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Dante Laporte

"Would holy water and a water gu- S-Sorry, w-wasn't watching my step."

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a character in “Dark Descendants: Worries of a Black Son”, as played by Deiocculus


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Basic Info

||Full Name||
Dante Morgana Laporte





||Romantic Orientation||


My mask is My shield

Dante is, to say the least, very human. He feels fear, happiness, anger, anxiety, sadness, and all emotions you'd expect from a human. Sure, he might be better at most than hiding them, but he still feels them. He has his own desires and wants, which he'll try to fulfill. He isn't however, necessarily good or evil. He's shy, there's no denying it, but mistaking timidity for benevolence is an easy thing to do.

He'd kill someone if it meant his survival, and he'd do it without the slightest regret. He doesn't hold human, or otherwise, life in high regard. He does not believe in a god. He isn't however, the sort of person to indiscriminately go and kill whoever they want. He wouldn't, for example, kill someone just because he wanted to. He might even, if the consequences aren't too bad, save someone.

Dante is by no means an idiot. In fact, he's the complete opposite. He has a good head on his shoulders. His intelligence is better than that of most people, as are his analytical and deduction skills. He can, if faced with a problem, most likely come up with a solution in a short period of time. He, as far as he's concerned, only likes looking at the facts of a problem. He doesn't like basing his decisions on emotions, but will inevitably do so. On a similar note, he doesn't like letting problems escalate into issues. If something that bothers him pops up, he'll try to either isolate or destroy said problem.

Dante is a logical and rational person. He doesn't, unless factual and credible evidence is given, believe most things. As such, it's to be expect that he doesn't believe in any religion, but doesn't necessarily disbelieve in the idea of a higher being. He just finds it highly improbable. He's, in layman's terms, an agnostic leaning towards atheist. Even if he was shown that a religion was true, he'd still not have faith in their god. As in, he wouldn't believe that their god was good.

Dante is a sarcastic, snarky, and slightly acidic person. Sure, he's shy and gets flustered easily, but that doesn't mean he's a nice person. He, when around friends, speaks with sarcasm and tends to have a dark humor. He doesn't do this necessarily to annoy them, but more so due to him being this way. When around people he doesn't know, he generally just keeps quiet and has a neutral expression. He closes himself off and tends to try ignoring most people that try talking to him, mostly due to him not knowing what to say. He's not necessarily the sort of person to purposefully be mean to people, he just really sucks at talking to people.

Dante is, to say the least, very good with machines. He can take apart and put back together most machines and is well-versed in computer languages. He tends to wear clothes that reflect the time he spends with machines when not at school. These clothes tend to be clothes that aren't necessarily stylish, but are well suited for rough environments. When at school however, he just wears simple clothes, mostly due to someone having previously nagged him about it. We are however, getting off track. Dante is good with machines. He, due to this like of machines, tends to get a bit too excited at the mention of them.

As was said before, Dante is a shy person. He doesn't do very well in large groups and prefers to stay in small groups. He gets nervous very easily and, when sufficiently so, starts to sweat. If someone were to bring flowers to him, he'd probably be flustered and stammer like an idiot. He may seem calm and composed, but he's actually a very anxious person. Meeting new people takes more energy from him than it would a normal person.

Dante dislikes school, funnily enough. He finds it to be terribly inefficient, especially the paces at which classes go, and would much rather prefer to go into an area of work instead of going to school. Going to the Academy however, will help his resume very much. He, in school, averages at a 99% in terms of grades, but finds it tedious. He'll do his work, but he wont put much effort into it.

Dante is, to say the least, slightly coward. He gets scared quite easily. Instead of acting like a deer in headlights however, he has a tendency of putting into effect the 'fight' part of the flight-or-fight response. This has, of course, led to very awkward situations. He has, as a result, decided to take martial arts classes.

Dante rarely gets mad, preferring to keep himself calm and collected, but he does get really mad when he does happen to explode. He doesn't bother with snarky comments or sarcastic remarks. He goes straight to violence. He uses whatever he has on hand to channel his anger, be it a wrench or his fists. He doesn't stop at one punch, either. He goes full-out, to the point of most likely breaking the bones in his fists. It doesn't matter if the source of his anger is on the ground, he'll continue until he's tired. This is due to his unhealthy tendency to suppress emotions. When angered however, his judgement is cloudy and he can't very much think logically.
Howards Phillips Lovecraft
'Dante's Inferno'

'My Immortal'
'50 shades of Grey'
Excessively 'bright' people
Tasks requiring copious amounts of energy

Dante has a habit of folding the bottom right of the page he leaves in off a book.
Dante plays with a curl in his hair when deep in thought
Dante has a habit of making inappropriately sarcastic remarks at the wrong time.
Dante has a bad habit of punching anything and everything that scares him.

Dante doesn't fear death itself. He fears being unable to think, not existing, and the such for eternity. He can handle pain and torture, but not being able to think is the most terrifying thing he could think of. He'd rather, if given a choice, go to hell and burn for eternity than to never be able to think again.

Dante has a, believe it or not, fear of ants. Due to something that happened in his childhood, him drinking an ant that was inside a soda can, he's utterly terrified of them. As irrational as this is, he tends to flail when one is touching him. He's fine with seeing them, relatively speaking, but them touching him is terrifying. He can handle snakes and spiders, but oh no, ants are too much.

On the field

(Who are you in a pact with and for what cost be sure to ask who you choose to be in a pact with to plan out how they will work together and how they treat each other. Oh and if you have two character one demon and one human they CAN'T form a pact together cause it's only fair.)


Dante can work with most technology with ease. He's able to disassemble and reassemble most machines, as well as making his own. If you need something fixed, you should ask Dante to do it for you. Of course, it comes with a price unless you're someone close to him.

Dante is very intelligent, if that wasn't obvious by now. He can learn to do most things with relative ease and come up with solutions for most problems before they become issues.

Dante may be a coward, but he is loyal to those he cares about. Regardless of the situation, he'd sacrifice himself to save someone he cares about. He'd walk into a nest of giant ants, even, to save someone he cares about. He'd do absolutely anything and everything to save someone he cares about, regardless of the consequences.


Dante is... a coward. He gets scared by most things quite easily and is hesitant to take risks. If you'd want him to, without the person having any relationship with him, save someone from a dangerous situation, he'd probably not do so. He'd also, if faced with a giant monster and near-impossible odds, run away quite easily.

Socially Inept
Dante, to be quite blunt, sucks at talking to people. Either he's too blunt and sarcastic, or he stammers like an idiot. As such, it's to be expected that he finds it hard to speak to new people even if he seriously needs to.


Leonardo Laporte - Father
Maria Laporte - Mother
Virginia Laporte - Sister


"I don't hate my parents, surprisingly enough. Sure, they were distant and hard to reach, but I don't hate them. I just don't care about them."

Dante Laporte was born to Leonardo and Maria Laporte. He was born before his sister, Virginia Laporte, and was a quiet child from birth. He rarely ever got into trouble or did anything that would be considered bad. Or rather, he never got doing anything of the sort. He might have or might not have done so, but that's a mystery even to him. After all, who remembers their infancy?

Either way, his parents weren't exactly the best of guardians. Well, at least not to him. They were distant and hard to reach. He sought praise and affection, but rarely ever got it. This didn't help his quiet disposition. He became more and more nervous, trying to perfect himself in all areas. He studied, got near but never sufficiently so perfect grades, and did all he could to get a reaction out of his parents. He played games of course, but rarely ever, and only when forced asked to by people like his sister. He was simply too busy.

As it turns out however, his efforts were very much in vain. No matter how hard he tried, no matter how much work he did, they never really seemed interested in him. They gave him empty praise, of course, but that was obviously empty. He acted as if he didn't care, but it ate at him and his thoughts about himself. Was he not good enough? It seemed logical, at that moment. Of course it was his fault, wasn't it?

This acidic, self-depreciating logic continued for a while after it was brought up in his head. He became bad at speaking to people, wondering whether or not he seemed to be good enough. He began reading more books than he previously had, as to escape from the highly intimidating world. It was better than to actively pursue a goal that seemed impossible. He didn't however, see anything wrong with this wishing to hide from his problems.

Either way, the letter allowing him to go to Angel Academy was well welcomed. He'd have a chance to really prove himself, but he wasn't sure to who he wanted to prove himself.


Virginia Laporte || "Hot-headed, childish, blunt, judgmental, and, for some reason, e-e-endearing. P-please don't tell her I said that, especially the first part."
Dante's thoughts on his sister are a bit complex, yet somewhat simple. He, first and foremost, loves her as family. To be quite frank, she's the only person he's actually gotten to caring for. Or rather, she's the only person that has been able to, so far, break the bubble around him. Either way, for better or worse, he loves her. He may not be able to openly say it, but he'd rather not anything bad happen to her.

Midnight Shadow || "I-If possible, I'd rather not t-talk about that shor- h-h-her.
From what he's heard, she seems to be the last person he'd want to meet. She's, to say the least, intimidating. That's really all there is to say on the matter. With his luck however, he'd probably end up bumping headfirst into her.

Desmoro Favouretter || "She seems nice."
If you were to ask Dante about who he found less intimidatingIE: most sane, he'd probably answer with 'Desmoro'. She's not, for one, an abrasive person or the sort of person to to kick you out of nowherelike somebody. He'd be able to talk without stuttering, for the most part, if directly talking to her without any bystanders.

Nero D. Lucifer || "Who? O-Oh, him. I don't know."
Dante doesn't really have much of an opinion on Nero. Like, at all. Or rather, he doesn't know what to think. From what Dante has seen, Nero seems guarded.

Kenshi Suzuhara

FC is Leo Valdez drawn by []viria[/url][/center]

So begins...

Dante Laporte's Story


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"Plotting a take over the other world, or is it possible that your planning to destroy the gate instead?" A hooded man asked standing next to the gate with a guard that had been rendered unconscious his voice sounded distorted but was still understandable. "No no although those thoughts have crossed my mind a few times. Hmm you know what I have a job for you. How do you feel about hunting down your old pupil and bringing him back?" Moving farther away for the lit arch Lucifer's dissolved into the shadows leaving the hooded man alone to brood. "No denying I have missed that kid wonder how his use of blood magic is going along."

Nero D. Lucifer

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes Nero began to look around. "Another day with nothing to do." He sighed kicking himself out of bed. 'What's on the schedule today? No meetings today which means I've got to deal with an hours worth of paper work.' After a quick wash and change Nero grabbed his bag before leaping out the door and making his way towards the school. "Today's list.First there should be an assembly for this next semester. Then onto my classes. Followed by dealing with an hours worth of paper work. And when it's all done I..." Before he could finish a sharp pain coursed through out his spine causing him to drop like a rock before becoming unconscious.

Shaking himself awake Nero found himself tied up in what he could only guess was one of the school's storage rooms but which one he had no clue. "Finally awake young master?" It could be that he was still groggy from what had shot him earlier but from where Nero sat he couldn't help but stare in disbelief. "What's the matter you look like you've seen a ghost. Oh and don't worry the drug should wear off soon enough." Shaking his head again Nero leaned back placing his head against the wall. "No not a ghost I'd have to be a fool to believe that, even among demons ghosts are mainly used to scare the little ones to sleep. No I'd say more along the lines of I saw a wraith. And what happened to your voice it sounds like you were gargling a bucket of hell hound teeth."

Start of the new Semester

"Take your seats... Ahem Now then Students I hope you are aware that there has been a string of unexplained disappearances we have received a notice from the officials stating we enforce a curfew. Students are to return to their dorms no later then seven thirty any one caught breaking curfew shall be expelled..." As the principal continued whispers broke out "Did you hear that we're to be put on a curfew. Man that sucks." After the assembly all the students dispersed to their individual.


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A few months ago


A clock, a simple one, continued its incessant ticking inside the house of the Laporte family. It was ticking in the living room of the house. it always did this. The reason for which this clock is being described? It's simple. The time that was on the clock was what was important. It was the early morning, very early. The younger Laporte male woke up each morning at an unusual time. At least, unusual for most people. It had, by then, become routine for him. Go to sleep early and wake up early, that's what he did.

Dante, as was the male's name, got off of his bed with grace and precision. He was tired and groggy, but still managed to at the very least not fall flat on his face. He took a shower, dressed, brushed his teeth, and did all that one would expect from a normal and tedious morning routine. He rarely, if ever, faltered from this routine.

After having done this, he went to the kitchen of his house. His parents, if they were home, wouldn't wake up as early as him. He also preferred, very much, his cooking to theirs and that of the servants in the house. It was, besides, much more enjoyable to do something himself. He liked working with his hands. It gave him something to do. Something to focus his nervous energy unto.

A few minutes later that day

A groan of pain mixed in with annoyance escaped Dante's mouth. As it turns out, falling down stairs hurt... quite a bit. At the very least however, he was fully awake. He had, after eating, attempted going up the stairs to return to his room, but had slipped and fallen backwards. He had, luckily enough, landed on his elbows, so the pain was minimized. Regardless, it still hurt and would probably continue hurting for a few hours. He just hoped the noise hadn't awoken anyone, but doubted it, seeing as he had fallen onto a relatively soft carpet.

Start of new semester

School. A boring and tedious thing, even for him. No, especially for him. He rarely ever learned any new things. Regardless, he paid much attention during the assembly. Or rather, listened to the words being said. He'd, even if he hadn't been processing them, have been able to replay them in his head later on. The words that were being said however, interested him. Unexplained disappearances. A 7:30 curfew, facing expulsion if broken. Annoying, to say the least.

He didn't voice this opinion. He understood why it was being enforced, but didn't like it. Going against it wouldn't do much to help him or to destroy the curfew. The logical thing to do, in his opinion, was to adapt to the curfew. He'd have to reschedule a few things, due to this curfew, but he'd get around that with relative ease.

He, while thinking this thought, bumped into somebody. He didn't fall, but it was still surprising. He managed to keep his reflexes under control, but apologizing was another matter, "S-Sorry, wasn't watching my step." He actually hadn't been, so this wasn't a lie. He just hoped the situation wouldn't escalate into something larger. He moved his head upwards to see who it was he had bumped into, hoping it wasn't someone too intimidating.


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Midnight Shadow

Midna wasn't paying attention to principal's speech and she yawned looking around her. Everything looked just as boring as before. Midna watched the new students. Surely there was someone she could start torture this year. She laughed in her mind when she remember the last year. No one still knew why one of the students had always had bandage around his wrist. He was a scaredy cat who was too afraid to tell anyone what Midna was doing to him. Yes, he had been fun. Too bad he had decided to switch the school this year.

”"Did you hear that we're to be put on a curfew. Man that sucks." ”

”Hmph.” She watched as other students were in disbelief. Of course it was a big deal to them, but she didn't take the curfew too seriously. She could always use her shadow magic and sneak outside. And she was going to do that. There was no way she wouldn't go jogging to forest at nights. Besides, if she had even been able to steal her katana back, she could do that too. Midna highly doubt she would be expelled even if they found it out. Her misbehaving nature was well-known inside the academy. Few missing students wasn't her concern. No one could be stupid enough to attack on demon. And if they were, she would defend herself.

What was her concern, however, was where she would hide her katana this time. She had literally used every secret place she could come up with. Right now she had left her sword in the forest. She was pretty sure that as soon as she entered her dorm someone would come to search it through. Getting her katana back was one more reason to go outside despite the curfew.

When the assembly was finally over Midna, like everyone else, headed off to the classrooms. As always those who knew her reputation avoided her. That was when someone bumped into her. With a sharp move Midna turned her head around staring the boy, who was now apologizing, with narrowed eyes. ”You should watch your step.” she said coldly. ”Or are you so excited to get into classes that you're running around like some headless chicken?” Midna walked right next to him. ”Listen up. This won't be over.” she whispered in his ear before turning around and walking further away. ”There” she thought in her mind. ”Let him fear.” she smirked.


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#, as written by Kapento
Desmoro Favouretter & Cleanthus Uretta

A despaired sigh fled hastily from displeasured lips. A pair of lifeless eyes to match. ”You know… the place ain‘t going to fall apart without us. Heaven forbid and all.” The boy, commonly known as Cleanthus, stated rather sarcastically. By no means did the boy hate school and all that accompanied it, however what really got at his tail was the early mornings.

As it was the morning seemed to be flying by as the unusual pair strolled along, somewhat hurriedly, to their destination.

”It will not kill you to actually make an effort and arrive early.” The girl sighed in an exaggerated tone whilst looking to the boy that accompanied her. Desmoro, as the female was called, knew all too well how difficult it was to keep the youthful males interest. ”After all, we have an assembly this morning and I don‘t want to miss out on any of the important stuff.”

Shrugging his shoulders Cleanthus knew it was a non-avoidable scenario and decided to just accept and get over it. Without further words spoken the pair entered the Academy gates and promptly shifted themselves over to where the assembly was rumored to be held. Once there, they settled themselves down in the nearest seats at the time and focused their stares onto the principle who was just about to speak at that moment.

He said, “Take your seats... Ahem. Now then Students I hope you are aware that there has been a string of unexplained disappearances we have received a notice from the officials stating we enforce a curfew. Students are to return to their dorms no later then seven thirty any one caught breaking curfew shall be expelled…”

During the speech some students whispered amongst themselves, which was hardly surprising. The news of mysterious disappearing was clearly going to cause some anxiety amongst the young minds, and yet the sudden placement of a curfew was likely to cause more of an uproar than anything else.

”Eh? I don‘t think so.” Cleanthus huffed in protest. ”Life sorta bites when others try to take control of it. And so what - people disappear all the time without explanation… that is hardly my problem. So why should I be punished too.”

”It‘s only for our own good, you know. I can hardly see anything wrong in that.” Desmoro spoke and gave the boy a knowing look. ”Hush now I want to hear what the principle is saying..”

The speech only lasted for a few minutes longer before coming to an end. Once all the relevant information had been passed out students began to rise from their seats and begin making their way out of the assembly hall and to their classes. Likewise, Cleanthus and Desmoro left the hall shortly afterwards and tried to avoid the mob of bodies.

”So... We really need to go to class?” He doubtfully asked. ”We could always jus--”

”Yes. And don‘t think we won‘t either. I promised to look after you and make sure you get a decent education - you see that I don‘t live up to that!” She teased in a somewhat tormenting manner before giving the boy a forceful shove and pushing him along further down the hallway. Along the way they noticed a few other students, in particular some boy bumping into a girl who didn’t seem best pleased. Needless to say the pair kept on moving and avoided the situation wisely.


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#, as written by Byte
Ginny Laporte

The start of a new semester. A boring, uneventful semester. Virginia Laporte, the second and youngest child of the Laporte family sat among the large crowds of students both new and old, paying a listening ear to the apparent point of this assembly. Although she was certain she'd forget every single uttered word as soon as they were dismissed, the topic that was brought on did catch her attention quite well.

Unexplained disappearance. Curfew. More rules to bother with... How-


The girl murmured under a series of grunts and growls. She had yet another reason to doubt staying here was in any way useful. It wasn't as if she was particularly attached to this academy, or a set future after graduation – Not that leaving this school behind was right around the corner. However, she figured it was best to comply. Live and let live, no matter how tempting it was to go against the curfew. Wouldn't want to risk expulsion. She wasn't that desperate.

As the speech came to a welcoming end, Virginia, along with the other students, began to exit the assembly hall and proceed with their daily schedules in the exciting life that was school.

It was when she walked through and out of the mass of excited students, that Virginia noticed her older brother caught up in his ineptness as was usual. She couldn't quite make out what had happened, but figured Dante had been a clumsy sod. Again.


In the midst of the loud mumblings of the others, Virginia managed to yell the boy's name in an almost commanding tone. She flashed a wicked smile as she leaped at him from behind, locking the quiet boy in a tackle-hug. “Found you.”


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This is not good. That was what Dante thought whenever he saw who it was he had the luck to have bumped into. It was none other than the shor- her. None other than her. ”You should watch your step.” She said something, but he only managed to catch the 'watch your step' part. Intimidating. Her gaze was intimidating. Not that he'd know, mind you, considering that he was looking anywhere but at her eyes.

”Or are you so excited to get into classes that you're running around like some headless chicken?” She insulted him. Her words however, did nothing much to him. He was already nervous as it was. He also happened not to care about what she thought of him. He just found her intimidating. Something to avoid like the plague, not something to impress.

Regardless, all comebacks he had thought of couldn't get out of his mouth. They were perfectly good comebacks, too, but there were simply too many and saying most of them would get him injured. There was no need. He resisted the urge to punch her, a result of his fight-or-flight response. He'd get into more trouble than needed. It wasn't worth it.

”Listen up. This won't be over.” Her words unnerved him. All he could do however, was nod subtly. There was no way in hell he would actually want to meet up with her later. He was scared of her, sure, but he was more scared of what would come after any death. Pain was also scary. If she attempted to harm him, he'd have to fight back. Not out of bravery, but out of cowardice. The instinct to survive was, after all, a very powerful force. He'd however, if given the choice, run away.

The girl left, thankfully enough. He saw people avoiding the situation, but didn't blame them for doing so. Had he been in their place, he would have done the same. It was just him being unlucky that he happened to be the one to run into the girl.

Regardless, he stood still for a few seconds. He had to get his heartbeat down. He tended to punch things that touched him whenever he was ridiculously anxious or suffering from adrenaline. Hopefully nobody would be unlucky enough to tou- "Dante!!!"

Dante tensed himself, preparing himself for some sort of physical contact. It was obvious who the voice belonged to. His sister. The one person he'd rather not figure out what had happened earlier. He wasn't going to tell her. No, burdening her with that was something he wouldn't do. That would be putting her in danger.

His thoughts however, were interrupted by being hugged from behind. It took him a lot of energy to resist the moment that wanted him to fall forwards, but he managed to do it. "Found you." She was very good at pointing out obvious things.

He did however, feel safer. Not that he'd admit it, mind you. "W-was that really necessary?" He had a stutter in his voice, mostly due to the previous happening, but he imagined she'd see it as something he normally did. Then again, she was his sister and knew him better than most. Either way, he was apt to set a subject before she decided to do so.

"W-what classes are you taking?" His voice was quiet, but it sounded deep. His voice was always like that. Regardless, he was genuinely interested in what classes she was taking. He doubted they'd be the same as his, due to a number of variables, but he was still interested. He, regardless of whether or not she was still holding onto him, attempted to continue walking towards his classes. He would still be talking to her, of course, but he found that walking while doing so would be better than standing still in a hallway. He did however, take care to watch where he was walking.

"Does that girl really carry around a katana?" He asked this mostly to himself, having intended to simply think it, but not say it. The reason his stutter was not present, for reference, was the fact that he was under the impression that he was just thinking his thoughts.


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#, as written by Byte
Ginny Laporte

“How else would I greet you, silly?” Virginia jovially retorted after her impromptu hug, who she had to admit Dante caught rather well. She was sure they'd have fallen if he hadn't braced himself. That's her big brother for ya!

She took notice of the stutter-y question, but paid it as much mind as she always did, which was on the brink of ignoring it altogether. Dante was always a bit awkward around others, that included his own sister. Habits die hard, and with Dante they were habits stemming from a long and lonesome childhood.

“W-what classes are you taking?”

Virginia paused momentarily to release her brother from her tight grip. She flashed a big grin, briefly, before reverting to her usual cocky smile as she pondered a moment to remember all the classes she had decided to follow this year.

“I only know I gotta follow Math first. Just peachy...” Her voice was filled with disdain. Virginia never really enjoyed anything involving numbers, equations and weird formulas that might as well be in Chinese for all the logic and understanding she saw behind them. But, it might be useful in the future, so she stuck with it in the hopes that through the magic of hammering it in she'd eventually find the thread of logic behind it all.

“Wait,” Her gaze shot to try and meet that of Dante's, her expression serious and focused. “Who were you talking before? And don't think I haven't noticed!” To emphasize the urgency of her question, Virginia stood on her toes and flicked Dante on his forehead. “Hop! Spit it out, bro!”

That was Virginia for you. Concerned with her brother's well-being in the least kind-hearted way possible, though it was always with good intentions. She'd never hurt him out of frustration, not intentionally, anyway.

As they walked through the hallways trying to make half-baked small talk, Virginia eventually found herself staring at one of the classroom doors. She stood still for a moment. “I really don't wanna go...” She turned to face her brother, giving him a nonchalant wave before opening the door of only one of her many classes that she'd deem... not worth the trouble. “I'll catch ya during break, alright? We'll talk some more then.” She smiled at her brother before stepping into the class, probably catching some stares from all the familiar faces of last year.

Aha! There you are!

Going through the usual routine of finding an empty seat, Virginia shot a wicked grin at Kenshi who'd probably understood the meaning behind it more than anyone. She made a mental note to catch him for some snacks later on. Eventually she found a free spot in front of a rather grumpy looking girl with red-hair staring out of the window. She didn't really feel like sitting mere inches in front of someone that... so not fun, but there weren't many other seats to take. On the way, Virginia gave a few other classmates, Desmoro and Cleanthus a forced smile before lazily dropping into the uncomfortable chair and prepare for another lesson of struggling with numbers... Yaaaay... She thought sarcastically.


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"How else would I greet you, silly?" She asked a question that should have, in his opinion, had an obvious answer. He did however, refrain from answering. It was most likely not an actual question that expected an answer. At the very least he had braced himself and not fallen on the floor. Then again, he might have gotten knocked out and gotten to skip school...

"I only know I gotta follow Math first. Just peachy..." She actually used 'peachy'. Dante barely ever heard people use that word. Then again, it wasn't all that shocking, considering how she was. He wondered when he had gotten used to her personality. Regardless, he didn't speak.

"Wait," She was serious. That was not good, at least not for him. He wasn't very good under pressure, at least not when his sister was concerned. "Who were you talking before? And don't think I haven't noticed." Welp. He gulped. He had to keep his cool. He couldn't blow it then. The situation from earlier was probably nothing. Yeah, there was no reason for her to be interested in someone like him. She'd probably forget about him soon enough if he stayed out of her way.

"Hop! Spit it out, bro!" Ah, right. His sister. She wanted an answer. "I-I bumped into someone, but it's fine." Lying. It came easily to him. He wasn't the sort of person to find it to be hard. Especially not when it concerned keeping his sister out of trouble.

"I really don't wanna go..." She voiced his thoughts. His thoughts however, were mostly focused on not wanting to go near the girl he had met earlier. He'd rather not touch said person, even with a 10ft pole. "I'll catch ya during break, alright? We'll talk some more then." She seemed content to talk about something. He just hoped it wasn't anything to do with the fact that he had most likely not given a satisfactory answer previously.

Dante headed towards his class. It would be his last year of the Academy, luckily enough. He'd graduate and be free to pursue his plans. He already had ideas he could put into place. He'd be successful. He wouldn't have to worry about talking with people, at least he hoped not. It would all be nice, if all went according to plan.

He entered and sat near the back. Nobody seemed to notice, as far as he could tell, his entrance. That was fine by him. Nobody would bother him. Either way, he began reading his book, waiting for class to start.

Minutes later

Class had ended. It had been boring enough. He had gotten the important and, to his disdain, unimportant stuff memorized. He still wrote his notes, of course, but mostly to pass the time. He did his homework, got good grades, and generally didn't have to worry much about the teachers.

He, a few minutes after the aforementioned class had ended, began moving through the hallway. Of course, he was watching his step much more carefully. He didn't want a repeat of the morning.