Darker Days

Darker Days


From 2010 to 2012, the serial killer Xavier Graham murdered 23 people in New York City. Luckily he was captured and sentenced to 23 consecutive life terms in prison. New York could breathe a sigh of relief. But if Xavier Graham were ever to escape...

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In the winter of 2010, Xavier Graham began to kill.

Xavier Edward Graham was born in 1985, in Brooklyn, New York, to one Lydia Graham. Three years after Xavier was born, Lydia gave birth to another child, Jordan Tyler Graham. Xavier had a fairly normal childhood, and lived in a decent neighborhood (even though everyone's pets had a strange way of disappearing). Energetic and outgoing, Xavier was always a popular kid. He played sports, had good grades, and was good with the ladies.

Until one day, that is. The details of what exactly happened is unclear, but what we do know is this: On the night of June 5th, 2004, Brock Jensen, a fellow schoolmate of Xavier, was stabbed to death by Xavier Graham. Graham claimed that it was self-defense, that Brock pulled the knife and threatened him. Unfortunately, there was no one else nearby, so the police had to take Xavier's word. Even though found innocent of murder, no one really looked at Xavier the same again. He finished high school at the top of his class and immediately applied to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, which he was accepted into. He studied to become a surgeon, and it became apparent he was very good at it. But before he could graduate, he dropped out and disappeared for a two years. When he returned to New York in 2009, he rented a dumpy apartment and worked odd jobs for a year.

And that is when the murders began.

In two short years, Xavier murdered 23 people. He killed each one with some type of bladed weapon and left a bloody hand-print near the body. The bodies were always found in different ways: some mutilated, some decapitated, some with parts missing, etc. The police could never match the prints from the hand-print to Xavier because he had no prior criminal history.

The only reason they caught Xavier is because he tried to prey on the wrong woman. She was from out of state, a member of the NRA, and was packing a pistol at the time. After being shot three times (and surviving), the police were finally able to match Xavier's prints to the one found at the crime scenes. After a quick trial, Xavier was sentenced to 23 consecutive life terms.


Alright, this roleplay is about the manhunt for Xavier Graham after he escapes during a prisoner transfer. We will be playing the citizens of New York (specifically, Manhattan Island ) dealing with the escape of this madman, and the subsequent lock-down of the island.

That leads me to the setting. This story takes place in 2014, on Manhattan Island in New York City. I do not require you to have an intimate knowledge of New York, so slightly vague locations are ok. If you need to, don't hesitate making up some store, restaurant, cinema theater, etc.

Below is the character skeleton. Feel free to create a completely unique character, but if you need a little prodding, the roleplay could benefit from having the following:

1 FBI Agent who leads the manhunt for Xavier Graham
At least 2 NYPD police officers
Civilians (no character limit on these)
And perhaps a criminal or two (no more than three)

Xavier Graham will be unavailable at first, so please, no one submit a character sheet for him. I will play him occasionally as an NPC (to move the story along and a little bit of foreshadowing), but he won't actually be a character in the role-play.

Character Skeleton

Description: (This is where worded description, pictures optional. But if you do choose to post a picture, realistic only, please.)
Equipment/ Belongings:

If you have any Question or Ideas, please post them in the OCC.

The roleplay will begin when I think there is an adequate amount of characters.

Toggle Rules

1. No God-modding

2. Be realistic. There are no super soldiers, flying cars, or laser rifles. It is almost exactly how it is today, just a little bit further into the future.

3. People can (and some will) die during the course of this roleplay. This doesn't mean you are automatically out of the roleplay, by all means, please continue to play. Just submit a new character (or take over an inactive one, if possible).

4. No one-hit kills, and no character deaths without the respective role-player's permission. NPCs, however, are free game. But please be tasteful. Remember, there is only one true madman loose in New York...

5. Post often, post literate. I do not expect a post every day, but don't go for days without posting. And for the love of all things good and holy, use grammar.

6. Please, if I tell you something, please listen. A happy GM means a fair role play.

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Character Portrait: Jordan Graham


Character Portrait: Jordan Graham
Jordan Graham

A political cartoonist for the New York Times. Jordan is related to a man of great infamy.


Character Portrait: Jordan Graham
Jordan Graham

A political cartoonist for the New York Times. Jordan is related to a man of great infamy.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Jordan Graham
Jordan Graham

A political cartoonist for the New York Times. Jordan is related to a man of great infamy.

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Darker Days

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