Clove Laurent

The lovely Bird Lady of Augustine

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a character in “Dark Carnival:”, as played by Skata


Name: Clove Laurent
Race: Human

Appearance: Clove always describes herself as average in appearance. One of the reasons she believes this to be true is; as a teenager she was constantly plagued with a rare skin condition called acne. Over a period of years the condition improved and the scars caused by it slowly began to fade. But even to this day the telltale traces of acne can still be seen on her cheeks Makeup does mask the blemishes well, when she chooses to apply it.

Her hair reaches to beneath her shoulder blades and is a dark blonde color that shines golden in the sunlight. Her hair does have a tendency to be wavy and fine in its texture. Clove’s eyes are a subtle dark blue color, that shine brightly with a quiet intelligence and great depth for compassion.

While neither willowy nor pudgy, she stands at a solid 5’7” 135lbs and prefers a more modest wardrobe than most women with her same size of bosom. Clove typically wears long sleeved T-shirts and long pants when not performing. A pale thin scar runs from the top of her left shoulder down to the start of her right breast. She is 21 years of age, but exudes a presence of maturity much older than her actual age.

Personality: Clove led the sheltered life of a servant on a wealthy baron’s vast estate for many years before coming to the circus. Many things still shock Clove, her small bit of knowledge of the outside galaxy expanding for the better and sometimes worse with each new experience. Shy and cautious around new people and places, she will then transform into a bright a carefree individual that welcomes and chats with anyone she feels comfortable with. Clove does have demons from her past, before coming to live on the Traveler. This can be seen from her behavior around angry people, upon sensing discontentment, Clove becomes panicky and will seek to escape the situation as quickly as possible. Likely she will go and seek shelter amongst the soothing presence of her birds after being in that kind of atmosphere.

Equipment: Clove has multiple bright feathery costumes for her act along with a few props for various birds. She has several different leather gloves used for handling the birds, various sizes of wooden perches. Clove has a special perch for her Gryphon, Z who enjoys sitting on her shoulder. A leather harness holds the wooden peg up on her shoulder, while a small platform sits just behind her shoulder in order for the Gryphon to put his cat half comfortably behind him as his bird feet hang onto the perch. Clove’s personal belongings are few; one is a necklace from her Mother that is an eagle in flight. She wears the necklace nearly every day and feels it gives her strength to overcome challenges.

Birds: Peacocks, chickens, ostriches, eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, parrots, cockatoos, pigeons, finches, a variety of alien birds. Koda, a Chihuahua sized Gyphon.


Clove was born on the planet Denva to servants of Baron Von Shire, a high ranking board member of the starship building corporation named Nasa. The corporation owned the entire planet and would lease land to its employees depending on their position within Nasa. Several hundred acres of lush green land surrounded the sprawling mansion; many servants were needed in order to keep everything moving smoothly. Clove’s parents were the official bird keepers on the estate, each of them having unrivaled expertise when it came to anything feathered. The baron owned quite a collection of birds, so her parents were always busy feeding a sick bird, taking care of chicks, adjusting diets and so on. By the age of fifteen, Clove was as comfortable around lanky ostriches and feisty hawks as most girls are with makeup and iPatches.

For many years Clove lived in modest comfort on the sprawling estate, it wasn’t until one fateful day in the boardroom at Nasa that her entire world changed. Shire’s division at Nasa corp. had steadily been losing money for the last 14 months, despite his best effort to turn things around the profits continued to shrink until they dropped off all together. The board finally felt this failure could be ignored no longer, a meeting was called, a vote taken, Shire was subsequently fired and escorted out of the building. Now that would have been the end of it, with Shire moving off world and another taking his place on the estate. But, during the course of the board members mandatory investigation into the downward spiral of Shire’s division, it was discovered that he had been embezzling. It was one matter to fail the corporation, but quite another to steal from it. Nasa would need to make an example out of Baron Von Shire and his entire family.

That night Shire’s estate was breached by the board’s chosen replacement for him. A man with unparalleled ambition, he had readily accepted the task of eliminating Shire and had immediately hired a renowned clean up team to assist him with the task. And all would have gone according to plan had a restless nanny not chosen that particular moment to check on the Baron’s youngest son. The nanny’s shrill screams and subsequent triggering of the estate wide alarm, awoke every servant, animal, and guest of the Shire’s mansion. Chaos erupted immediately, with people running every which way, some trying to flee the danger while others ran toward it.

Clove heard the alarm coming from the main house and sat bolt upright in bed. Alarm drills were religiously practiced twice a year on the estate, so every servant was able to easily recognize each type of alarm by its particular sound. This one had clearly been set off by one of the nannies tasked with watching the Baron’s children. Clove’s parents rushed off to the main house telling their daughter to stay in the family cabin until their return. It was likely that one of the Baron’s mischievous children had simply snuck out in the night to play and one of the nannies, noticing the child’s absence set off the alarm upon jumping to the worst possible conclusion. Clove’s only concern was for the birds upon hearing the alarm, worrying the shrill sound might send some of them into a panic, causing them to hurt themselves.

Heedless of the cold night air, Clove hurried to check on her feathery charges wearing nothing more than her nightgown with the fluffy chick pattern on it. Opening the door to the aviary she breathed a sigh of relief, all was calm but for a few nervous chirps from the more sensitive birds. As Clove stood in front of Koda’s cage, soothing and giving him bits of carrot, a shadow fell across her blocking out the light of the moon. She couldn’t see the person’s face, but then she didn’t need to.

“Clove, so nice to see you again my dear.” A menacing voice spoke from the individual in black. An involuntary shiver went down Clove’s spine, she chilling realized who this was and why he was here. Then she noticed the blade in his hand………

The last crate had finally been loaded into the cargo ship, Clove wished she could have taken more of her beloved birds with her, but there simply wasn’t enough room or feed for them all. Determined to wait for her parents before fleeing the planet, she paced nervously back and forth in the control room of the ship. From her current position, she had a clear view of the lawn leading to the sprawling mansion. She waited till the last possible minute to leave, even letting two other black clad people get within 20 feet of the ship before starting the engines.

The first space port she arrived at, Clove sold the stolen cargo ship and bought a less conspicuous ship with the credits. She traveled across the galaxies, without direction or purpose selling a few birds here and there to pay for feed for the rest. A chance encounter with the famous Cooper Smith at a random space port changed her life. She was given a home again, a place to feel safe and protected.

Clove has been traveling and performing with the troupe for just over a year now.

So begins...

Clove Laurent's Story