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Ricky Martinez

A Medic, ranked Lance Corporal.

0 · 158 views · located in Legionnaire Outpost, Russia

a character in “Dark War”, originally authored by Guest, as played by Discipline


Ricky Martinez
Code Name & Number:
Medcat 14.
Class & Rank:
Medic - Lance Corporal
Physical Characteristics:
Ricky stands at a stout 5'4 -- he has a bit of a complex about his height, but he tries to ignore the fact that he has to look up to everyone he talks to...
He's never weighed himself and kept notice, but he has a pretty light build (now, at least). He had to lose weight in order to get his job, in fact, and there's still some leftover skin from larger-waist days that flaps about rather unpleasantly.
Ricky has a buzzcut, although it grows out sometimes when he's on longer missions and he lacks a knife to cut his hair with. His facial hair is almost nonexistent, although similarly to his buzzcut, he gets some stubble on longer missions that's promptly cleared when he gets back.
Ricky has a rather angular face, pretty oval-shaped, but with prominent cheekbones. His skin is on the paler side, but he's still lightly tanned, a fragment from his almost forgotten Hispanic roots.


Mental Characteristics:
Ricky is calm-headed and level. He likes to distance his work and his personal life... that is, if he had much of a personal life besides drinking with his comrades-in-arms. He has little-to-no social skills, and the only times that people really talk to him with interest are when they're drunk. Due to this, he's also never had a girlfriend, boyfriend, or whatever romantic life you care to name.
Hence, he's focused primarily on his work, where he excels.

  • Ricky has an extremely steady hand from years of practise in the medical field. This helps him when performing surgeries, and is also very useful on the off chance that he's shooting something.
  • He's very focused on his job, and when he's given something to do, he does it right.
  • He's used to the sight of blood and gore by now, and doesn't bat an eye at it.
  • He lacks social skills in its entirety. Cue awkwardness.
  • Ricky still flinches at the sound of his father's name and at sights that remind him of him. Belts are scary, you know.
  • Due to the way he was brought up, he despises religion of all sorts, and will even overcome his social block at points to loudly decry it. It doesn't work in his favour when his job is to eliminate religious fanatics.
Military Background:
This is his first job in the military field.


Neurological Implant Slots:

  • Ricky wears a light Kevlar vest over his plainclothes. It can't stop most bullets, but reduces their speed on impact immensely. Light bullets shot from a far-enough distance might not even break skin, although they'll definitely wind him.
  • Ricky has a scalpel in his emergency first aid kit.
  • In a holster hidden in a pocket of his Kevlar vest, he has a 9mm Light pistol stored, and he's a decent aim, as well.
  • Ricky carries around a first aid kit containing gauze, bandages, compression socks, hand sanitizer, a shot of morphine in a syringe, a scalpel, a needle, gut suture, and thin paper triage tags in four colours: green, yellow, red, and black. He has about ten of each.
  • Ricky carries a waterproof box of 1000 matches. It doesn't quite fit inside the first aid kit.


Civilian Background:
Ricky was a pretty godawful student in school -- the only reason he never dropped out was in fear of his father's belt. His mother had left soon after Ricky'd been born, and he never met her again.
His father was controlling and overprotective; wanting to bring his only child up in a 'Christian way', he was forbidden from doing anything extracirricular and, quite literally, had to be taught in a separate Social Studies class that completely glazed over any other religion besides Christianity as per his father's instruction to the principal. Due to his lack of contact with society, he's never once had a real friendship.
After leaving school with straight C's and D's, he moved out of his father's house, rented an apartment, and did odd jobs to make ends meet.
That is, until he saw a flyer advertising the LMO.
Job History:
Several odd jobs, but no 'real' job until he joined the military's new program for people interested in the medical field or making a quick dollar. The latter applied to him.
LMO Assignment History:
Ricky has been fixing up people for about seven years in the LMO. Some missions he's been a part of include:

  • Operation Tanz - Insurgent Elimination in Germany - Ricky worked in the role of Medic, Recruit. No casualties. One squad member was injured -- gunshot wound to the left leg. Battlefield surgery succeeded in debriding dead flesh from around the entry and exit holes with minor scarring. Success was noted, and he was moved up to the rank of Medic, Private.
  • Operation Icebreaker - Insurgent Assassination in U.S. - Ricky worked in the role of Medic, Private. No casualties. No injuries. Success was noted.
  • Operation Border - Structure Bombing in Mexico - Ricky worked in the role of Medic, Private. No casualties. One squad member was injured -- stab wound to the right arm. Battlefield treatment succeeded in keeping arm aseptic until wound healed with minor scarring. One squad member fell sick with influenza. Battlefield quarantine succeeded in preventing spread of disease until squad member healed on his/her own. Success noted, and he was moved up to the rank of Medic, PFC.
  • Operation Emergence - Pathogen Elimination in U.S. - Ricky worked in the role of Medic, PFC. No military casualties. One civilian casualty. Fifteen civilians in Mercy General Hospital fell sick with anthrax dispersed by domestic bioterrorists. Domestic treatment headed by Ricky succeeded in preventing spread of disease until fourteen civilians healed on their own. One civilian died from general sepsis aided by immune system depression. Official cause of death is AIDS. Success noted, and he was moved up to the rank of Medic, Lance Corporal.
Known Skills:
  • Ricky can speak and read Spanish and English as fluently as a native speaker, being as he is one.
  • Ricky knows basic and advanced triage.

So begins...

Ricky Martinez's Story