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ayatsuri bunraku

shsl sculptor

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a character in “Dangan Ronpa!”, as played by ayatsuri bunraku


bunkraku was born in a poor household on Jan 22th their parents where poor but not poor enough to where they couldn't go to a cheap school they had food most of the time so they all were happy right? yes but happy would be the right but one of them, toransujenda wasn't happy their brother, ayatsuri seen this and went to see if they were ok by asking whats been happening asking if it was his group of bullies that said they would leave them alone toran decided it was time ayatsuri knew they came out as trans saying they were keeping their name as toransujenda and wanting them to call them using he him pronouns ayatsuri hugged them and asked them how their going to get male clothes since their poor toran asked if they could switch their clothes as joke but ayatsuri agree after that he became nicer and was willing to help people despite still being a bully to get money to eat and get toran testosterone pills it was fine until their dad found out that toran had pills he yell and shouted at toran ayatsuri defending them the whole time until their dad grabbed a knife from the kitchen and got ready to stab toran when their mom spoke up saying she would accept them no matter what their dad now enraged even more turned around and attacked toran seeing that they could escape grabbed ayatsuri and ran year passed by of them stealing from the school when they had lunch outside it was fine until toran asked if they could visit a old playground when they got their they were looking around find a few cool things like a pan when toran heard some and realized it was fire they shoved ayatsuri out and screamed "SAVE YOURSELF!" ayatsuri ran to get help not listening to toran as they said their last word they needed help and fast and then thats where they met junk, junko agreed to help but toran was dead junko still acting innocent asked if they had a living family ayatsuri shook their head they weren't going back to their dad but they should've junko was always trying to make them insane cutting them despair videos except ayatsuri slowly got crush on them it was Innocent love they weren't broken or emotionless so they dont really think it was Stockholm overtime they got better then junko died allowing them to be free only to get possessed by junko years later after getting dragged back knocked out and forced into the killing game with their title shsl sculptor

So begins...

ayatsuri bunraku's Story


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