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a character in “Danganronpa: Moonbeam Twilight Dance”, as played by K44


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Ultimate ???

So begins...

Saleh Shoei's Story


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#, as written by K44
Saleh, after being thrown into the gym from. . . somewhere, stood up.

“Oh, okay. . . I’m in a gym now. But a gym where?”

He turned around and pushed back against the doors.

“Oh, a hallway.” He narrowed his eyes and looked behind him. “But a hallway to where? I don’t get it.”

He turned around and walked back through the doors.

“Oh, a gym. A gym with people in it. But I’m not supposed to be in a gym right now so. . . I guess I’ll leave. The door to the outside’s this way, right?”

He walked straight back through the doors.

“Oh, no, this way’s a hallway. I guess I go back this way?”

Once again, he came back.

“Oh, but this is a gym. A gym with people. I’m not supposed to be in a gym. I’ll leave, then. The door to the outside’s this way, right?”

He left again.

“Oh. It’s a hallway.”


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#, as written by K44

“Yes, we are going to the gym.”

“But only the colonists are allowed to use the gym—”

“The rules changed. We’re allowed to use the gym now.”

“Oh,” Saleh replied. He moved quickly, trying to keep up with the pace Hidayat dragged him at. “But why would we need a gym? The war is over, right?”

“Yeah. It’s over. But we’re using the gym anyway.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Hidayat sighed and shifted his gaze back to the crowd. The annoying uptight was rattling on about something. He didn’t care, but then something about the handbooks was mentioned. Right, the handbooks. . . those weird things.

“Saleh,” Hidayat began. “May I have your handbook?”

“. . . What is a handbook?”

““. . . Do you have any strange rectangles on your person?”

“Ah!” he reached in his pocket and pulled out his handbook. Then, he dropped it. “Oh. It fell.” When he reached for it, he added, “Why did it drop on a gym floor? I do not remember being in a gym.”

Hidayat sighed. “I do not have the patience for this,” he muttered.

He looked away, glanced at the furtiveness of the crowd, and laughed. “Kill? You lot? Easy fucking task. I’ve done it about six times.”

He looked up.

“Everyone here pales in comparison to what I’ve done. Do you even know what a trigger is?” He laughed. “I guess I’m going home first.”


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#, as written by PiLaura

Meira flinched. Of course he was touching her. She hated being touched. Mostly.

They'd all run over Ash, but at least she knew the rules. She'd have to find a way around a few, but it would be fine. It would all be fine. And Ash could explain things far better than she could.

"Yes, we're ok with that," Ash affirmed.

The Ruby girl was something else, though. All of them were something else. The place was an obscene mishmash of personalities and people and she hated it. It as far too disorganized and chaotic. She hated chaos. She had no reason not to be suspicious of anyone here so far, except Ash, of course. And Isaac was reasonable, though somewhat sketchy in his emotional state.

"Why of course, I'd love to!" Ruby smiled towards her and Isaac and Ash. Not even a single trace of whatever had caused the small girl to scream at her and Ash earlier was present. In fact, Ruby seemed to have forgotten it entirely. Strange.

"I could hardly stand to bother our busy friend, though, he really seems quite angry at you, Isaac. I will ensure Saleh makes it wherever he needs to go, assuming that's not a problem. But that's only six of us, how about the other ten people present? You've completely excluded them." She swept her hand towards the rest of the students and her glaring smile softened to something kinder.

Meira was impressed. And slightly jealous, if she deigned to admit it to herself. She could never control a person, let alone a crowd like that.