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Dark Moon Wolves

Dark Moon Wolves


Join the dark moon pack now super humans may join as long as they can shape shift.

990 readers have visited Dark Moon Wolves since QuillBunny created it.


Join now!

Here is the form:

Role in pack:(;etc)
Looks: If you can download a picture go ahead but if you cant just say what they look like.)
Wolf looks:(same for reg. looks (try to put pic on))
Any siblings:
Human height:
Wolf height:
Mate or interest in anyone:
Any special abilites/powers:(the powers will be shown in wolf and human)
Any pups:

The roles are:

Alpha male:taken by Cole Played by QuillBunny
alpha male's mate:
alpha female:taken by Scarlet Played by Wolfs Bane109
alpha female mate:
Beta male:
Beta male mate:
beta female:
beta female mate:
Omega male:
omega male mate:
omega female:
omega female mate:

If I run out of spaces message me i will add more unless i already have noticed. :) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE AND HAVE FUN!!!

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Scarlet Bayhan

It was early in the morning and Scarlet was sitting up on a tree branch in the forest. She was sitting in her usual pine tree, Scarlet would usually sit up in the tree when she was thinking. Scarlet sighed and looked around, she loved to hear the wild life in the morning. Scarlet looked down and saw a rabbit jumping around, she smiled as she saw it meet up with it's family. Scarlet took a deep breath and laid back down on the tree branch again. She was very bored this morning and she began to whistle to herself, since she was bored to death.

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Character Portrait: Aurora Blake Character Portrait: Scarlet Rose Bayhan.
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The echoing sounds of enraged growls filled the forest's terrain, flowing into Aurora's sensitive ear's. They were getting closer. Shit. Her paw's hit the moss covered ground, autumn leaves crunching underneath her white paw's. The Alpha of the Rising Dawn Pack and his followers were catching up quick but Aurora knew that the Dark Moon Pack land was just a few kilometer's away. Pushing herself Aurora sped up, dodging low hanging branches and mushroom covered roots as she shot past the pack border line and was now on Dark Moon territory. Aurora stopped to catch her breath as a dark gray wolf and two light brown ones stopped at the border, growling and snarling at her. Feeling proud Aurora raised her head, flicked her tail and flashed the group a wolfish grin before running off into the tree's. The scent of female wafted into her nostrils but she ignored it.

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Character Portrait: Aurora Blake Character Portrait: Scarlet Rose Bayhan.
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Scarlet sighed again and closed her eyes. Her nose twitched as she caught a scent of four wolve's, Scarlet stood straight up on the branch and stretched. She sighed again and jumped, she landed on the ground in a frog like stance, her two legs bent, and her two arms on the ground. Scarlet stood up and started to walk where the smell was coming from, she stopped once she saw a familiar wolf walking towards her. Scarlet sighed with relief as she recognized it as Aurora. Scarlet walked up to her and said, '' Aurora, welcome back. It's been a while.'' Scarlet stopped and shifted into her wolf form fro safety. Scarlet looked at Aurora and said, '' Let's go home, it's getting late.''

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Character Portrait: Scarlet Rose Bayhan.
2 sightings Scarlet Rose Bayhan. played by Wolf's Bane109
'' I am the new Female Alpha. I hope I make a good leader. I'm still trying to get used to being a wolf.''
Character Portrait: Aurora Blake
2 sightings Aurora Blake played by AvalonKnight
Alpha's Mate

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Character Portrait: Cole James Delex


Character Portrait: Cole James Delex
Cole James Delex

The lead alpha who never gives up.


Character Portrait: Cole James Delex
Cole James Delex

The lead alpha who never gives up.

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Character Portrait: Cole James Delex
Cole James Delex

The lead alpha who never gives up.

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Re: Dark Moon Wolves

Yeah, this finally started. This seems like this will be a good were wolf RP!

Re: Dark Moon Wolves

I hope you don't mind that I posted first. It's just that I wanted to get started, I apologize for my excitment.

Re: Dark Moon Wolves

So, when are we going to start this? Not to sound mean or anything, I just wondering.

Re: Dark Moon Wolves

Nice, I hope you get accepted! ^.^

Re: Dark Moon Wolves

alpha male. i sent her in

Re: Dark Moon Wolves

What Alpha? The Female or the Male Alpha?

Re: Dark Moon Wolves

May i make the alpha's mate?

Re: Dark Moon Wolves

Thank you so very much for accepting me. I promise I will do a great job and not let this RP die. if I can help it. That happened too many times and I don't like it. ^.^

Re: Dark Moon Wolves

I have made and completed my CS for the Female Alpha. I hope you like it and possibly accept it. If not, I truley do understand your rejection of my CS.

Re: Dark Moon Wolves

Can I make the Female Alpha? I think I would do a good job on that role. I've been looking for an RP like this, and I would love to be a part of this. If not, I understand your rejection. The easiest way to contact me, would be by I.M.

Re: Dark Moon Wolves

May I reserve the Alpa Male?

Dark Moon Wolves

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