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MOON SPELL aka Marc Secret

Avatar of Vengence

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a character in “Dark Avengers: The Galactus Wars pt 1”, as played by WadeJackel


An American rabbi's wayward son. As an adult, Marc spent most of his time training and seeking to fulfill a lifelong dream to be a U.S. Marine, and a mercenary (considered to be one of the greatest the underworld had ever known). He becomes a skilled combatant working for the African mercenary Raoul Bushman in Egypt, the group stumbles upon an archaeological dig whose crew includes Dr. Peter Alraune and his daughter Marlene. The dig had uncovered an ancient temple where artifacts included a statue of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Intent on looting the dig, Bushman kills Dr. Alraune. Marc fights off the thieves and saves the statue, which s wrapped in a silver shroud.

In gratitude for saving the statue the secret cult of Khonshu telepathically summons Marc to Egypt and supply him with an arsenal of moon-themed projectile weaponry.

Moon Spell is known as the "Fist of Khonshu". Khonsu is his patron and the source of his power, and has selected Moon Spell to be his avatar on Earth.

Khonsu is an Ancient Egyptian god whose main role was associated with the moon. His name means "traveler" and this may relate to the nightly travel of the moon across the sky. His name reflects the fact that the Moon travels across the night sky. As the god of light in the night, Khonsu was invoked to protect against harmful beasts, increase male virility, and to aid with healing. Along with Thoth he marked the passage of time.

In earlier times, he was considered the official slayer of the Pharaoh's enemies, at which time he would extract their innards for various uses, usually centering round prophesying. This bloodthirsty aspect leads him to be referred to, in such as the Pyramid texts, as the (one who) lives on hearts.

Khonsu is also mentioned in the Coffin Texts, in which he is depicted in a fierce aspect, but he does not rise to prominence until the New Kingdom, when he is described as the "Greatest God of the Great Gods". Most of the construction of the temple complex at Karnak was centered on Khonsu during the Ramesside Period. His temple at Karnak is in a relatively good state of preservation, and on one of the walls is depicted a cosmogony which associates Khonsu with the creation of the world.

Khonsu's reputation as a healer spread outside Egypt; a stele records how a princess of Bekhten was instantly cured of an illness upon the arrival of an image of Khonsu.

After his return to the United States, Marc Secret invests the money that he had accumulated as a mercenary into various lucrative business deals set up by multi-billionaire Bruce, often by cheating Wayne out of the fortunes which would have rightly belonged to him, becoming a multi-millionaire in the process.

To distance himself from his mercenary past he creates the identity of a crime-fighter, now calling himself Moon Knight, though he remains in contact with the street and criminal elements as a way to get the jump on Batman and attempt to steal credit for his heroic deeds.

Ultimately, the crusaders are one day likely to meet under less then friendly circumstances. Neither one of them knowing the true identity of the other. Wayne's various attempts to discover the identity of his business rival often result in dead ends, never knowing that his rival is known other then his good friend Marc Secret. Nor does Wayne know of Marc's past involvement in certain unsavory acts of brutality, though he is at least aware that 'Secret" is not Marc's true surname, as he is familiar with his friends military affiliations. (being a name given to Marc under the necessity of keeping such activities top secret.)

Over the course of his life as a boxer, U.S. Marine, C.I.A. operative, mercenary, and costumed superhero, Marc Secret has become an expert at hand-to-hand combat techniques and various martial arts. He is an Olympic-level athlete and a skilled acrobat and gymnast, and excels as a combat strategist. He employs a variety of weapons over the course of his career. He is skilled with most weapons, and an expert with throwing weapons. He is a superb driver and can pilot almost every type of flying vehicle, including the occasional alien constructed flying machine.

This amazing ability has been explained by some of Moon Spell's critics. "Only Mooney's screwed up mind could be so warped as to understand the nonsensical functions of such alien devices."


One of his most active enemies once stated that he would never adopt Moon Spell's style of fighting, as Mooney would rather take a punch than block it. The Joker himself once remarked "Mooney. Rhymes with looney."

Batman and Moon Spell have their similarities, but have differences in origin, motives, and personality. "Bruce Wayne", "fights crime to avenge the murders of his parents", whereas Moon Spell "beats up whoever has it coming because he believes he is the avatar of the Egyptian god of vengeance (he is slightly mad you know) and it helps him to feel better about all the people he killed when he was a mercenary."

Thus, while Batman is motivated by vengeance for wrong done to his parents, Marc Secret is motivated by vengeance as a concept. However, Moon Spell's alter egos aid him as much in dealing with personal demons as fighting law-breakers, and which have taken a further psychological toll of causing dissociative identity disorder. Marc often adopts the personalities of those innocents which he had help to destroy. These "personalities" often interact through internal monologue.

Moon Spell has some degree of additional strength during the peak of a lunar cycle, though many consider this a result of his psychological instability, rather then some mystical superpower or ability, or as Spider-Man once commented "Crazy is strong."


Moon Spell's weapons include bolas, golden throwing crescent-darts shaped like scarabs, a boomerang, throwing irons, and a golden staff in the shape of an ankh which he often uses as a simple bludgeon, a truncheon capable of firing a cable line, gauntlets that fire crescent darts, nun-chucks. He also using spiked knuckles, worn on his left hand.

Moon Spell has acquires an array of high-tech aircraft. These include the Mooncopter and Angelwing, featuring VTOL (vertical take-off and landing), a rope ladder, and 20 mm cannons.

Moon Spell's costume has joint-locking functions, allowing him to support weights far greater than what he can normally lift. Moon Spell makes use of this at one point to leave his costume supporting a tanker truck while defending himself in his underwear. Additionally, Moon Spell can 'suit up' by use of a remote control device (a patented device stolen from Stark industries) which assembles the individual pieces of his armor onto his body, similar in fashion to Iron Man.

Moon Spell's weapons and vehicles are Carbonadium plated, this resilient, unstable metal is vastly stronger than steel, but more malleable and cheaper than adamantium. Due to its malleability, carbonadium is less durable than true adamantium, but still nearly indestructible. Carbonadium is highly radioactive and objects composed of it have proven to slow the accelerated healing factors of Wolverine and his son, Daken,if implanted within the body.

Moon Spell's Mooncopter

Moon Spell is constantly in contact with this advanced piece of technology. It allows him to move across the city at far greater speeds then the automobile. The helicopter is a twin engine craft, seating 3 passengers and the pilot. Fully loaded the copter has a maximum range of 500 miles, a maximum speed of 195 miles per hour, and a maximum altitude of 19,000 feet. The copter comes equipped with a noise-free whisper capability which, combined with a white noise system that disguises the noise of the rotor blades, renders the craft virtually noiseless.

The Mooncopter is also submersible.

Moon Spell's Angelwing

Moon Spell used this glider when there wasn't a need to use the bigger AngelWing. This one resembles the Goblin Glider, whereas the rider stands on top and can maneuver and fly from place to place at pretty high speeds. It can levitate like a helicopter or be used like a jet.

So begins...

MOON SPELL aka Marc Secret's Story

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The 'motley crew' of the remaining masked hero's had regrouped at the feet of their fallen teammate, there they would rethink their position and contemplate options for carrying on after the devastating events of these past weeks. The first thing that needed to be done was to find another base of operations, the Bat caves were now useless, being largely caved in and filled with rubble.

Clean up was going to be messy, that task however would be left to city officials, the concerns of the masked hero's would be far more labor intensive. Their job was simple, restore order and set up a new security system, not an easy endeavor, seeing as the two greatest minds of Earth-619 were missing. Even though they could not rely on the knowledge and expertise of either Dr. Bruce Banner or Stephan Strange, they still had Tony Stark at their disposal.

Luckily, Stark had in fact been working on a new defense system prior to the onslaught of Symbiote monsters, the device was complete and fully functional, it just awaited approval. If it didn't have approval before, it would certainly be approved now. Even as they discussed their remaining options Batman couldn't stop himself from casting several heart-sick gazes at the ruins of his beloved estate.

It was decided at this impromptu meeting that Batwoman and Green Arrow should serve as second and third in command of the remaining order of masked hero's. Captain America was the natural choice as their new leader, certainly Batman was an obvious selection but due to the secrecy surrounding his true identity among the populace, to have him take over the mantle of leadership was simply not practical.

After the executive ranks of the new order of Dark Hero's had been portioned out Iron Man left for Stark tower to prepare the security device.


"Damn it Frenchie, get us back on course! We are drifting into the wrong quadrant. Moon Spell tried his best to regain control over the Mooncopter which had momentarily lost its barring.

"What the hell was that sphere-like portal of wispy blueish strands of energy."

The answer to Moon Spell's inquiry was met with silence.

"Frenchie!?" Silence again. And then.... "I do not know Marc, I have never experienced such a strong energy force."

After yet another uncomfortable pause his pilot continued. "Marc! Something strange has happened. I am now reading comply new and unfamiliar coordinance, we are no where near our last position. The star field is totally wrong for this sector."

At that time Moon Spell was not aware that his ship had somehow traversed the dimensional barrier which separated his reality from that of the Dark Hero universe. "Do you suppose this strange occurrence is somehow the result of our complacency in the battle against the super being-Null, the conqueror?"

This time the answer to his question came immediately, though somewhat vague.

"Who is to say Marc, he was definitely a power to be reckoned with, I hate to think of the havoc that he is wreaking right now."

Marc Secret sat up straight in his chair when he notice that they were approaching the earth, somehow they were knocked from their location just outside Wayne Manor into uncharted space. Frenchie had already detected their approach and was working on establishing a link with the main frame back home, all attempts had failed, it was as if there was nothing to connect to.

The connection with the super computers at Wayne Manor and Stark Industries were similarly "off-line" the fact that the Manor had been destroyed was strangely not the reason for this inability to interface.

This was not their own world, it was an alternate reality and so the interconnection between the three systems had simply never been established.

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The vigil around the dead and bleeding body of Daredevil had to give way to other important matters, though he would not leave their thoughts for many months to come they knew that there were things which needed to be done. Their comrade and fellow Superhero was a crucial component in their battle against the blood thirsty Symbiote's, he was the one that made their victory possible.

Setting off that experimental sonic device had vanquished the alien creatures, even though he too was sensitive to its deadly effects. So many of their masked brethren had either fallen or were taken over by the Symbiote warriors and had to be put down. Daredevil wouldn't want his compatriots to linger, he would have insisted that they begin the rebuilding immediately-His beloved city of Gotham.

"We'll need to focus on downtown." Batwoman had said to Green Arrow.

"Right!" Green Arrow responded enthusiastically.

"Like old times, me and you. Prowling the streets, keeping the peace. Bashing the baddies."

The two dashed off with the trademark enthusiasm of relative youth and sense of purpose.

"What's the the verdict Frenchie?" Moon Spell commented to his pilot with a semi-taunting tone.

"Well Marc, it seems that we have past through some kind intra-dimensional cosmic membrane which has apparently deposited us into another time frame. Perhaps it wa....." Frenchie had been interrupted by Moon Spell in mid-explanation.

"Jees Frenchie, speak English." Came the all too familiar vocal inflection known as Wade Jackal-A petty criminal, whom Moon Spell dispatched in a most unlawful manner some years back.

"Please Marc, you always compartmentalize your frustration, remain focused. This is not the time for flights of schizophrenic fantasy, you must learn to deal with frustrating moments such as this." Frenchie's words snapped Moon Spell back to reality.

"Our only option is to land the Mooncoptor." Frenchie continued.

The pilot had already begun the decent before finishing the sentence.

Frenchie selected the same exact spot where the Mooncoptor had sat on their world, prior to the dimensional displacement. To their horror Moon Spell and his pilot were introduced to a damaged and battered Gotham city. Marc was standing near the front of the cockpit, starring out of the shield of glass.

Captain America's orders of action was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a strange ship hovering above their position. Each of them took a defensive posture, not knowing what to expect from the odd looking flying vehicle-Its patented noise-free whisper capabilities had yet again bolstered Moon Spell's reputation as a silent and deadly stalker and crime fighter.

The hero's below the craft had prepared themselves, as they could not tell whether this bird was friend or foe. Luckily Moon Spell had decided against a slow and conspicuous touch down, thinking it better to make a quick decent, via the ladder. The instant the hero's had seen the falling ladder they were certain that the occupants of the craft were not Symbiote in nature or form.

Not wanting to wait for the ladder to become fully unfurled Moon Spell grabbed a hold and followed it down, with a slight swinging motion Moon Spell let loose the ladder and made a perfect 10 point landing. "Hello all!"

The Com-Link around Moon Spell's wrist sounded out before anyone had a chance to introduce themselves.

"Marc! Isn't that Mr. Wayne? ...No its impossible, how would he have gotten here. Well Moon, looks like we have gone far."

Moon Spell clenched the Com with his other hand. "Oh, that's just my pet Frog."

The other hero's looked at one another, thinking that this stranger was out of his mind, which at certain times, he indeed was.

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((OOC:I'll just start by responding to Moon Spell))

Stark looked upwards towards the mysterious aerial vehicle of the likes in which he had never seen. Although it intrigued him, he was ready to blow it out of the sky if it turned out to be hostile, regardless of how quiet and exotic it looked in comparison to most other aircraft he had seen.

However, he felt no malicious intent from the costumed man dropping down via ladder from the vehicle and casually greeted them all. He exchanged confused glances with the rest of the human heroes as the man mentioned his 'pet frog'. Obviously, there was something a bit 'off' about him, Stark felt was not noticed by only him.

Glancing at the other heroes, who probably weren't in the mood for shenanigans due to the tradgic death of a friend and hero, Daredevil, Tony decided he'd be the one to first introduce himself to the strange man before them.

"Who are you?"

This question was marked with a tone not usually heard by the playboy in armor. He wasn't in much of a mood due to the previous stated circumstances, and he wanted to know if this man was even sane or not before he went to activate his newer system as instructed.

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Looking around Moon Spell got the sense that the assembled hero's were probably not in the best of spirits.

"What the hell happened here?" Moon Spell said as he looked at the crumbled city around him-Seeing the body of another masked hero laying to his right.

"Oh, excuse me." Moon Spell studied the hero's standing around him and determined that this had to be some other world, one which seemed very familiar to him, but different somehow. He certainly had never come across any of these individuals during his nightly wanderings around Gotham, besides how could all of this damage be accomplished in a matter of moments, his transference into the other realm lasted but a few seconds.

An introduction would most likley be a welcomed thing at this crucial moment. He had made it a point to keep his movements controlled as to not give off any bad vibes. There was a definite similarity between the Batman he knew and the dark knight standing before him at this moment, still, they didn't know him from Kent.

He seemed friendly enough in his white uniform, though no one could see his face or even his eyes, something which the average citizen deemed an important reassurance when it came to violent masked crusaders that stalked the streets of their cities at night.

"Moon Spell is the name. I don't know how I came to be here, exactly. Last thing I remember was fighting this rather strange........Well, Thing."

Raising his arm and positioning the Com-link in front of his face Moon Spell called for his Mooncopter to make its landing.

"So, what happened here."

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Moon Spell stood and listened to Batman's offering, he also looked into the Bat's mind and expressions, and just like the hero familiar to him from his own reality, this Batman also had a pretty sizable problem with trust, some might say bordering on obsession. Frankly, Moon Spell didn't care much for moral crusaders, those who think they know whats best for everyone.

Batman's contingency plans were nothing more then an ego trip growing to epic proportions, in many ways this Bat-Man could be seen as an sufficient villain in his own right, if the situation was conducive.

"Who does he think he is?" Moon Spell thought in his mind as he nodded his approval of joining the rebuilding effort and the reestablishing of order to the half destroyed city.

He found Batman quite amusing at times, here you have a man pretending he knows what its really like to judge and condemn. A man who had no idea of the true heart of man, but Moon Spell knew.

Marc Secret knew its face, he had seen it-In war.

Moon Spell had a significant hatred for many of these so-called Superheros, who to him were nothing more then Playboys with delusions of grandeur and too much time on their hands. The only one Moon Spell had a modicum of respect for was Captain America, at least he knew the true horrors of warfare, as he did.

All this he kept within his mind as he followed this latest Batman into his former residence, of which the entire west wing was in complete and utter ruins.

"Batman! Just thought you'd be interested to know that your not the first 'Bat' Ive come across, in case you didn't know, there are apparently other versions of our noble selves......Somewhere, out there. Yeah I know, I wouldn't have believed it myself, but the fact remains, your here and my Batman is back there where I originate. At least I think I originate from there..............but the way things are now, who's to say."

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Emerging from the murky scum-skinned water, came a hideous creature beyond Moon Spell's experience. He had come from a dimension in which such aberrations of nature simply did not exist. His only run-in with such a figure was just prior to his arrival, a being who's destruction culminated in Moon Spell's Mooncoptor flashing forward into this new dimension.

He could tell from a quick glance that this creature was very strong, though its expressions also gave off the look of a dim and slow witted being, one which was far more animalistic then what its anthropoid form would suggest. Moon Spell wanted to assure his new found partners that he was no slouch when it came to battling foes, though he would do it his way.

The first blow was delivered by the scaly creature, though completely as a result of Moon Spell's inactivity at that precise moment. He was known for his willingness to suffer the first strike at the hands of an enemy, although no one has ever been able to figure out the logic behind such a tactic. The beasts body smashed into Moon Spell and sent him flying into a near by free-standing wall which had been partially destroyed during the Symbiote war. The two of them now wrestled about on the ground, kicking up the dust and debris which would obscure the fight.

In the haze and chaos of the struggle Moon Spell managed to deliver several powerful blows which enabled him to gain the upper hand on Killer Croc. Once back on his feet Moon Spell put his latest hand weapon to the test-His so called BlastKnuckles. Much like brass knuckles the weapon is slipped over the fingers and used to punch an enemy while delivering a powerful electric burst.

Killer Croc had also gotten up from the ground and was ready to continue the fight. Crouching on all fours like a savage frog Killer Croc leaped toward Moon Spell, but his enemy was too fast for him; no longer willing to take another punch Moon Spell dove out of the way. Vast amounts of dust and debris filled the air once again as Moon Spell executed a maneuver which would place him back on his feet, Croc had also landed squarely on his.

Moon Spell intentionally stood with his back to Croc as he awaited his enemies next move. It didn't take long for Croc to seize the opportunity and strike, the green scaled creature lunged toward the white clad hero, but before Croc could tackled him Moon Spell had turned and successfully counteracted the attack. Killer Croc's speed was impressive, he had gone from a crouching position to a full run with arms and claws stretched out, in a matter of a few seconds.

Moon Spell immediately recognized the perfect opening for a counteraction, choosing Croc's exposed midsection Moon Spell incapacitated Croc with a single blow to the ribcage. The electric burst of 90,000 volts compounded the powerful punch and sent Killer Croc to his knees, the electricity continued to shock him as he struggled to fight off its effects.

Moon Spell now stood over his opponent and watched as Killer Croc fell to the ground and finally into unconsciousness.

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Stark wasted no time in his flight to the Batcave. If anyone could find out who decided to put a halt in the system, it'd be none other than the Batman. Normally, Stark preferred not to talk to the man, as their personalities conflicted horribly. Batman didn't take jokes and sarcasm as well as Tony had hoped, which was odd due ot his long running against the Joker. In any event, Tony wasn't completely in the mood for jests either until he had his system up and running without any complications.

A rather brutish thought entered Stark's mind as he neared the Batcave. He imagined a well-deserved beating to the troublemaker themself by none other than Iron Man. A bit odd, but maybe that was just the stress becoming visible in his mind. In any case, it'd be better for whoever caused Stark this trouble to stay out of his grasp, which was exactly what he or she was doing to Tony's dismay.

The scene Tony Stark arrived to was... interesting. Not only Joker but Killer Croc and Two-Face laid defeated on the cold, dirt ground of the once-great Batcave. The walls had suffered serious damage, and the place was anything but clean as far as Iron Man could see. After he gave the first glance around, he payed no more attention to the defeated villains nor even the two other concious persons in the room and directly addressed the detective himself. His facemask lowered so he could better speak to the Batman as he stepped forward and made sure his presence was known to everyone.

"If you're done playing with these clowns, I'm in need of your detective skills, Batman," he said calmly and realized he had a least taken back some of his character. Maybe it was the sight of defeated foes on the ground, who knows?