Rai, Witch

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a character in “Dark Gate”, as played by Hailey13


Name: Rai, pronounced Ray
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long black hair. Black eyes. Pale skin. Long nails. Only 5'.
Clothing: long black dress, belt made of hemlock around her waist. Hair encased in thorns for protection.
Weapon: Magic, mainly potions and elemental.
Armor: None.
Abilities: Potion maker, Summoner.
Weaknesses: Losing her sight, sun makes her skin burn like a vampire, not very observant of her surroundings.
Alignment: Neutral, she only helps those she likes or feels a certain aura around.
Personality: Rai is a quiet witch and tends her garden with upmost care. She makes potions to help others (for a price) in her hut. She often loses herself in her thoughts while outside. She loves solitude, but hates people. She is starting to lose her sight.
Background: When she was born, her father had killed her mother, forcing her brother, who was a wizard, to take her into the forest. When she was 10, he was killed by a monster. She learned her art by a wandering witch and has had many brushes with death. Her whole family was cursed to lose their sight by the age of 35. She is desperatly trying to find a cure for it. She does not wish to kill the girl who is the "chosen one", but doesn't feel that she should help. But, she does feel a certain worry when the girl is forced into the role. She claims she would help her only to do something besides stay in her hut all the time, but is it that, or is it merely her own concern for someone else besides herself? She acts like an older sister.

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Rai's Story