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Dancing With My Demons

Dancing With My Demons


The Dimoni are people born with supernatural abilities and those who posses the powers of the elements. After their kind was killed, only eight remain, and those special eight have all found each other again. (More Inside....)

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House of the Rising Sun - Lauren O'Connell


"Some people are born of this world, but not born among the same blood of it's inhabitants. There are vast amounts of different cultures and traditions upon this earth yet one unlike many of the others roams the land; We call ourselves the Dimoni people. Our people are divided by two separate beings, one being our Espirit, which are most like the regular human species that takes up the mass majority of the land, and the second being The Aerea, which can only be described as demons among other things. The Espirit are born from the pure blood of their mother and father and hold certain powers that control the elements of the world; earth, wind, water, and fire. The Espirit are those who keep the nature of the planet they call home in balance. The other half, The Aerea, are those born from two parents of Aerea blood, or an Espirit and an Aerea. The Aerea hold certain powers of their own and they vary from almost anything at all, but there is only so much in their limits they can do."

But that's not all that is different with the Dimoni. From birth, the soul of an Espirit connects with an Aerea, and they become two halves of a whole, one finding it impossible to live without the other. The Aerea are there to protect their Espirit above all else, and act as a guide along the path of there life. Some of them marry, some hold a professional account, but in every case a friendship bonds that can never be unbroken. One cannot live without the other, and their powers are only strong when together. These bonds can range from female and male bonds, male and male bonds, or female and female bonds.

It has been this way for centuries. Until the unwritten war of Mankind and Dimoni kind went up in flame.

Twelve years ago, the governments found out about our kind after an unfortunate incident with an Aerea that shall not be mentioned. They sent troops to dispose of each one of us in our towns we called home believing that we would over power and take over them, that we the people who take care of the earth the most would be it's destruction. In almost an instant many of our people have been eradicated from existence, and so there was only one thing that I could think of to do. I took four children, all under the age of ten, each possessing a power of a different element and scattered them across the globe so they could never be found, putting them in foster care as their parents all had died with the turmoil of the war. Unfortunately, it was impossible to be able to keep their Aerea with them, so each of them was scattered around to, hoping that one day they would find each other again. Today, twelve years later, is that day."

-Daliah Morse



Our story starts in the city of New Orleans. Eight teenagers, ranging between sixteen and eighteen, have been gathered here by the last remaining adult Espirit, Daliah Morse. She ended up tracking each of the children down, who's locations were all different, and started "fostering" each one. Gathering each up into the house, they kids soon realize what the true intentions of them being there was for. Everyone was a familiar face in some way shape or form, whether or not they ever conversed with one another was debatable. They were the same kids who got sent away so that the Dimoni would still be alive. Espirit reconnect with their fellow Espirit, Aerea do the same, but not before they each reconnect with their other halves to fill the void of what has been missing for twelve years.

But there is a reason in to which this happy gathering was called upon.

A new threat has risen, a group of certain radicals has found out about the existence of the Dimoni and those of the species in which are still alive, and they are after them. Daliah upon hearing this felt it safer to have them under her care than to keep them scattered. Here in this house, they will live their daily lives despite this threat hanging above their heads, history taunting them. They will go to school, in which "surprisingly" Daliah Morse is the principal keeping a watchful eye on them. But they're not the only new kids in the school. A new teenager, some what of a rebellious boy, arrives the same time they do. What the dimoni don't know, is that he is apart of the group that is trying to eradicate them all. He is a spy, essentially. Sworn to keep quiet, but to learn about the eight of them before the group acts upon their mission. Will he be able to set out what was meant to do, or will something get in the way?


The Espirit


|Female Espirit 1|Trait: Spontaneous|Element:Water|Name:Jasper Faye|Age:17|FC: Lily Collins|Other Half: ???| TAKEN(AmeliaIsGhsotly)


|Male Espirit 1|Trait: ???|Element: Fire|Name:???|Age:???|FC:Freddie Highmore|Other half: ???| RESERVED (sadginger)


|Female Espirit 2|Trait:???|Element: Earth|Name:Azalea Mansi|Age:???|FC: Emma Roberts|Other half:???| TAKEN (The Toxic Cereus)


|Male Espirit 2|Trait:???|Element: Wind|Name: Malakai Williams West|Age: ???|FC: Jacob Young|Other half: ???|TAKEN(MermaidLegend)


|Foster Mother|Element: No Element (vanished when other half died) |Name: Daliah Morse|Age:36|FC: Ginnifer Goodwin|Other half: Deceased| NPC

Espirit Character Information
*Ages should be between 16-18
*Real face claims only! Once you know your FC, please send me a gif so I can add it to the front page.
*I may be willing to switch the elements around, just ask.
*Daliah Morse will just be NPC.
*They look and act exactly like humans.
* Each character needs a defining character trait. Once you know it, please tell me either in PM or the OOC and I will add it to the front page

The Aerea


|Female Aerea 1|Name:Payton Merrill|Ability:Blood Manipulation|Age:???|FC: Selena Gomez|Other half: ???| TAKEN (Felilla)


|Male Aerea 1|Name:???|Ability:???|Age:???|FC:Stephen R. McQueen|Other half: ???|TAKEN (Dumisa)


|Female Aerea 2|Name: ???|Ability: ???|Age:???|FC:Cady Groves|Other half:???|RESERVED (slimmyjimjim)


|Male Aerea 2|Name:???|Ability:???|Age:???|FC:Andrew Garfield|Other half: ???| RESERVED (Kirigakzuto(kirito))

Aerea Espirit Character Information
*The age has to be the same or higher to your Espirit. Cannot be below their age.
*Real face claims wanted, once you find out your FC, please send me a gif so I can add it to the front page.
*For an ability, please pick one thing such as shapeshifting or mind reading. I need to approve this ability so inform me when you have chosen one.
*Each Aerea needs at least one distinct marking, something that shows they aren't necessarily human, whether that be different hair colour, eye color, weird birth mark, animal ears or tail, just something. (This does not have to be depicted within your face claim.)
* Each character needs a defining character trait. Once you know it, please tell me either in PM or the OOC and I will add it to the front page.

The Spy

|Teenage "Rebel" Highschooler|Trait:???|Name:???|Age:17-18|FC:???| OPEN (This will be taken on as a second character.)

-Whoever takes this on as a second character, please message me and I will tell you all the details you need to know about him.

Other Information

-Once everyone has made their characters, then we will pick and choose the parings between Aerea and Espirit according to which would be most compatible with one another. Or, if ya'll have already figured it out on your own, just let me know so I can state it on the front page.
-For the character sheet, please include basics such as role, your other half, history, personality, etc etc. I do have a character sheet if you would like to use it, just tell me and I'll send it to you~
-Please reserve your characters in the OOC! Reservations last for 48 hours, but please let me know if you need an extension and I will happily oblige.
-I am okay with people taking on second characters, especially if these don't get snatched up. But, If you are taking second characters I prefer it be of a different kind and gender as to your first one. Also on this note, the spy can ONLY be taken as a second character. This is because he will only be active during the time that they are in school.
-I will be compiling a list of images to be added to the places tabs which depict what room in the house look like. If you have an image you would like to use as your character bedroom, please PM it to me and I will add it to the list. This is not a necessity, and only do it if you wish.
-The age in which your character would have been when the war started and they all serpated would be twelve year younger then the age of your character then. So sixteen – four, seventeen- 5, eighteen –6. They would all recall what happened, what they are, and who they were bonded to. Because they were so young, they may not remember every detail, but they DO know about it all. Espirit know about their elements, Aerea know about their abilities, etc.


1) No God Modding, no Mary Sues etc.
2) Swear all you want, I don't mind.
3) Romance is encouraged, just please don't go into detail of some "Events" That may occur, go to PM for that. (Also! You do not have to have a romance with who you're bonded too.)
4) No killing or harming anyone's characters, at least not without their permission.
5) Please try and include everyone; don't divide into grouplings of characters, have your character KNOW and CONVERSE with everyone.
6) Reservations last for 48 hours, unless you have given me a reason for an extension! Reserve in the OOC please, or message me. ^^
7) Please try and make posts over 250 words. If you are not active, we will carry on without you. I would really like skilled role players.
8) If you were from the old roleplay "Dancing with Demons" You automatically have your spot back! I have all messaged you, and some have gotten back to me, so your characters have been reserved.)

Feel free to ask me with any questions or concerns you might have! I'm a fairly kind person~

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Re: Dancing With My Demon

I posted a WIP! Sorry I was more busy than normal so I wasn't able to finish Devin but I will finish asap

Re: Dancing With My Demon

Could I please reserve Male Espirit 1 with FC: Freddy Highmore?

Re: Dancing With My Demon

Sure thing, I'll set the aerea on reserve for you. Quick question on the fire element, did you mean you'll reserve him as well as a second character, or would you like your character to be bonded to him? They are two separate roles.

Re: Dancing With My Demon

I would like to reserve the Aerea 2 Male with Fire element and the face claim will be Andrew Garfield

Re: Dancing With My Demon

Update: change my reservation to FC Cady Groves and the ability of creating and manipulating the shape of an object. Here is a gif and I would like a character sheet please.


Re: Dancing With My Demon

Sure thing! She's put on reserve for you~

Re: Dancing With My Demon

may I reserve Female Aerea 2 with the FC Tessa Violet I need to think about the other things.

Dancing With My Demon


Make sure you read the whole introduction! There's a lot of stuff you shouldn't miss. The current openings are:
- Fire Espirit (Male)
-Aerea 1 Male
-Aerea 2 Female
-Aerea 2 Male
-Spy high school student (Taken as a second character)
Once you know your FC, Please let me know, and send me a gif to use on the front page. Also, let me know your defining character trait and ability. Reservations last for 48 hours!

Once everyone has put in there reservation, I will be making a character relationship thread so we can start figuring things out such as the bonds. You can also post up there what you are looking for with your character, for example, for my character I would be looking for a male aerea to be my character bond mate, and I was thinking of possibly having one of the espirit be a sibling to my character as well.