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Swamp Planet is a part of Danganronpa: Moonbeam Twilight Dance.

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Isaac di Acroina [73] Ultimate Historian
Ashkon Sens [59] Dis boi did not know what he was getting himself into. Now he's dead.
Meira Lux [58] Bitch queen also dragon
Ruby Hockenjos [56] Ruby is what Ruby is and it's terrible
Hidayatullah al-Hemyari [53] Ultimate Cultist
Evlokathane [30] Ultimate Public Speaker
Orion Divi [10]
Berit Hexum [10] Her body may be strong but her hatred for other human beings is stronger.
Merimore Long [10] Slimy boy! (i'll actually draw him later but for now you get rinmaru avatar)
Johanna Braun [9] She carves because she cares.

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Character Portrait: Hidayatullah al-Hemyari Character Portrait: Saleh Shoei

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#, as written by K44

“Yes, we are going to the gym.”

“But only the colonists are allowed to use the gym—”

“The rules changed. We’re allowed to use the gym now.”

“Oh,” Saleh replied. He moved quickly, trying to keep up with the pace Hidayat dragged him at. “But why would we need a gym? The war is over, right?”

“Yeah. It’s over. But we’re using the gym anyway.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Hidayat sighed and shifted his gaze back to the crowd. The annoying uptight was rattling on about something. He didn’t care, but then something about the handbooks was mentioned. Right, the handbooks. . . those weird things.

“Saleh,” Hidayat began. “May I have your handbook?”

“. . . What is a handbook?”

““. . . Do you have any strange rectangles on your person?”

“Ah!” he reached in his pocket and pulled out his handbook. Then, he dropped it. “Oh. It fell.” When he reached for it, he added, “Why did it drop on a gym floor? I do not remember being in a gym.”

Hidayat sighed. “I do not have the patience for this,” he muttered.

He looked away, glanced at the furtiveness of the crowd, and laughed. “Kill? You lot? Easy fucking task. I’ve done it about six times.”

He looked up.

“Everyone here pales in comparison to what I’ve done. Do you even know what a trigger is?” He laughed. “I guess I’m going home first.”


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Character Portrait: Ruby Hockenjos

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#, as written by PiLaura

"I do know what a trigger is, the question is, have you ever pointed one at yourself, Hidayat?" Ruby wondered idly. She picked up the tablet from where she'd shoved it to the floor and examined it. Not a scratch. Fuck. She'd have to find another way to piss them off.

"I'm sorry, that was terribly inappropriate of me. Inconsiderate of potential triggers for others. I do tend to shoot straight to the heart of these issues, often with fatal accuracy. Consider it a flaw of mine." Ruby sighed and shoved the tablet into her backpack. Feigning her personality was so aggravating. Being poetic was aggravating. But the longer she faked it, the longer she had to retaliate against them.

And the longer she had to retaliate... She smirked.


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Berit just about checked out the second a little boy in a spaceship crashed the party. Johanna had broken off to scream about Orion suddenly being whisked away, but had since quieted and was now mulling over the rules in a corner. Meri seemed completely unbothered by everything that was happening. And Varun, the local blond idiot, was yelling a series of noises that made absolutely no sense.

Meanwhile, there was the matter of this new fellow--Saleh was what Hidayat called him--and now all these rules about murder and nighttime and what-have-you. Hidayat was already threatening murder, Ruby was already threatening suicide, and in short?

In short, Berit was just about at her wit's end.

"Egads!" she groaned, exasperatedly burying her face in one hand. "Does the chaos never end with you people? Did you even hear the rule?! That lad said you can escape unless you get discovered. I daresay, boy, announcing your desire to kill us all is not the best way to avoid detection! Am I the only one here with a brain in my head?!"

"Beri, calm down! It's totally fine! Like Isaac said, this is just a dream, so nothing's going to go wrong!" Meri insisted. "Even if Hidayat does kill us all, we'll just wake up back at home like no big deal! Also, you shouldn't be so mean. It's not good for morale."

Berit nearly strangled him again. "Balderdash, there's hardly any morale to begin with! And someone must ensure these...these ingrates understand the circumstances! No, you--never mind. Never mind! I needn't waste my time here any longer. Should you need me, I will be in my room. Thank you for wasting my time!"

"Beri! I'm sorry, please don't leave!" Meri whined, reaching out to catch her arm. Berit actually growled at him. "You're so big and strong, so I'm sure you'll be really helpful to us..."

Berit didn't hear the rest of what he said. One last instance of calling her "big" was plenty enough to send the woman over the edge--without a word, she snatched Meri's tiny little arm, hefted him over her head, and slammed him headfirst back onto the ground. Meri yelped. Johanna screamed, racing to tend to the injuries he had no doubt procured.

"I am going to my room," Berit hissed through her teeth, temper flaring higher than it'd been that day. "Next time, be careful who you call 'big'. I have had quite enough insults for the day. Do not follow me!"

And without wasting another second, she stalked to the doors, shoved them open with a mighty clang, and stomped down the hallway. Only briefly did she check her handbook, just enough to search for a map and discover where the rooms actually were.

If Hidayat wanted to kill them all, well, he was welcome to them. But she would be a much more difficult target.


Johanna lifted Meri's head into her arms, worriedly combing through his hair for signs of blood. His hat lay on the ground a foot or so away, jolted off by the sudden movement. Berit's outburst was unexpected, but somehow not surprising--it was likely at least one of their companions would react to the craziness of the unfolding events so...violently.

"Oh geez," she whispered, sighing to herself. It didn't seem like Meri had cracked his skull enough to bleed, but the dazed look on his face and the glazed look in his swamp-green eyes indicated he likely had some sort of concussion from the force. "Oh geez, look at me. Lemme see your pupils. Um...can you see how many fingers I'm holding up?"

She raised three fingers before Meri's eyes. Meri stared at them for a second, pleasant grin long since evaporated.

"...Six," he mumbled. Slowly, his eyes found their way back to Johanna's face. "...Gwen? ...Gwen, the feast is waiting."

"W-what? No, it's Johanna," Johanna corrected. "There's no feast. Oh geez, you're concussed. A-and you might have hurt yourself even worse. I'll make sure you get back to your room safe, okay?"

And of course, there was the matter not only of Hidayat and Ruby's discussion, but poor Andy who had no idea what was happening and the words Berit had screamed at everyone. Varun was still making choking sounds and shrieks over in the corner--was he damaged in any way?--and, of course, Orion had just been snatched up. So much was happening already, and now of course there was the matter of the new gentleman and his poor memory.

"...Okay. Okay, everyone just...stay calm. I'm so sorry about what Berit said, we all have brains here! I-I'm sure she didn't mean it like that. Um, Hidayat, I...I'm really sorry. And Ruby, I...I-I don't have any clue what you two have been through, so of course I can't relate or understand...listen, I know we all want to go home. Let's try to compare clues. I know that bear said we can't leave, but maybe we can figure something out? I mean, I know how to get home from here, I think! There's a swamp not far from my house. I'm familiar with how the sun rises and sets on Earth and I know where the north star is, so with directions we can escape!"

"Hold up," Varun suddenly called, apparently listening. "Did you just say 'Earth'? This isn't Earth! I don't know where the f*ck it actually is, but it's not Earth! We're like, way in a different quadrant!"

Johanna hesitated. "I...sorry, what?"

Varun pointed up at the sky visible through the hole in the roof. The sky was steadily dimming and the first stars were already starting to appear. "We're not on Earth, see?! Geez, do I have to explain everything?! The star patterns are all wrong! We can't even see Sirius! Plus, if you judge by the squiggly pattern clustered over there the sun is setting in the south, so duh it's not Earth! And you see that moon?! It's, like, two centimeters too small! And those stars are reflecting blue! It's a good thing you guys have my genius, huh? Huh?!"

Johanna took a moment to wonder how in the world Varun, supposedly a tailor, knew so much about outer space. "Oh...okay...well, um, that aside for now. We just need to get along, right? Right. Okay. So here's what I'm thinking, let's just try to stick together for now and we'll work out a way to escape tomorrow. Meri needs to rest and drink some water. Uh..."

Trying to recall all the fingerspelling she could, Johanna turned to Andy and waved to get her attention. "Berit, that redheaded lady, just yelled at everyone and went to her room. Meri was trying to be friendly, but he called her 'big' and she got mad and that's why she threw him. Varun just explained we're not actually on Earth, apparently, and I'm about to take Meri to get some rest for his head. We're gonna try to escape," she signed, slowly, pausing often to think of a word or fingerspell something she didn't know. She had learned sign language to help her better communicate with her family while she was working with her louder tools, but she was the first to admit she wasn't the most fluent.

It was close enough, hopefully. Frankly, at the moment Johanna was so mentally exhausted and confused by the rules Ashkon had presented that she was ready to crawl into her own bed and get some sleep.

What on earth is happening here...?


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Character Portrait: Isaac di Acroina Character Portrait: Hidayatullah al-Hemyari

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#, as written by K44

“Hellooooo, what’s with the insensitive questions, Ruby?” Isaac clapped his hands together. “Have you never heard of privacyyy?”

Hidayat didn’t respond.

“Actually, speaking of privacy. . . NO ONE CARES,” he yelled out into hallway after Berith. “Soooo yeaaah uhhh, we should probably stick together, huh? But you all can’t sleep in my bed, though.”

Hidayat narrowed his eyes. Why did this idiot unfortunately happen to end up in the same situation as him?

“Earth or not, we can still figure out where we are. We’re trapped here, but everything inside of this place is free roam. Someone must have set it up, and it’s likely that someone is here with us. That bear doesn’t move by itself. And. . . if they’re not hidden amongst the walls in this building. . . then they’re amongst us.”

“I want us to establish a meeting point at certain times of the day so we can better circulate any information we’ve found. Any objections?”


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Charmeine silently observes as the scene unfolds before her, taking mental notes on each person's behavior. If there was one thing she was good at, it was patience. Two thousand years of observing the mortal world will teach one the value of patience.

Which is why she did not interrupt when everyone began revealing reactions and voicing opinions on the latest developments.

Speaking of opinions...

"I have no objections to that proposal," she announces to the room.

"I do, however, have concerns for the well-being of all persons involved in this predicament," she continues. Mere minutes after the Headmaster announces the purpose of our incarceration, we already have declarations of murderous intent, taunts, overheated tempers, and displays of wanton violence."

"While I understand that the recent turn of events has us all fearing for our lives, we cannot allow that fear to rule over us. Distrusting one another will only serve to weaken our resolve, making us vulnerable to attack."

"And yet, even as I appeal to our sense of morality, I know that the shadow of fear is powerful and not one we should underestimate. In light of that, I propose that each of us move throughout this establishment in groups of three, at all times. This way, if one of us despairs and attempts to kill another, their companions will be able to restrain them. In addition, forming meaningful connections with one another will lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation, which in turn lessens the chances of someone committing murder."

"To address Sir Isaac's earlier assumption, it is my belief that whoever set up this 'killing game' is not among us. I am under the impression that the perpetrator would want to ensure their survival for the duration of this game, and mingling among us would only serve to heighten their chances of discovery and/or death."

"That is all. I thank everyone for taking the time to listen to me," she finishes.

That's a lie, actually. There is still one more concern left in Charmeine's mind, and that is she still does not know how to operate her handbook.

Oh well. The most urgent priority is to diffuse the situation and ensure everybody survives this ordeal. There is plenty of time to learn how to use the handbooks along the way.


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Having a meeting was a good idea. Johanna couldn't argue with the logic--it would give everyone a time to get together and compare notes, foster a sense of community, and help them all get to know each other better. Maybe if they could get closer and become friends, no one would have to die in this place.

"I like that idea, Isaac," she said loudly. "And...I'm sorry, Miss, I never caught your name. But I like that manner of thinking! I'm sure if we all just stick together and trust one another, everything will be fine. I'll take care of Meri."

Meri glanced in her direction at hearing his name, then mumbled something about this "Gwen" person.

"...Well, let's settle on a time and a place to meet," Johanna decided. "Isaac, do you know of any good spots to meet? Let's see...maybe we can eat breakfast at eight and meet at nine? Or eat at seven and meet at eight? Or maybe we can meet somewhere we can get breakfast...we'll figure something out. I hope you're all okay with following our lead for now..."

"Um, no, I'm not okay!" Varun huffed. "We should be following my lead! I'm the only person here who knows we're not on Earth! That makes me the smartest and therefore the best leader!"

"That's okay too!" Johanna insisted. "Well, Varun, do you have any ideas on a place to meet?"

"Duh! The cafeteria or whatever!"

"The feast," Meri mumbled. "It's waiting."

"In the cafeteria?" Johanna guessed. "Okay, let's check that out as a place to meet. Is that okay with everyone?"

Varun puffed out his chest proudly.


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Character Portrait: Isaac di Acroina Character Portrait: Hidayatullah al-Hemyari

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#, as written by K44

“Meet at nine! Any later and Hida won’t make it, if he even makes breakfast!”

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Hidayat’s sour gaze and the hissing utterance of, “Eh?”

“Which meeeans, by all things nice and logicaaal~” Isaac swung his arms around both Ash and Meira. “I’ll be staying with you two in a very nice group of three~ Hida, you stay with Saleh.


“Ruby you go with them.”


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Character Portrait: Ruby Hockenjos Character Portrait: Isaac di Acroina Character Portrait: Hidayatullah al-Hemyari Character Portrait: Saleh Shoei Character Portrait: Meira Lux Character Portrait: Ashkon Sens

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#, as written by PiLaura

Meira flinched. Of course he was touching her. She hated being touched. Mostly.

They'd all run over Ash, but at least she knew the rules. She'd have to find a way around a few, but it would be fine. It would all be fine. And Ash could explain things far better than she could.

"Yes, we're ok with that," Ash affirmed.

The Ruby girl was something else, though. All of them were something else. The place was an obscene mishmash of personalities and people and she hated it. It as far too disorganized and chaotic. She hated chaos. She had no reason not to be suspicious of anyone here so far, except Ash, of course. And Isaac was reasonable, though somewhat sketchy in his emotional state.

"Why of course, I'd love to!" Ruby smiled towards her and Isaac and Ash. Not even a single trace of whatever had caused the small girl to scream at her and Ash earlier was present. In fact, Ruby seemed to have forgotten it entirely. Strange.

"I could hardly stand to bother our busy friend, though, he really seems quite angry at you, Isaac. I will ensure Saleh makes it wherever he needs to go, assuming that's not a problem. But that's only six of us, how about the other ten people present? You've completely excluded them." She swept her hand towards the rest of the students and her glaring smile softened to something kinder.

Meira was impressed. And slightly jealous, if she deigned to admit it to herself. She could never control a person, let alone a crowd like that.