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Hex Code: #797777
Location: The Forest

"Please don't beg human, it's pathetic..."
Grayson allowed an agitated sigh to escape from his blood stained lips before circling the prisoner, "even for your nonexistent standards, this such a fucking disappointment."
Lifting his lips to reveal his teeth that gleamed against the sunlit forest, he watched with disinterested golden eyes as the man grovelled at his feet, blood pouring out his broken nose.
"That Selkie whore is out for me, I swear on my wife's life I haven't got her fucking skin! I-"
A silencing snarl rippled through Grayson's tanned body, his extracted nails digging painfully into his gloved hand.
His brown hair fell into his wicked eyes as he turned his head over his shoulder, a devilish smirk plastered across his face, a shiver of delight running through him as he spoke, the wood around them holding its breath in fear.
"Lets have some fun now, shall we?"
Pulling back, the man's lip quivered as he saw the sincerity in Grayson's eyes.
It was in that moment he realised to the full extend of the shit he had gotten himself into.
Lucian thrust the squirming woman into Grayson's awaiting arms, nodding towards his second, Lucian, he offered a twisted smile.
Ripping the woollen bag of the woman's head, the thief before him widened his eyes in horror, his face distorted with rising rage.
"You fucking lay a hand-"
"Oh please, calm down, your wife will be just fine... if, you tell us where you hid that bloody skin. Otherwise,"
Grayson allowed an animalistic grin to pass across his face, running the back of his hand delicately down the struggling woman's pale face, another desperate sob escaping from her as he did so.
"I'll break every bone in her body before you, then, I'll let her watch as I spill her intestines onto the floor before the both of you. And if that doesn't make you talk, we'll move onto your daughter, and so on."
A brief, agonising, moment of silence passed between them, Grayson could hear the gentle rustling of the birds in the nearby oak trees, a rabbits rapidly beating heartbeat drumming through his Lycan ears; the forest coming alive with the familiar harmonies of the forest.
"What a fortunate shame, this was a new suit, hopefully it won't stain too much, am I right boys?"
His pack members chuckled behind them, no doubt their beasts clawing beneath their tanned skin, the promise of bloodshed always made them harder to control.
It wouldn't be his problem for much longer though, fortunately.
Passing the woman over to Lucian, desperation flickering through the wide eyes of the thief as he watched his wife, the hungry eyes of eight men examining her, wicked grins plastered amongst all of them.
"Please, boys, don't make too much of a mess-"
"Alright, I'll tell you! Please, just let my wife go! You fucking bastard..."
Clicking his tongue with disinterest, a low growl tumbled within his chest, raising his lips in a snarl as he took a long stride forward, leaning in towards the thief; his eyes gleaming with warning.
The man didn't understand how thin the ice beneath his feet was.
"I hid it only a few miles from here, I'll show you myself."
"No you won't. Lucian, I trust you to deal with this mess. Give my sincere apologise to Ambra that I can not personally return her skin as promised, but as it turns out, I am already hideously late."
Striding towards the Kelpie stallion that awaited him, Grayson mounted with noticeable grace, the mount dancing beneath him, his obsidian coat gleaming against the sun streaked forest. Drawing the leather reins up through his gloves, he watched as Lucian stalked closer towards the man, his nails penetrating the thieves delicate skin as he urged him forward, his lips beared back in a warning snarl.
"Oh Lucian, I nearly forgot; cut off the bastards left arm for lying."
A slow smiled formed across Grayson's face, he watched with delight as the man's face fell, the blood leeching from his faces as his wife's screams echoed through out the forests, ravens deserting the trees as they took to the sky.
The unexpected silence that embraced forest brought a smirk to his face, turning the stallion towards home, where his brother would undoubtedly be awaiting his return.
Noticing with sharp abruptness that Lucian had already disappeared into the fog that hung lazily in the morning air, he urged the stallion onward, the Kelpie jumping into a smooth gallop, its hoofs seemed to eat away at the earth beneath them. The thunderous beats that crashed rhythmically against the moist forest floor caused Grayson to loosen his iron-locked shoulders.
With the Kelpies set pace, Grayson had entered the stables in little under an hour his stallion rearing, kicking his front hooves against the morning air as Grayson gracefully leant forward.
Before he had time to call out for the stablehand, the slender boy came darting towards him, sweat tracing the outline of his forehead, his dark eyes unnaturally wide. He arrived promptly at Grayson's feet, the boy unattractively out of breath before him.
"Yes Sir,"
"I need you to untack Smiler, give him a hose down before turning him out with the other one. Ensure his bridle is returned back safely to my quarters. Thank you."
Allowing a small smile, he continued his advancement towards the castle doors, slipping inside them like the ghost he was.
The flustered maids and servants scuttled past him, avoiding eyes contact as if he where no better than Medusa herself. They are afraid. Good.
He found his beloved brother sitting calmly as he undoubtedly read about one of his numerous 'outings'. He didn't have to examine his brothers face to see the disappointment that lingered there.
"Oh come on Woody, lighten up. I was only helping out a friend in need."
Grayson smiled as he sat himself opposite his brother, absentmindedly his voice drifted from him as he watched the crackling fire. The hues of orange and yellow that danced amongst each other as he closed his golden eyes in contentment, allowing himself to sink back against the leather chair.
"It wasn't like they were exactly good people Forrest, they had murdered hundreds of us."
Rising gracefully from his seat, Grayson strolled over to the fireplace, leaning up against the frame, he allow the warmth that radiated from it to embrace him, he didn't think his brother would ask about the other few men he had left engulfed in flames, their limbs scattered carelessly throughout the forest. Their screaming no doubt would haunt and follow him into the darkness of his room tonight.
Peeling his eyes from the dancing flames, he turned towards his brother, running a hand carelessly through his tousled hair with a generous grin on his face, "shall watch go meet our new guests? I do hate to keep a women waiting."