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Darker than Black: The artifact

Darker than Black: The artifact


Ten years ago, an inscrutable and abnormal territory known as Hell's Gate During this time, people possessing various special abilities emerged, each capable of different supernatural feats - these are known as Contractors.

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Darker than Black



Ten years ago, an inscrutable and abnormal territory known as Hell's Gate appeared in Tokyo, altering the sky and wreaking havoc on the landscape. The real stars disappeared, replaced by false stars. During this time, people possessing various special abilities emerged, each capable of different supernatural feats - these are known as Contractors. Each Contractor has a corresponding fake star, which reacts to their activities. As such, Contractors are usually identified by their star's Messier catalogue number. Kept secret from the masses, these individuals are known to murder in cold blood, smothering unnecessary emotions with logic and rationale. Their incredible abilities, however, are gained at the cost of their humanity - Contractors are thus named because of an involuntary compulsion to "pay the price" each time their power is used, which can range from eating particular foods and completing meaningless tasks, to self-harm and having their bodies change in peculiar ways. Various nations and organizations around the world train and utilize Contractors as spies and assassins, resulting in violent battles for valuable objects and information. Following the disastrous Heaven's War, the United States lost its dominant position as a superpower to a mysterious organization named the Syndicate.

Hell's Gate:
A mysterious and chaotic area of space that appeared in Tokyo ten years before the start of the series. Its appearance led to the rise of Contractors and Dolls. A massive Gate Wall has been constructed around it to keep civilians—or anyone else, for that matter—from entering. Several countries, including Japan, are cautiously conducting research on the Hell's Gate, exemplified by a top-secret research facility PANDORA built next to the Gate Wall.

Heaven's Gate:
Another chaotic area of space that appeared in South America and disappeared five years before the beginning of the series, along with everything in a 1500 km radius around it. Its exact nature at this point is unknown in the series.

PANDORA (Physical Alteration Natural Deconstruction Organized Research Agency)
A UN-operated research facility dedicated to studying the phenomena of Hell's Gate. Located on the edge of the Gate within the walls, an international team of scientists examine the properties of the gate via manned and unmanned expeditions within. Paranormal phenomena akin to ghosts are common here, likely due to the lab's close proximity to the Gate. Though run by the UN, it is not impervious to intelligence agencies; both the Syndicate and CIA have infiltrated almost every level of the research center. PANDORA has a heavily armed security force, consisting of armed soldiers possibly of various nationalities and armored vehicles, meant to protect its facilities and personnel.

Contractors are individuals who have gained supernatural powers due to the appearance of the Hell's and Heaven's Gates. It is revealed that Contractors are defects that emerge when humans are unable to become Dolls. The existence of Contractors is kept a secret from the general public by most governments around the world, but they are well-known to the higher echelons of society and in the criminal underworld. Contractors possess two other traits that give them a rather sinister reputation: the need to perform remuneration, which is a bizarre, obsessive compulsive "payment" for the use of their powers, and a generally pragmatic, Machiavellian world view. This is described by the Contractors themselves as a lack of emotion in general, but not much evidence exists to verify this claim. Many Contractors exhibit at least some forms of emotion, including love, joy, guilt, and sorrow.
They are described as being totally rational, and totally amoral. The general rules seems to be that they feel no guilt, and they cannot form or retain social bonds. A normal Contractor cares, in essence, only about their own well-being, and everything is reduced to a cost/benefit analysis: any other issues like laws, emotions, or the question of the sanctity of human life are irrelevant to them.

Emotionless "mediums" created to mimic the forms of humans. Dolls can form a variety of functions; the most commonly seen in the series is their use of "observer spirits", which serve as reconnaissance. Dolls have different mediums through which they can send their observer spirits and must be in contact with this medium while observing. A Doll can also act as the perfect sleeper agent. It can be given the memories and personality of another person and assume a person's personality perfectly, mimicking all their habits, dreams, and feelings until the time is right. A Doll in theory can go beyond their "set" characteristics and become "something else". They can in theory feel emotions like a human.

An intermediate between a Contractor and a Doll. Moratoria appear to be people with Contractor powers who do not require remuneration as part of their power. Unlike Contractors, they do not have control of their powers, shifting into a hypnotic state of unconsciousness as they use them. Moratoria also suffer from severe mental trauma as a result of their power.The chance of a Moratorium morphing into a Contractor is near-zero, but possible.

A Contractor who loses their powers in exchange for a flicker of hope for a normal life. There are very few known Forfeiters, and the way one becomes a Forfeiter is also unknown. A Forfeiter can regain their powers if they get close to another gate.

Contract Payment: also referred to as "Remuneration" or "Obeisance"
True to their names, all Contractors must "pay the price" for using their powers, whether they wish to or not. Moreover, it seems that the amount of payment required is dependent on how much the Contractor uses his/her power. Although this payment can be delayed, especially in the midst of combat, it is ultimately unavoidable. Each Contractor has a unique remuneration, reflecting the chaotic nature of the Hell's Gate. The cost is performing an action, different for each Contractor, ranging from the mundane to the bizarre (some examples include baking, eating boiled eggs, or breaking one's own finger). Not all contractors dislike their remuneration, and at least one uses it in conjunction with his own ability.

It is also possible for a Contractor to fully pay off his Contract, but this is an incredibly rare feat, requiring a drastic and traumatic sacrifice. In the series it has only been seen to happen in those Contractors who have the ability to swap bodies, where their contract requires them to eventually lose their original body as remuneration.



A new artifact from Hell's Gate has appeared and everyone wants to get their hands on it. It is currently in the hands of the Americans (or so everyone believes) and there is gonna be an all out war for it.

The truth is the artifact is a young girl by the name of Audrey. She is a Moratorium with unspeakable power. This power is to take away others price to pay....and make them feel again. Almost as if they where human. This is nearly unheard of. She is currently residing in the care of a contractor. Basically this is an arms race and whoever gets Audrey wins.

Character types:

Human who works for the government, so therefore you would know about the contractors and such

Normal human who knows nothing of anything





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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 4 authors


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Character Portrait: Mercy | Shiina | Marie Character Portrait: Audrey | Rae | Otenashi
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The sun peeked over the mountain to east, filtered through the pale white curtains, and directly into Audey's eyes. She groaned and rolled over.

"NO NO NO NO! UP! Breakfast is ready in five and you have school in twenty. Up, shower, and dressed in five. or else!" A voice called from her left.

"Leave me alone..." Audrey muttered as she ran her delicate fingers through her silver white hair.

"Audrey Rae Otenashi get up. Now." Mercy said as she entered the younger girls room again. She smiled and brushed her dark hair out of her eyes before pulling the blankets off of Audrey.

"ugh...." Audrey sighed then she sat up.

"Im up im up geeze...." she said with a sigh as she rolled her eyes.

"Good, ill be in the kitchen. I made you some curry, the spicy kind, your favorite." Mercy said with a sing song voice. Audrey smiled. Her sister was always like that. She got up , showered and dressed quickly.

Mercy danced around in the kitchen to Fucking Perfect by P!nk as she waited for her charge to come down. Being this far away from Audrey made it hard for her to focus on feelings. She wondered why she did the things she did because none of it was rational. She thought about it for a moment and sighed. She worked so hard to keep that kid happy....she wondered what the point was....then suddenly she felt tingles up her spine.

"....thank you for the food look nice" Audrey said as she entered the room. A flood of emotions washed over her with Audrey's power. It took her a moment to catch her breath before she put a smile on her face and turned around. She glanced at herself in the mirror. She wore black skinny jeans with a white tank top and a yellow half jacket with light grey heeled boots.

"No problem sis. and thanks. Hurry and eat, school starts soon. Don't want you to be late!" She said as she sipped at her coffee and thought about the day ahead of her. She was in charge of keeping Audrey safe....but she also had to work.

"I'll be working till 6 tonight, will you be alright? I can come get you on my break and you can hang out at the shop...." Mercy said referring to the Cafe she ran.

"No i have Kenpo tonight....remember?" Audrey said with a small smile.

"Right....Okay...ill pick you up from practice." Mercy said with a smile.

"Off to school." Mercy said with a smile as she pushed her sister out the door and towards the bright orange slug bug that was parked in the driveway.


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Character Portrait: May
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it had been a long time since May last weent to an actual school. growing up in japan she went to grade school but then her parents died and she became a contractor. PANDORA had taken her in only to be as bad as her parents. so after a long time of abuse and missions she killed the branch of facilty that took care of her each and everyone of them.

it didnt bother her very much; the blood that is infact she loved it. "hey are your in my seat" May soon returned back to the present and looked up a girl as she towered over her in her seat." why what ever do you mean?" feinting concern while acting like an airhead. "i said move out of my seat you ugly bitch" the girl glared at May. and in an instant Mays face changed back to its original cold bloodthristy expression. "if i remeber correctly the techer never gave us assigned seats so i think i'll just sit you have a peoblem with that?"her voice cold May gave off a murderous intent and the girl stepped back fear on her face and finallu left her alone.

'today is going to be a fun day i just know it'


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Character Portrait: Mercy | Shiina | Marie Character Portrait: Audrey | Rae | Otenashi Character Portrait: Kai Nagori
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"This city is to damned loud." said the form of a young man, staring through the cracks of the closed blinds of his hotel room. Smoke rose from the tip of his cigarette which desperately needed to be ashed. The line of light over his eyes revealed them to be distant, near dead. His eyes held little life in them, but something about his expression hinted there was more to him than meets the eye. The man stretched his arms in an arcing position, causing his loose khaki shirt's sleeves to slide down his arms. When they passed his elbows, they revealed a tattoo on his left arm. it stated "Kai Nagori, 01/06/----"The year seemed to be covered by some stray shadows.

Kai gave a large yawn, the cigarette still somehow remaining in his open mouth.The ash finally gave way, and soot and sparks flew and landed abruptly on his dark sweats. He didn't react at all to this, he simply cracked his back, looking bored.

A laptop was open on a table next to the chair he was seated in. On the screen was what looked like the profile of two females, one ten, the other twenty. A brief description was given of both. A third window seemed to opened in the corner of the screen. It was an email addressed to Raid. It stated explicitly to bring both of these women in alive and the rewards would be great.

A high-speed camera was set up on a tripod pointing through the blinds Kai was seated in front of. It seemed to be aimed at a small but well furnished apartment building several blocks away. Through one of the windows, a woman who was identical to the older woman on the laptop danced around what looked like a kitchen dressed in black skinny jeans with a white tank top and a yellow half jacket with light grey heeled boots.

That one was Mercy. Soon enough, the younger one entered the kitchen and sat down at the table. That one was Audrey. Kai began to activate the camera and numerous sounds erupted from the device, taking several frame by frame shots of the scene in the kitchen.

Kai had been watching them for 4 days now. He had been predominately following the younger one, Audrey around. As his employers had made her the primary target. Today however, he was planning on following the older one around, Mercy. She seemed to be the largest threat to his mission. He would need to learn more about her if he was going to rip out her mind and make a new one for her. Retrieval missions were much more preferable to Kai than assassinations. He could easily use his abilities to make the targets follow him back to wherever he needed to take them. All he needed to do was touch them....

Well, for a certain amount of time, that is. That's why he would have to do Mercy first, she would take a lot longer than Audrey to Raid.So,he needed to know more about her first, it was just how he did things. His employers may complain about a time restraint, but he always gets the job done.....always.

Kai suddenly sat up from his thoughts. He saw Mercy was hurrying Audrey into her car, most likely to drive her to school. He knew where the school was by now. All he had to do now was beat her to the school and wait to follow her.

He looked at Mercy starting up the car, he looked to his jeans and red leather jacket set out on the bed, then to the clock. He smiled a devious smile.

12 minutes and 22 seconds later, Kai was waiting on his motorcycle near a side street next to Audrey's school. He watched as the hideously bright orange car pulled up to the entrance and watched as Audrey stepped out. He smiled and flipped down his tinted visor to his helmet.

When Mercy pulled away, he set off to follow her on her daily routine, whatever that was. He followed 4 to 5 car lengths behind, but never losing sight of her.


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Mercy sighed as she pulled away from the curb of the school. She sighed as she mentally readied herself for the oncoming day. She pulled up to her little shop and got out of her car. She unlocked the door and stepped inside then turned the closed sign to an open one. She walked to behind the counter and started setting up and not even ten minutes later a group of giggling girls came in.

"Four Chai Latte's and a triple shot mocha please" One girl said in a tone that made Mercy want to roll her eyes. She smiled and nodded before making their drinks.

"That will be $16.75" She said still smiling as she handed the coffee to the girls. She handed her $16.75 exactly. No tip. She sighed. Humans these days. They laughed and made gestures in Mercy's direction, she sighed in irritation and shugged it off.

"Next?" She called and waited for her next customer.


Audrey entered her class and sighed. The teacher was already talking about a quiz they had to take today. She looked at the book in her hands and realized it was the wrong book. She groaned internally and raised her hand.

"Yes Audrey?" the teacher asked.

"I left my book in my locker" She said

"Go get it" he sighed. Audrey got up and left the class. She walked down the empty hallway towards her locker with a sigh.


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she watched as the young contractor entered the room after sometime though she raised her hand asking to get her book from her locker 'idiot girl'

May then raised her own hand asking to get something from her locker as well the teacher was of course irritated but let her leave. walking out of the class room one of the girls from before tripped her and she fell to her knees. but quickly got up and glanced over her shoulder at the girl giving her a full blown smirk on her face which infuriated the bully.

closing the door behind her, she watched as Audrey went to her locker to get her book. May walked in her direction with a cold blank stare on her face walking by Audrey, but was too close and their shoulders brushed. May opened her eyes and walked by as if nothing happened but her eyes were trained on Audrey and she walked out of view going around the corner to grab a a random notebook from her locker and went back to class.


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He didn't have to go that far. After about ten minutes of tailing, she pulled in at a parking lot. He watched her from the roadside as she got out and went into a small cafe. She unlocked it and switched the close sign to open. Seeing as it was a not a chain cafe, Kai assumed she must run the place.


After a few minutes, Kai felt himself yawn. He looked down at his watch, then to the cafe. "God, I need some coffee." Kai guessed it would be alright if he went inside to get some desperately needed caffeine. Kai pulled into the parking lot and killed his engine. He took off his helmet and placed i under his arm. Kai then began to make his way to the cafe.

The door opened with a chime and he saw several people already in the place. There was a group of teenage girls, giggling around their table in a way that made Kai visibly ill at the sight of it. There were also some young business looking types and several fairly normal looking people, looking to get their caffeine fix for the day. Kai got in line.

After a few more minutes, Kai was at the register, no one else seemed to be coming in and their was no one else behind him in line. There were still a few people around the cafe, though Kai didn't really care. He wasn't planning on acting, yet.

He walked up to the register and gave Mercy a genuine, but tired smile. He had already seen the price of what he was going to order and had the money ready in his hand. He placed the exact change down on the counter. "Coffee, black, large." he said in a slightly exasperated voice. When she took the money, he then slipped a few bucks into the tip jar.

While she was getting him coffee, he decided this might be a good time to find out more about her. "I'm Kai, by the way. I'm new in town. Just got here a few days ago..." he said, actually sounding like a person. He scratched the back of his head looking awkward. "Do you know of anything fun to do in town? What do you like to do..." Kai looked over the counter and stared at her name tag through squinted eyes. "...Mercy?"


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Mercy forced her smile back on as she turned around and saw a young man with dark hair and purple eyes. She stared at him for a few seconds. He was the one she had seen the other day watching Audrey when she got out of school. She smiled at him, putting on her nice face. It could be a coincidence...but she was a contractor, and in all the years she had been alive she had never ran into a true coincidence.

He placed the exact change down on the counter. "Coffee, black, large." he said in a slightly exasperated voice. When she took the money, he then slipped a few bucks into the tip jar.

"Coming right up" She said as she got him his coffee.

"I'm Kai, by the way. I'm new in town. Just got here a few days ago..." he said. He scratched the back of his head looking awkward. "Do you know of anything fun to do in town? What do you like to do..." Kai looked over the counter and stared at her name tag through squinted eyes. "...Mercy?"

"Well...There is a cute little bowling alley down the street, Plenty of 'Mom and Pop' eats....We have a theater down the street too....what kind of stuff do you like to do?" She asked as she leaned forward on the counter with a smile.


Audrey smiled at the girl walking down the hall....she felt as though she should know the girl but she was so nondescript. She almost brushed her shoulder and she jumped. The girl gave her the same feeling Mercy had when she first met her. She felt her power reach out without her bidding towards the girl....but she pulled it back. She was probably just over
reacting....but just in case... She pulled out her phone. It rang once and Mercy picked up.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Just a sec---Hello? Audrey whats up? Are you okay?" Mercy asked

"I'm fine...i just got a weird vibe from a girl here at school" Audrey said with a small smile.

"I'll be there in five. Be ready." Mercy said in a dead tone as she grabbed her coat.

"No! its fine, i just think ill come strait to you after school okay?" Audrey said exasperated

"....Fine.....Strait here...understand. Keep me posted. I want a text every half an hour." Mercy said. It was almost as though the girls powers worked through the phone....

"Please be careful Audrey...."

"I will....I love you Mercy" Audrey said. Mercy hesitated.

"I love you too" she said then hung up. She rubbed her face then turned back around with a smile.

"Sorry about that" she said as she looked at Kai.


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Character Portrait: Haru Kuroko Fujitaka Character Portrait: Audrey | Rae | Otenashi Character Portrait: Taiga Tetsuya Fujitaka
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0.00 INK

6 am. A shock of white hair stuck out from under a mass of blankets caught in the first rays of sunlight coming through the window. With a grumble, the mass flopped over on the bed and a hand reached out blindly for the curtains to yank them shut.

"Today is the day I finally use a rune to turn off that blasted sun once and for all." the voice was distorted by sleep and muffled by blankets, making it near-impossible to interpret.

"Get up, Taiga. We have work to do." A short, blank-faced, blond-haired boy said from his seat at the desk. "Food is in the microwave."

Taiga grumbled a rather incoherent string of profanities as he untangled himself from the blankets and sluggishly made his way to the kitchen as the microwave began beeping. A couple minutes later he was sitting on the bed eating a microwave chimichanga. "What's the news today, Haru?" he was speaking between bites, looking up at the blond Doll from earlier, who was monotonously scrolling through emails on the laptop. Click, scroll, delete.

"Mr. Tama, from that last side job, wants you to-" Haru began, but was quickly cut off by Taiga.
"Haru. I want to know the jobs from my employer." Taiga spat the word. "They still want us to get that girl? The weapon?"
"Yes. You are going in today as a transfer student, assuming that your runes work. I will be playing the role of the substitute art teacher."
"Assuming your brain works." Taiga shot back the comment.

Taiga finished his food and tossed the plate into the trash can. Ten minutes later, both of them were showered and almost ready to go. Pausing to take a pocket knife and cut the runes for stasis and life into his chest, Taiga grimaced as he made an additional cut on his forearm, spilling a rather large quantity of blood to fulfill his obeisance for the strong runes. Wrapping bandages around his arm and taping a medical pad over the runes on his chest, Taiga quickly pulled on his shirt and jacket before looking in the mirror with a devilish grin. The runes had already made him look about nine years younger, so he would actually look the right age for being in the school.

Within a couple minutes they were arriving at the school and Taiga was being introduced to the class. The white-haired boy was doing his best to look like a nervous ten year old. He was quickly directed to an empty seat beside his target- Audrey.

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Character Portrait: Kai Nagori
Kai Nagori

"Right......where am I?"

Character Portrait: Broyl

"The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive."


Character Portrait: Kai Nagori
Kai Nagori

"Right......where am I?"

Character Portrait: Broyl

"The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive."

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Character Portrait: Broyl

"The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive."

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you are correct/ You all work as independents but...if you want to make alliances, that is okay. =) I will be posting the first post soon. =)

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Yeah I'm also a tad confused about the plot ... will we be working together from the start to find the artifact, or against one another? As I understood it, each player searches for the artifact independently, but if he chooses to make alliances along the way, that's fine too?

Re: Darker than Black: The artifact

Alright, submitted Kai! I hope you guys like him. I tried to go for an ability Ive never heard of someone having to give him a unique edge.

Ive actually been meaning to ask you a question,emotionless.......are we bad guys? Are Mercy and Audrey the good guys and the rest of us bad, hunting her and what not? Ive just been thinking about it lately.