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Reece Sasuke

Tongue of silver, words like daggers.

0 · 162 views · located in Dango Love

a character in “Dango Love”, as played by Cayleen


Reece Sasuke


Cook 5


Nikudango Dangos


Male ♂

Straight as an arrow! (Heterosexual)

He doesn't have his eyes on anyone in particular at the moment

Appearance Description
Standing at 6'1" and weighing in at about 156 lbs, Reece has a tall, slender frame, wrought with carefully toned and lean muscle. He is rather easy to spot in a crowd considering his desplay of firey red hair and stunning, charismatic, and vibrant Kelly-green eyes. Reece typically wears his crimson mane in a choppy tangle that hangs crazily about his face, and the only time he can be spotted with his hair pulled back is when he's cooking his sensually pleasing and appetite inducing Nikudango Dangos. His attire usually consists of shredded, dark-wash jeans, and various slim-fitting tees accompanied by thin, multicolored jackets and a shark-tooth necklace that is always present at the center of his toned chest. Reece wears his ears pierced in an avant-garde style, with two identical pairs of stud earrings on each earlobe and an additional two cuff studs worn vertically on his right ear, above the others.



Reece takes on the world with a mocking grin and a sharp tongue as his only weapons. He faces any challenge with his mighty sarcasm and trusty wit. He's a tough young man who takes on any challenge with pride and confidence. His main attacks are sarcasm and his clever wit (though his fists are always there in case he needs backup). He cares not of what people think or say of him but of personal triumph and success. He'll do whatever it takes to prevail and rarely thinks of the feelings of those he triumphs over.

Well actually... no... he's really none of these things. He just acts this way to cover up his true emotions, and thats all it is an act. Even as a child Reece had played the part of the snarky, sarcastic, child with no manners or respect perfectly. This faux Reece was his own barrier he created to keep people from getting inside him; from knowing who he truly was, from becoming close to him.

The true Reece is actually quite different from the man he portrays himself as. He is slightly introverted and though he is the type of person you would want to confide in, you shouldn't expect to get anything out of him in return. In reality he is conservative, extremely lax, easy-going, has a dry wit and a bit of a temper. It takes a little longer for him to make close friends, mostly because he doesn't reveal his feelings or thoughts as readily as the majority of people (and they are usually fooled by the faux him), but once he does, his sanguine nature can assert itself.

He is actually very thoughtful of others, with a knack for empathically putting himself in other people’s shoes, and value peace and harmony at all times. Reece also has a great sense of humor and an easy-going manner that makes him a valued friend. He is discouraged by criticism or negativity, though he would never show it in public, and needs acceptance, support and cooperation in his personal life. Reece can be wounded by sarcasm, harsh criticism, and anger when it is directed at him. He will not; however, directly fight back but prefers but prefers to hide behind his mask of witty comments and sacrastic ways, refusing to publicly show his true emotions.

The true Reece is strongly tempted to repress his own wishes in order to preserve peace in a relationship (though this is rather hard for him since the faux him cares nothing of peace). A stressful situation (especially one that is interpersonally demanding) may cause him to withdraw into solitary television watching, playing computer games, eating or sleeping, instead of directly expressing his negative feelings. A slightly dangerous aspect of his temperament is, once the mask of sarcasm is shed, that he will be satisfied with achieving less than what he is capable of -- whether because he tends not to plan for the future or because the more challenging goals seem to be “too much trouble.” Reece will be strongly tempted to quit if he doesn’t think the end product is worth the effort or if he fears he won’t succeed. Perhaps the most besetting difficulties for his temperament is the natural inclination to peace and quiet (tempting one to laziness), a preference to live within the moment (superficiality), and a tendency to make decisions based first on the desire to please someone else or to restore harmony.

In a relationship, the real Reece is true-blue. He is a great listener, is willing to put others first, and has excellent mediatory skills. He is a supportive friend and a cooperative employee; however, this isn't necessarily a good thing... It can cause him to say “yes” to demands of friends or colleagues, without first analyzing whether this choice is actually the best choice to make. At times, wanting to either please his good friends or avoid conflict either at home or at work, he may “go with the flow” when in fact a strong stance is necessary.

But this real side of Reece is extremely rare to see and it takes a very patient and caring person to break down the barriers of his fake self.


  • ~ Cloudy, foggy, or rainy days (basically any day the sun isn't shining)
  • ~ Skateboarding
  • ~ Dogs
  • ~ Motorcycles (At the moment he can't afford one and until he makes a little bit more money he'll be stuck with his skateboard)
  • ~ The night life
  • ~ Sour/Spicy
  • ~ Cold
  • ~ Jazz
  • ~ Horror flics
  • ~ Falling asleep to thunder and lightning storms.

  • ~ Deserts, or any overly hot and dry area
  • ~ Owls; their huge eyes and the way they can turn there head practically all the way round creep him out
  • ~ Overly hot and sunny days
  • ~ Peanut butter
  • ~ Excessively sweet foods
  • ~ Milk. Just the smell of it makes him want to gag
  • ~ Cats



Reece is of Irish-Japanese heritage (His father being Irish-Scottish while his mother was Japanese-American) and lived the majority of his life in Ireland. Reece loved everything about it there; the cool climate, the ever lush, green surroundings, and the friendly, welcoming manner of the population.

He, along with his father, mother, and younger sister, Julep, all lived together in a quaint little house up in northern Ireland. It was here that his mother taught him and his sister to cook. Reece had taken a particular liking in Dangos, especially in the Nikudango. Julep, his sister, had excelled in just about every other category of cooking and often prepared the family's dinner.

Their mother developed a serious case of lung cancer and passed away in her sleep. Reece's father blamed his wife's death on his terrible smoking addiction and was driven into depression. Julep, being the only person who could take care of their father properly, told Reece that it would be a good idea for him to explore the world a bit and make something of himself. Reece could never say no to his sister and if that's what she wanted then thats what he would do.

So, after lots of convincing from his sister, Reece left his beloved home, Ireland, and moved to his mother's homeland, Japan. He now claims a small apartment in Tokyo, Japan as his home. His apartment isn't exactly the tidiest in Japan but its definitely not disastrous...Well, if you consider discarded clothing articles draped over light fixtures and the occasional stray chip bag or food wrapper on the floor as "not disastrous"... He has only recently moved here and was just starting to make something of himself with his new job at the Dango Love when the shop unfortunately burned to the ground.

Hex Code

Empty Bottles - Tangent Transmission
At the Bottom of empty bottles
At the end of a long dark highway
Under your thickest blindfolds
You fool yourself, You fool yourself
And it goes to hell
To slash and Burn

To Reach inside a void
To tap away each minute
To blow a hole right through
You fool yourself, you fool yourself
It goes to hell
To slash and burn

Feel it move across your skin
Toss and turn each thought within

So begins...

Reece Sasuke's Story