steel iron crossed bars and cold stone floors. She squinted her eyes in the near dark and could see the outline of a figure, definitely a female who seemed to have...bright white hair? Cool. She smirked to herself as they passed the other girls cell. They stopped at the next cell door. Hay littered the ground and a wooden bench with a pillow seemed to be the only place that looked decent enough to touch.
"What is this?" She huffed in an annoyed voice. She wasn't used to this kind of treatment. Naturally she was the one sitting in the chair in front of the fire place, enjoying a good book or using new art supplies.
The man that had been on the left laughed evily and the other man seemed to almost be sad for her. "I'm sorry miss. This is where you will be staying from now on. Someone will bring you new clothes and a blanket and some food later. You will meet the masters on your own time."
"You mean their own time." The other guard guffawed and the first guard hit him across the head. "At least try to be a little sympathetic Damon!" The guard yelled in a hushed whisper.
"What the fuck are you people even talking about? What is this? Why the fuck am I even here anyway and who the hell are these "masters" you dipshits can't stop obsessing over?"
The nicer guard opened his mouth to speak, but received a silent stare from the one he addressed as Damon and stopped. "I'm sorry ma'am." He apologized, seeming to be sincere. He unlatched the door with an over-sized iron key and lightly nudged her inside and closed and locked the door behind her. They both left in a hurry and shut the door behind them, another large clunk confirmed that they locked that door too.
Vitane groaned and turned around on the ball of her foot to face the opposing wall of the small structure she was now held in. She went to one of the three rock walls and knocked on it. It was too thick to dig out of. Even if she had the best tools. This place was reinforced on purpose. There was a single window that was at least seven feet high and it was only half a foot in length so she could tell the sun was starting to go down somewhat. It was probably 5:00 in the afternoon. She attempted to find some sort of foot hole to hoist herself a little higher in an attempt to peer out the window but the second her foot found a good spot, vicious barking could be heard from the entrance to her cell.
Two large black dogs with scruffy fur and extra sharpened teeth snarled at her from the other side. Although there was a thick door keeping them separated, it still startled her when one stuck its muzzle in between the metal. She dropped down and flattened herself against the back wall across from them and sighed in relief that they were as far from her as they were and that they had stopped making so much noise. They must have been specially trained to know what to look for in someone escaping.
"Brilliant." She muttered and slumped down and crossed her legs, leaning her head against the bench-like bed. This was her first realization that she could see into the cell next to her. It had the same cross hair metal as the door did, but the space was a little wider so nearly a whole hand could go through with spread fingers. She sighed and clenched her jaw to keep it from quivering. She wasn't about to cry now.

Hex Code: #0A0A8E
Location: Grand Fireplace Living Room

A largely drawn out sigh escaped from exasperated lips. One hand held onto Forrest's face, a single finger tapping against his chin, while the other hand held open the newspaper from town.
He grunted discontentedly and flung the newspaper at the fire.
It immediately ignited and the fire grew a little brighter as he heard the guards come by and unlatch the door to the library, but he had paid no mind.
He sat in the only seat of one of the living room's, in his lap, a slight lizard looking being laid at peace. If you were to look much closer you could see the miniature wings tucked underneath it's stomach. The beast was clearly asleep, it's back raising and lowering slowly as it did so.
Soon he would go and greet the newcomers that were now dwelling in the lower dungeons, but he didn't want to wake his new pet.
He waited, trying to stay patient. His brother should have heard the guards arrive with the second girl so he knew Grayson would enter the room soon and they would head off together.
The two had gone through several manila folders. Each one labeled to a certain woman between the ages of 20 and 30. They each had taken careful time, picking through the stacks and found girls that seemed to match themselves in personality and hotheadedness. Although they were their new pets, they were also guests here and unbeknownst to them, the dungeon was merely temporary. Both brother's had prepared a room for their woman of choice and each would take them to their own rooms after introductions.


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Character Portrait: Noella Kristen Lyssa Character Portrait: Forrest Carson Character Portrait: Vitane Todd Character Portrait: Grayson Oliver Carson
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Hex Code: #8040FF
Location: Dungeons

It proved to be the haunting silence, the way it wrapped it's arctic, piercing fingers around her neck that paralysed Noella the most.
She was going to die here, locked in isolation, with no one expect the sadistic demons who would laugh as her crimson blood trickled amongst the fresh hay, to hear her screams. Gritting her teeth together with such force Noella wouldn't be surprised if they shattered beneath it, she delicately rubbed her hand against her clad arms. Silently vowing to herself that she would die a tortured death before giving the bastards the pleasure of seeing her wither away with pain.
Her crumpled silver hair fell before her eyes, purposefully covering the crimson blood that had stained the wall, her stone cell radiating chilling air that latched onto her skin. Her filthy skin was smothered with noticeable goosebumps; Noella's body desperately fighting to keep her warm as the painfully cold air welcomed her into its numb embrace. Fuck em, fuck every single one of those fucking bastards.
Curling her knees deeper against her hollow stomach, Noella uncurled her fists to raise them to her bruised cheek, she had no doubt a bloody hideous bruise was already forming beneath the layers of dirt and blood that caked her face.
I hope that fucking guard lost his monstrous finger, I hope he endured a world of suffering before his bloody friend swooned to his aid.
The metallic tang of blood still lingered on her tongue, her cheek throbbed in agony at the memory as the man's hand had connected with her flesh; the sound of a whip cracking had filled the glooming dungeon. It was worth every second of pain and humiliation, Noella calmly reminded herself, a wicked smile rising upon her cracked, bleeding lips as she recalled the plain shock on his face.
The way he had screamed as blood poured onto the stoned floors; soon followed by a clump of his index finger.
She didn't allow herself to think of the consequences that would follow for injuring one of their servants. Didn't allow herself to notice the unbearable lump that sat at the back of her dry throat.
She had no doubt they would make her death a slow and agonising one, if they were anything like the stories she had heard, anything like them.
No, she couldn't think of them. Not now.
They could haunt her dreams tonight, but not now.
Noella was savouring the guards memorable cries of torment, her eyes closed against the dim light that poured out from the barred window behind her onto the golden hay, when they brought the girl in.
At first glimpse, Noella watched her with intriguing, interested eyes, her figure hiding in the welcoming shadows of her cell as the girl was escoteted, if one wanted to put it politely, to her awaiting cell beside her. If the women hadn't been half as lean and without beautiful, vivid blue hair, Noella would have mistaken her for a petty, unfortunate child, it wasn't until the woman stood beside her she realised her mistake.
Squinting against the blinding darkness, she was able to hear as the woman frantically searched the cell, desperation seeping deep into her bones, nestling into her core. Noella wanted to laugh at her attempts, that she had mimicked upon her own arrival, but she doubted her shattered chuckle would do anything productive, beside, her gut hollered, screamed, that she would need to save every single futile scrap of energy she had left.
Cleaning her bloody face with her hands the water that trickled down the stone walls best she could, she returned to her original spot, her back pressed against the wall behind her.
Noella moved her cracked lips back into a snarl, her shattered, raw voice inaudible over the bloodthirsty barking and barbaric snarls delivered from the black coated mutts opposite their cells.
The agony that their barks promised sent shivers along Noella's spine.
Well fuck.
Starring into the glowing red haunting eyes of the beasts that hid amongst the shadows before them, Noella closed her eyes as the woman beside her slipped down the wall, slumping against the floor with a sigh before muttering something that Noella strained to hear.
She wondered if the girl had even noticed her or is she had been completely enwrapped in regards to her own fear and dread. She wondered if she was crying in the darkness of her cell as she had wanted nothing more than to do, time trickling through her clammy hands.
She could almost hear death's footsteps marching closer, like illuminating thunder booming against her pierced ears.
"So, on a scale of completely screwed to utterly fucked... how far up shit creek do we think we are, my dear?"
The rawness of her own voice startled her in the silence.
A small lady who had been dressed in a simple brown woollen dress had arrived an hour ago, offering her a jug of water, she and sounded nice enough, but Noella didn't trust anything in this hellhole. Most off all little ladies who scuttled around, cleaning up the shit of the supernaturals.
She smiled as she recalled the startled eyes that had greeted her as Noella had told she exactly what she could do with herself, and the water.
She didn't need to play her role, not yet anyway.
But soon, very soon.
"I am Noella, by the way, although I highly doubt you were wondering, I think we both have far more important and pressing matters to think about. Introductions can wait, I believe."
Her voice remained emotionless as she forced herself up, reaching out against the woven bars, ignoring the cruel bite of coldness from the metal, Noella futilely attempted to stable herself, her head swimming, spinning. Waves crashing against her as she was dragged under by the dizziness, despite her struggles, she couldn't tell if her body was standing or falling until she crashed back against the awaiting ground.
Clenching her jaw with unyielding force, Noella placed her hand against her throbbing back, swallowing a rampage of curses that threatened to spill from her mouth.
Figuring it was safer to remain seated until the sedative had released its suffocating grasp, she turned her blurry gaze to the woman beside her. Finding the dark bruises that were already beginning to form on her bone thin arms, Noella found a smirk tugging at the corner of her lip, she was thankful that someone who was willing to fight with blood dripping from their fingers to get out of this shit hole was beside her.
She can handle herself. Good. We'll be needing that.
Ripping her eyes away from the thin figure beside her, Noella studied her own arms, the tattoo sleeves that encased her tanned arms, the dark ink matching the sinister air that hung between them.
And if she really focused, allowed her mind to wander far enough, she could almost image the monster who brought her here head's trapped beneath her crushing grip, its lungs gasping desperately for air that it cannot find.
The thought did nothing but cause her eyes to blur, tears threatening to spill over, the back of her throat burning as she swallowed back a sob.
No, not now you pathetic girl. You can cry when you're free, you can cry as you watch these monster's crimson blood trickles onto the marble floor. Then, you can cry.


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Hex Code: #797777
Location: The Forest

"Please don't beg human, it's pathetic..."
Grayson allowed an agitated sigh to escape from his blood stained lips before circling the prisoner, "even for your nonexistent standards, this such a fucking disappointment."
Lifting his lips to reveal his teeth that gleamed against the sunlit forest, he watched with disinterested golden eyes as the man grovelled at his feet, blood pouring out his broken nose.
"That Selkie whore is out for me, I swear on my wife's life I haven't got her fucking skin! I-"
A silencing snarl rippled through Grayson's tanned body, his extracted nails digging painfully into his gloved hand.
His brown hair fell into his wicked eyes as he turned his head over his shoulder, a devilish smirk plastered across his face, a shiver of delight running through him as he spoke, the wood around them holding its breath in fear.
"Lets have some fun now, shall we?"
Pulling back, the man's lip quivered as he saw the sincerity in Grayson's eyes.
It was in that moment he realised to the full extend of the shit he had gotten himself into.
Lucian thrust the squirming woman into Grayson's awaiting arms, nodding towards his second, Lucian, he offered a twisted smile.
Ripping the woollen bag of the woman's head, the thief before him widened his eyes in horror, his face distorted with rising rage.
"You fucking lay a hand-"
"Oh please, calm down, your wife will be just fine... if, you tell us where you hid that bloody skin. Otherwise,"
Grayson allowed an animalistic grin to pass across his face, running the back of his hand delicately down the struggling woman's pale face, another desperate sob escaping from her as he did so.
"I'll break every bone in her body before you, then, I'll let her watch as I spill her intestines onto the floor before the both of you. And if that doesn't make you talk, we'll move onto your daughter, and so on."
A brief, agonising, moment of silence passed between them, Grayson could hear the gentle rustling of the birds in the nearby oak trees, a rabbits rapidly beating heartbeat drumming through his Lycan ears; the forest coming alive with the familiar harmonies of the forest.
"What a fortunate shame, this was a new suit, hopefully it won't stain too much, am I right boys?"
His pack members chuckled behind them, no doubt their beasts clawing beneath their tanned skin, the promise of bloodshed always made them harder to control.
It wouldn't be his problem for much longer though, fortunately.
Passing the woman over to Lucian, desperation flickering through the wide eyes of the thief as he watched his wife, the hungry eyes of eight men examining her, wicked grins plastered amongst all of them.
"Please, boys, don't make too much of a mess-"
"Alright, I'll tell you! Please, just let my wife go! You fucking bastard..."
Clicking his tongue with disinterest, a low growl tumbled within his chest, raising his lips in a snarl as he took a long stride forward, leaning in towards the thief; his eyes gleaming with warning.
The man didn't understand how thin the ice beneath his feet was.
"I hid it only a few miles from here, I'll show you myself."
"No you won't. Lucian, I trust you to deal with this mess. Give my sincere apologise to Ambra that I can not personally return her skin as promised, but as it turns out, I am already hideously late."
Striding towards the Kelpie stallion that awaited him, Grayson mounted with noticeable grace, the mount dancing beneath him, his obsidian coat gleaming against the sun streaked forest. Drawing the leather reins up through his gloves, he watched as Lucian stalked closer towards the man, his nails penetrating the thieves delicate skin as he urged him forward, his lips beared back in a warning snarl.
"Oh Lucian, I nearly forgot; cut off the bastards left arm for lying."
A slow smiled formed across Grayson's face, he watched with delight as the man's face fell, the blood leeching from his faces as his wife's screams echoed through out the forests, ravens deserting the trees as they took to the sky.
The unexpected silence that embraced forest brought a smirk to his face, turning the stallion towards home, where his brother would undoubtedly be awaiting his return.
Noticing with sharp abruptness that Lucian had already disappeared into the fog that hung lazily in the morning air, he urged the stallion onward, the Kelpie jumping into a smooth gallop, its hoofs seemed to eat away at the earth beneath them. The thunderous beats that crashed rhythmically against the moist forest floor caused Grayson to loosen his iron-locked shoulders.
With the Kelpies set pace, Grayson had entered the stables in little under an hour his stallion rearing, kicking his front hooves against the morning air as Grayson gracefully leant forward.
Before he had time to call out for the stablehand, the slender boy came darting towards him, sweat tracing the outline of his forehead, his dark eyes unnaturally wide. He arrived promptly at Grayson's feet, the boy unattractively out of breath before him.
"Yes Sir,"
"I need you to untack Smiler, give him a hose down before turning him out with the other one. Ensure his bridle is returned back safely to my quarters. Thank you."
Allowing a small smile, he continued his advancement towards the castle doors, slipping inside them like the ghost he was.
The flustered maids and servants scuttled past him, avoiding eyes contact as if he where no better than Medusa herself. They are afraid. Good.
He found his beloved brother sitting calmly as he undoubtedly read about one of his numerous 'outings'. He didn't have to examine his brothers face to see the disappointment that lingered there.
"Oh come on Woody, lighten up. I was only helping out a friend in need."
Grayson smiled as he sat himself opposite his brother, absentmindedly his voice drifted from him as he watched the crackling fire. The hues of orange and yellow that danced amongst each other as he closed his golden eyes in contentment, allowing himself to sink back against the leather chair.
"It wasn't like they were exactly good people Forrest, they had murdered hundreds of us."
Rising gracefully from his seat, Grayson strolled over to the fireplace, leaning up against the frame, he allow the warmth that radiated from it to embrace him, he didn't think his brother would ask about the other few men he had left engulfed in flames, their limbs scattered carelessly throughout the forest. Their screaming no doubt would haunt and follow him into the darkness of his room tonight.
Peeling his eyes from the dancing flames, he turned towards his brother, running a hand carelessly through his tousled hair with a generous grin on his face, "shall watch go meet our new guests? I do hate to keep a women waiting."