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Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space


When the ship begins to deteriorate, the people on the Centurion begin a fight for their lives against time, fate...and something else.

914 readers have visited Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space since Squiggy created it.


Brief History of Major Events

  • 2041 Outer-planetary beings make first contact with Earth.
  • 2080-2085 The First Astronomical War occurs between the Ether Alignment (with allied planets) and the Empire of the Bracchen (with allied planets).
  • 2096 The Milky Way galaxy is recognized as civilized and accepted into the Ether Alignment as part of the Zeta galaxy system. The member planets included are Earth, Mars (an Earthen colony), Krog, Tarqui, Faeri-Alesque, and Shala ‘en.
  • 2100-2110 Inter-war skirmishes and tensions lead to the Second Astronomical War beween the three major powers: the Ether Alignment, the Bracchen Empire, and the Suaza Group.
  • 2010 The Treaty of Cotaman is signed.
  • 2116 Ether convention is held to approve free trade and transport for private ships within galaxy systems.


Welcome Aboard!

"This is my girl, The Centurion. Ain’t she a beaut? Disrespect her, you disrespect me." -Captain O’Hare

The Centurion is a privately sponsored ship, merchant class, model K-2098. Previously used as a military decoy ship in the first part of the Second Astronomical War, it was retired due to its small size and clunky exterior. It was built almost purely for defense, which made it a perfect choice of ship for the young, up and coming merchant who would become head of the recently established and successful Titus Company (a multipurpose middle man for businesses and governments all throughout the Zeta System). He had its interior reworked and ordered additions, both physical and mechanical, to optimize space and the running of it. It has been on inter-galactic transports since this, but only in the Ether approved fleets that were mandated before 2116. This is her first trip alone, her “maiden voyage” in a sense. In her cargo holds, one can find any number of items from dry goods to nuts and bolts. The size is average. There are six levels with three main wings: one for cargo, one for living, and one for ship administration/controls.

The Plot

“There’s a catch, isn’t there. There’s always a catch.” -Alistair Titus, owner and businessman

The story takes place six weeks into the voyage. The Centurion is ahead of its twelve week schedule, a little past the halfway mark between Earth and the planet Sheere in the Andromeda galaxy. Bellies are full, spirits are high, and crew and civilians both are worry free and looking forward to the arrival. But then all hell broke loose. One night, the comms system went on the fritz and contact with both base and destination was lost. Nobody was too worried about it—they didn’t have much longer to go and contact was sparse anyways. The next night was the crash. Out of nowhere, a meteorite came flying towards the ship. The captain and his navigators tried to avoid it, but it was too large and too fast and managed to catch the tail end of the ship. Again, the worry was little. There were plenty of supplies and competent minds to fix any damage, and the ship was sturdy. Built to last. But when eight people go missing three days later, a recon mission reported that a small barracks and adjoining cargo hold were completely torn from the ship, and the infrastructure of surrounding areas had been severely weakened. The ship was slowly crumbling down, and there were not enough supplies to save it, even if they used the cargo. Suddenly, the people were no longer indestructible on their little fortress stranded in the outlands of space. They are now locked in a battle against time, and time almost always wins.

And when seventeen people drop dead of either heart attacks or what appears to be suffocation, while countless others complain of headaches or chronic nightmares or just paralyzing fear of nothing in particular, is it coincidence? Or is there something more sinister at work? Is time the only enemy that fate has in store?

The Characters

The character sheet here is pretty basic.

Personality: (include his/her worst fear)
Appearance: (please include description, not just a picture)
Job on the ship:

You don’t have to go into too much detail here, just give us a basic concept of who your character is at the start of the roleplay. The premise of the roleplay is supposed to be a highly psychological horror story. It will play on the fears of our characters at times, and hopefully force them into difficult situations. As such, there is plenty of room for change and development, as drastic or little as you desire it to be. All we ask is that you try to make your character different and interesting. There can be relationships already formed, but try to keep them limited. The ship is designed so that all of the characters may look familiar to each other, but they still mostly just stay in their respective areas (i.e. an engineer stays in the boiler rooms, a nurse in the medic ward, a merchant might peruse the cargo. All spend some time in the living wing). Also, as this is a horror story, your character has the possibility of dying. Of course, this won’t happen until a good ways into the story (closer to the end), but there are a several twists this could take that could lead to death. We’ll just see how it goes, and no characters will be treated unfairly!


"Listen up, maggots." -Sergeant Gahl, brig master and former marine

1. Spartan322 and I are the coGMs. We are here to act as guides and gods. Our world is final, but don't be afraid to ask either of us questions!
2. Follow RPG guidlines and the general rules of courtesy (don't god-mod, be nice in OOC, etc.)
3. Literacy is a must here. Try to have at least a few solid paragraphs per post, and be as creative and descriptive as you want.
4. Try to post at least a couple times a week, and let us know if you will be gone for a while.
5. We will only be accepting about six characters, maybe seven if you impress us.
6. Swearing is okay. Keep it reasonable, but as this is going to be a horrifying experience, it's okay if that is how your character deals with it.
7. Same with romance. It's okay, but it isn't really the point. That doesn't mean it can't happen!

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Character Portrait: Quartermaster Parkson
Character Portrait: Uylesses Harris
Character Portrait: Maddox Vanden


Character Portrait: Maddox Vanden
Maddox Vanden

"This ship has seen better days..."

Character Portrait: Uylesses Harris
Uylesses Harris

"Fighting on the terms of others is how you get yourself killed"

Character Portrait: Quartermaster Parkson
Quartermaster Parkson

"I speak for the captain, and the captain said everything is fine. Understood?"


Character Portrait: Maddox Vanden
Maddox Vanden

"This ship has seen better days..."

Character Portrait: Uylesses Harris
Uylesses Harris

"Fighting on the terms of others is how you get yourself killed"

Character Portrait: Quartermaster Parkson
Quartermaster Parkson

"I speak for the captain, and the captain said everything is fine. Understood?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Uylesses Harris
Uylesses Harris

"Fighting on the terms of others is how you get yourself killed"

Character Portrait: Quartermaster Parkson
Quartermaster Parkson

"I speak for the captain, and the captain said everything is fine. Understood?"

Character Portrait: Maddox Vanden
Maddox Vanden

"This ship has seen better days..."

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Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

Since I can't get ahold of Squiggy, I guess this RP is dead. I'm sorry guys, I wanted to do this as much as you guys, but there is nothing I can do, since the RP tabs are in complete control of Squiggy.

If Squiggy gets back, I'll be sure to message you guys so that we can start it. If not, well, we could try it again in the future?

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

Ok, I have finished my exams, which means that I have infinite free time. We'll start as soon as Squiggy appears back.

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

He looks great, Mystic! Now that we'll have six characters after Spartan and I, we'll probably start soon, so be looking for it. Not sure when exactly, but possibly in the next few days!

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

Hello, everybody! Stumbled onto this RP, loved the story, and submitted a character. Every ship needs a cook, and hopefully my guy meets the requirements.

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

@fallbehindme I think he looks good! You've got my approval, I'm just waiting for spartan before I hit the accept button. The only thing, I think, that could make it better would be to add to his physical description.

Everyone's characters are very diverse. Hopefully I'll get mine typed up today. We only have one more spot to full before we get started, so be ready!

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

I finished up my character bio, hope it will do I put some extra stuff in there.

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

@Bradok187, your character is great, but it is missing his fears. Can you add those? As soon as you do we'll accept him.

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

Can i reserve? Busy right now.

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

Hey I submitted my char! Cant wait to start.

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

Ahhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeah!

Now I play the Waiting Game u vu

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

Tristram looks great! We're looking forward to writing with you! :)

Re: Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

:o I just submitted my character! Just tell me if somethin' needs changing!

Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space

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