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(Dark) Iron Man

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a character in “Dark Avengers: The Galactus Wars pt 1”, originally authored by WadeJackel, as played by RolePlayGateway


Iron Man has superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons. Iron Man's standard offensive weapons are the repulsor rays that are fired from the palms. Other weapons include: the uni-beam projector in its chest; pulse bolts (that pick up on kinetic energy along the way; so the farther they travel, the harder they hit); an electromagnetic pulse generator; and a defensive energy shield that can be extended up to 360 degrees. Other capabilities include: generating ultra-freon (i.e., a freeze-beam); creating and manipulating magnetic fields; emitting sonic blasts; and projecting 3-dimensional holograms (to create decoys).

In addition Iron-Man can travel through space, deep-sea diving, stealth, and other special purposes. Genius with expertise in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science rivals that of Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Bruce Banner, and his expertise in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering surpasses even theirs. He is regarded as one of the most intelligent characters in the Marvel Universe. Has advanced degrees in physics and engineering, his knowledge ranges from artificial intelligence to quantum mechanics as time progressed. His expertise extends to his ingenuity in dealing with difficult situations, such as difficult foes and deathtraps, in which he is capable of using available tools, in unorthodox but effective ways.

Iron Man and Onslaught:

Tony Stark had awakened from his forced slumber. Strangely, his head began to pound and everything he had once known had returned. He saw visions of Pepper Potts, the Iron Man suit, and overall, just him being rich. This excited Stark, but at the same time, he seemed...different. He know knew the nature of the people in this room. How the Hulk was uncontrollable and a liability if he were to be enraged as he just was. How Venom was an alien that projected a will of pure evil onto those it possessed. Stark stood up, this time, he placed a single thought in his head and his Bleeding Edge Armor appeared onto him.

Stark disappeared during the battle against Onslaught. After Onslaught was defeated Iron-Man was blown into some distant unknown place.

Iron Man now finds himself back on Earth 619, apparently in a time when the super-powered hero's are still being held captive within the Realm of Nothingness.

His story continues...............

So begins...

(Dark) Iron Man's Story

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The 'motley crew' of the remaining masked hero's had regrouped at the feet of their fallen teammate, there they would rethink their position and contemplate options for carrying on after the devastating events of these past weeks. The first thing that needed to be done was to find another base of operations, the Bat caves were now useless, being largely caved in and filled with rubble.

Clean up was going to be messy, that task however would be left to city officials, the concerns of the masked hero's would be far more labor intensive. Their job was simple, restore order and set up a new security system, not an easy endeavor, seeing as the two greatest minds of Earth-619 were missing. Even though they could not rely on the knowledge and expertise of either Dr. Bruce Banner or Stephan Strange, they still had Tony Stark at their disposal.

Luckily, Stark had in fact been working on a new defense system prior to the onslaught of Symbiote monsters, the device was complete and fully functional, it just awaited approval. If it didn't have approval before, it would certainly be approved now. Even as they discussed their remaining options Batman couldn't stop himself from casting several heart-sick gazes at the ruins of his beloved estate.

It was decided at this impromptu meeting that Batwoman and Green Arrow should serve as second and third in command of the remaining order of masked hero's. Captain America was the natural choice as their new leader, certainly Batman was an obvious selection but due to the secrecy surrounding his true identity among the populace, to have him take over the mantle of leadership was simply not practical.

After the executive ranks of the new order of Dark Hero's had been portioned out Iron Man left for Stark tower to prepare the security device.


"Damn it Frenchie, get us back on course! We are drifting into the wrong quadrant. Moon Spell tried his best to regain control over the Mooncopter which had momentarily lost its barring.

"What the hell was that sphere-like portal of wispy blueish strands of energy."

The answer to Moon Spell's inquiry was met with silence.

"Frenchie!?" Silence again. And then.... "I do not know Marc, I have never experienced such a strong energy force."

After yet another uncomfortable pause his pilot continued. "Marc! Something strange has happened. I am now reading comply new and unfamiliar coordinance, we are no where near our last position. The star field is totally wrong for this sector."

At that time Moon Spell was not aware that his ship had somehow traversed the dimensional barrier which separated his reality from that of the Dark Hero universe. "Do you suppose this strange occurrence is somehow the result of our complacency in the battle against the super being-Null, the conqueror?"

This time the answer to his question came immediately, though somewhat vague.

"Who is to say Marc, he was definitely a power to be reckoned with, I hate to think of the havoc that he is wreaking right now."

Marc Secret sat up straight in his chair when he notice that they were approaching the earth, somehow they were knocked from their location just outside Wayne Manor into uncharted space. Frenchie had already detected their approach and was working on establishing a link with the main frame back home, all attempts had failed, it was as if there was nothing to connect to.

The connection with the super computers at Wayne Manor and Stark Industries were similarly "off-line" the fact that the Manor had been destroyed was strangely not the reason for this inability to interface.

This was not their own world, it was an alternate reality and so the interconnection between the three systems had simply never been established.

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Used to death. Not something someone usually wanted to accept as a compliment, but there it was. Sadly, it was all too true in Gotham. Batwoman wipes breifly at the tears that threaten to fall, eliminating them against the black gauntlet of her costume. She lays the crimson-clad hand that she'd been recently holding gently onto Daredevil's chest when the others move to drape a scavenged flag over him, stepping back and gathering herself back into sad acceptance. Batman - Bruce - is, of course, stoic as ever. Cold, some might say, but Barbara knew he was just practical. The city was in dire straights, and right now was no time to dwell on the death of a man who wouldnt want them to do so.

Captain steps up to speak, assigning them all duties, and she approves. Arrow was a frequent ally, but he didnt have the intimate knowledge of Gotham and its chaotic network of warrens like she did. If necessary, her real identity could even approach and gather information from what police forces had survived the onslaught. Here, she felt another pang of concern for her father, who - in his way - would probably have put himself at the forefront of his defending officers, but it would all have to wait. Gotham was in ruins, and it would be a long time before anyone knew anything concrete about the multitudes of potentially dead and missing.

Right now, what Gotham needed was heroes, and in that vein she nods at the Captain and looks to Green Arrow.

"We'll need to focus on downtown. We cant stop -every- looter, but we can prevent them from targeting larger hauls like the banks and precinct armories."

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The vigil around the dead and bleeding body of Daredevil had to give way to other important matters, though he would not leave their thoughts for many months to come they knew that there were things which needed to be done. Their comrade and fellow Superhero was a crucial component in their battle against the blood thirsty Symbiote's, he was the one that made their victory possible.

Setting off that experimental sonic device had vanquished the alien creatures, even though he too was sensitive to its deadly effects. So many of their masked brethren had either fallen or were taken over by the Symbiote warriors and had to be put down. Daredevil wouldn't want his compatriots to linger, he would have insisted that they begin the rebuilding immediately-His beloved city of Gotham.

"We'll need to focus on downtown." Batwoman had said to Green Arrow.

"Right!" Green Arrow responded enthusiastically.

"Like old times, me and you. Prowling the streets, keeping the peace. Bashing the baddies."

The two dashed off with the trademark enthusiasm of relative youth and sense of purpose.

"What's the the verdict Frenchie?" Moon Spell commented to his pilot with a semi-taunting tone.

"Well Marc, it seems that we have past through some kind intra-dimensional cosmic membrane which has apparently deposited us into another time frame. Perhaps it wa....." Frenchie had been interrupted by Moon Spell in mid-explanation.

"Jees Frenchie, speak English." Came the all too familiar vocal inflection known as Wade Jackal-A petty criminal, whom Moon Spell dispatched in a most unlawful manner some years back.

"Please Marc, you always compartmentalize your frustration, remain focused. This is not the time for flights of schizophrenic fantasy, you must learn to deal with frustrating moments such as this." Frenchie's words snapped Moon Spell back to reality.

"Our only option is to land the Mooncoptor." Frenchie continued.

The pilot had already begun the decent before finishing the sentence.

Frenchie selected the same exact spot where the Mooncoptor had sat on their world, prior to the dimensional displacement. To their horror Moon Spell and his pilot were introduced to a damaged and battered Gotham city. Marc was standing near the front of the cockpit, starring out of the shield of glass.

Captain America's orders of action was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a strange ship hovering above their position. Each of them took a defensive posture, not knowing what to expect from the odd looking flying vehicle-Its patented noise-free whisper capabilities had yet again bolstered Moon Spell's reputation as a silent and deadly stalker and crime fighter.

The hero's below the craft had prepared themselves, as they could not tell whether this bird was friend or foe. Luckily Moon Spell had decided against a slow and conspicuous touch down, thinking it better to make a quick decent, via the ladder. The instant the hero's had seen the falling ladder they were certain that the occupants of the craft were not Symbiote in nature or form.

Not wanting to wait for the ladder to become fully unfurled Moon Spell grabbed a hold and followed it down, with a slight swinging motion Moon Spell let loose the ladder and made a perfect 10 point landing. "Hello all!"

The Com-Link around Moon Spell's wrist sounded out before anyone had a chance to introduce themselves.

"Marc! Isn't that Mr. Wayne? ...No its impossible, how would he have gotten here. Well Moon, looks like we have gone far."

Moon Spell clenched the Com with his other hand. "Oh, that's just my pet Frog."

The other hero's looked at one another, thinking that this stranger was out of his mind, which at certain times, he indeed was.

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((OOC:I'll just start by responding to Moon Spell))

Stark looked upwards towards the mysterious aerial vehicle of the likes in which he had never seen. Although it intrigued him, he was ready to blow it out of the sky if it turned out to be hostile, regardless of how quiet and exotic it looked in comparison to most other aircraft he had seen.

However, he felt no malicious intent from the costumed man dropping down via ladder from the vehicle and casually greeted them all. He exchanged confused glances with the rest of the human heroes as the man mentioned his 'pet frog'. Obviously, there was something a bit 'off' about him, Stark felt was not noticed by only him.

Glancing at the other heroes, who probably weren't in the mood for shenanigans due to the tradgic death of a friend and hero, Daredevil, Tony decided he'd be the one to first introduce himself to the strange man before them.

"Who are you?"

This question was marked with a tone not usually heard by the playboy in armor. He wasn't in much of a mood due to the previous stated circumstances, and he wanted to know if this man was even sane or not before he went to activate his newer system as instructed.

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Looking around Moon Spell got the sense that the assembled hero's were probably not in the best of spirits.

"What the hell happened here?" Moon Spell said as he looked at the crumbled city around him-Seeing the body of another masked hero laying to his right.

"Oh, excuse me." Moon Spell studied the hero's standing around him and determined that this had to be some other world, one which seemed very familiar to him, but different somehow. He certainly had never come across any of these individuals during his nightly wanderings around Gotham, besides how could all of this damage be accomplished in a matter of moments, his transference into the other realm lasted but a few seconds.

An introduction would most likley be a welcomed thing at this crucial moment. He had made it a point to keep his movements controlled as to not give off any bad vibes. There was a definite similarity between the Batman he knew and the dark knight standing before him at this moment, still, they didn't know him from Kent.

He seemed friendly enough in his white uniform, though no one could see his face or even his eyes, something which the average citizen deemed an important reassurance when it came to violent masked crusaders that stalked the streets of their cities at night.

"Moon Spell is the name. I don't know how I came to be here, exactly. Last thing I remember was fighting this rather strange........Well, Thing."

Raising his arm and positioning the Com-link in front of his face Moon Spell called for his Mooncopter to make its landing.

"So, what happened here."

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The IronMan listened as the newcomer introduced himself as "Moonspell". Before Tony could even begin to question the man, the Dark Knight stole the opportunity to inform him of the situation and basically recruited the new man. Stark would've preferred to at least get to know the stranger a bit more, before they decide to trust him with helping rebuild, but his new system needed activating, and he was wasting time.

Without any delay, nor a 'goodbye', Ironman boosted off into the sky, his destination being none other than Stark Tower. As he flew through the air with speed rivaling a fighter jet's, he pondered the situation he was presented with. It would be completely foolish to say they won the war without loss, and even if you excluded Daredevil from that. There were too many civilian casualties, as well as collatoral damage and a whole city was in ruins, more or less. This wound would take time to heal, and if any other unforseen complications arose, Stark wasn't completely sure if they could handle it.
Stark eventually arrived at his place of residence, landing on the top floor in a routine like fashion, as he had gotten very used to it over the years. Without only a single thought, the Bleeding Edge armor dissolved into him, not showing any signs of having been there in the first place. Stark continued through his tower, until he reached his lab, where he decided to keep the means to activating the system until it was approved. Activation didn't take long, he really only needed to log in, open the system's interface and confirm approval.

The system was dubbed Prepared Early Warning System, or PAWS, and was designed to warn of an invasion long enough before it actually happened so that the heroes could be prepared. Tony had tested this and made sure nothing was malfunctioning or otherwise unready for use. So, once he activated it, it was up and running at maximum effectiveness and showing nothing... at the moment. Even still, Tony made sure to check the system for bugs, glitches, etc.

PAWS was running like a charm. Not that Stark didn't already expect that.

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Call it fasionably late. As Arrow scans his targets, one of the men seems to be suddenly missing from the left side entrance of the ground floor as a black arm wraps around his neck and jerks him into the shadows of the door. Not an eyeblink later, all hell breaks loose in true Bat family fassion.

A low 'Chuff!' sends a hand-sized grappling hook out of the door and up into the exposed rafters, where it wraps itself. The line goes taught just as some of the thugs are noticing the shadow in the doorway has a trailing cape and a distinct 'eared' mask. Batwoman swings in, feet first, with the edges of that cape snapping out ala wings. For most other superheroes, the cape was an acessory, something that tied the rest of their 'look' together. Years ago, when Batman had incorporated the serrated material, he had a very different goal in mind. There is a breif hesitation as the sinister, iconic cape impacts the criminals psychologically - who in Gotham didnt know the legends surrounding the Bat - and there is a second window as, when the guard in front of her manages to shoot a single pair of rounds, he unconciously aims off-center at the distracting, flowing cloth; completely missing slender Batwoman in the center.


The impact is hard and sudden; two booted heels taking Thug A (Who was standing near the gathered mafia heads) straight in the chest with a wince-worthy sound. The force of it sends his gun into the air and his body flying back into one of his cohorts, with Batwoman landing on top of the pile as she releases the grapling line.

Without straightening, her arms snap out one-two from the folds of the cape, and bladed batarangs sail into the hand of one thug, and jam into the gun of another. Leaping off the chest of her latest victim, Barbara's hands plant themselves onto the shoulders of another bodyguard, taking him down with her in an unarmed attack.

Suprise and speed are a real bitch; she's already eliminated six of the ten. Feel free to join in on the shouting, scrambling party, Arrow, or you might end up with only leftovers.



In the belly of the Fitz Building, an inner-city corporate safehouse for financial assets, electronic records, and accounting data, Kevlar sits in an abandoned security officer's chair with his boots propped up on the desk. He's counting his money, of course, whistling a light tune to himself and wearing a very satisfied smile on his face - belacava and headgear resting on the desk along with his rifle. It was a pretty haul, he had in his posession. Part of it was the contents of the drop box he was promised in return for his talents back in the warehouse district, but after going through the trouble of securing it, Kevlar had decided that he may as well go shopping while here.

The place was quiet, of course. Corporate loyalty didnt extend very far in private security firms, so when downtown began taking the worst of the assault people had gotten out by any means necessary. Some security doors had been left wide open in the haste. Anything behind those had been looted long before Kevlar had gotten there. He'd even suprised a pair still in the act. He didnt give a shit for what watches and cell phones were in the Lost and Found, so he'd let one of them go. Just one, though. The first had been stupid enough to pull a gun and attempt to mug him.

Beyond simple keycard doors and the occasional electronic lock, however, Kevlar had gotten creative. Expending some of the remaining ordinance from his contract had been worth it to get through those steel doors. Here, in the heart of the building, generators kept muted lighting on and vital systems on standby. In these rooms were the data centers and the deposit boxes. Pilfering the contents had netted Kevlar enough cash to feel very secure in his decision to come to this rathole city - to come back to the USA despite the warrant on his head. Getting a chance to enjoy his prize without worrying about the police showing up was just icing on the cake, he could almost forget the kind of chaos going on in the streets, and the hard time he'd have until his underworld network started trickling again.


Kevlar leans a boot away to look at the computer that had made the noise. Something was going on; acessing it. Bringing his legs down and scooting the chair up to the monitor, the mercenary watches the lines of data curiously. He was no egghead, but he wasnt an idiot. Someone was doing... something. Something that seemed to be linked in a network throughout the city - he recognized the names of other datacenters. He really would've thought it would've taken longer for someone to start getting their shit together.

The program continues to run, acessing the Fitz Building's protected servers and doing whatever it was the client had designated them for. Now who had the kind of resources to survive and start - Oh. Now that was interesting. Stark Industries' logo appears nestled in the corner of the datastream.

Stark was active in Gotham, eh? He knew their work from when Tony was heavily involved in the military. Some of his designs had made the Spec Ops community drool at the chance to get them, some of his weapons still made the rounds on the black market. Where Stark went, shit was going to go down. It was definately worth knowing that Stark Industries was here doing... what? What was the program doing? Kevlar didnt have the technical accumen to answer that question, but he knew people that did.

Watching the computer banks for another long moment, Kevlar decides the profit of information is worth the risks. Tugging on his concealing 'cava and the tactical headgear, he selects a handled data bank and gives it a hard yank.

Back at Stark's tower, Tony's flawless diagnostic run hits an unexpected snag. Where there were once green returns, red errors now glow as the program discovers one of its many networked points to be simply... missing. It'd been there a moment before and working fine. The likelyhood of the servers being destroyed was slim - they were built like bunkers, and the symbiotes were no longer causing mass damage. That left the second very disconcerting scenario; that someone had just physically stolen a very important peice in his network's puzzle.

Because that's just how Murphy works. Worst possible problem, worst possible time.

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Stark had a warm cup of coffee in his hand while he wore a rather well deserved smug look on his face. He was proud of his work, and so far, there hadn't been a single problem as the machine did its intended job. However, this soon turned to a frown as his system decided to tell him something was wrong, and with a previously okay'd network point. He instantly dismissed something or someone destroying it, that wasn't possible without some good firepower, which he doubted most people would have just ready at the moment.

So... somebody must've stolen part of it. Not good, not good one bit. The only good part of this was that the it was pretty clear where he was missing data. He'd have to go get it back, maybe if he was lucky, it just fell out. Well, he'd have to be real lucky for that to be the case. It took a pretty good amount of effort and strength to pull anything out of that...

With another, more irritated thought, Stark was now Iron Man once more. He set his coffee down and made his way back to the tiptop of Stark Tower, before boosting off with a displeased disposition. This was bad, and after losing Daredevil, Tony was not in a mood to deal with pretty much anything, let alone someone trying to sabotage his PAWS.

After a short bit of boosting, Tony Stark had reached the Fitz building, which was home to various records that were undoubtidly important. Instead of taking a quieter, more stealthy approach, Stark simply flew through a wall. He wasn't expecting whomever had caused him trouble to still be here, unless he was trying to lay a trap for Iron Man, which could've been a possiblity. However he figured it was more like the wrong person was there at the wrong time, and decided to do the wrong thing. The man landed in the building, a couple rooms away from where the actual data that had been used to reside and he began his search, ready to feed someone a repulsor blast if they didn't make him happy.

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Stark would know the layout, no doubt, having been here to set up these network servers in the first place. The signs he finds arent good.

Behind one of the first doors into the secured areas is the corpse of a young thug, long gone cold. Given the war, a body wasnt unusual, but this poor bastard hadnt had a chance. Arm broken, nose shattered from being bounced off the wall, and dispatched with a single bullet into the back of the head. It was quick, skilled, and not the usual calling card of Gotham's street types. Farther down, where heavy steel doors couldnt be moved without fingerprint scans and retina verification, the news gets worse. The steel doors are marked by slagged hinges and scorched metal; someone with precision charges had made short work of what had otherwise survived the symbiotes and the looting.

The safe boxes in these rooms have been neatly rifled through and their valuables taken, and in the bank of blinking computer lights, the empty data port mocks Tony.

Back out on the streets, Kevlar is a ghost. Skirting overturned vehicles and abandoned blockades, he takes the time to glance down at the bulky datacore in his off-hand. In his right, he taps a long-memorized series of numbers into his comm gear, fitting it into his ear as he moves.

"Long time, no word, Friend." The voice on the other end is garbled electronically, but the tone is familiar. "I was beginning to think you were dead."

"Would you miss me, Puppet?" Kevlar scoffs with mock sweetness.

"I would miss your money. How can we help you?"

We. Of course, we. If Kevlar ever dealt with the same person twice, he would never know with that trademark garble. The network known only as 'Puppet' was a shadow organization of information, underworld funds, and neutral communications. Their name was an intentional misnomer; they pretended to be the puppets of their clients, but were in a position to pull every string that suited them. Kevlar didnt know how tangled the web was, and he had no real desire to start finding out. They werent people you lightly crossed, and he'd been working with them for years. He needed them.

"I've got something that might be worth your attention. Data bank. Part of some kind of program. It's Stark Industries."

"Stark? You have my attention.

"Iit's probably encrypted. I need someone who can crack this nut and tell me what it is."

"Wait one." A long pause while the other end of the conversation acesses whatever information he had at his fingertips, "Our eyes in Gotham are a mess, Friend. A lot of dead people in your area. But you're lucky; a few are still checking in. I'll give you the address, but his services arent cheap. You had better hope your prize is worth something."

"If it was important enough to be running after all of this? I'll take that bet."

"Gotham Warrens. Basement of the pawn shop on 26th. Puppet out."

"Love you, too."

Kevlar hoists the box to a more comfortable position in the crook of his arm and picks up his pace. Who knew what sort of reaction his theft would bring? Better to not be in the area to find out. If it was worth any real cash, he might have to pay a visit to the other locations on that list... see if he could make himself a tidy enough killing to be comfortable in Gotham for the months ahead. Wasnt likely he'd find anyone with enough stability to hire him for a while, and a man had expenses to tend to, you know.

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Stark wasted no time in his flight to the Batcave. If anyone could find out who decided to put a halt in the system, it'd be none other than the Batman. Normally, Stark preferred not to talk to the man, as their personalities conflicted horribly. Batman didn't take jokes and sarcasm as well as Tony had hoped, which was odd due ot his long running against the Joker. In any event, Tony wasn't completely in the mood for jests either until he had his system up and running without any complications.

A rather brutish thought entered Stark's mind as he neared the Batcave. He imagined a well-deserved beating to the troublemaker themself by none other than Iron Man. A bit odd, but maybe that was just the stress becoming visible in his mind. In any case, it'd be better for whoever caused Stark this trouble to stay out of his grasp, which was exactly what he or she was doing to Tony's dismay.

The scene Tony Stark arrived to was... interesting. Not only Joker but Killer Croc and Two-Face laid defeated on the cold, dirt ground of the once-great Batcave. The walls had suffered serious damage, and the place was anything but clean as far as Iron Man could see. After he gave the first glance around, he payed no more attention to the defeated villains nor even the two other concious persons in the room and directly addressed the detective himself. His facemask lowered so he could better speak to the Batman as he stepped forward and made sure his presence was known to everyone.

"If you're done playing with these clowns, I'm in need of your detective skills, Batman," he said calmly and realized he had a least taken back some of his character. Maybe it was the sight of defeated foes on the ground, who knows?