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Uylesses Harris

"Fighting on the terms of others is how you get yourself killed"

0 · 247 views · located in Outlands of Space

a character in “Dark Odyssey: Remnants in Space”, as played by Bradok187


Name: Uylesses Harris

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Position: Head of Security

Personality: Uylesses is a war dog, or atleast he was at one point in his life. Born and raised on Earth he grew up in poverty until he came of age and joined the EMC, Earth Marine Corps. His short temper led to several disciplinary charges against him, yet he was still able to climb the ranks reaching the title of Sergeant Major. During a raid against smugglers on Mars he was nearly crippled when a bullet tore through his knee. After several surgeries and months of physical therapy he was able to walk again with a limp, however he was deemed unfit for duty and Honorably Discharged. Since then he has harbored an intense hatred for Mars Colonists.

Not one to give up he took his skill and years of experince to the private sector where a slight limp could be overlooked. After a few minor jobs he was finally able to sign a long term contract aboard the Centurion as the H.O.S. Though not much to look at compared to the newer models, Uylesses holds the Centurion with high respect. He often compares himself to the ship saying "We aren't in our prime anymore, but we got a few miles left."

Apperance: Uylesses keeps his brown hair cut fairly short and keeps it concealed most of the time by his dark green veterans cap. A rough beard covers his face most off the time, only shaving it off when he must. He wears the standard security uniform with the sleeves rolled up and a armored vest on top of his shirt. He also always carries his military issued sidearm from force of habit.

Fears: Though he would say he had none, Uylesses is not free of personal fear. It isn't death or darkness that haunt this man, but the fear of being locked within a small space.

So begins...

Uylesses Harris's Story