Alice Teller

"I don't think I have the right to complain. After all, I did find what I was looking for."

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Name: Alice Teller

Age: 15

Profession: Student

Appearance: Alice is of about average height for her age, perhaps somewhat shorter and slighter. Her skin is pale, seeing as she rarely has reason or inclination to go outside. It is also notable that she is never seen wearing make-up of any sort, partly because she views it as pointless and even a waste of her time, and partly because she finds the feel of it on her skin to be extremely unpleasant. Alice has thick brown hair that currently goes down to her waist, she realizes that she may have to cut it short for reasons of practicality however, depending on how things go. Her eyes are a similar shade of brown to her hair. In regards to non-school attire, Alice normally dresses simply; a light jacket, a loose t-shirt, and a pair of jeans, accompanied of course, by her ever-present backpack.

Background: Alice was an oddity among her family. The Tellers had always been quite average. They were middle-class, living in the suburbs, with Mr. Teller being an accountant while Mrs. Teller stayed at home with their son Michael. Alice was not what one would consider normal or average, being both sickly and brilliant in equal parts, speaking in complete, albeit still fairly simple, sentences from her hospital bed at a year old. To be clear, Alice did not spend most of her life in a hospital, she was just in and out of one for the first half or so due to medical issues, specifically immune system deficiencies resulting from being born premature. This problem, while still potentially an issue, is now countered by antibiotics.

While Alice was ahead of the curve when it came to learning, things really kicked into gear when she learned how to read. Suddenly, she had an independent way of learning, and at her own pace, which, as it turned out, was breakneck. Alice's boundless curiosity led her to read anything she could get her hands on, newspapers, textbooks, novels, and everything in between. Another effect that her learning to read had was that it minimized her interactions with others, as she no longer needed to rely on them as strongly to sate her hunger for knowledge. Quite frankly, she never really understood them anyway. Well technically, that's inaccurate. Alice did understand them, in fact after a little observation they become very easy to predict, but rather she had difficulty interacting with them, finding most to be overly emotional, and concerned only with boring things anyway.

Eventually, between her grades and "poor social skills", it was determined that Alice should attend a boarding school. It was here that she had her first encounter with the world of "creepypasta", when she happened to overhear a classmate talking about this story that she'd read online. Odd, considering that it was a Catholic boarding school, but it is a fairly modernized one. Well, as you might expect, the word creepypasta is rather distinctive, and quite easy to look up for yourself once you've overheard it in conversation. A naturally curious person such as she just had to find out what it meant. What intrigued Alice most about these stories was that many of them claimed to be completely true. From a logical standpoint, this was, of course, completely nonsensical. On the other hand however, what if one, just one of these stories were factual? The metaphysical implications would be positively astronomical in proportion. If however, there was one that was true, the only accurate way of finding out which would be through firsthand experience.

And so it was that Alice dove headfirst down the rabbit hole, acquiring any NES game that she could get her hands on, scouring the internet for any "lost episodes" or horrific old television shows, and even trying to play hide and seek alone, all in a seemingly vain attempt to uncover the truth, should there be any to find. However, one should not mistake determination and obsession with recklessness. Alice be tampering with things that she can't fully comprehend, but her preparedness and plethora of contingencies are impressive, particularly when one takes into account her resources. There was also the precaution of not attempting to invoke a pasta that there was no way to escape. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) all of her efforts had been fruitless, the games she did get were not possessed or cursed, rituals failed, and the lost episodes she did manage to find were obvious hoaxes. As a result of this, she decided to try what might be considered one of the more dangerous rituals, but also one that yields the greatest possible benefit; The Devil Game.

Personality: Alice is possessed of a dangerous combination of personality traits; a burning curiosity, intelligence to pursue that curiosity, and the determination to continue pursuing it regardless of how bad an idea it may be to do so. As mentioned before, Alice doesn't usually associate with others very much, primarily because she finds it uncomfortable and difficult to do so, in addition to often being rather unnecessary. Her ability to manipulate and anticipate them is pretty good, but her casual conversational skills leave much to be desired. It doesn't help that she doesn't tend to show much emotion, occasionally making it hard to tell whether she's being dead serious or blatantly ironic.

Alice is also known to be obsessive, whether over big things, such as her recent hobby, or small things, like that one painting that just won't hang straight, or aligning her pencil and paper perfectly with her desk, or how sometimes people walk around with their shoes untied, knowing that it's untied, but can't be bothered to tie it despite the fact that they can clearly see that it's driving you slowly insane! ...ahem, Sorry about that. As you've probably just gathered, Alice exhibits several traits of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, though not to the uncontrollable extent that one would need to actually be diagnosed with it. She can leave it alone, it just... bugs her.

Favourite websites: The creepypasta wiki has proven itself invaluable to Alice's ends, so that would be the most logical choice.

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Alice Teller's Story


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#, as written by ABC
Alice sat on her bed, looking blankly around the room she called home as long as she remained in this school, and contemplated what had just transpired. She had, using a set of instructions that she had obtained on the internet, contacted and had a conversation with, the Devil. With this knowledge, the whole world seemed irrevocably changed on some fundamental level, though it was plain to see with a glance at the room around her that it was not. Indeed, her small room, packed with various video tapes and discs, stacks upon stacks of papers, yet meticulously organized, was exactly the same as it was every other day, save for the notes resting on her nightstand.

Even in the near perfect darkness, the adolescent could still make out the clock, revealing the time to be closer to early morning than it was night. She didn't actually need to look of course, as a precaution for the ritual she had spent the last two weeks perfecting her sense of time, but she still did so to confirm regardless. The silence in this place was overwhelming at night, that was something that Alice had noticed from the beginning of her stay here. The only sounds that she could here were the steady tic of the clock, and her own breathing, interspersed with the occasional noises that all old buildings seemed to make. The walls were too thick for her to hear the other girls in their rooms unless they happened to bump against a wall, and as a result imposed a feeling of isolation. This wouldn't normally bother the girl, but the night's events made the usually calm atmosphere seem somehow ominous.

Well, if she wasn't going to sleep, and quite frankly she found herself unable to at the moment, she should at least review what had happened. Gathering her notes from the nightstand into her lap, Alice began to go over what she had done.

Alice had woken up at exactly 11:30pm and, after making her preparations, made her way to the school's, thankfully unoccupied, chapel. Technically, the ritual said that it needed a church, but her lack of access to any actual church at midnight led her to decide that she'd just have to try the chapel and hope that it would be close enough. The mirror had been a bit more difficult. The chapel itself did not have a full-length floor or wall mirror, so she had been forced to drag a floor mirror out of the supply closet, where she had stashed it after bringing it down from the attic the previous evening. Then, after placing the mirror, and setting up her wards, she began the actual summoning.

As had been suggested in the instructions, she began by turning one of the nearby crosses upside-down to attract the devil's attention. Alice was of course aware that the inverted cross was just the cross of St. Peter, and thus it should be just as holy as the regular one, but it had been specified in the ritual and probably had more to do with the way it had been depicted in recent years than it did with the original meaning anyway. After that was done, she checked one more to makes sure the doors were locked before switching off the lights and seating herself in front of the mirror. beside her lie the papers and pencil she had brought in an attempt to record what was to transpire. Outside, since electronics weren't aloud in the room according to the instructions, was her music player was recording using the "voice memo" feature, but she had doubts that it would be able to pick up anything her "conversational partner" might say, particularly considering the poor audio quality of its recordings at the best of times.

The rest of the directions for the summoning were very simple; stare into the mirror, wishing for the Devil to appear, and then close your eyes for ten seconds. Alice did genuinely want him to appear. It would mean finding answers, and gaining a piece of knowledge possessed by only a few individuals. All that just from the confirmation of his existence, not to mention any information she might be able to get out of him. This in mind, the girl closed her eyes, and silently counted to ten.

And, just as it had said, there he was, standing casually in the center of the mirror. The being before her appeared in the guise of a man in a business suit, seemingly in his late twenties or early thirties, with a pleasant smile and a kind face. His eyes however... His eyes were horrible, gleaming with insidiousness and arrogance. Even so, even with the gleeful malice so evident in the Devil's eyes, Alice could not keep a wide smile of victory from spreading across her features. In the simple act of showing up, he had validated the work she had been doing for the past year and a half of her life, proven the accuracy of at least one creepypasta, maybe lent some credence to the Abrahamic religions, though the fact that making St. Peter's cross might argue against that one, and opened up a whole new world of possibilities and questions. Speaking of questions...

"You called?"

The Devil's voice seemed slightly bored, but politely understanding of her initial speechlessness, and just kind enough to make a tone that would otherwise be interpreted as impatience, seem instead to be mere tired acceptance, almost as if he were thinking "Not another one." His eyes however, still shone with that malicious hunger. Straightening herself up and adopting a serious, businesslike, tone, Alice answered with “I wish to challenge you in a game of question-and-response.” The man in the mirror beamed, and the game began. "What is your full name?" he asked almost instantly, which was answered in equal speed with "Amadeus Arkham." This earned a chuckle from the Devil. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to get any reliable information from her next question as a result of the lie, Alice decided to ask something that she was more curious to hear the chosen response to than any truthful answer. "What is you true name?" For a moment, her opponent seemed mildly surprised before answering in the same fashion she had. "Ferris Bueller."

For some time after that, he continued to stonewall her attempts at getting reliable information by asking nothing but impossible questions, occasionally interrupting the game in an attempt to talk with her, only to be stonewalled himself. As time wore on, and eventually began to approach the specified limit, Alice began to grow frustrated with this, until finally, when the time was almost up, she decided to use her last-ditch strategy. "I would like to take a dare." She hadn't been able to come up with a riddle that she believed beyond the abilities of the Prince of Lies, and so a dare was the only sure way of getting a straight answer. Besides, it was close enough to the time limit that, if she was unwilling to go ahead with the dare, she'd just invalidate the pass that he'd get by ending the game then and there. As expected, this seemed to please the Devil, and he answered with a speed that made her question if that might have been what he had been waiting for all along.

The "dare", if it could even be called that, was not what she had imagined. A place, a time, and the instruction to be there. That was it. It didn't even seem to fall under the category of throwing an unknown number of strangers under a bus, metaphorically, since it didn't even involve doing anything, just... being present. It almost screamed of danger with its obvious inoffensiveness. Why would he possibly ask that? What could he conceivably gain if she didn't do anything? While it was possible that he wanted her to refuse a dare out of justified paranoia when it genuinely was harmless, it seemed rather out of character. Of course, these questions just provided even more reason for her to accept, being unable not to learn why. What made it worse was that he clearly knew too. This was bait, and, while they both knew that she could see it as such, they also knew that she wouldn't be able to refuse. After a few moments, time was ticking, Alice gave a nod to indicate that she would go along with it.

This was the last question, and the only one that would definitely receive a truthful answer, so she'd have to make it count. After considering it for a time that bordered on dangerous, Alice eventually asked "Which, if any, of the other creepypastas are true?" This got the biggest grin yet, as he answered with "To a certain extent, all of them." This was definitely worth further inquiry, but there wasn't enough time left, and judging by the expression on the Devil's face he knew she was aware of it.

Alice was forced to end the ritual then by thanking the being and politely sending him on his way. It took almost a full minute for the girl to make absolutely certain that it was her own eyes in the mirror and not a tick, before she was finally willing to turn from the mirror, turn the lights back on, and collect her things. The mirror was returned to the supply closet, she'd return it to the attic tomorrow night, her tools were gathered up, and the devices that had been deemed inappropriate for the ritual retrieved from outside the room. She only just managed to remember to kick the ring of salt under one of the pews before she left, returning to her own room.

And so here she sat, awake at this hour wondering how she could possibly have allowed herself to be so foolish. Self-preservation was always her number one priority while investigating these things, it had to be, but she had gone ahead and accepted that dare anyway, just to sate her curiosity. At the time she had been able to justify it as him trying to have a laugh at her expense for throwing away what was essentially free information, but even then she knew that was almost certainly not the case. If things ended up going poorly as a result Alice supposed that what had actually happened was not him tricking her so much as her tricking herself. With this joyful little thought in mind, the girl looked down at her notes that she had taken during the ritual. Surprisingly, they were completely legible, and she assumed accurate as well, at least as far as she could tell. Supposedly, the player of the Devil Game wouldn't be able to remember the questions they were asked, so as to avoid them being able to look up the answers later. Alice had taken these notes in an attempt to combat this, which, in retrospect, may have been the reason he never asked her anything she could conceivably give the answer to.

Although, under normal circumstances this new influx of fresh info and experience would have happily kept Alice awake for day so that she could analyze and dissect every little piece, she really needed to sleep. She had promised to be somewhere after all, and she got the feeling that she was going to need the rest.