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Rei Shima

"Have you said your prayers before I pull the trigger?"

0 · 372 views · located in Eden

a character in “DarK PinK SKY”, as played by FuyuHana


|| Rei Shima ||

"Don't waste your energy trying to run, punk."



|| Full Name ||
Rei Shima

|| Nickname ||

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Birthdate ||
November 13th

|| Astrological Sign ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Role ||

|| Face Claim ||
Revy - Black Lagoon



|| Hair Colour ||
A sort of odd shade of black, usually looking like a purplish color

|| Eye Colour ||
Regular dark brown

|| Skin Tone ||
Light tan

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||

|| Scars ||
She's been shot near her right knee, causing for it to graze and make a scare just above it and another across her back from a knife, apparently. Both were from when she was taking on a Mutant on her first year of her job as a Sweeper.

|| Tattoos/Piercings ||
She has a large tattoo of thick lines with different ends crossing on each other on her right shoulder, starting at the base of her neck and lowering down to just above her elbow.



|| Positive ||
โ˜ธ Accuracy - With a gun in her hand, her aiming and accuracy skill is insane. Some people really think she's a Mutant, but most of those people get beat up in the end. She's mostly good with close up encounters, and average at far away targets. She got to practice and still does on cans, both far and close.

โ˜ธ Eating - Rei's skill at eating is incredible. She'll eat almost anything (but sweets) and eat is quick. Not to mention she takes a liking to large portions, especially when it comes to noodles or soup.

โ˜ธ Writing - Even though she's a Sweeper, she's still a human, and human's have hobbies. Besides hunting Mutants, she has a hobby for writing, and she's really good at it too. But her style of writing is a little different than other people's. Some people would write novels or poems, but Rei wrote about scenery, stopping at random places and just sitting down, waiting for a Mutant, or just to watch the scenery, and pull out her notebook and start writing everything she saw.

โ˜ธ Ambitious - While most Mutants may take this in a negative way, other take it positively about Rei's ambition to do anything. Even with obstacles in the way, she'll get over them without even trying or realizing. With this, she also tends to get most of her goals finished easily and quickly.

โ˜ธ Running - She's no track star or anything (though she obviously could be) but Rei is superb at running. If a Mutant were to take a path down a straight road or alley way, even through a place with hundreds of people that is on flat land and no obstacles, she'd catch up with them, no questions asked. Unless he or she was also an insanely fast sprinter, then that'd be a competition to watch.

|| Negative ||
โœ‘ Stubborn - If Rei says she's right, just try to go along. Most people who don't get into a huge fist fight, and often lose, even though she's just a young woman. Sometimes it can get even worse, but that's usually what it's limited too if someone were to say she's wrong. And even if she is wrong in the end, she'll just say something like 'Psh, I knew that, dumbass.'

โœ‘ Short Fuse - Another factor of her difficult personality. She's easily annoyed, no questions asked. For example, if someone were to take away her soup, or any food for that matter, she'd get pretty dang angry and probably punch that person without second thought or warning. That also goes for if someone were to offend her or her brother, or speak positive about Mutants. That'll get her annoyed also.

โœ‘ Ambition - As explained before... but sticking to the negative side of her trait, her ambition can get her into serious trouble. If she got angry at someone for stealing her money and couldn't find them, she'd search for days and days until she'd find that person, probably beat them up, then take back what was hers. This goes for other negative situations that she tends to get into.

โœ‘ Stretching - If Rei's going to have to jump walls, do splits and do backflips or something while trying to chase a Mutant that involves stretching in any way, they'll be out of her sight without doubt. Even though her ambition is strong, that won't help her become more flexible. Chances is that if a Mutant were to avoid her by climbing or going over walls, she'd just let them go after half an hour of chasing since stretching tires her out more than anything else.

โœ‘ Agressive - When Rei's in a fight, pursuing someone, or just talking with someone, she has a strong hint of aggressiveness in her voice, almost like an animal thats growling and waiting for a threat so she could have an excuse to bite. It doesn't always happen with friends, which she only has one or two that is basically the Bar manager, and her brother (She's a completely different person when it comes to her brother though)

โœ‘ Smoking/Drinking Tendency - Rei has a bit of a serious smoking habit, especially with she's angry/annoyed or depressed. She tends to do it after she loses a Mutant she's chasing, when she has no money for food, or when she gets into a fight. She also smokes when she's in good mood also, but when she is in a good mood, she usually drinks instead, which she has trouble getting drunk due to alcohol has hardly any effect on her.

|| Likes ||
โง Guns
โง Running
โง Excitement
โง Her Brother and Mother
โง Food
โง Drinking
โง Smoking
โง Soup/Noodles
โง Eating With Other People
โง Doing Nothing
โง Sleeping

|| Dislikes ||
โ˜“ Loud People
โ˜“ Loud Noises
โ˜“ Super Bright Places
โ˜“ Sweet Food
โ˜“ Fruits
โ˜“ Being Talked Bad About
โ˜“ Her Father
โ˜“ Fake Sky
โ˜“ Birds
โ˜“ Mutants (She tends to think that they're better than her, which annoys her)
โ˜“ Being Interrupted

|| Dreams ||
ใ‚ท Rei only has one dream, and that's to see her mother again. Surprisingly it's not getting rid of all Mutants, that's more of something she tends to do, like a goal, but not a dream. Her dream is to see her mother alive again, even though that's definitely never going to happen.

|| Fears ||
โ™ฎ Being Last
โ™ฎ Losing
โ™ฎ Getting Attached
โ™ฎ Not Having Noodles
โ™ฎ Losing Her Brother
โ™ฎ Dying Before Her Brother (She wants to look after him to the very end)



|| Occupation ||
Sweeper | She has no other job other than that.

|| Romantic Interest ||
None. She's not exactly the type of person to dive into romance willingly and has put not very much thought to it.

|| Theme Song ||
Guren No Yumiya - AmaLee

|| Family ||
Anna Shima | Mother; American/Chinese; 46 / Deceased at 36

Masato Shima | Father; Japanese; 47 / Alive but abandoned daughter and son at 41

Mamoru Shima | Younger Brother; Japanese/Chinese/American; 15 / Alive and hospitalized from illness

|| Biography ||
Rei was born and grew up in Japan with a loving mother, dedicated father, and innocent little brother. Now even with everything going on, the news about the Mutants and their rebellion group, the Knights, against the Sweepers, Rei's family was one that had normal children. Rei wasn't born with inhumane powers or abilities like the Mutants that were being shut out, and neither did her brother. Although he mother did take the drug, since she was required to, it didn't seem to have effected the children in any way since they were, oddly, completely normal. But something else effected them.

Rei's mother had a sickness, one that she never really caught on, even though her mother constantly visited the hospital for these reasons. Rei was lucky not to have gotten it from her mother, but her younger brother, Mamoru, did, causing him, too, to be hospitalized in a worst situation. Once the family figured out that their son was sick also, Rei's father decided to break the truth to her, saying that she probably wouldn't see mother and little brother ever again. It was then that Rei no longer paid any attention to the Sweepers and Mutants. She just focused on her family the whole time until her mom passed away first.

Masato, Rei's father, was devastated, and couldn't take the news, just as his children were when they heard that their mother was gone. For almost a full year he debated on staying with his children, not knowing if he'd grow more attached to them and watch them suffer, feeling pain as well. He also had the choice to leave and forget about that family he once had to get over his depression, and in the end, he chose that, walking out on the sick brother and strong older sister. But he did tell Rei one thing before he left, which influenced herself today. He told her that her mommy didn't die of natural causes; that a Mutant walked into the hospital and murdered her.

Those were the last words he said before leaving the two. While Mamoru continued to cough and wheeze in his bed, Rei stayed up night after night thinking about what he said. Rei had a great love for her mother, looking up to her kindness and warmth and love. She was her model, idol, and inspiration. Rei wanted to become like her. She probably would have if her father didn't lie to her about the Mutants though. This made her go practically insane for a whole week or two before she made a decision to get rid of all of them.

Without hesitation, Rei built up strength and accuracy to get into the Sweepers so that she could get rid of them all by herself. On the first year of her job, when she started at age 19, all she did was hunt them with anger and hatred, not even eating or stopping by to check on her brother sometimes, but after that first year, she realized that if she put too much effort into it, she'd become like one of them (Since Rei thought they were all cold blooded murderers after hearing the lie about her mother's death.)

After that first year, when she was 20, she changed, being more casual, and taking care of her brother. Not to mention she's also developed a love. Not for someone, but for something. Food. Noodles to be more specific. Rei changed after her first year of being a Sweeper, but what's certain is that she still has a deep hatred for Mutants. But her hatred for Mutants is not because they are inhumane, though that used to be one of her reasons to hate them. Rei's hatred for them is out of the lie of her mother's death, and that is all. It may sound like a selfish reason to get rid of all Mutants, but her love for her mother was just was great as her hatred for Mutants.

|| Other ||
โˆ Rei's brother doesn't live with her in her dirty apartment, he lives in the hospital which she tends to visit at least every week.
โˆ Rei tends to ask almost every Mutant she comes across if they knew anyone by the name of Anna Shima, her mother, looking for the 'killer' of her mother. (Which, in case if you did not read, is a lie told to her by her father)
โˆ Rei lives in an apartment due to her having little money since she spends that on her brother in the hospital.
โˆ She also takes very little care of her home and herself, which explains why it's so dirty and messy and why she's so skinny from not eating and running around so much.


"Oho! Feisty one aren't ya? Lets see how that plays out for you in Hell, yeah?"

So begins...

Rei Shima's Story


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Lower Part of the City Eden

"Bastard, where the hell do you think you're going!" Rei yelled at the top of her lungs after finding out that the person at the table to her left was a Mutant, as she had guessed. She was simply eating peacefully, as she always would, at her favorite restaurant, which really wasn't anything special, and found one of the people sitting by to be a little... well... strange, you could say.

She immediately leapt off her table and began her sprint in the lower city of Eden, where people would smoke, sit on the road, and had not very much money, in her eyes. The chase began just then when the other Mutant sprinted away after realizing he had been caught, and not just caught by a regular human, but a sweeper. It was obviously this man was scared out of his mind, and looked like he had no thoughts on dying or getting caught just yet. Unfortunately for him, Rei wasn't thinking the same thing.

The Mutant continued running, shoving people away into the large sewage to his right, although only one fell in, and took a sharp turn into a dark alley way. He was stupid to go that way rather than hurdling the wall that was right ahead. Rei wasn't flexible enough to jump walls or hop over things. The only thing that helped her catch a target was her aiming skills and sprinting skills, and luckily both could be used in her current situation, which she took advantage of. Lucky this man had shoved everyone out of the way, leaving Rei a straight path towards her prey.

After getting past the groups of people, it was just a simple straight and narrow road down a dark and bleak alley. A few times the Mutant had continuously looked back to see if she was getting closer, or lost her along the way. As expected, he didn't know anything about Rei, which only explained why she was so close to him now. After a minute more of trying to lose his way in the crowds and then diving, once more, into another alley, Rei had pinned him down like a cat and mouse.

Without any signs of hesitation, Rei took out her gun, loaded it and aimed it at the man's head, who was now shaking and screaming, and actually looked like he was about to cry. But none of that bothered Rei. In some manner, she was a heartless woman since she only saw Mutants as killing machines, or monsters, "Tried to out run me?" She asked, speaking in a very calm manner though she sounded much scarier, "That didn't work too well, now did it? What, are you going to try and use your super powers or something on me now?" Her expression turned a little annoyed for a moment.

"No M-Miss! I-I'm sorry! W-Whatever I did!" The man shouted, trying to back up by Rei stopped him by bringing her foot down, hard, onto his stomach. He coughed and gagged and had the urge to roll over and grip his stomach, but Rei did no such thing to allow him to do so. After catching his breath, he pleaded for mercy that she'd make an exception to let him live.

Rei wasn't the type of woman, or sweeper, to let her prey just run loose and let them go after seeing their goggly eyes, but she did have one more thing to ask before she were to take any sort of action, "Oi, answer this question and maybe I'll consider it, yeah?" Her voice still had a dark tone to it though she looked completely calm, "Anna Shima, recognize the woman's name?" She asked, taking out a smoke from her pocket and lighting a minute later, breathing a cloud of fog into his face, "Don't make me wait, punk." She said impatiently.

"N-No! No, I don't!" The man answered. Even though he did, Rei leaned in close, studying the look on his face. For a little while, she still had a very content look on her face, as if she wasn't bothered by anything at all, but a moment later, she stood up, removing her foot from his stomach, making his squabble backwards and away from her, only to find one of her pistols aimed directly at his head.

"Is that so?"


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Time of Day:: Morning
Location: Downtown Eden

Akira sighed for what seemed like the hundred time this morning. He had woken up, and did his usual routine. Which was get dressed and go for a walk. After living here for most of his life, he got use to the streets and lack of light that the lower part of this city had. Seriously, what was wrong with this place? Eden was supposed to be a paradise, supposedly...but instead it felt like a nightmare for people like him. If they weren't getting shot at or hunted down, then they were struggling to get by in life, just scraping by. Though of course, he was used to this, but he always couldn't help ponder it a bit. As he did everyday after he finished up a job of his. A small grin pulled at the corners of his mouth.

"No please! I'll give you anything you want! Just stop!! His target had basically begged, after Akira had killed all the other bodyguards that were supposed to protect him. Akira had easily sneaked his way to the bodyguard circle, after...well he got rid of one. The others soon died by his hand, and honestly, he loved the feeling of blood on his hands and arms. He enjoyed the screams of pain they let out as he killed them slowly, in front of the real target.

He tapped the gun on his shoulder thoughtfully, as if he was thinking about the term "mercy". He watch the man almost relax. His body had relaxed itself when he looked at Akira's thoughtful face...though that faded, when Akira bent down on one knee and smiled at him. Akira's emerald eyes boring into the man's brown. "I'll let you go...if you play a game with me." he said simply, as another grin played on his face. "I'll shoot you somewhere, and you can't scream. The person who hired me...wanted to make sure you died in a most painful I could think off."

Without any warning, Akira pulled the trigger on the man's foot. His hand shot out and covered the victim's mouth, muffling the scream. "Now, now...No screaming alright? You wouldn't want to wake up people..." He said, a psychotic grin playing on his lips. This game continued for one hour, as Akira shot him anywhere he could, along with snapping his legs. The man of course, had passed out in pain after about every 10 minutes, but Akira dumped water on him to wake him up. Giving a smile, he touched the man's bloody, broken legs. In a moment, he was lit on fire. Akira had laughed when the man started to muffle his screams of pain as he felt the fire eat him.

Akira of course, burned the corpse to ashes, and took whatever he needed from the victim's stuff. Things like money mainly, and supplies. He shook his head to clear away the memory. Yet another memory he felt nothing for. As he walked, his mutations allowed him to read people's mind. they were all miserable thoughts of suicide, and things related to death. After all, who would want to live in this part of a Paradise? Only the strong survived down here. As he walked, he felt himself get pushed aside.

He blinked in surprise, as he watch the man who pushed him almost had him falling in the sewer, which would have been nasty. But then saw the reason why he had ran and pushed. A sweeper woman rushed past him, and with his ability, he could tell there was only murdering intent on the woman's mind. A frown played on his lips. He would go to help him...but he didn't feel like going crazy again.

The mutant drew in a sigh...yep...just another day in this screwed up world.


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Downtown Eden

Bam. Rei pulled the trigger of the gun and shot the man's arm without a single look of regret or feeling in her eyes. Of course, the man screamed loudly, so she immediately cupped her hand around his mouth and put a finger to her lips, and said with a regular smile, as if she had no problems with hurting someone, "This is our little secret, alright? Be sure not to go around telling other people, unless you'd like more trouble." She said before letting her hand slide of his mouth while he continued to cry silently, trying his hardest not to make any noise in fear she'd kill him right then and there.

Usually, Rei would, but she had a small problem. She just used up her last bullet on his shoulder, and had none left. Now there is more than one way to kill a man without a gun, but Rei didn't really feel like going slow today since she still had that bowl of soup waiting for her at the restaurant. Was food more important than killing the mutants to her? Well, they were around the same level of importance.

While she walked out of the alley way, she saw that there were some people staring. The bystanders had just seen a woman chase a man aggressively, and only see the woman come back with screams echoing from the darkened area. She took the smoke out of her mouth and breathed outwards, waving off the black cloud, "What the hell are you staring at?" Rei asked with a straight face before all the people quickly hurried away to do their own business, not wanting to mess with her in her current mood.

"That's what I thought..." She rolled her eyes and began to head back to the same restaurant, 'I wonder if I should report this to Oshin... Meh. That's too much work. He'll probably die later on when another sweeper finds him, or maybe his wound will get infected? I'd like to know.' Rei shrugged, imagining anything possible, and things that weren't possible. She was like a child, thinking of things that can't happen or exist, but unlike a child, her imagination only dealt with violence, and not happy things. All the happy things were completely vanished.

Along the path to the restaurant though, she spotted a suspicious person in the corner of her eye. It was a man older than her, but he starred for a while and made a sigh while most others would just walk by. Rei didn't bother to stop, but she did see his actions and took it into thought. Rei would always make a standard for her since she now lived in a new world; Anyone in Eden can be a mutant, and so you are unable to trust anyone and only suspect everyone. That was the standard and code she lived by since she had no interest in dying or being a no one just yet.

'Whatever.' Rei thought to herself, blowing out another puff of smoke into the air that was already contaminated and dirty as it was, 'I'll hear of any irrational moves by anyone quickly.' Besides, she was still hungry, "All that running is such a pain..." She murmured to herself before taking a seat at the same old table, and at the same restaurant, like always.

As thought, her food was cold, since there was no more steam rising from the bowl of soup she didn't even get half way through, "Ahh... this is a pain in the ass!" Rei yelled, "If that guy just didn't have to be one of them I could have eaten!" She said frustratedly.

Putting aside Rei's problem, it was odd how she had just shot a person in the shoulder and threatened to kill him and yet she could still go and have a meal normally. She didn't feel any sadness or regret about her actions, which allowed her to still be her usual sarcastic and loud self rather than a serious hunter. Honestly, she didn't like that side of her too much, but after hearing from her father of her mother's death, she had a feeling that it was necessary to take on the job and get rid of every single one of the inhumane people in the city of Eden. Selfish? Yeah, it really was in the end, but then again, Rei was considered to be a cruel woman after all.