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James "Jim" Cunningham

Former Marine Force Recon/Army 18A

0 · 293 views · located in Earth, Modern times.

a character in “Dark War”, as played by RaptorThreeSix


Name: James "Jim" Cunningham Image
James Cunningham while at Fort Irwin, CA

Code Name & Number: Raptor Three Six
Class & Rank: First Lieutenant (USMC) // First Lieutenant/Captain (CO ARNG); Ground Intelligence (USMC) // 18A (CO ARNG)

Age: 33 (05 NOV 77)

Gender: Male

Physical Characteristics: Jim Cunningham is 5'8", 175 pounds, and has a medium build. He has short-cropped brown hair and brown eyes that he attempts to keep all emotion out of--but rarely succeeds in doing so. Cunningham has a family crest tattoo on his upper left arm, and a personal crest tattoo (consisting of a cross of St. James superimposed on an Irish harp and a celtic sword) on his left shoulder blade. He has a scar (nearly covered) on his eyebrow, a scar on his abdomen (appendectomy), and a scar on his left middle finger (an unfortunate distracted-whilst-cooking incident). Since leaving the Marine Corps and joining 19th Group, he maintains a goatee that--in contrast with his hair--is a firey red. When asked, he simply replies, "That's how it grows."

Mental Characteristics: Cunningham is tactically and technically proficient. He dislikes any "moto-hooah bullcrap" but will admit that false motivation is better than no motivation. Is well-versed in all US, NATO and OPFOR/ROW weapons and equipment.

Advantages: Having been both in the Marines and the Army, he has melded the best from both and used it to become a better asset to whomever is paying him at the moment.

Disabilities: Cunningham can be a bit of a "screamer," as his temper will get the best of him when something causes him to become angry. He does not hold a grudge, however, and once through the screaming/smoking phase, he'll let the issue slide. Physically, Cunningham has a bit of a bad back--it came from humping 100+ pound packs around for miles and miles. It flames out on him occasionally, though he toughs through it when needed.


Current Kit
Blackside (Direct Action): Eagle Industries Maritime CIRAS w/ 4 ESAPI plates (Front, Back, 2 Sides)
Greenside (Recon): HSGI Weesatch (w/ 2 ESAPI plates Front and Back) w/ PACA Low-Vis Soft Armor

- 1 HK417 (7.62x51mm)
-- ELCAN SpecterDR 1x-4x
-- AN/PEQ-15 (not pictured)
-- KAC 7.62 Sound Suppressor
- Kimber MARSOC .45ACP
- Grenades
-- 2 M67 Fragmentation Grenades
-- 2 Smoke (1 M18 Green, 1 M8 White)
-- 1 M84 Flashbang
- 1 M18 Claymore Anti-Personnel Mine OR
- 3 MM-1 "Minimore" APMs

Ammunition Carried:
Blackside: 8 + 1 30rd 7.62mm Magazines; 8 + 1 8rd .45ACP Magazines
Greenside: 6 + 1 30rd 7.62mm Magazines;

- Eagle Industries MAR-CIRAS (CB)
- HSGI Weesatch (OD/CB) with PACA Low-Vis Soft Armor
- Safariland 6004 (CB) for .45ACP
- AN/PAS-21 NVGs
- SOG SEAL Pup knife
- Gerber Multi-tool
- Arc'Teryx Echo rucksack (MultiCam)
- MBITR radio w/ TCI Liberator II headset
- Camelbak 3L water
- 3 MREs
- 6-8 Chemlights (half IR, half visible light)

- Flight Suit (OD/CB)
- MARPAT (Woodland/Desert)
- MultiCam


Military Background: James Cunningham received a Marine-Option NROTC scholarship to Tulane University. In between his junior and senior year, he attended Marine OCS at MCB Quantico, VA. After graduation and commissioning, he returned to The Basic School for the six-month course in how to be an officer. He finished at the top of his class at TBS, receiving his first choice for slots: 0203, Ground Intelligence Officer. He was sent to NAB Coronado, CA for training to be a Force Reconnaissance Marine. During the eighteen-month Recon course, he graduated Jump School, Dive school, SERE, and Mountain Warfare. Assigned to the 1st Force Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, he participated in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. When his commitment had expired, he expected to be allowed to stay on active duty. The Force Recon was going away to become MARSOC under USSOCOM, and he was informed that he would be rotating back to staff duty. Unwilling to go from being a high-speed, low-drag, mean moto-scooter to a REMF, he left the Marine Corps and settled in Beaver Creek, CO, but civilian life did not agree with him and he re-enlisted with the Colorado Army National Guard's 19th Special Forces Group. Attending the Special Forces Accessions and Selections (SFAS) or "Q-Course", he survived and became an 18A, or Special Forces Team Leader. 1LT Cunningham made several deployments to OEF-Phillippeans, OIF-X and was on-hand for Operation New Dawn. He was not selected for any further duty, and is now looking for employment with a private concern.

Service Record:

AUG 1999: MIDN/1 Cunningham graduates OCS at MCB Quantico, VA.
MAY 2000: MIDN/1 Cunningham graduates Tulane University and receives his commission to Second Lieutenant.
JUN 2000: 2LT Cunningham reports to The Basic School (TBS) at MCB Quantico, VA. He graduates six months later at the top of his class and receives the MOS of 0203, Ground Intelligence Officer.
JAN 2001: 2LT Cunningham begins Basic Recon Course at the School of Infantry (West).
JUN 2001: 2LT Cunningham finishes SERE-C at NAS North Island, CA.
JUL 2001: 2LT Cunningham graduates Jump School, Pathfinder School, and Ranger School at Fort Benning, GA.
SEPT 2001: 2LT Cunningham completes Dive School and is certified as a Force Reconnaissance Marine. Assigned to 2nd Recon Bn, part of 2nd Marine Division.
OCT 2001: 2LT Cunningham is promoted to First Lieutenant and deploys with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) (24th MEU[SOC])'s Recon Platoon into Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.
JAN 2002: 1LT Cunningham and 24th MEU(SOC) return home from deployment.
AUG 2002: 1LT Cunningham and 1st Recon Bn begin training for Iraqi operations.
MAR 2003: 1LT Cunningham deploys with 1st Recon into Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).
MAY 2003: 1LT Cunningham and 1st Recon return home to Oceanside, CA as "Major Combat Operations" are declared over.
MAR 2005: 1LT Cunningham deploys with 11th MEU(SOC).
AUG 2005: 1LT Cunningham returns from deployment with 11th MEU(SOC).
FEB 2006: 1LT Cunningham deploys with 1st Recon Bn to OEF, his second OEF tour.
AUG 2006: 1LT Cunningham returns from his second deployment in support of OEF.
OCT 2006: 1LT Cunningham begins Terminal Leave.
NOV 2006: 1LT James Cunningham, USMC, retires from the Marine Corps.
FEB 2007: James Cunningham signs enlistment papers for the 19th Special Forces Group, Colorado Army National Guard.
MAR 2007: 1LT Cunningham, USMC, is formally accepted into the 19th Special Forces Group to await a slot to attend the Q-course.
OCT 2007: 1LT Cunningham (SF, USA) officially receives his 'long tab' and 18A designator.
MAY 2008: 1LT Cunningham is re-certified in military SCUBA.
JUL 2008: 1LT Cunningham graduates Defense Language Institute for Arabic.
OCT 2008: 1LT Cunningham completes the Military Free-Fall (HALO/HAHO) course.
JAN 2009: 1LT Cunningham is promoted to Captain.
MAR 2009: CPT Cunningham is ordered to report to pre-deployment training to JSOTF-Philippeans at Fort Irwin, CA.
APR 2010: CPT Cunningham returns from JSOTF-Philippeans assignment as part of OEF.
MAY 2010: CPT Cunningham is assigned to 19th Group's Operational Detachment-Alpha 1903 (ODA-1903), "Raptors".
JUL 2010: CPT Cunningham leads ODA-1903 to Iraq to provide assistance to Iraqi Special Forces during the transition from OIF to Operation New Dawn (OND).
OCT 2010: CPT Cunningham (SF, USA) retires from the Guard, and is seeking employment with a Private Military Company.

- Navy Cross
- Silver Star
- Bronze Star w/ Combat V
- Purple Heart w/ two oak leaf clusters
- Joint Service Commendation Medal
- Army Commendation Medal w/ Combat V
- Army Achievement Medal w/ two oak leaf clusters
- Navy Combat Action Ribbon w/ two bronze stars
- Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal
- National Defense Service Medal
- Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/ two bronze stars
- Iraq Campaign Medal w/ two bronze stars
- GWOT Expeditionary Medal
- GWOT Service Medal
- Armed Forces Reserve Medal w/ M device
- Army Service Ribbon
- Army Overseas Service Ribbon
- CO National Guard Active Service Medal
- CO National Guard Foreign Deployment Service Ribbon

Civilian Background/Job History:
Jim Cunningham was only a civilian for two months, spending most of it as a Ski Instructor at Beaver Creek Ski Resort, Beaver Creek, CO.

LMO Assignment History:
None, as yet.

So begins...

James "Jim" Cunningham's Story

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