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Dangan Ronpa!

Dangan Ronpa!


Hope's Peak Academy. Before you think 'another School RP' it is NOT that simple. Only the best get in, but when you walk inside you pass out and are greeted by a sadistic teddy bear, Monokuma. Welcome Students of Despair, to the school of mutual killing.

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"Welcome Students of Despair, To Hope's Peak Academy, wha-?! This isn't it?! Oh yeah, Welome to Despair Academy, the school of mutual killing! This will be fun fun fun! Upupupu!"

To enroll into Hope's Peak Academy, a school which has two main requirements. "One must be a high-school student" and "One must be top in their respective field". It is often said that "Graduating from this school leads to certain success in life", however, you cannot just, enroll, into Hope's Peak Academy and there are no entrance exams. You don’t go to them - they come to you. Enrollment is by invitation only. Each student is given a special title along the lines of "Super Highschool Level X" that is based on their special talent in which they excel in. However, most of this information is irrelevant to the true nature of this very unique school.

You have been selected.

So you walk up to the main gate, it is oddly quiet.

You shrug it off and walk into the main building, empty. Odd. You were supposed to be meeting the other students here, now. Where are they? Puzzled you begin to wander, when the world begins to spin around you, your vision clouded by bright pink and deep blues. Your vision fades and you pass out.

You wake to find yourself sitting in a class room, alone. Puzzled you get up, look at the clock. You fell unconscious several hours ago. You notice Iron plates against the windows, finding that odd and disturbing you hurry out into the hall. In confusion you walk not caring where you end up. Eventually you come to a room, there are 14 other teenagers here, all who look as confused as you do.

A screen flickers on and a odd teddy bear appears on screen.
"Welcome Students of Despair, To Hope's Peak Academy, blah blah blah! I am MonoKuma, All students assemble in the Gym! Upupupu... Time for the welcoming ceremony!"

After you introduce yourself to everyone and get acquainted you all walk to the rather empty gym. Sitting on the stage is the same odd bear.
"Welcome students! Welcome to Hope's Peak- Upupu! I mean Despair Academy! The school of mutual killing!"
The bear announced, you are shocked, and by the expressions you see on the others, so are they.
"Look, here are your ElectroID's, keep a hold of them! All this is pretty simple! You lot are trapped here, the only way out is to Graduate. To Graduate you have to kill one of your class mates! Simple right?! Any Questions?! No? Good! I am your Headmaster, MonoKuma! Obey the rules and you will be fine!

You watch as one girl runs forward picking up the bear,
"Let us out of here you stupid little-!"
You watch in silence as the girls eyes grow wide a beeping coming from the bear. She twisted sharply trowing the bear across the room just before it explodes. You all stand, awe struck, realizing this was no joke.

"What were you thinking?! You cannot harm me! I am headmaster! I'll let you off with a warning but if anyone breaks any rules from now on I'll enforce my punishment!"

The bear then ran off and left you alone with your new classmates.


These students, who thought themselves amongst the best to enroll in this school, eventually find themselves trapped, with no escape other than to "Graduate" as Monokuma puts it. In order to graduate, all one must do is murder another one of the students and get away with it. Once a murder occurs, an investigation begins amongst the students, followed by a class trial. If the culprit, or rather, "Villain" is chosen correctly, he or she alone will be the one "Punished" and the other students will continue their lives in the academy. However, if the "Villain" is chosen incorrectly, he or she will graduate and be allowed to leave the academy, the other students made to face his or her "Punishment instead. No need to mince words though, when Monokuma says "Punishment", the true nature of what this means is simple. "Execution" though these students may not be willing to kill each other so easily, that is when Monokuma provides "Incentives" in order to get them to kill each other... In other words, motives. That is, in essence, what Dangan Ronpa is. A murder mystery amongst students in a locked down academy, with Monokuma at the head of it all.

Will you fall into Despair?

Required information:
For your characters the following is nessissary, you may add whatever else you like to it though.

Code: Select all
    [b]Character's name[/b]:
    [b]Age[/b]: (15-17)
    [b]Looks[/b]:(picture would be nice, not mandatory)
    [b]Personality[/b]: (include their worst fear owo)

Toggle Rules

School Rules wrote:--Breaking these rules will result in punishment (Execution)--
Rule 1. Nighttime starts at 10PM. Water will not be available in showers.
Rule 2. You may only rest in the dorms, if you are resting anywhere else, you will be punished
Rule 3.A body is found after 3 people other than the murderer sees it
Rule 4. After a body is found, an investigation period will be allowed to search for clues. After that will be the class trial.
Rule 5. After we have reached a conclusion in the class trials, we will vote on who we think is wrong.
Rule 6. If a murderer is not voted guilty, they are allowed to graduate, and everyone else will be punished.
Rule 7. The headmaster is allowed to add to the rules~
RP Rules wrote:-1 Character is allowed but two is suggested so you can keep role playing if one of your characters die!
-You can't murder your own character with your other character!
-You MUST have permission to murder another person's character(through PM!), and make sure that if you want to kill with that character, the murderer will probably will die
-Details of the murder(will proof of permission) must be pm'd to me (I will decide if it is acceptable, if it cannot be solved then it is not acceptable!). The students are allowed to wander around and search until they come to the room with the body. I will describe the scene, plus the body.
-One mole allowed (pm me, don't post it on your form)
-One SHSL Good luck only
-Be as descriptive as you can, but you don't need to post a lot!
-No canon/related to canon characters

School Trial wrote:This is a debate of sorts on who is the murderer, everybody can speak, one at a time. You can ask anyone anything, even MonoKuma. People might have contradictions in their statement, point it out. Maybe you want to talk about a certain clue, go ahead! Find out everybody's alibi! I'll do my best to guide you through the facts,(keeping a list of points on what people have said) but it's up to you if the true murderer gets convicted or not!

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Re: Dangan Ronpa!

I've thrown in an app. I'm only applying for one character, as I don't mind if I get killed off, so long as it causes some people to despair! Heh, though, of course I'd rather live!..

Let me know if anything needs changing!

Re: Dangan Ronpa!

I keep forgetting the requirements to the characters. -w-
Anyways, this is a really cool idea! I hope that I get chosen, once I make the necessary edits to my characters.

Re: Dangan Ronpa!

Interestin' concept! If I make a request, could I perhaps make a set of twins as my character submission? I ask, cause if 1 of ma characters gets killed off, then I still got the other. xD

Re: Dangan Ronpa!

Yay! It's good to see

Re: Dangan Ronpa!

I love it!

Dangan Ronpa!

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