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The Fantastical Cat Lady and Resident Panthera Trainer

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a character in “Dark Carnival:”, as played by Selene Durlan


Karenza Shasta (given to her by a human. Her real name cannot be pronounced by humans.)

The Fantastical Cat Lady and Resident Panthera Trainer

(The image is the basic body structure, except for a more feminine appearance and no decoration around the waist. Also she has longer fur.)

Karenza stands upright at 6’4” and is covered in short black fur. Her hands are quite large with a paw-like structure and she often has trouble gripping small objects. Her eyes are dark green and reflective, she also has claws that can retract and extend on her hands and feet. She has a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and the jaw strength of a Terran Prime Tiger. Karenza enjoys wearing gem covered bracelets and necklaces; she will even put several on her long tail. Her ears are pierced in several places with hoops and dangling feathers adorning them. Karenza cannot comfortably walk on all fours, her hind legs are much longer than her arms.

Karenza is reclusive, preferring to be with her Pantheras rather than humans. She is often puzzled when humans have “moral dilemmas”, as she was born with strong animal instincts and a will to survive. What had been best for her pride has always been good for her. She tries not to concern herself with human’s politics and their circular discussion styles. She does enjoy the company of the other performers, most of them accept her strangeness and she theirs. Resisting the urge to hunt the prey animals in the other acts is often a daily struggle; since those instincts are so heavily embedded in her being.

Karenza has few possessions; apart from her large collection of jewelry she has a few glittering bikini type outfits for shows and a deerskin bag with objects from her home world. Karenza’s original hunting weapons were lost when she was rescued from her planet. However she gradually forged a new set. Made out of a lightweight metal alloy, the armor covers her chest, shoulders, torso, outer arms and legs, back of her neck and head. Two seven feet long spears can be strapped to her back if needed. A long blade will often accompany the armor as well.

Karenza is very secretive about her past. She has mentioned she is a Chemian and was born on a dying outer rim planet. It was pure luck a group of human settlers arrived and found her; most of her pride had died of starvation or sickness. She was never told if others survived or where her planet was, making a return visit impossible. Karenza was thrust into a terrifying world of technology, taught the language of human and treated as an exotic pet after enduring multiple experiments conducted on her. She eventually landed in a Zoo, when Cooper obtained it things began to change, she was treated with respect and given her own act and put in charge of the other Pantheras.

Ever since then she has performed and traveled the galaxy, every new planet a chance to discover more about her past and species. Depending on the planet, Cooper would announce her as an experiment gone wrong or the result of radiation. It mattered little what she was called, as she would always be a noble Chemian.

She recently made a tail weapon for herself, it is a dull black color and the spikes can be laid flat against her tail when not in use. The spikes are extremely sharp and when it is worn near the end of Karenza’s tail she can use it to hit them.
Image The spikes are a bit longer and black.

Other Her newest pet:

Another Panthera

So begins...

Karenza's Story


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