Leos Klein

Leader of the Frighteners, a Legion team.

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a character in “Dark War”, as played by Order Knight


Legionnaire Mercenary Organization Member:

Name: Leos Klein
Code Name & Number: "Strung" 08
Class & Rank: Experimental Weapons Specialist, Colonel

Age: 59
Gender: Male
Physical Characteristics: Leos Klein is six-foot-two, and weighs roughly two hundred twenty four pounds. He has a fairly slim build, but due to the nature of his past job experience, he is still fairly well toned despite his age. His skin has an olive color to it, and his trimmed hair is a dim, dark gray. His body is gnarled and scarred with the marks of his previous missions, of which he boasts over three hundred- and nearly a one hundred percent success rate.
Mental Characteristics: Klein is a brilliant tactician and strategist, as well as a vocal squad leader. As he climbed through the ranks of the LMO, he proved time and time again that his skills in leadership would lead to greater things. However, his mind has also deteriorated greatly; being one of the few crazy enough to get four Neurological implants, Klein's mind and body have become overstimulated on a daily basis. It's only a matter of time until he snaps, a fact that his superiors keep a close eye on him for, and one that he is well aware of himself.
Advantages: Strengthened abilities by way of Implants, tactical and strategic abilities, charismatic leadership.
Disabilities: Age is beginning to show despite the implants, and when they are off he is likened to a crippled old man. His mind too is deteriorating.

Military Background: Strung has been a member of several paramilitaries around the globe, and a few official armies. His first official assignment was in the US Army at the age of nineteen, where he served for three years before leaving the country. He became a Russian citizen later in life and hopped around various mercenary and bounty hunting organizations before settling his way into the Russian Spetsnaz. Spending another five years as a member of that organization, he once again left the country to join and subsequently leave various mercenary groups and paramilitaries around the world, gathering a small following of loyal men and women that he began calling the Frighteners. Upon joining the Legion Mercenary Organization, his Frighteners have dispersed into various areas, largely disappearing from the radar- all save for Klein, who openly remains a member.

Civilian Background: Klein has scarcely been a 'civilian.' He was born in central America, and his family quickly moved to North America following a governmental dispute in their home country. His father worked long hours to keep his family afloat, and eventually decided he could not take it anymore and left them. His mother committed suicide when he was twelve, and he was forced to live off the streets and seek work to pay for his meager education and citizenship until he was old enough to enlist in the US Army.

Job History: Worked various small jobs until he was able to join the military. He has been a soldier ever since.

LMO Assignment History: A full LMO record can be provided by request.

Known Skills: Leadership and large battlefield command. He was a good shot before his over-use of implants, which he now relies on for combat- these however are powerful implants that increase his skills exponentially.

Neurological Implant Slots: 5

Current Kit;
Armor: Powered Armor; CS-89
Weapons: XP-02 'Core Breaker' Bolt Pistol, G36KE or XP-22 Plasma Rifle
Gear: CS-89 Combat Helmet, Fragmentation Grenades, Heavy Combat Knife

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