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Gotou Yao

SHSL: Speed-Eater (Poisoner)

0 · 297 views · located in Despair Academy

a character in “Dangan Ronpa!”, as played by arborist


It would be better for our survival if we all got along. I mean, that's how it works in nature, right? Weak animals band together, or they get consumed.


Username: arborist

Character's name: Yō Gotō, SIR! Sorry, ah, force of habit...

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Looks: Not bad-looking, in a 'probably joins the SDF right out of school' kind of way. Due to rigorous self-discipline, Gotou is in good physical condition, but quite stocky. Standing at 5'8, he ends up feeling a bit taller because of his loud, boisterous voice (which has a tendency to crack, when he gets nervous). He has a few chemical burns, one on his right palm, another above his navel, and one down his right leg.

He claims he got them from the family business, which isn't entirely inaccurate...

Always shaves his head. Always. Doesn't matter if he doesn't have a razor, he'll find a way. He'll FIND A WAY. Doesn't really care if stubble grows in, though, and isn't exactly very fashionable; seems to always be wearing his uniform, something practical like a tanktop and jeans, or his parents' workshop uniform. Acts cool and calm around people he's interested in, but no good with pushy/direct people who're interested in him. Blushes like an overripe persimmon.

Talent: SHSL Poisoner, and it's a badly kept secret. His family may (or may not) have been working for the Yakuza/the Government/a Shady Western Pharma Company, and apparently Gotou inherited the family business... But found a more interesting application for all those chemicals. After a rash of mysterious poisonings in Saga Prefecture, however, there was no visible trace of his talent.

The poisonings, which had left many ill, but no dead, were a test. While his goal to create the ultimate, SHSL poison, one that can't be detected via any sense, it's not like he actually wants to hurt anyone, y'know?! Despite his skill with chemicals-as-poisons, he has no real knowledge of chemistry, or anything intellectual. A meathead, in other words.

His 'brilliant' plan to hide as a speed-eater is terribly transparent, especially because he can't help but brag when asked about poisons. Also, isn't a guy with eyebrows that thick suspicious? Upupupu?!

Personality: LOUD. Doesn't like/trust quiet people, who lack SPIRIT. After all, you can't be a po - SHSL Speed-Eater without SPIRIT, right? If nobody else takes charge, he has a tendency to butt in, even though boy is dumb as a sack of potatoes. Possibly dumber. Scholastically, if it's not about Oda Nobunaga or facts about obscure naval battles, he - doesn't know it. And chances are, he's wrong about the other two, too.

Only disciplined/harsh on himself, though. Kind of encouraging to others, in a weird way - once you get past his bluster, at least. He really hates hurting people, and is interested in poison PURELY from an academic standpoint. Cannot understand why people think of it as cowardly, because it's elegant?? Like a gunnery dual, but in the modern era. Was part of the kendo AND baseball clubs, but got kicked out from both, which depresses him to no end. (He was too disruptive for the former, and broke too many bats in the latter.)

Believes that people just need a push to get along in life, and likes being that 'push.' Really likes it when other people try to push him, and is bad at thanking them for that (intentional or not) boost. Bad at thanking people in general, really; blushes, stammers, and just is No Good at That.

Loves period dramas and - privately - romance novels marketed primarily towards women. Terrified of being thought of as immasculine, especially because his father wants a strong and traditional son who'll power-exec with pharmaceutical corporations like it's no thing. But privately? His real, most SHSL fear is that his parents' desires isn't what he wants. And he doesn't know what he wants, and that has lost him many warm, muggy summer nights of sleep...


Though, really, she can stand to leave people alone for more than a moment. Humph. Do we look like dogs, to her?!

Jonathan Ripper: Rip-pah?

How do you...
Write it in katakana, you bastard! Furthermore, stop smoking. It's bad for your lungs. That said, a dutiful young man by all appearances. Nothing negative to report.

Scarlet L'nonta: D, damn you... Stop making fun of me! I can pronounce it!..

I can respect anyone who takes up the art of the blade, but I guess seeing a SHSL blademaster... It depresses me, a little.
Ah, no reason.
I meant to say that I feel safer knowing we have a trained fighter in our midst!

So begins...

Gotou Yao's Story


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#, as written by Aria<3
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Character Portrait: Jonathan Ripper Character Portrait: Scarlet L'nonta Character Portrait: Cara Green Character Portrait: Maria Agato Character Portrait: Arnita Purloin Character Portrait: Gotou Yao
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