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Andy Kara

You fuckers are going to kill this precious cinnamon roll I hope you all suffer for it

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a character in “Danganronpa: Moonbeam Twilight Dance”, as played by TheAmyzing



Andy Karaâœŧ Nicknames are for chumpsâœŧ Ultimate Problem Magnet âœŧ Femaleâœŧ Undecidedâœŧ Sora Takenouchi from Digimon

Mythology, drawing and fancy writing, and baking (but she's terrible.)

Small talk, atheism, complex movies and long books

Deaf with a broken cochlear implant, source of troubles, can sort of read lips.

#30CAD3 âœŧ #DA735F
Curiousâœŧ Strangeâœŧ Followerâœŧ Chillâœŧ Brave

Andy's pretty attuned to the weirdness. Aliens? Cool. Bigfoot? What a guy. Lochness Monster? That's neat. She's a lover of mythology and cryptics, a fan of SCP and a believer that something bigger is going on. She wants the big picture, the whole story, the truth. That being said, no, magic isn't real you dummy. There's a big secret hiding out there just waiting to be found.

Strange stuff seems to happen to Andy constantly, in mundane and not-so-mundane situations. One minute you've got crazy ladies trying to kidnap you for your organs and the next you've been a statue for a thousand years and mythical creatures just took over the planet somehow. So being put into a swamp planet with no escape other than to kill each other? Surprised that this hasn't happened sooner.

Andy tries not to be the center of attention. She's more of a follower, and due to her deafness, often tries her best to not get into other people's ways. She tends to get carried away once she makes a joke and is easily encouraged to commit stupid shenanigans.

"Mmm what'cha sayyyy"

Andy was born deaf thanks to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. She got adopted by her mum's cousin, Tucker Kara, and barely heard from her mother ever again, aside from the rare visit on Birthdays and holidays. Andy had a lot of troubles growing up with being deaf and having troubles with cognitive development and school. She kept getting held back, put into special education schools, unable to learn sign language. Tucker adored Andy, but he battled Andy's mum at court for her to pay fees to help Andy's growth and development. Tucker never got the money he needed, but still put everything on the line for the child.

Things changed for the better when Tucker got married. He wasn't alone in raising Andy anymore, but Andy never really got to see eye to eye with her Aunt Gracie. It became even more upsetting when they had a child together. Despite all that, Andy got the help she needed to succeed through primary school and finally learned how to communicate. She ended up getting a cochlear implant at the age of ten once they were able to afford the surgery.

TBH I'm still trying to iron out the rest of the details for Andy's backstory. Especially with how she got turn into stone and left alone for years until she turned back again.

Even though Andy feels like she's been abandoned by her real parents, Andy never harbors any negative feelings towards her real mum, and even hopes that one day she'll decide to come back into Andy's life.


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So begins...

Andy Kara's Story


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This day just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Andy kicked her boots against the tiled floor to try and get some of the mud off. She frowned, trying to watch what everybody was saying, then copy what they said with her mouth to figure out what they said. Something about terrorists from one guy, Joseph Stalin from another, but they were too quick with their words and soon had Andy just staring at them with a dazed expression on her face. Everyone was scattered around, she couldn't keep track of who was talking next.

What was even worse was that bear. It was like watching a muppet talk. Its mouth just opened and shut with no indication as to what it was talking about. The bear was very expressive though. Sad at one moment, then angry the next. Then suddenly firing guns and shooting arrows without warning. It was like watching a homicidal mime.

It really felt like Andy was missing the plot here.

"Wow you sound like a blowhard, Bennie." A pig tailed girl guffawed. "Oh, by the by, name's Tzigana Fridd! Ultimate Gymnast, nice to meet'cha!"

Andy moved her mouth quietly. Tiz-eh-gah-neh? Were they suddenly speaking in a different language?

"What's happening here?" Andy finally asked out loud, speaking very slowly. "I can't understand you all! My cochlear thingie isn't working so I can't hear you guys!" Her voice raised as she continued to talk. "CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE BEAR WAS TALKING ABOUT?"


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"Hmm, I don't knowww. I haven't seen any teachers, unless the psychopathic teddy is going to be the one teaching us." Tzigana thought out loud. "And that bullet wound seems too real to be a joke. Does it hurt? It looks like it hurts!"

"What's a joke?!" Andy yelled out. "Can you guys hear me?! Am I being too quiet?!"

"Holy crap shut up! We got it, you're just as confused as everybody else!" Tzigana snapped. She was beginning to feel very tense, but she wasn't going to show it.

Andy hesitated, then she whispered, "Okay. But what did the bear say? I'm kind of deaf." This time she was too quiet.


"I'm deaf! Can't hear what bear said!"

Tzigana finally got what Andy was saying, then began to make gestures with her hands. Andy was surprised that the blonde knew sign language, but it was a good kind of surprise. Crazy bear wants us to kill each other. Everyone is freaking out.

Why does the crazy bear want us to kill each other? Are we going to kill each other?

Tzigana shrugged.


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Tzigana stared at Ben while he rattled on and on, then rolled her eyes with a huff. "Wow, somebody likes the sound of their own voice."

Andy was about to sign something else to Tzigana, but then a mysterious mud man jumped in front of her. He smelt rank of earth and swamp, just like everything else here. But having him right up in her face made Andy shrink on the spot. She didn't even notice Johanna trying to communicate with her because she was too focused on trying to make out what the guy in front of her was saying. She tried to look over to each person Meri introduced, making a mental note of who they were.

"My name? Andy Kara." Andy greeted loudly, "Soooo, where are we? Why did the bear give us all Ipads?" She glanced down to the E-Handbook that she was given. "... Wonder what games there are on it!"

"Geez, it's probably another reality or something that the Shadows whipped up." Tzigana crossed her arms. "I wonder where everybody else is, though."

Then another person was tossed into the gym. Andy gave Meri a thumbs up.

"Yup, I saw that! Is that what the bear's called? Mono..." She took a moment to try and remember how Meri said it, "Monokumma?"


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Unbelievably, the guy that just came in was absolutely lost because of a door in the way. Tzigana watched, jaws slacked at the newcomer who exited, came back through, seemed very surprised, then left again. Then came back.

"Somebody just... Help Dory." Tzigana sighed, shaking her head. Andy cocked her head, watching Saleh with curiosity. What was he hoping to achieve?

The ground suddenly began to shake.

Tzigana regained her balance when it happened, but Andy lost hers and fell to the ground. There was some kind of noise coming from outside. A strange, wavering noise. The room went quiet, everyone was probably expecting the worst to happen.

The gym shook violently as a blast hit the roof and blew a hole in the middle of the ceiling. Large chunks of debris fell on top of the Ultimate Students. Tzigana managed to miss a beam just barely.

"What the heck!?"

"IT'S SPONTANEOUS, IT'S FABULOUS, IT'S GLORIOUS!" A voice echoed from outside. Once the dust and smoke settled, a circular space ship was hovering just above the giant hole it made with its blasters. The space ship was a brilliant silver that was ruined by red graffitied letters that spelled TAKI with a little devil face next to it. "IIIIIIIIT'S TAKI WALKER!"

"Taki!" Tzigana squealed excitedly. Finally, someone she recognised! Then her face dropped as she realized a maniacal child was in possession of a spaceship with lasers. "Oh no, it's Taki."

At the cockpit, a small boy with curly auburn hair was visible. He was looking down at the pipsqueaks below, grinning madly.


"What's going on!? Are the aliens speaking!?" Andy asked, excited and confused all at once.

"No, NO, NO!" Monokuma jumped out from behind the podium with his claws already bared. "You're not supposed to be here! I'm going to total that stupid heap and kill you for interrupting the games!"

"Blah blah I'M A SPACE PIRATE BEEYOCH!" Taki then slammed his fists across the control panels. Whatever he pressed somehow worked, because a tractor beam shot out from the spaceship and fired towards Orion. Before she could even react, she dispersed into thin air, and reappeared right behind Taki in the cockpit.


Out of the walls, out of the roof and out of the swamp's trees, automated machine guns popped out and aimed at Taki. The little boy grinned and cracked his knuckles. It was time to show what he was made of.

All at once the automated machine guns fired. The spaceship blasted off into the air, spinning around in circles to dodge the oncoming bullets. Taki pressed a button and a screen lit up where the blasters were locked onto a few of the machine guns. He slammed a fist onto the big shiny red button and the blasters blared up to life, shooting out lasers that hit and melted the guns.

Monokuma began to laugh madly as the school bell suddenly transformed itself into a laser cannon. It aimed at the space craft, charged up, then fired. Taki thrust the ship out of the way just in time, having both Orion and him slam to one side of the ship. But there was another cannon just hidden in the marsh that fired as well, piercing through the back of the space ship.

"FUCK!" Taki cursed, then paused. "Don't tell Wrath I said that, okay?!" With that, he pulled down a compartment of switches from above and flicked every one of them. Dozens of missiles were dropped and launched, half towards the laser cannon on top of the school, and the other half to the one hidden in the marsh. The one on top of the school fired at the missiles desperately, but it couldn't destroy enough before it reached it and blew it apart. The story was not so different for its twin.

"Alright, tuts! Time to get outta here!" Taki laughed out. But before he could, a black and white figure appeared out of nowhere and slammed itself into the cockpit's windows. Monokuma glared directly at Taki with a pure hatred while Taki squealed out with shock.

"NO! MY DAY HAS BEEN TERRIBLE. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT ANY WORSE!" Monokuma shrieked. Taki gave a sly grin as he hit the window wipers and wiped Monokuma off. He fell down to the muddy lands below.

"Engine is now prepared to boost into hyper-drive." A monotone computer voice informed from the console.

"Ready for the ride of your life, tuts?!" Taki asked excitedly. He didn't wait for an answer. He hit the button and the ship's shape warped before it sped off into space at the speed of light, leaving nothing but a deafening sonic boom behind.


What the hell just happened?