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Dangan Ronpa: Hope and Despair

Dangan Ronpa: Hope and Despair


Hope's Peak Academy used to be the top of all high school until it one day shut down. Yet 16 students got an invitation to attend even though it had been close for years...

602 readers have visited Dangan Ronpa: Hope and Despair since FuyuHana created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:



Hope's Peak Academy used to be the academy of academies. It was every students dream to attend such a beautiful and educational school. After all, it was a special school. Only a few certain people could attend it since they had to enroll by specializing in their highest skill; to be the top of the tops. But you cannot just try and enroll into the school. While most schools have people sign up to attend, Hope's Academy invites students. Seems hard, doesn't it? Well, it most certainly is. But if you do get invited, it's well worth your whole life to enter. Any students who have, and are attending Hope's Academy are granted the title 'Super High School Level.' Is it odd? Better not think so, because after graduation from this lovely and unique high school, these students are practically at the top of the success level, no doubts about it. It'd be impossible to fail at life after graduation.

But a little while ago, it closed down and stopped accepting students for some reason. No one knows the reason even now. That's why it'd be odd to find that 16 students had been re-invited to the high school, even though it had been closed a year or so ago. Even though others know that it's closed, after these students got these letters, it was as if the school had opened again, out of the no where, and suddenly wanted these certain students to attend. But was the high school really open again? That's Mystery #1! Now did these students actually accept and attend Hope's Academy? Of course. It was the top high school, and they didn't know it had closed, so it's obvious that they would go. But they didn't know something about the high school until they went past the doors, fainting from a pressure that all 16 of them couldn't stand. Although they were still unconscious, they had yet to know that all doors were specially locked and that they were trapped inside the building.

Another question that you must ask now is who is the mastermind behind this? Quite simple. He calls himself Monobear, or in short, Mono. For some reason, he was the one to invite all students to the closed academy they used to think was still running and taking in students. He's also the one who trapped all 16 students inside this school and the one who's giving them all restriction. But why? Mystery #2! But there's not just two mysteries to why the students have been trapped inside of a modern school that had closed down a long time ago. The rest of the mysteries have to be solved by them in order to get out. So the real question you may want to be asking is will they get out?


0 - The Mastermind - The young man, also known as Monobear, who has trapped the students inside Hope's Peak Academy. Not much is known about him other than he is assumed to have also attended the academy since he looks like he's in his late teenage or young adult years. (Taken - FuyuHana)

1 - Super High School Level Good Luck - The luckiest student you could ever find. He/She had won the lottery and has been pretty much lucky his/her whole life until they made the mistake of coming to the school that no longer existed. That was pretty unlucky. Nevertheless, he/she is the luckiest one in the group after all. (Available)

2 - Super High School Level Detective - She/He was the greatest detective at her/his school. She/he would solve any case, even if it was simply something like a pencil being stolen. In fact, she/he could even become a real detective, even at her/his young age. (Available)

3 - Super High School Level Heir - He/She is the heir to his/her family, and will probably bring the most success to his/her family also. He/She is incredibly smart and looks into things much more than others, giving him/her the quality of a great successor. (Available)

4 - Super High School Level Idol - She/He is an amazing singer and is in an all girl's/all boy's band that started out small in their school but eventually grew bigger until all of Japan became notified of their talent. (Available)

5 - Super High School Level Programmer - He/She is an advanced computer user and can hack any codes, make any files, or even replace. He/She can make insane programs that can do many things of the unknown. In fact, he/she could even be working for the military, or even more based on his/her skill with computers. (Available)

6 - Super High School Level Hall Monitor - Call it lame? Definitely not! He/She is pretty much the student council in his/her school, keeping everyone under discipline and taking a liking to being the boss, since he/she thinks he/she knows pretty much everything and deserves to lead. (Available)

7 - Super High School Level Hall Gambler - The gambler of the school. She/He can go against everyone and anyone, adults, children, professionals, but she/he is the top of tops at lying and cheating her/his way through to finally get into Hope's Peak Academy. (Available)

8 - Super High School Level Hall Literary Boy.Girl/Murderer - First, she/he is a regular girl/boy that is spectacular in english and other languages; the form, the format, and whatever else there was to possibly learn about. But the next thing you know, she/he has double personalities and while one side is a simple high school girl/boy, the other is a wanted murderer. (Available)

9 - Super High School Level Soldier - She/He is someone who could possibly join the military, even at that young age. She/He has qualities that a soldier would have; a good body and a stern personality. (Available)

10 - Super High School Level Gang Leader - He/She is the leader of his/her own gang, taking in after his/her brother/sister after they passed away in an accident. He/She leads the toughest and most feared gang in all of Japan. (Available)

11 - Super High School Level Level Fortune Teller - Another lame talent? Nonsense! Hope's Peak Academy only picks the greatest! Although... His/Her predictions were really only 30% right, apparently many people believed him/her, which caused the academy to select him/her. Lame now? Perhaps... (Available)

12 - Super High School Level Swimmer - She/He is a very athletic person and enjoys swimming over every other sport there is. She/He is in over four sports clubs at her/his school, but became a representative for the olympics in the swimming category easily. (Available)

13 - Super High School Level Fighter - She/He is the strongest of the strongest, being a professional in wrestling and martial arts. Currently, she/he has a record of being challenged or challenging 400 times, but never losing once. This includes her/his international champion title from fighting a competition in America. (Available)

14 - Super High School Level Baseball Player - He/She is the superb baseball player. He/She is an ace on the team and loves to play during his/her spare team. Yet even so, he/she can play an insane amounts of instruments and is amazing at every single one of them. He/She actually wanted to become a Super High School Level Musician, but got the Baseball Player instead. (Available)

15 - Super High School Level Doujin Author - He/She is the manga artist and doujin artist that has sold thousands of his/her copies and has his/her stories becoming the talk of Japan, surprisingly. (Available)

16 - Super High School Level Fashion Girl - She has a beautiful face, figure, and wears the best clothing everyday all day. Unlike most models, she doesn't use photoshop since she is just naturally a beauty. (Taken By - FuyuHana)

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The Game

Now then, I didn't put this in the top description, but I suppose I should explain how this roleplay will work according to the story line. Mono won't be killing anyone. Instead, the rules of the actual anime/game is that the only way a student of Hope's Peak Academy can graduate, or get out of the high school, is to kill someone else other than Mono himself. If no one does, then they will all remained trapped in the high school for the rest of their lives, unable to get out. Why can't they get out? Simple. Mono put rules in their Electronic Student ID, and if any were to be broken. Poof. They'd disappear. That's the non violent way of putting it. In actual terms, you'd be killed, and some ways would be more vicious than others. Therefore it'd be best not to break Mono's rules. (To see current ones, see below actual rules.)

Although the role-play will proceed with many deaths, that doesn't mean that everyone will die in the end but one winner. If your character can outwit Mono's rules and find a way to find information (You may make this up) about the school, or about Mono himself, then you could possibly allow your character an entrance outside of the school and end the role-play, just like that.

To add onto the deaths; After someone has died, and at least three people discover the body, Mono will make an announcements on the tvs that are pretty much everywhere in the high school, saying that a corpse has been found. That is when he will also announce for the detecting to begin. Why? The killer is never Mono. The killed in amongst one of the high school students who wish to graduate and escape. But the only problem is, is that if they are caught during the killing, or are found out during the Class Trial (Held after the detecting to find out who was guilty of the murder) then they will be punished, or in other words, killed in the strangest way possible. Now, during the Class Trial, if the students were to vote an innocent person guilty, then all innocents would be punished, killed, while the guilty would survive and graduate. It is also possible this could happen, so really try your hardest to find out who it is! Though, I'd rather this role-play not end on the first trial, so to help out, you can PM or chat with someone to ask for a hint if they're the one who did the murder, and honestly, try to fess up a little bit. I can understand growing attached to a character and not wanting to let go, but you may have to be prepared for that in this role-play.

The Extras To Know

For those who don't know about Dangan Ronpa and want to know more about the story, it's basically the same thing. 16 students are invited to a closed school that they don't think is closed and are locked in. While in the actual anime/game, Monobear was literally a bear (No spoilers), Monobear will be a human in this role-play and will be slightly different, having a different history and whatsoever. Also, the characters who end up surviving and dying will also be changed. If it ends up to be the same, it'll just be an odd coincidence. In case you didn't know, people will be dying in this role-play. In fact, a lot will, so don't expect for your character to make it to the end!

Also, it may be best to make two characters, with little history and little detail that way more about them will be exposed during the role-play, before or after they die, if they ever do. Plus, if your character does die, it will be a bore to stop roleplaying in this, so making a second character could ensure your continuation.

Another thing is that there are some supernatural events that will occur during this role-play since it has also occurred during the game/anime. You may add a few of those supernatural qualities to your characters, but there is no such thing as being a different race or being able to use magic. Well... perhaps some magic since this is not actual reality, but it cannot go as overboard as being able to create fire at his or her own will. Something simple and small since this role-play will mostly be challenging your character's intelligence, and even yours since I will not be the one to control how the role-play will end, if it ever does.

Any other questions? Be sure to ask in the OOC!

Game Rules

These are the rules that Mono would have set up on each student's Electronic ID. *Take note that all bolds give you a clue to use when you are selected to kill someone. Keep in mind these words, because, for example, stealing and giving are two different words...

1 - No Touching Mono - If anyone tries to get too close to Mono, he'll simply kill you with the push of a button, and you're out of the game. Simple as that. Don't. Touch. Mono.

2 - Don't Disturb Cameras - Any cameras in the school will be watched by Mono to keep an eye on all students. Because of this, no one is allowed to disturb a camera purposely or they'd also be killed.

3 - Times - 10:30 PM is when all students must head to their dorm rooms and 8:00 AM is when all students must be awake. This has no punishment, but it's something to help the game move along in Mono's perspective.

4 - Borrowing IDs - While dorm rooms need your Eleteric Student ID to open, you cannot give someone your ID willingly. That also means you cannot ask for an ID. This will result in... well... something bad, but not death.

5 - Doors - Any locked doors may not be broken. If you have a key, that's fine, but if you simply break it, the punishment will be quite severe.

6 - Access - Some rooms and places are not accessible with a simple student ID, and therefore you cannot go in with a student ID. That also goes for other rooms. It may work differently like the bathrooms where only male IDs will work for their bathrooms and females will work for theirs. Do not be a pervert and try to get in with your own ID or you'll most likely be slapped and tossed outside your own room for a night, which can lead to your death as well.

Any other rules will be places down during the role-play when Mono announces it.

Actual Rules

1 - Please Reserve ; Reservations are going to be taken in the OOC or by PMs! Unfortunately, I won't be accepting anything other than that such as someone just randomly submitting a character sheet. Even if it's well done, I'm afraid I'll just have to ignore it! (´;д;`)

2Only lasts 42 hours ; Yup, only two days for you to get a character in, unless you ask for more time. I’ll give you more, but if you don’t say anything, your name will be taken off the character and free for anyone else to take. Just like that! (´A`。)

3Literacy ; Hey, I don’t really care about this rule very much, but that doesn’t mean you should try typing in another language to us! Seriously, try to write decent English, yeah? Oh, and also that means at least 7+ sentences per post. You can go under a few times, but you know the saying, three strikes and you’re out!

4Romance, Gore, Etc ; Romance is encouraged, Gore can be included, Drama is encouraged, Swearing is allowed only in character, but all has to be PG-13 or slightly R rated. I’m sure we all know what that means. ┐(‘~`;)┌

5Anime ; You weren’t expecting this were you? Maybe you were. I don’t know. But yeah. Use anime pictures please? And stick to using the same character. It doesn’t matter how many pictures as long as there is one. (ノ-ω-)ノ

6Sticking To Story ; I made this story so try your best to stick with their story and the whole rp in general! If you do, I’ll love you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

7Effort ; School’s started (sucks, I know) but try your hardest to do a nice job on your character, posts, and try to post at least twice or three times a week, please? (✌゚∀゚)

8Don’t Be A Butt ; Exactly as its put. Don’t be a butt. Don’t fight in OOC, seriously, just don’t. It makes me feel sad. You don’t want me sad. (;へ:)

9Creativity ; Make your characters different from others! Sure, a few things in common are alright, but what I don’t want to see is a super nice character and another super nice character, or a rebel and another rebel. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

10Random Words ; I want the rules to be ten because that’s a nice number. Did you like my faces? If you did, answer me in the OOC so I know you read over my rules, yeah? (;゙°´ω°´) If you have in the past rps... you can ignore this!

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Could I reserve the hall monitor and the fighter please? It would be great to have either of those characters .u.

Yes, your faces are very lovely~!

Edit: So sorry, but something came up. I should probably cancel my reservations until a better time .\\\.

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May I take the gang leader and ummm the murder? Thank you :DD

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Hi Fuyu! Can I take the Super High School Level Hall Monitor Please?
I've been wanting to RP someone like that for a bit X3
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