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Dark Lord

"I will see all the Gods broken at my feet, and show them a world without their existence."

0 · 214 views · located in Lordran

a character in “Dark Souls: Dark Lord Ascendent”, as played by Eisenhorn



Name: Unknown, goes by Dark Lord

Origin: Great Swamp

Actual Age: Undisclosed

Appearance of Age: Hollowing in appearance has set in, despite the humanity he stole keeping him sane, making him look ancient, hundreds of years old at this point.

Primary Talent: Pyromancy

Secondary Talents: Strength and Endurance

Weaponry: Chaos Dark Sword, Darkhand (Both as a shield, and absorbing humanity), Pyromancy Glove
Armor: See Appearance

Covenant: New Head of the Darkwraiths.


The Dark Lord, Chosen Undead born within the Great Swamp, disclosed little of his history barring the events before his arrival in Lordran. His arrival did, however, mark the beginning of a time of violent change, marching ever onwards towards the goal he was given upon his freedom from the Undead Asylum. Any who served him no purpose were slain, and once used up, he would discard them anyways. Few escaped, as he both rose to ring the first of two Bells, and descended to slay the guardian of the second. Both bells were rung, and finding, upon returning to the surface, that the sealed fortress to the legendary Anor Londo was open. Killing his way into Anor Londo, slaying its guardians and claiming the Lordvessel through slaying of the illusion Gwynevere, and hunting down the lord of the Darkmoon that hounded his path thus far, Gwyndolin, he left Anor Londo darkened and dead, sowing the seeds for his inevitable return. He knew not of the Painted World or what he held hidden, nor would he have particurally cared for it if he did. Somewhere to hide did him no good, so he left Anor Londo with the Lordvassel, finding the realm of New Londo, and the art of Lifedrain that he assumed it guarded, blocked. He learned of a ring that allowed one to walk where the Four Kings, the original of the tempted, and slew the wolf that guarded it with little event. A man in armor foreign to the land, from the Far East, calling himself Shiva had blocked his path, and was swiftly cut down.

Descending and slaying the Four Kings of New Londo presented him the Darkstalker Kaathe. His story fit better than any he heard thus far, so he agreed to serve the Darkwraiths, for now. He now roamed, tasked with slaying gods and mad dragons, and met his current companion in the Catacombs, striking down a fool who attempted to betray, then lie, to the Chosen. The other agreed to follow the Dark Lord, and their path and fate led them to the Lord of Cinder, Gwyn, now mad. A long fight erupted, and he cut down the Lord of Cinder, the companion at his side, and left to find the Serpents awaiting his return, which he promptly drove away. He would not have such creatures lurking and plotting in his new kingdom. The Age of Dark, of Man, would not be run from the shadows by such creatures. He ascended, once again, to Anor Londo and claimed it and the now leaderless Darkwraith's as his own, slowly building a new Kingdom to rule the rest of creation with, whether by their own acceptance, or by force. Whichever they would deign to choose. His form undead in appearance, he left relations to the outside world more and more to his companion, only trusted Darkwraiths and agents, his companion included, allowed to even see the Dark Lord in person anymore.

So begins...

Dark Lord's Story