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Malakai William West

Don't Look back, no matter what happens

0 · 682 views · located in New Orleans

a character in “Dancing With My Demons”, as played by mermaidlegend


Malakai West °Demons-Imagine Dragons°

❂Name❂ || William was my grandfathers name for me originally, but my mother wanted my name to be Malakai before her death
Malakai William West

❂Nicknames❂ || "I don't like people calling me nicknames, but they do it anyways"
Will, Billy, West, Mal

❂Role❂ || "That's my role here, controlling the wind"
Male Espirit of Wind

❂Age❂ || "It feels pretty good to be an adult and realizing your the oldest your do have quite a lot of responsibility "

❂Gender❂ || ”Nothing much needs to be said about that right?"

❂Sexuality & Marital Status❂ || "I don't want to say much about my past relationship with a person "
Heterosexual and Single

❂His Aerea❂ || "...."

General Appearance °Dark Paradise- Lana Del Rey°


Face Claim: Jacob Young

❂Hair Color❂ || "I don't need to say much about that right? It's just a combination of my father's hair being blond and my mother's hair being black "

❂Eye Color❂ || "It's like Hazelnuts"

❂Height & Weight❂ || "I don't know why you would need those numbers, but I would say my height is pretty decent"
6'1 feet & 63kg

❂Distinct Marking or Scars❂ || "CHARACTER QUOTE HERE"
Wind Symbol on his hand, it changes color according to the power he uses

❂Species❂ || "Seems like we are all gone"

General Information °Right Where You Belong-Julie Anne San Jose°

❂Personality❂ || "I don't really want to talk to people to much, but really I want what is best for them"

Malakai is not exactly the most open person, he is what you call the closed off type where he only shows his true feeling to those who he is close with. He is often quiet but when he loses temper/ control of himself, he can have the power to turn the house upside down. However, he does quietly care for the others as he does recognize his own responsibilities. He is very independent and tries to do everything by himself as he doesn't want to ask people to help him. Overall, you can say that he is a closed person but yet still cares about the others a lot.

❂Element❂ || "I love it, it's give me a sense of power"

Air Manipulation:
Can create, control and shape air including generating wind, wind cut just manipulate the movement of air to his desire, he often uses them to for self defense

Healing Wind:
Heal themselves and others with the alteration of wind by repairing damaged cells and molecules, needs one hour to recover before the next usage.

Pure Wind Manipulation:
Manipulate pure, un-corrupted winds, allowing them to purify and destroy malefic forces, this is his usual power

Dark Wind Manipulation:
Manipulate impure and corrupted winds, allowing them to do excessive damage and suffocate normal air into vacuum, comes out only when he loses control of himself

Aerokinetic Constructs:
He can construct anything with air such as barriers with air to restrain or protect, the wind gets heated up by fire and thus causes danger to himself

Useful Facts °Where You Belong-Kari Kimmel°

❂Likes❂ ||

Rain calm and relaxing, cools me down from all the mess in life
Reading Reading really keeps my calm, and it's great activity because you can discover thing with it
History Looking into the past, I would say helps alot with the future but I don't want to talk to much about my history
Quiet Times to himself Just sometime to myself would be good great time to setting down and relax
Being Independent I just don't like asking others to do my own things for me
Keeping things organized Neat and tidy, easy to find everything
Eagles They are kind of my animal sign, eagles soar in the sky. They are as fast as the wind
Tea/Coffee Adds something a little extra to your alone time
Oceana quiet place with cool wind breezes
Homemade Cookies Who doesn't?
Violin I know how to play it, and I just bring it everywhere
Sports Working out and keeping yourself fit is fun, especially running and playing different sports
Wind I don't think I need to say much right?

❂Dislikes❂ ||

Other people telling him what to do I have my own way of living, so if you think that my life is unreason, just bare with me
Noises Loud and annoying enough said
Crowds Too many people, just not my thing
Injustice I believe everyone deserves justice
Sweets(besides homemade cookies) They are just un-health and bad for your body
Unnecessary Violence It's necessary somethings, but when it get out of control situations gets horrible
Gossip and Rumors I don't think anyone likes it
Music besides Classical and Jazz They are just a bit too loud for me

❂Weakness❂ ||

Darkness: He just loses control over himself
People Leaving When people leave him alone, a dark part of him comes out and makes him depressed
Fire: When the wind heats up it might harm himself, so usually he doesn't like fire at all
Skill Limitations: These skill limitations often get Malakai into trouble
The past: Just read about in the history section

❂Strengths❂ ||

The Power: It's pretty self explanatory, he can use this power to his own advantage
Great Knowledge of the world:He like reading so he does know a lot information
Good fitness: He trains a lot for that is why

❂Habits❂ ||

øTaps his finger: I do it when I am worried
øLooking up: When I think, and when I need more ideas
øStares at Time: When I am bored or have nothing to do, I like to look at the clock
øPen Spinning: Again when I am writing and thinking

Useful Facts °Let It Go/Let Her Go-Sam Tsui°

❂History❂ ||

To be honest Malakai doesn't like looking back. As a child he possessed his parent's power to control wind. When he was born and given the name William by his grandfather, a tradition passed on for generations that the grandparents will name the child. His family was very happy living together in a beautiful and cozy house. His father worked for the government (surprisingly!) and was in harmony with human, his mother was an amazing baker though she had a job as a designer. He also had a younger sister, Charlotte who was 2 years younger. However, at the age of 3, he lost his mother who was killed after one of her coworkers betrayed her as she revealed her power. She used her powers to save him from falling off a building, but he then reported her to the police, and they killed her, that was when the name Malakai was added to his name because it was what his mother wanted to name him. At the age of 6, the unfortunate incident with an Aerea who shall not be named occurred, which sent Malakai alone to England. Charlotte was left with his father, who thought it would have been safe for her, but then the war killed both of them leaving blood spatter and ruins at the wonderful house they once lived in. He grew depressed while he was in England and often lost control over himself, leading him to develop a power with dark winds. His conditions changed when he met a girl in high school, Melody Matthews whom he fell in love with. However that didn't last long, when she realize he wasn't human, she left him hurt which worsened his conditions, and he killed her by accident with his powers. Today, memories of the past still haunt him and occasionally cause him to lose control over himself.

❂Fun Facts❂ ||

✤Favorite Sports: horseback riding, Lacrosse, football and running
✤Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby
✤Favorite food: Croque Provençal
✤He has a collection of old books, and he still likes to collect them (even though they might not be worth anything)
✤He has an old violin with a old case

Malakai WestE °Closer- Westlife°

Come take my hand now
Know there is no doubt
I'm here for you
I'll be the truth

Someone in your life
Just look in my eyes
Know that you're home
You're not alone

All I know is I can't breathe
Without you next to me

Don't give up, don't let go
Come on get closer
Give all we have inside
Don't look back
Come on get closer
The world is ours tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight
The world is ours tonight

I know who you are
You are in my heart
So don't say a word
I've already heard

I know your secrets
And every moment
This is our world
Our secret world

All you are is what I need
'Cause you know I still believe

So don't give up, don't let go
Come on get closer
Give all we have inside
Don't look back
Come on get closer
The world is ours tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight
The world is ours tonight

Don't walk away, we can survive this if we try
Don't leave me here tonight please give me just a sign
I put my life on the line

Don't give up, don't let go
Come on get closer
The world is ours tonight

Don't give up, don't let go
Come on get closer
Give all we have inside
Don't look back
Come on get closer
The world is ours tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight
The world is ours tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight

Come on get closer

So begins...

Malakai William West's Story