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Cheshire Cat

" We're Chesh, Cheshire Cat. Pleasure to meet your charming acquaintance."

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a character in “Darkening Wonderland- Let's play a Game”, as played by crybloodredtears


"Only the insane equate pain with success."

Full Name: Cheshire Cat

Nickname: Chesh, Cat, Kitty

Age: No one knows.. Not even Chesh.. Well, maybe Chesh knows.

Gender: There's been some debate about this.. Male? Female? Chesh changes his gender often but does prefer to be known as male.

Hair Color: Multi-coloured; purple, pink, grey.. etc.

Eye Color: Depending on Cheshire's form; Dark blue-almost-black as a female human, pure yellow as a male human, and golden as a cat.

Appearance Description: Cheshire Cat actually has several appearances... but I'll be nice and list his/her main three.
Appearance One - 'Human' Female: Chesh is tall, standing at an intriquing 6 feet tall with endless long legs and porcelain white skin that makes her catch many men's attention. A small waist and arms that match her legs in length, with elegantly long fingers in addition, show off her rather disproportionate body due especially with her average sized breasts. She wears a short and rather tight striped pink halter-style dress, not very modest as it clings to her curves and doesn't hide her bust along with a pair of strappy black heels which she can jump around in rather easily for their 6 inch heels of extra height to her frame. She tends to hide her tail but does, in fact, have one; it's magenta and violet stripes in colour and pretty close to being 4 metres long.. but isn't quite. As for facial expression; Chesh's feminine appearance is never without a smirk or mad grin on her full lips that hide her slightly elongated canine teeth, hair in long violet and magenta dreadlocks, and small triangle shaped pink ears that remain perky on top of her head. Dark blue eyes complete her appearance and, to add to this, they turn black in her random bout's of madness.

Appearance Two - 'Human' Male: As a male, Chesh's height hasn't changed much from his female form, gaining an added foot to his frame, as he now finds himself standing at 7 feet tall. He is more proportionate as a male with Chesh's arms and legs matching each other in length as if he was a mere 6 feet tall still, his torso is muscular and a bit longer than average as well due to the height of 'his' body. His tail hasn't changed in length, still nearing 4 metres long, but is more useful to him in this form as he doesn't wear a dress; instead wearing a pair of black trousers as well as a lilac coloured dress shirt, only partially buttoned, with an open darker violet jacket that he rather loves. His facial features have changed to become more masculine; his jaw more strong and defined, his cheeks losing a bit of their fullness as well as his lips thinning out. His teeth are more sharper than his female form, almost more cruel, and his smile isn't much of one. It's rather cold... He's still just as pale as before but now has bright yellow eyes that are more almond shaped now with slit-like pupils, more typical of a cat, along with two dark triangle-like bags under his eyes. As before, he has purple ears on top of his head that are more pink in colour on the sensitive inside.

Appearance Three - Cat: As a cat, no one can tell if Chesh is male or female but he doesn't mind to be called either although he is most certainly male. Cheshire Cat, as he is extremely well known in this form for being, has a rather small body with a large bushy tail that is twice to thrice the size of his torso. His fur is grey and purple stripes and his ears are tiny, very very small, to suit his much smaller body as opposed to his much larger human forms. He has enormously wide golden coloured eyes, the pupils being small and almost diamond-shaped in appearance, and a rather wide grin. His teeth are razor sharp and often displayed to others just for amusement though come in handy for other means such as defence etcetera.

Let it be known that Cheshire can change his appearance to look like absolutely anyone.


Personality: The Cheshire Cat has a permanent smile on his face and can disappear at will. The cat is very odd, being able to reshape his body to either amuse or frighten his visitors. He's very mysterious and in his own way very dark. Like all members of Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat is mad but unlike the others he admits it with pride. All of Wonderland's inhabitants hold a fear and most tend to be annoyed greatly as well as rather easily over the Cheshire Cat and his actions, most likely due to the fact that he is the maddest and craziest of them all, or it could be due to his unique abilities.

● Chesh refers to himself in the first person plural as "we".
● He has a tendency to grin and laugh at the most random times.
● He rather enjoys confusing others; with riddles, by changing form or any other way.

This is to be updated after the roleplay has begun.

● Pink, purple and other 'girly' colours.
● Tea.
● Confusing others.
● Music.
● Retaining his mysterious persona.

● Judgemental characters.
● When a joke or prank is misunderstood or goes wrong.
● Being forgotten or ignored.
● Cold tea.
● No sugar.


● The ability to transform his body into whatever he wishes, female or male alike.. Or even another animal and such.
● He can also make himself disappear and practically teleport.

● Chesh's main weapon is his teeth which are extraordinarily sharp.
● Another would be his long tail which could be used to strangle someone if he wanted to and if it was necessary.


Back Story: The Cheshire Cat has lived in Wonderland ever since as far back as he can remember. He remembers nothing but Wonderland and all the difficulties and intrique that occurs there. As for his past, there is only pranks, changing appearance, and other such things that he has ever done in his entire lifetime. Talk about a waste of many years.

So begins...

Cheshire Cat's Story

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There was quiet laughter that echoed around the pair, rather deep and masculine in pitch, before a madly grinning Chesh began to fade into existence. Glowing golden eyes and an insanely wide grin that showcased his rather sharp pearly white's were the first to be seen before he allowed the rest of his body to appear. He was in his original cat form, easily making him the smallest being in the room, and was perched atop the back of a chair that was midway between the white and black haired young women, respectively.

" Good afternoon, m'dears," Chesh the Cheshire Cat sang cheerfully, glancing from one to the other as he made himself comfortable. " We were wondering.. Might we join you for a cup of tea, just for a few minutes at least?" He batted his eyes, unafraid of either saying no as he continued. " We really must catch up on my gossip for the day, especially regarding those Alice's." He brought a small grey and magenta striped paw up to his tiny chin before adding, " But were you aware that a third has come to Underland? Hmm?"

" A fair young girl going by the name of Alys Obambulat Grady. And, if we may say so," At this Chesh wiped his paws and leapt to the table, landing on the place mat quite carefully as he looked between the pair with his golden eyes sparkling cheerily, " She does seem to not be entirely there."

With that said he leapt back into the air where he floated with ease, wrapping his bushy tail around his body as he stood in the air, the tea long forgotten as he had come what he had actually wanted to do. " Well, it's time we were off," Chesh murmured as his small cat-like form began to fade from sight, leaving his head to hover in the air a moment longer. " Enjoy your tea and we shall visit to share some again some day but, alas, we do believe it is time for us to visit another good friend. Good afternoon, m'dears." And with the exact words he had used in greeting and a slight inclination of his furry head, he vanished with a light feminine sounding giggle.

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" Zorath Openshire, we presume?"

The voice was feminine and seemed to echo all around the male, sickeningly sweet with a whispery bell-like laughter. An instant later there was the beginnings of a form beginning to appear in front of the male. A tall and curvy, quite obviously a woman, figure with magenta and purple hair, dark blue eyes and pale white skin that looked translucent with thin blue lines criss crossing beneath her flesh. Her veins.

Her lips were turned up in a smirk, small ears atop her head attentive as she turned her eyes on the blonde. She seemed quite unbothered by her revealing dress that showed a good portion of her cleavage, her dredlocks falling over her shoulders almost with a mind of their own as she raised a hand and gave a slight wave toward the male.

" We would be the Cheshire Cat," she politely answered the most logical question she assumed Zack would be thinking, who are you? Chesh tilted her head as she studied the clearly frightened young man, her dark eyes dancing in amusement as she stepped closer to him. Her black strappy heels added at least an extra six inches to her already six foot frame, many couldn't help but notice her height and she knew this well. Her feet barely seemed to touch the ground as she avoided many twigs and rocks without even having to look down. " Call us Chesh," the magenta haired woman added as she brought up her long arm and extended her hand toward him. Instead of shaking his hand, as most would assume she would do, she chose to cup his cheek in her hand and tilted it up so she could get a good look at his features.

He was rather androgynous in appearance with clear blue eyes and lovely fair hair that even Chesh found herself growing jealous over. Her pale hand turned his head from side to side, ever gentle, before releasing him with a nod. " Welcome to Underland, Alice," she said with a low giggle, the pitch of her voice changing to become a bit deeper as she shrunk into herself. Within a matter of milliseconds there was a very small cat with grey and purple striped fur sitting nicely on the ground, its bright golden irises and black slit-pupils staring unblinkingly at the nervous boy.

Suddenly, he was gone only to have his voice come from right behind Zack's head. " It is a pleasure to meet you," Chesh stated easily as he shifted on the young lad's backpack to drape his front paws over the human boy's shoulder, still looking at him even as a slow smile spread over his features. Long, razor sharp white teeth showing rather cheerfully.

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" We know you're name because we are rather intelligent, you know," Cheshire Cat replied smartly before adding, " And of course we aren't, silly boy. No one is completely human here; except you and the other Alice's." Her tone had become a bit thoughtful as she had begun to study the male, amusement lighting up her dark eyes like it was Christmas at the sight of the crimson colour that filled Zack's cheeks. A rather striking contrast to his light skin and bright blue eyes.

" We're intrigued by you, Zorath Openshire," she murmured before releasing the embarrassed boy and smirking at him, pleased to receive a compliment from him even as the male had talked himself down. " There is nothing the matter with you," she added as she morphed into her cat form, her rather genderless(?) cat form.

He leaned into the human's boys hands, rather enjoying the feeling as Zack petted his head lightly before pulling away. " We won't bite," Chesh said cheerfully, his words seeming to echo around them even though his voice had been toned down quite a bit.

" Alice's are what they are," Chesh added quietly, " You may not know but we do."

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Zack gaped mentally while trying not to let his mouth drop physically. "N-no one?" Oh dear. This was not a good thing. He was sure to be killed or get lost like this. "Y-yes there is. I'm... weak. I look it and I feel it. I wish I weren't so." Zack paused and then hesitantly went back to scratching the cat's ears. He sighed and shook his head at the last sentance. What's that suppose to mean? he wondered but let it go. "Um... Chesh, why am I here? The last thing I remember is a voice saying something about a game and if I try to remember before that... Hm... It hurts." He sighed as he continued to scratch the cat's ear, tugging absently on a strand of blond hair while at it.

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" We can't tell you," Chesh replied slowly, his fluffy tail flicking in the air as though pointing to the heavens. " We're sorry," the cat leapt from the male's shoulders and returned to its female appearance, long legs seeming endless as her feet stepped one after the other.

She gazed over at the male with eyes that held the wisdom of many years, eyes appearing cornflower blue as she kept them upon the male and allowed her lips to pull back from her straight white teeth in an insane grin. " You must find it out for yourself," she added, her tone dark and rather mysterious.

The setting changes from Alice in wonderland, Underland to Clearing


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Zack's shoulders drooped a little in dejection before he swallowed in alarm as the other changed appearance. He wished the other would quit disappearing and then reappearing again so suddenly for it was making him very dizzy. He blushed, stepping back a little as the other grinned insanely. "B-but I don't e-even know my way o-or where to begin for that matter," he protested with a gulp.