Vin Stark

"I lied when I said I wasn't going to kill you."

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a character in “Darker than Black: Rise of The Dolls”, as played by estrelas


Name Vin Stark
Position “the dolls” leader
Gender female
Age 17
Ability Molecular Manipulation: A powerful technique, which allows the user to manipulate electricity on various scales, even to the molecular level. The technique can work with all possible ranges. As long as an object is a conductor of electricity, the technique can be passed through it, making indirect attacks possible.
Remuneration bounce a small rubber ball three times
Personality Vin might be one of the most human contractors you’ve ever met. Nobody is really sure if this is acting or actual emotions, but whichever, she is fairly convincing. She expresses kindness towards people when taking a stroll and appears guilty when she couldn’t prevent someone from getting hurt. Underneath her human-like exposure, however, is a person who could care less about other people’s problems. She believes that contractors and dolls are the future of the human race, that they are superior. She’ll sin as much as she want and whenever she wants and doesn’t fret over the consequences. Killing someone just brings them one step closer to conquering Japan. Although she does have a dark sort of personality, she can be very protective over her comrades, which is odd for a contractor.
Likes sketching, contractors, winning, her comrades
Dislikes losing, meats, the fake stars
Weapon(s) of Choice Vin is a master of metal strings. She uses them for several purposes, such as tight-ropes, grappling hooks, ways to conduct her electricity, etc. The strings are generally sharpened so they cut upon contact (she wears special gloves so not to be cut). Strapped to the outside of her right thigh, she also carries a hand-gun with the engraving on BK-109, which is her contractor number. If caught in a situation where her strings and gun are unavailable, she relies on her flexibility and close combat skills.
-Mother (deceased)
-Little Brother
Orientation straight
Opinion on “The Dolls” Being the leader, she takes “The Dolls” very seriously. Although she didn’t come up with the name, she likes it in an odd sort of way.
Appearance Vin stands at a small 5’4’’ with a slender but skinny body. Her bust is a little above average. She has long, scene styled red hair that she usually pulls back into a pony tail. Her icy blue eyes stand out from her lightly bronzed, fair complexion. Her arms are tattooed with ink a couple shades darker than her skin tone, so they appear almost like henna. During battles and when “on duty” she wears this mask.
History (will reveal in roleplay)

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