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Cooper Smith

Ringmaster and owner of Cooper’s Grand Traveling Menagerie and Circus

0 · 279 views · located in The Universe

a character in “Dark Carnival:”, as played by Irish Wolf


Cooper is a tall and well-built man, standing four inches above the six-foot mark. Broad of face, with a square jaw and a strong greek nose, he’s not a bad looking man, maybe not the best looking in the trope but handsome enough. His eyes have been replaced, with optical implants, which look rather like pools of quick silver and you can’t really tell where he’s looking but it feel like he is always watching you, and you alone. Thick black hair covers his head and is cut down to four inches in length, then slicked back. A great black mustache, curled at the tips, complete the look.

When he is working the show, he dresses the part of Ringmaster. Form fitting black trousers, tall black boots, a white silk shirt, a gold waistcoat, a bright red topcoat with tails and a black top hat. When not playing his part, Cooper tends to wear loose fitting jeans and cotton tee shirts.


To describe Cooper as charming and charismatic would be like describing the ocean as wet and a sun as warm. The truth is, he relies on those skills a great deal, both when working a crowd and when talking with officials (to get his people out of jail or to through customs). Otherwise, he’s a cheerful and upbeat, always seeing the future as golden, the present as an opportunity and the past as fond memories.


Other then a wad of credits, he always carries (but is rarely seen) a gold plated, single shot, needle pistol, which was made with the intention of dueling.


Cooper Smith, for all intents and purposes, appeared twenty years ago, with a titian class cargo hauler, when he bought a failing zoo and in eight years turned it into a wildly successful traveling circus. He claims to be a trueborn, which is to say a human born on Earth but no proof seems to exist to back up the claim. Any attempt to back track him pasted 2569, ends with false trails and corrupted data. Because of this, rumors about him breed like rabbits.

One of the more rampant rumors is that he is a Union spook, spying on planets in the Belt or at the very least, he’s a spook handler, using his traveling show to collect reports and then send them back to Earth. The fact that he is rarely within message drone range of any Core planet is seen a proof that he’s a spy. Perfect cover.

Other rumors make him out to be part of the underworld. They claim that he uses his traveling show as cover for smuggling weapons, drugs, animals or slaves for the various mafias, mobs and cartels. After all, how can any police agency or customs office inspect a bloody traveling circus? Perfect cover.

Whatever the case, Cooper’s not talking about his past, claiming it only adds to his allure.

So begins...

Cooper Smith's Story