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When more than three quarters of the human population is eliminated, the remaining population is left to pick up the pieces. This is the story of some of the survivors.

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A plague spread through the whole world, making its infected into what can only be described as zombies. There is no cure but death. Within two years, more than three quarters of the world human population was infected, including all young children. A year later, the surviving humans had gained relief in dispatching all the infected.

Despite the disease being over, less than one billion humans are left alive. The remaining people formed small colonies, most located in the ruins of what were once the largest cities. Any attempts at recreating the governments and unity that once existed have failed miserably, and people have given up hope of things going back to the way they were before. Still, even in the shadow of massive death, there is a growing feeling of normalcy within the colonies. People are once again falling in love, building families, creating friendships, and trying to move on with what's left of the world.

is placed in what was once known as New York City. The leader's wife was killed during the plague, as were most of the family members of the colony's citizens. He became estranged from his son, who is disgusted by what his father has become. Their ages range from middle teens to the elderly.
The Leader
The Leader's Son
The Citizens
Mairead Torrence|RinlovesSesshoumaru|Female|22|Mila Kunis
Citizen 2|OPEN
Citizen 3|OPEN
Citizen 4|OPEN
Citizen 5|OPEN
Citizen 6|OPEN
Citizen 7|OPEN
Citizen 8|OPEN
Citizen 9|OPEN
Citizen 10|OPEN

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Character Portrait: Mairead Torrence


Character Portrait: Mairead Torrence
Mairead Torrence

"Lets just hope that things get better"


Character Portrait: Mairead Torrence
Mairead Torrence

"Lets just hope that things get better"

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Character Portrait: Mairead Torrence
Mairead Torrence

"Lets just hope that things get better"

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