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Penelope Frost

"I'll stop them all on my own if I have to."

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a character in “Darkest Before The Dawn”, as played by desire99600



"Light me up a cigarette, and put it in my mouth."

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❝The Basics❞

| Full Name |
"We don't pick our names." Penelope Ahnnalise Frost

| Nickname |
"If you call me Penelope, I swear to God I'll fucking kill you." Penelope hates her name. It's stupid and she thinks it's an old woman's name. Instead, she'd prefer if you call her Pippa [ Pihp - uh ] or Pip, for short. She does like the nicknames Piper and Pepper as well. Other than that, she will accept her middle name or variations of it, like Lise [ Leese ], or Ahnna [ ah-nuh ], but if you call her Penelope, you'll be her enemy 'till you die. If she doesn't kill you. When it comes to pet names like baby, darling, sweetheart, ect., she's not fond of them. She uses them often for other people, but she hates when people use them for her she thinks they make her sound more like an object or possession than a person.

| Age |
"Who gives a fuck, it's not like there's cops anymore to tell me I can't do something." Just turned twenty years-old. The day of the masquerade happens to fall on her twentieth birthday.

| Gender |
"How many guys do you know with pink hair you asshole?" Female, clearly.

| Role |
"Fuck the vampires." Girl Two | Slave to the Royal Vampires

❝The Disguise❞

| Eye color |
"Yeah. I get it. They're great." Pippa's eyes are a shocking shade of aqua blue. They stand out sharply against her pale complexion and pastel pink/purple hair. They're also rather large, giving her a doe-eyed effect that tends to capture people and make her think she'd innocent and weak. She uses it to her advantage often, but there are times when it can be a huge pain in the ass.

| Hair Color |
"They made me cut it." Pip's hair used to be extremely long, hanging well past her hips, and, at times, when she really let it grow, almost to the backs of her knees. However, when she was sent to the Blood House, they cut off almost all her hair, leaving her with a crude pixie cut for easier access to the neck, so a vampire could bite her without getting a mouthful of her hair. She'd been in the Blood House for a year though, so her hair had some time to grow out. It's now down to just past her shoulders. It's choppy and crude, but it kind of fits her, flattering her face and bringing out her cheekbones. Another unique thing about her hair is that is is no ordinary color like blond or brown. She used to have deep ebony hair, but she bleached it to blond and dyed a bright magenta color over it. However, her time in the Blood House without being able to re-dye her hair has caused her roots to grow out some, making it a dark black at her scalp, bright blonde further on, and the rest of it, a frosty pale pink.

| Skin Tone |
"I actually used to get mistaken as a vampire a lot." Pepper has a very pale complexion. It's not sickly, and you can't see her veins like most pale people, for her, it's a smooth, icy white with hardly a blemish. While she never seems to burn, Pip rarely ever gets color either. Even if she were out in the sun for days on end. This leads some to mistake her as a vampire on occasion, for everyone knows one of the signs of a vampire is pale skin, and some idiots are too paranoid to take any chances.

| Height & Weight |
"I was deprived as a child." Piper didn't eat much as a kid, and there was a point in her life where she'd nearly starved to death. This stunted her growth quite a bit. She is healthy now, as filled out as she could possibly get for her body-type, but there was a time when she was little more than bones. Because of this, she is quite short, standing around 5'3", with thin limbs. She looked delicate, almost fragile with her small frame and large eyes, however, she is far from it. Her lack of weight makes her quick, and her false appearance makes her deceiving.

| Distinct Markings |
"I'm a fighter, and I've got the scars to prove it." While her face may be smooth and clear of imperfections, the rest of Piper's body isn't as lucky. She has various scars from fights that she wears proudly, like a badge of honor. One of her scars is on her neck and it is two small scrapes. It's not very large, it is the scar she is most proud of for, she not only almost died, she was almost sent to a fate worse than death. The scar is from a near vampire bite. The vampire lunged, but missed, scrapping her skin without actually penetrating her vein. She was nearly Turned. Another scar of hers runs down the back of her left arm from shoulder to elbow, and finally, another of her most noticeable scars sits on the side of her thigh, and is a bullet scar. The bullet nearly shattered her bone, and would have left her crippled for life, but it came just shy of it, scrapping a small hollow ridge in it that was easily healed instead. Aside from these noticeable scars, Pip's porcelain skin also has various thinner, white lines in various places, but these are just remnants of old scars, and are hardly even visible anymore, they've faded so much.
"After having one torn out, you pretty much give up on them." Pippa doesn't have many piercings. She had an earring torn from her ear once when she was young, and since then, has pretty much vowed against most piercings. Her only few piercings are one just above her right eyebrow, and three in each ear. Save for those, she is unpierced.
"I like tattoos." Pepper's first tattoo is a list of Roman Numerals that run along her collarbone. This number is actually her "identity" with the vampires. When the Royals bought her, they tattooed her with this number. It signifies both, that she's a property of a Royal, meaning that any other vamp cannot do harm to her unless given permission, and which number slave she is, so they can keep track. She hates it with a passion, for it's a brand of ownership and it's in a place she can't hide it, but she can't do anything about it. Another tattoo of hers is the word fearless on her ribcage. Her third tattoo is of a black feather in the center of her back. Her fourth tattoo sits on the inside of her wrist and is a simple black word in cursive that reads "uprising." She got this as a symbol of the Hunters, seeing as she used to be one. Her final, largest tattoo is in white ink and is a rather large, complex design that runs over her shoulder. Since it's in white ink, it appears as though her porcelain skin is translucent, and the pattern is under her skin. It disappears in and out of view depending on the way you're looking at it, and cannot be seen from far away. It's really magnificent because it looks almost like it's natural.

❝Getting to know me❞

| Likes |
"I like when you leave me the fuck alone."
♥ Teasing
♥ Flirting
♥ Drugs
♥ Drinking
♥ Her music/gituar
♥ Art/painting/drawing
♥ Her brother
♥ Rough sex
♥ Sex, in general
♥ Fast cars
♥ Adrenaline rushes
♥ Motorcycles
♥ Luxury
♥ Smoking/cigarettes
♥ Being alone
♥ Being rebellious
♥ Braking rules
♥ Cats, she absolutely adores cats
♥ Feeling independent
♥ Feeling important
♥ Killing a vampire
♥ Trevor

| Dislikes |
"Fucking interviews."
✘ Being told what to do
✘ Being pushed around
✘ Weak people
✘ Clingy people
✘ The vampires, especially the Royals
✘ Dogs that slobber a lot
✘ Losing
✘ Being looked down on
✘ Being "owned"
✘ Good people
✘ Her ownership tattoo
✘ Her past
✘ Being played with
✘ Wasting time
✘ Sensitive people
✘ Weakness
✘ Kids
✘ Emotion
✘ Witnessing pain

| Fears |
"Baby, the word fear isn't even in my vocabulary."
The Vampires → Though she's too prideful to ever admit it, not even on her deathbed, the vampires frighten her. She's afraid that they'll never get the world back to the way it was, and the vampires will just continue to take advantage of them. She uses this fear to fuel her fight against them, so she doesn't cower or hide, however, she'd be lying if she said she was completely unafraid of them.
Love/commitment → Pippa is afraid of love. As far as she can tell, she's incapable of loving. She's not even sure what she feels for her brother is completely love. She prefers to keep herself numb rather than open herself up to someone and get hurt.
The Dark → It's a silly fear that only children have, she knows, and she hides it best she can, but, if she's being honest, the most traumatic events in her life have happened in the dark, so the thought of being alone in darkness frightens her.
Being alone → While she is afraid of love and attachment, she's also afraid of being alone for the rest of her life. Penelope is independent, and doesn't need people to survive, however, there's a part of her that wants to feel something for someone. This part of her scares her, but she's afraid that she's so broken she can't even feel the same way others do. People call her emotionless, when really, she just doesn't know how to channel her emotions, and for once, she just wasn't to feel something for somebody so she knows she isn't destroyed beyond repair.

❝Delve a little deeper❞

| Personality |
"I don't play well with others." No one in her life has ever truly understood Piper. She's one thing on the outside, and something else entirely on the inside. On the surface, she's bold, rebellious, and brave while on the inside, she's a roiling volcano of emotions that are just waiting to destroy her.

As a child, she kept to herself. Even her brother had trouble connecting with her and understanding her, though he came damn close. Other people just don't seem to like her. One reason is because she's blatantly rude. She's not the charming sort of sarcastic that makes people laugh, she's the sort of sarcastic that cuts deep and hurts, so people tend to shy away from her, thinking she's just flat out mean. And part of this is true. She does tend to snap at people to get them to leave her alone, however, this is not the whole truth. She really doesn't have a filter so, when she says something, nine out of ten times, she can't control it.

Another reason people tend not to like her is because she's a little wicked. She's somewhat twisted inside and almost takes pleasure in pain. Not necessarily others, she doesn't exactly like to watch someone being tortured or anything truly twisted, but she is a bit messed up. She enjoys being bad, and anything that is against the rules is fun to her. She likes to tease people and mess with their heads, for she's notorious at playing mind games. Anything from seduction to bribery, she's mastered, able to use her wicked silvertongue to talk others around her into doing just about anything for her.

On the outside, Pippa appears innocent, and sweet, someone who's delicate and needs protection, while this couldn't be further from the truth. She's just as dangerous as any vampire for she's mastered the art of spinning words, as well as fighting. She's quick and small, making it easy for her to dodge, or slip from nearly any attack. She's a fighter at heart for it gives her a way to channel the emotions inside her she doesn't understand.

Pepper has always been kind of a loner. Even before the vampires took over, she was never really very social, always stuck in her own little world. It was rather obvious from the beginning that Pippa was a little strange. She didn't seem to connect with people the same way others did. Sure, she acts like a normal person, confident and bold, a little strange, but other than this, on the surface, nothing really seems off.

Until you get to know her and you'll soon realize that Pippa has trouble feeling. She's suppressed her emotions for so long, she truly believes she doesn't have any. When she's not playing you cruelly or smarting off to you sarcastically, she seems distant and unresponsive. It's like she has two modes. Royally pissed off and cruelly happy. When she feels anything but pleasure or anger, Pippa will lock herself away for hours at a time, refusing to see anyone, as she sits and forces the emotions back until she no longer feels them.

Pippa's also extremely brave, though whether you can use the term fearless or insane for her is up to you. She's willing to do nearly anything, always signing up for the impossible, and always getting it done. As a Hunter, she was lethal, and the others knew it. When there was a job they weren't sure could really be done, they sent her on it, because they knew she'd find a way. There's something almost scary about her determination and will to succeed. It's as though, if she's not focused on tearing something apart, she's completely insane, and her brother suspects that she had various mental illnesses, as he's the only one who's ever seen her when she slips into her "moods", as he calls them.

Pip is also extremely unpredictable. Seeing as no one can really understand her, no one knows exactly what she's going to do and when, and her actions have a tendency to shock. She's like a ticking bomb that you have to handle with care, because you never really know when she's going to do or say something outrageous that will leave you speechless. She does what she wants when she wants, and her inability to connect with people almost makes it impossible to know what she wants.

Piper acts solely on whim, and though people are often calling her crazy and saying she's bound to get herself killed with the choices she makes, what people don't understand it that Pip is not randomly pulling things from out of nowhere. She follows her intuition. If her gut tells her to do something, she does it, where as most people have learned not to follow their own instincts, Piper is extremely in synch with that side of her because she knows, ninety percent of the time, her gut instinct it right, even if it seems instinct is not always logical. This is why her wild and reckless acts are so often successes, because she listens to what her heart is telling her, trusting herself.

And that's something very important to understand about Piper. The only person she connects with is herself. She understands only herself and has a hard time understanding others. She trusts in who she is wholly, however, she's very suspicious, almost paranoid of others around her. She trusts no one, and believes only in herself. She let's no one in, and talks heart to heart with no one. She's a creature of her own imagination, living within her mind, doing things because she wants to and not because others want her to. She doesn't let people around her influence her.

Despite the fact that Pip has serious issues connecting with people, she has a strange knack for reading them, and this is another thing about being around her that people hate. People tend to be uncomfortable with the fact that she can peel you apart with just a glance, and holding her eyes can be intimidating, for it sometimes feels like she's looking into your very soul, able to see your fears and desires and find ways to give them to you. It's almost as though she can read your mind.

Piper doesn't do well with rules and being tied down to one person. She doesn't like the idea of another person "owning" her, and as such, she certainly hates the fact that she's a slave to the vampires. She's rebellious and acts out against them often, making it clear that she's nobody's plaything, and it's a wonder they haven't killed her yet, though Pip knows the only reason they haven't is because she's related to her brother, one of the leaders of the Hunters and they need her for bait, information, and possible bargaining if it comes down to it.

❝Welcome to my Hell❞

| History |
"Hey, fuck off." Pippa was born into a broken household from the start. Her mother and father were both famous actors, and were all the rage in hollywood. The Famous Frost Family is what they were often called. When her mother Leighlah married her father, Tom, their wedding was covered by more than a thousand cameras and reporters. Everyone wanted the covershot of their kiss.

Then her mother got pregnant with her older brother, and the tabloids had a field day, every paper in the world wanting to cover it. Her mother was best known for, ironically, acting in various vampire and horror movies while her father was known for all the best action, thriller movies. Between the two of them, they had a movie coming out nearly every year. There had almost never been a more famous acting couple. They knew how to play the game. As soon as their names started to fade, they came out with something new.

Two years after her brother was born, Pippa came into the picture, and from the moment she was born she was surrounded with people every second of her life.

However, she'd never felt more alone.

Both her parents were too wrapped up in their careers to pay attention to their children, and both her and her brother had to pretend for the cameras that they were the happiest children alive. Piper could have thrown herself off a cliff, and her parents wouldn't have even noticed, but the papers sure as hell would. It was awful, and their home was filled with the stress of showbiz. Of having to keep yourself popular.

Her mother and father were obsessed with fame, and Pippa was fairly certain the only reason they'd had kids was because it would be a good story for the reporters. They did things for fame that would make even some of the most morally twisted people cringe, and what was worse, is that they didn't hide it from their children. Her mother and father made sure the two of them knew what was going on, and almost encouraged it.

Eventually, the pressure of fame seemed to be getting to their father because he was drinking heavily and becoming more and more dependent on drugs, until he was the focus of gossip magazines almost every week, because people were interested to see what wild, drug induced thing Tom Frost would do next. He seemed to be losing his mind, and took his frustrations out on his family behind closed doors until one night, when she was seven and it was just her and her father in the house, Pepper woke up in the middle of the night to get herself something to drink and found her father hanging dead from a rope in the kitchen. He'd committed suicide.

And of course hollywood jumped at this, bombarding the devastated family.

When she was eight was when she first learned of the existence of vampires. Her mother, depressed and following in her father's footseps of drugs and drinking, started hanging around people who were eerily beautiful and dark at the same time. People she met in underground, sleazy clubs. When she was eight years old, one of these men Turned their mother right in front of her children, draining her completely of blood and turning her from a woman who pretended to be a vampire for a living, into a walking member of the undead.

The vampire staged the whole thing like a suicide, and took the body so that he could wait until she re-awoke and feed her the blood of a vampire, completing the turn.

Now Pip and her brother were no longer part of the Famous Frost Family. They suddenly became the Famous Frost Orphans. Both parents taken tragically by suicide, America pretended to sympathize with them, but Piper found it sick, the way they globed onto tragedy like glue. Finally, when she was ten, America got what it wanted. The ultimate tragedy. The vampires attacked, taking the world for themselves and turning everything she knew upsidedown.

Her and her brother were finally forgotten. They were no longer the center of attention. They got the solitude they wanted, and struggled to survive for several years. When she was thirteen was when her brother killed his first vampire to protect her, and that was when things changed for them. Her fifteen year old brother had an idea.

He gathered as many people as he could, ages ranging from her age, merely thirteen, to twenty, and together, they started the underground Hunters. The younger ones were used for nothing more than to spread the word at first while the older ones carried out operations and hunted vampires openly, but all were taught to defend themselves.

She started hunting at fifteen, and it was clear right away that she had a knack for it. She was small, and eerily fast, making her hard to catch, not to mention the fact that she had almost a vampiric appearance about her, and the ability to smooth talk anyone around her. Her and her brother were impossible to stop, especially when they were together, for he was strong while she was fast, making them the perfect pair.

Her brother's best friend Trevor was assigned to be her official hunting partner, and he was much like her brother, strong and brave while she was quick and sly. When she was eighteen, Trevor was captured by the vampires and sent to the Blood Houses. Shortly after, Piper was caught pretending to be a vampire to buy him back and was also sent to the Blood Houses.

She spent a year there, being fed off and abused, dishing out her own abuse right back and being punished for it, before the Royals came to the House, having heard of her unruly tendencies, and the circumstances they'd caught her in, and Pip was sure she was dead. She was positive that was the end of her, but they wanted her. She was a Hunter, and good for information or even bait and bargaining, so they bought her, telling her she was to be their slave until they figured out a good use for her, and she managed to convince them to buy Trevor as well. Now she works for the vampires, though she still raises hell, making it clear that she's not happy to be their slave, having racked up a total of 432 escape attempts.





You were my conscience, so solid, now you're like water
And we started drowning, not like we'd sink any further
But I let my heart go, it's somewhere down at the bottom
But I'll get a new one and come back for the hope that you've stolen

I'll stop the whole world, I'll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster and eating us alive
Don't you ever wonder how we survive?
Well now that you're gone, the world is ours

I'm only human, I've got a skeleton in me
But I'm not the villain, despite what you're always preaching.
Call me a traitor, I'm just collecting your victims
And they're getting stronger
I hear them calling.

I'll stop the whole world, I'll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster, and eating us alive
Don't you ever wonder how we survive?
Well now that you're gone, the world is ours

Well you find your strength in solution
But I liked the tension
And not always knowing the answers
But you're gonna lose it, you're gonna lose it

I'll stop the whole world, I'll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster, and eating us alive
Don't you ever wonder how we survive?
Well now that you're gone, the world...

I'll stop the whole world, I'll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster, eating us alive
Don't you ever wonder how we survive?
Now that you're gone, the world is ours.



Broadripple Is Burning

Margret & The Nuclear So & So's

Children, Broadripple is burning
And the girls are getting sick
Off snortin' coke up in the bathroom
While their boyfriends pick up chicks.
And darling I'm lost.
I heard you whispering
That night in fountain square.
The trashed filled streets made me wish we were heading home.

There was love inside the basement
Where that woman used to lie
In a sleeping bag we shared upon
The floor almost every night.
Oh, darling I'm drunk,
And everything that I had loved has turned to stone.
So pack your bags and come back home.

And I'm wasted.
You can taste it.
Don't look at me that way,
'Cause I'll be hanging from a rope.
I will haunt you like a ghost.

If my woman was a fire,
She'd burn out before I wake,
And be replaced by pints of whiskey,
Cigarettes, and outer space.
Then somebody moves
And everything you thought you had has gone to shit.
Well, we've got a lot.
Don't ever forget that.

And I wrote this on airplane where the people looked like ants.
And when a woman that you loved was gone,
She was bombing East Japan.
Don't fucking move,
'Cause everything you thought you had will go to shit.
We've got a lot.
Don't you dare forget that.

And I'm wasted.
You can taste it.
Don't look at me that way,
'Cause I'll be hanging from a rope.
I will haunt you like a ghost.

And I'm wasted.
You can taste it.
Don't look at me that way,
'Cause I'll be hanging from a rope.
I will haunt you like a ghost.


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So begins...

Penelope Frost's Story


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A familiar Guns N’ Roses song drifted through the warehouse of the Crimson Souls hide out. Members lounged about the warehouse on worn out couches, getting drunk and high, like they normally did. Persephone however was in the midst of having sex with the Crimson Souls, Ruthless leader. Slyder Price.

It wasn’t uncommon for them to do, neither of them were at all attached, he liked to have bragging rights saying he’d fucked the princess and for her he was good at what he did and knew how to satisfy her.

“Effie, time to go.” Ezra spat, bargaining in without even knocking.

“Little busy Ez.” She said breaking away from Slyder’s kiss for a second before returning her lips back to his.

“God damn it Persephone, your father is on his death bed, this is the last party he’ll be attending and your already late, you got ten seconds to get your skanky ass out of that bed and on the back of my bike before I drag you out of here.” Ezra ordered, in his rare human form, the Crimsons were the only ones who ever saw him in his human form, for the simple fact they'd never seen him as a wolf.

Everyone was always surprised when Ezra mouthed off and Seph never said anything, if anyone else talked to her like that, they’d be dead. Her eyes widened remembering she was supposed to be at that party. Normally she could careless, but it was for her father.

“Shit.” She breathed pushing Slyder off of her nearly making his body collide with the wall. She got up quickly slipping her cloths back on. Before feeling someone grab her wrist roughly and toss her against the brick wall of the warehouse effortlessly. She breathed heavily ignoring the pain in her body, from hitting the wall with so much force, she glared at Slyder as he pinned her against the wall.

“I'm not done.” He smirked wickedly, his eyes pitch black. She sighed as if she was helpless, cocking her head to the side before smirking running a single finger along his chest. He let out a scream of pure agony, releasing her immediately, falling to the ground, he could feel his insides twisting. “You bitch.” He managed to breathe out.

“That's queen bitch to you.” She smirked "You never learn." she sighed carelessly stepping over his body.

She ran quickly down the stairs and into the empty parking lot where Ezra waited on his street bike, she climbed on to the back of the bike before the two bolted off down back roads. The houses turning from apartments, to houses, to mansions as they grew closer to the Von Drakon estate. Finally they arrived, parking his bike in the garage, before he changed into the big black wolf that followed Effie everywhere. The two of them slipping into the house unseen, up the stairs and finally into Effie’s bedroom.

Ezra, hopped on to the bed curling up in a ball, yawning lightly watching as Persephone darted around the room, trying to get ready for the party, people would be arriving at any moment and she wasn’t even dressed.

Image Image

“Where in god’s name is that sister of yours!” The queen of the Vampires said irritated as she searched the house for Effie.

Evander followed behind his mother leisurely, accompanying her on her search for his younger sister. He rubbed his temples, his head throbbed, she’d been yelling and carrying on about Effie’s bad behavior for the past hour and he was tempted several time to just tell her to shut the fuck up, but he kept his temper under control, it was his mother after all.

“Mother please.” He said in his calm, soothing tone “She’ll be back, I promise you. If she’s not I’ll go out and find her and drag her back here myself.” He said looking to her.

His mother huffed, but gave in to her sons soothing tone, like every other person did. She sighed not bothering to say anything to him as she passed him heading straight for her room, to check on her husband. Evan was just glad her temper tantrum was over.

Evan wasn’t fond of being the responsible one in his family, in fact he hated it and although he’d never admit it, he kind of hated Effie for always making everyone rely on him and depend on him to save her or bail her out. But, she was his sister and he was more than willing to protect her.

He made his rounds making sure security was high, so no hunters would break in as well as making sure everything was ready. He was already dressed in his black and white suite complete with a tail coat. His hair longer, slicked back in a small ponytail, to keep it out of his face, all he needed was his mask that his mother was forcing him to wear.

He headed down to the servants quarters, with a few of his bodyguards in tow, other vampires he’d turned and now controlled. He was the only royal who ever went down to make sure they had food or were getting what they needed, it had kind of become his job. Without him, the servants probably wouldn’t be taken care of at all and that was just another damn responsibility to add to his already long list. He glanced to one of the servants, one that him and Effie had specifically taken from the Bloodhouse due to her attitude and reputation there, she was associated with the and she could be of good use for information.

“Pippa is it?” he asked with a voice like velvet. All the other servants glanced to her as if they thought she was dead and he was taking her to suck her dry “You and your friend, shouldn’t you be working the party tonight?” he asked with a charming smile.

It was an honor to serve at the royal balls, only the best servants were chosen and those servants were treated a little better than the other servants.


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Pippa lay on the floor of her specialized cell-like room, staring at the ceiling, arms folded under her head as she tried not to think about the aching hunger in her stomach. He hadn't been fed in four days. Hadn't had water in two. She'd pretty much called the Princess a slut a couple of days ago, and, as such, she'd been thrown in the room they'd designated hers and left there for the last four days.

As punishment, they hadn't fed her, and had given her water, though it was served to her tauntingly in a dog's bowl, so naturally, she'd rather dehydrate.

Not all the servants had their own rooms. Most all slept in one room with beds along the walls, boys on one side, and girls on the other, but the moment Pippa had arrived, it became apparent that she was a problem. She tended to cause trouble with the other servants, as well as with her owners, so she'd been given a special room to herself.

Which was a nice way of saying the unused closet of the room the others slept in.

It was large, for a closet, but still only a closet, with no windows, one door, a lame bed, and one vent, making it hot and stuffy most of the time. However it served it's purpose. The door had a lock on it so that she could not attempt yet another of her failed escapes, and it separated her from the other servants.

It pissed her off that, not only did the vampires treat the servants like animals, she'd been singled out, as she had her entire life.

Absentmindedly, Pepper's eyes roamed her ceiling for a blank space while she chewed on the end of a sharpie and gently rubbed the ownership tattoo on her collar. To keep herself from going insane in the small room, locked away with nothing but her thoughts, Pepper had put her art and music skills to good use, using sharpies to cover the walls, floor, and ceiling in song lyrics and doodles, and intricate designs. It was a complex web, pictures and words overlapping each other, and anyone who came inside would look at her like she was certifiably insane, but she didn't care. It kept her sane. Barely.

That and Trevor. Even when she was locked away like she was now, he would often sit outside her door and talk to her, keeping her company until whatever guard was on duty that day chased him off.

Her door opened suddenly, but Pip didn't raise her eyes to look at who it was. "I have no idea why they're keeping you alive, but you're good to go. Maybe next time they'll kill you. Watch your mouth." The guard spat at her before turning an stalking off and Pepper rolled her eyes and stood, stretching.

Finally, she could get out of the cell. She hated people, and the vampires, but she hated solitude even more. She left the room, heading over to Trevor's bed and sitting on it's edge, pulling her legs up criss-cross and waiting. He was out doing whatever the hell it was the vampires wanted him for for the day, and she should really be getting to work, but, seeing as the day was pretty much over, she saw no point. Instead, she'd just hang around and wait for him to get back from his day of chores.

Pip was waiting when the Prince walked into the room, as he did often, looking them over, though he didn't normally stop. This time though, he stopped in front of her, and she raised her eyebrows. Fuck. She thought to herself. She was okay at doing her chores, but when one of the vampires spoke to her, or ordered her directly was when she tended to get herself into trouble.

“Pippa is it?” He asked, and she suddenly felt a shift in the room. Everyone around her kept going about their business and tried to keep their heads down, but she could feel their eyes on her, and she knew multiple conversations had been stopped dead in order to listen, and Pip just sighed and looked at the Prince, surprised he didn't know her name. She was used to being the center of attention. She hadn't had a second of privacy her entire life, and so, naturally, she was a popular topic for gossip among the bored servants of the Royal's house. Not only because she was a trouble maker, but because, before the vampire attack, she'd been a celebrity. She looked over the Prince. He must have been too busy plotting the end of the world to read Cosmo or People magazines, or even turn on the TV.

“You and your friend, shouldn’t you be working the party tonight?” He asked and she smirked, leaning back on her arms as though making herself comfortable, like she was talking to a good friend of hers. Not the ruler of her world and her owner.

"Right. The party." She said with a laugh, like he was her brother and not her slave driver, and she heard several gasps around the room and shot the others cruel looks, telling them to keep their noses in their own shit before turning back to look at the Prince again with a shrug. "You know, there were so many ways I was considering spending my birthday." She said with a mischievous grin and a laugh, looking away from him casually and arrogantly, as if bored with the conversation. "But you know, you guessed it. Carrying around a tray of blood-laced wine for a room of assholes really would light the candle on my cake."

She smirked, looking him over before standing and turning her back to him rudely, but stopping and looking over her shoulder at him. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my padded cell to get ready." She said with a smirk as she turned her head again and rolled her eyes at herself, knowing she was bound to get herself in trouble with her smartass remarks, but unable to help it. She just wasn't fond of people treating her like property. No matter how dangerous they were.



The night was a clear one, the moon good and full, making it a perfect night for Hunting. The Vampires were always more active at night, and even more so during a full moon, and especially on the night of the famous Vampire masquerade ball.

Moonlight illuminated everything, bathing the world in a soft silver glow. Electricity still worked, the Vampires had made sure of that, but only an idiot left his window unboarded, letting light out into the street and practically advertising that you lived there to any hungry vampire that happened by.

Ever since the attack of the Vampires, the bustling metropolis of New York City had turned into a hollow shell of it's former, magnificent self. The Vampire side of town, particularly downtown, with the larger, more luxurious buildings still teemed with light and life, a dazzling, glittering section of the city, but only in this portion of the city could you walk boldy on the sidewalk, and only if you were a Vampire.

The rest of the city had pretty much fallen to darkness. Half the population had been killed, and half had been swept away to Vampire work camps, where they were forced to farm and produce electricity and other necessities, but that left a mere quarter of the city's once abundant population left to fight for survival on the streets.

Three in every four buildings or apartments were abandoned and four out of every five businesses had long-since stopped running. People were stupid to leave their homes at night, and any business that wasn't part of the Vampire's work camps, went underground, such as clubs.

So, as Griffin walked through the alley's of the city, the night was an oddly quiet one, the usual buzz of daytime traffic quieted as everyone retreated into their homes for the night, in order to avoid becoming a meal.

Everyone except two that was, Griffin and the beast striding casually alongside him, Monster, the sleek and powerful Great Dane. The Hunters always worked in pairs, and, for the sake of the others, he'd named his friend Alden, co-leader of the Hunters, his partner, but his true partner was Monster and everyone knew that. No one was really fooled. They all knew Fin and Alden rarely Hunted together.

Fin and Monster stopped when they reached a familiar building that, on the outside, appeared to be nothing more than an abandoned supermarket, the kind that had long since been ransacked by frantic people stocking up for the apocalypse. However, they slipped inside under the cover of the night and went to the back storage area of the store, slipping through the rows of empty shelving to the back corner, where he pulled up a metal trapdoor in the floor, revealing a second, underground area.

Monster went ahead of Fin, down the stairs into the darkness and Fin followed, closing the door behind them securely and heading down the winding staircase into an area that looked like a large, dusty, club. The place was an old speakeasy from the 1920's when drinking had been illegal so most bars and clubs had gone underground. Alden's friend Gretchen's father had owned the place before the vampire attack, and, when they'd formed their group of hunters almost seven years ago, Gretch had shown them the place and Fin, Trevor, and Alden had decided it was perfect.

In the club area, there were Hunters milling about everywhere, hanging out, talking, drinking, and dancing to the music that played loud enough that you had to shout to be heard, but not loud enough that anyone on the surface could hear.

The Hunters were all fairly young, but ranged from the impossibly young, to the older and more experienced. There were a few in their later twenties, but his oldest member was 27 years-old while his youngest was only 8. The younger ones didn't exactly do any Hunting, and most of them were only there because they had older brothers or sisters working for him, but they still had jobs, Griffin made sure of that.

Off to the right, under an arch were a series of rooms that the Hunters had adopted as bedrooms, each Hunter rooming with his/her Hunting partner, but Fin passed the arch and, instead, went into a room at the back of the club.

Behind the door was a living-room-like area that had four doors attached to it, each hiding a bedroom. One was Alden's, one was his, one had been Trevor's, and one had been Pippa's.

Monster followed him gracefully into the room and climbed lazily up onto the low couch in the room, taking up the entire length of the thing and laying his large, lazy head on his paws, falling asleep instantly. "How many?" Alden asked from his spot in one of the armchairs, looking up at him from a book, legs kicked up on the coffee table.

"Four or five." He shrugged with a wicked smirk, knowing the number was impressive. It was the number of Vampires he'd killed that night. "They were stupid new vamps, but you know, got to stop their kind from spreading." He said with a shrug, flopping down in the chair across from his friend and tossing the bloody knife he'd been carrying onto the coffee table.

"Are we really going to do this?" He asked, glancing from the knife to him and Griffin just nodded.

"Yeah, I think we are. We have to finish what Pip started or I'll never get to sleep again." He said, rolling his eyes. "We have to finish off the King."

Alden smirked at him and carefully folded the corner of his book's page before tossing it on the coffee table. "Looks like we've got a party to crash then." He said and Griffin couldn't help but keep the mischievous glint from his eyes as he thought about a real job. Not chasing after stupid, inexperienced, freshly-turned vampires.


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He watched her as she smirked, though his face stayed passive, he was one of the only vampires who’d ever been remotely patient with her. Effie on the other hand had almost killed her a few time and she’d never actually seen the king and queen, not one ever got close enough to even speak to the king and queen directly, unless you were one of the top servants.

He didn’t change his expression as she lend back on her arms, making herself comfortable as if she was getting ready to have a long conversation with an old friend. He was an expert at keeping his facial and body language under lock and key, even when a servant got out of hand, unless of course they set off his temper.

"Right. The party." he sighed knowing she was going to say something that he wouldn’t be able to ignore and simple brush off all eyes were on them and if she talked back, he would have to put her in her place. "You know, there were so many ways I was considering spending my birthday." he raised a brow, she grinned mischievously, but he continued to stay calm. "But you know, you guessed it. Carrying around a tray of blood-laced wine for a room of assholes really would light the candle on my cake."

There it was the comment that he’d half to punish her for, had it just been the two of them, he’d have let it go. Because in all honesty, most vampire were assholes, he could care less about the comment, but he was the prince and she was only a servant.

She stood and turned away from him, another thing she’d get in trouble for, she glanced back to him, causing him to pause seconds away from slamming her against the nearest wall.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my padded cell to get ready." she smirked.

He sighed, before moving quicker than the normal vampire, he was a blur of motion and there was an eerie silence in the room as every watched in horror as he forced her against the wall with enough force to rip the breath from her. He towered over her small frame and her warm human flesh burned under his cold tight grip. He glared at her barring his teeth, dangerously, the small of her blood made it hard for him to control his dangerous craving.

“You…for some reason my sister wants you alive.” He hissed in a low tone so only she could hear “If it wasn’t for her you’d be dead, I’d make you an example in front of everyone right here.” He smirked “But I can promise you if you keep this little attitude of yours up…” he tightened his already tight grip on her as he pinned her against the wall dangerously “The friend of yours, will die and I’ll be happy to make you watch.” He said in a dangerous tone, releasing her.

“Get back to work!” He yelled more frustrated at the fact he’d had to threaten her like that.

His guards followed him back up the stairs, he smoothed the piece of his hair back that had fell out of place before placing his mask over his face and heading into the grand ballroom.


Effie slipped into a tight bright red cocktail dress, while every girl at the party aside from the servants would be wearing eighteenth century inspired ball gowns, there was her in a dress meant for the underground clubs. The dress hugged her body in a way that showed off all her curves and more skin then her parents would approve of.

“You’re kidding right?” Ezra scoffed as he sat on the edge of her bed once again in his human form. “You’re going to give your poor father a heart attack.” He smirked.

Seph shrugged “He’s already dying, I’ll just make it quicker.” She said glancing at him over her shoulder. She pretended not to care that her father was dying, but by coming to the party, that alone meant she cared.

She slipped on her black stilettos and pulled her long hair from its high ponytail tail, letting her red hair fall in loose curls. There was a knock on her door and glanced to Ezra, the shape shifter rolled his eyes, already knowing that meant to change back. He hated having to be a dog ninety percent of the time, but he didn’t argue. She opened the door to her little sister, who resembled her more than anyone else.

“Persephone?” her sister looked her over, Effie smirked. “Moms going to kill you.” She breathed.

“Guess it’s a good thing I’m already dead.” She smirked, as she glanced back to Ezra gesturing him to follow after her.

She followed her sister as they made their way down the marble staircase, Ezra at her side. The party had started, music drifted through the large grand ballroom Her mother and father sat in thrown like chairs at the other end of the room, her father looked sick even for a vampire and she winced at the sight of her father. Her younger sister disappeared from her side leaving her and Ezra alone.

She grabbed a glass of wine from one of the passing waiters, placing a hand on his chest seductively causing him to stop. She downed the first glass of blood laced wine, emptying the glass setting it back on the tray and grabbing another, gesturing for the waiter to leave.

“You think you wanna slow down there love?” Ezar whispered loud enough for Effie hear.

Before she had the chance to answer him, she felt someone place a hand gently on her waist and she could tell by his touch, it was her brother. He kissed her cheek, before pulling her closer tightening the grip on her, almost as a threat and she fought back a whimper of pain. She’d never admit it, but there was something about her brother that absolutely terrified her. He was so much darker, even more so than her, yet he had such a sophisticated elegance about him that could fool anyone.

“Where were you?” He whispered darkly in her ears, demanding an answer, it was obvious he was irritated with her. She heard Ezra growl in a low tone, protectively ready to lash out at any moment, despite the fact it was the prince.

“Whatever are you talking about.” She said with an innocent pout causing him to roll his eyes and release his grip on her.

“That innocent shit may work on everyone else, but you don’t fool me.” He said glancing to the wolf as if warning him, but Ezra didn’t back down, van handed Effie her mask, she rolled her eyes taking it from him, she was actually thankful for the mask maybe her mother wouldn’t recognize her as easily, but that was a shot in the dark considering her hair was a little hard to miss.

She waved tauntingly, a sign she was down talking to him as she downed the rest of her wine, setting it on a passing tray and grabbing yet another.

“This is going to be a long night.” She sighed, placing the mask over her face.


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Piper could have probably slipped into her room before he was able to do anything, but she stayed where she was, wondering if she'd get a reaction from him, for, the truth was, she liked provoking the Prince. On the outside, he appeared elegant and sophisticated. A gentleman, who, even took mercy on her at times.

But Pippa, as usual, could see deeper into a person than the surface, and she knew there was much more to him than what he showed everyone. His sister was easy. She exploded quickly, and had nearly killed her on several occasions, but the Prince was harder. More of a challenge, and she liked a good challenge, no matter how twisted it was that she was provoking him to punish her, she wanted to see it.

Wanted to force him to show the side of him she knew was under his responsible facade. To bring out the dark, twisted being she knew was under there and look him straight in the eye to see if, maybe, there was someone in the world darker than her.

So she stayed, knowing there was no way he'd be able to let her comments slide in the filled room, and any normal person would have been afraid, but Pip didn't feel, and, as such, she wasn't afraid. She had learned to control her fear of the Vampires ages ago, before the attack even, when her mother was Turned. She knew they could sense fear and, as such, she refused to feel it, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing he'd frightened her. Instead, Pip was intrigued. As if he'd just shared an interesting fact with her that she'd forget as soon as he walked away.

She was ready when he lashed out, her years of training to fight and kill his kind keeping her levelheaded and calm as he suddenly blurred from view, moving eerily fast. Even for a Vampire. Everyone suddenly fell silent and the breath was knocked from her lungs as he shoved her roughly against the wall, holding her there tightly.

He was tall and she was small, so she had to look up at him, making sure to hold his eyes, never looking away as he bared his teeth at her, and something in his body language told her he was struggling to control himself, though she didn't think it was anger he was holding back. In fact, he didn't even seem too angry at what she'd said. More angry that he had to teach her a lesson, which was interesting.

So what was he holding back? Pippa cracked a wicked smile, realizing what it was he was struggling to control.

His bloodlust. The thought that the very Prince of the Vampires held her helpless and was having a hard time keeping his taste for her blood under control would probably literally kill any normal person of pure fright, but something in the wicked side of Pip was deeply satisfied.

“You…for some reason my sister wants you alive.” He hissed low, and his breath, as well as his fingers on her skin, were like ice. “If it wasn’t for her you’d be dead, I’d make you an example in front of everyone right here.” He smirked and she held his eyes, knowing he wasn't going to do it. “But I can promise you if you keep this little attitude of yours up…” His grip on her tightened dangerously, but she simply smiled at the pain his cold hands caused her, almost welcoming it. “The friend of yours, will die and I’ll be happy to make you watch.” He said dangerously before finally releasing her.

“Get back to work!” He shouted to the servants gawking, open mouthed around them, and Pip took the opportunity to slip into her room, but not before pausing to watch him slip up the stairs just as Trevor came down.

In her room, there was a dress on her bed, and she sighed, knowing the guard had put it there. It wasn't elaborate, the Vampires weren't fond of having their beauty upstaged so it was simple and just plain black in the front, with a low dip in the back. She slipped into it, and it hung loosely on her thin frame, but strangely flattered her. Silently, she wondered if there was a reason the Vampires wanted their human servants to be showing more skin than them, but she ignored the thought as she slipped into the plain black heels that had also been placed in her room.

A soft knock came at her door and she opened it to find Trevor there, in a simple black, v-neck t-shirt and a pair of black slacks, holding something in his hands. He held out the object in his hands as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him and she looked down at it. It was a mask that was silver with a metal crescent moon that would go up into her pale pink hair.

"Trev, where did you get that? The servants don't wear masks." She said, shaking her head and pushing his hands away.

He chucked. "My job today was to go shopping for party supplies, so I picked up an extra one." He said, gesturing to the mask. "I figured it would make a good silent rebellion." He said with a smirk and she raised an eyebrow, intrigued by the idea. "Plus it's your birthday. You deserve to look as sexy as any damn Vampire in that room." He said with a laugh and she sighed and finally let him slip the mask on her before leading her up to the party where they picked up their trays and stood, waiting while someone filled them with glasses of wine.

Silently, she thought about the Prince's threats towards Trevor. She could live without him, it was an awful thought, but she knew she could. What she couldn't live with was the Prince forcing her to watch his pain. She let go of people easily, never really growing an attachment, but she couldn't watch them in pain. Not unless she wanted them in pain. She squeezed his hand briefly, leaning in. "After the party, we'll sneak out for a little fun under the moon." She whispered dangerously with a smirk. There was no way they would get out of the grounds, but they could easily find a dark corner in the gardens out back to be alone and unmissed for a few hours. They'd done it before.

He was about to respond, but Pip just shook her head and winked playfully, slipping into the crowd of sparkling, elegant Vampires carrying her tray.



"Yeah," Griffin said in response to his friend, leaning back in the chair and kicking his feet up on the table, grinning wickedly as the wheels in his head spun around and around. "Maybe I'll even get that damn redheaded bitch this time." He said with a smirk and a laugh.

"You mean the Princess? Fin, one Vampire lord is enough, don't get cocky, Pip-" Suddenly, Alden cut himself off and swallowed, seeming to know he'd his a bad spot, and Griff raised his eyebrows, anger filling him.

"Pip what?!" He shouted at his friend. No, not his friend, Alden was more than that. He was his brother.

However, no one talked about Pippa, they knew that. Not unless you wanted to end up dead. "I didn't mean anything Griff. I miss her as much as you do, you know that." He said with a shrug and Griffin rolled his eyes and looked away.

"Yeah, only because you'd fucked her." He spat bitterly, knowing it was a harsh accusation, but not caring, letting his anger slowly drain away, forcing himself to breath before he finally dared to look at Alden again. "Right." He said, more composed. "How do you want to do this? We've got A or B." He said, referring to the two plans the two of them, well the two of them with the help of Amiedalia, a young girl Griff had taken an interest in lately, had worked up.

One involved shooting themselves up with a new drug being sold on the streets claiming to hide your human scent from the vampires, and pretending to be guests at the party. This one was the riskier of the two plans, seeing as, if the drug didn't work, they'd be standing dead in the center of a room filled with hundreds of Vampires that knew they were fakes, but it had more advantages than the other plan.

Plan B was to dress as servants, paint the signature roman numeral ownership tattoos on themselves, and get into the party pretending to be human servants. This got them into the party, but that was about it. They wouldn't get anywhere near the King dressed as servants, and there was always the chance that Effie, the Princess would spot him and know something was up. At least, if he was dressed as a Vampire, he could wear a mask and she wouldn't notice him.

Griffin mentally ran through the two plans in his mind, weighing the cons and pros of each. "Get Amie." He said to Alden, who gestured to the only other person in the room, Gretchen's little brother Phil, who was their youngest member, only 8, and worked as a messenger in exchange for protection and training in how to protect himself. That was one thing about Griff. His Hunters wasn't a refuge camp for people who were afraid of the Vampires and needed somewhere safe to stay. No, even as young as eight, you had to earn your right to stay.

Phil came back a minute later with Amie in tow, a tall girl with tanned skin, deep ebony hair, and an exotic look about her. She was carrying a case that he knew contained the drugs, and none of them said anything while Amiedalia injected first Griffin, then Alden, then herself. She would be coming with them dressed as a servant so she could help, but also so she could keep an eye on them and report to the group if anything happened to them, but it didn't hurt to have the drug in case it worked. She was their head medical and drug expert and, the way Fin saw it, it was always safe to have a medic on a trip as dangerous as the one they were about to take.

Amie stood and left the room coming back dressed in the simple attire of the a female servant and Griffin stood, able to feel the effects of the drugs take over him as he got ready in his best attire and a mask to hide his face. He went to Amie and painted a string of roman numerals on her tanned collarbone. "If the drug works, you'll only have a few hours." She explained, voice thickly accented, though, with what accent, he wasn't sure. Possible Indian? She looked like she could come from India.

He nodded and sighed as Alden came out of his room, fully ready. "Amie says to work fast." He said simply before they headed out, the drugs in his system making everything around him shockingly clear, and the world around him open and bright. Even if the shading of his scent didn't work, he noticed, if they didn't die, he'd have to remember the drug. It could be useful for normal hunting.

Finally, they reached the gates of the great building of the Royals and listed their names and their servant's name, giving names for Vampires they'd been careful to kill earlier that week, praying that the drugs in their system would work.


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Effie wondered around the party earning looks for the way she was dressed, even behind her mask, people knew she was to princess simply by her hair. She didn’t want to be at the party simply because it wasn’t so much a celebration of the royals as it was a goodbye to her father.

She much father be out with Slyder and his gang tormenting humans and hunting them down. She Hadn’t eaten in a day or so, not that it was effecting her that much, but she felt small hunger pains. She often went several days before having to eat, unlike her brother who had a hard time keeping to to one feeding a day.

She was dreadfully boarded, this wasn’t her scene, the underground clubs and the gang were where she felt most at home, here she felt like the odd one out with a bunch of rich snobs.

She made her way outback, she lend against one of the large white pillars watching as other vampires walked the lit garden, couples. Memories flooded back, causing her to close her eyes, letting out a sigh.

“Effie?” something about Ezra’s voice made the hair on the back of her neck stand up, she glanced around making sure no one could hear them, before turning her eyes to the wolf. “Your boyfriends here.” He said almost tauntingly.

Persephone tensed, she knew what he meant by that, but she couldn’t smell their blood. She knew that hunter, she could pick out his blood in a crowded room of humans. She shook her head as if to disagree with Ezra.

“He’s not that stupid?” she looked to Ezra not wanting to believe it, but before her loyal K9 could answer, she disappeared onto the roof.

She smirked seeing him at the gate with two others and wondered how he’d been able to disguise his scent well enough, not even she could smell him, yet Ezra had been able to pick him out.

“Clever trick.” She said looking him over curiously “The night just got a little more interesting.” She said staring at him, though keeping herself in to shadows. She glided down from the roof effortlessly “Guess he is that stupid.” She smirked, Ezra rolled his eyes.

“Effie for once could you let someone else handle that asshole.” Ezra sighed as he said following her back inside.

She ignored him as she pushed her way through the crowd of people, she smirked darkly as she spotted Pip. She walked up behind the girl, grabbing her arms from behind, knocking the tray from her hand. The two girl being about the same height, making Pip’s neck easy access for the princess. She held her in a grip to tight for her to break.

“You’ve got a visitor.” She whispered darkly, taunting , her icy breath on Pips neck. No one knew the reason the princess had singled her out, or put up with her attitude. But, now Pippa would know, Effie had just made it all crystal clear. “Looks like you’ll be my pet tonight.” She said bearing her teeth as if she was getting ready to bit into her neck.

But, she pulled away and glared at the other servants, before dragging Pippa in the direction of the library, a room with only on exit an exit that Effie had ordered Ezra to watch as well as two other guards, before shoving Pip into the room harshly and following in after her.

Image Image

After smelling Pepper’s blood, Evan started to crave it more and more to the point her could careless who the blood was coming from as long as it was blood. He wondered the party, making his round to all the higher up Vampires.

Most of them wanting to speak with the soon to be king, the conversation was dry and boring and all the prince could think about was blood. Eventually he’d just started to tune out the conversations and nod when it was appropriate.

Finally he’d managed to slip away, he made his way up the stairs, into his study, he’d give anything for the night to be over already. He heard the sound of crashing dishes outside the doors of his study and he raised a brow, setting aside the cigar he was about to lite.

He opened the door to his study the hallways was empty, with the exception of one young female servant, who looked as though she was cleaning out a few of the rooms, which wasn’t unusual, however she was alone, which was unusual. He sighed walking down the hallway towards her, his footsteps were quiet, too quiet to hear.

“Why are you alone?” he asked casually, bending down to help put the dishes she’d dropped back on the tray.

She glanced up terrified, before looking back down “I….I….I” she stuttered, tears starting to come to her eyes. He help her up giving her a soft, alluring smile.

“Shhh” he said softly and she found herself staring into his eyes, memorized “It’s okay.” He said offering her hand, she took it without a second thought, to enticed by him to say no.

He led her into his study, pressing her up against the wall, staring into her eyes, the terror in her eyes had dissipated, now she looked at him welcoming him and he hated that he had that effect on women, they knew what was coming next, but he was so hypnotizing they didn’t stand a chance.

He kissed her lips softly almost apologetically, he moved his lips along her jawline and he could feel the warmth of her blood pulsating just underneath her skin, causing his breathing to pick up. She wrapped an arm around his neck moaning softly leaning into him as he kissed down her neck and then paused.

“You’re not going to turn me are you?” she whispered as if she’d just realized his cruel ploy.

“No darling, you’re not worth turning.” He smirked against her neck as his fangs ripped in viciously, she let out a scream of pain, a scream that wouldn’t be heard over the party down stairs.
“Please.” She begged

But, he didn’t reply this time, he simply sunk his teeth deeper in to her neck, draining her of every last drop of blood. Once he was finished he stepped away from the pail, lifeless body, the whole side of her neck missing.

He lend his head back, looking up at the ceiling, feeling satisfied, but now craving more. He whipped his mouth with the back of his hand, before walking to the large window that looked out over the front of the mansion, he watched as vampires still filed in to join the party.


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Pippa handed out drinks to the party guests like the good little slave she was, even offering a smile or two, which was truly extraordinary for her. Suddenly, cold hands clamped around her arms and the tray fell from her grip, splashing blood and wine all down her legs, making her jump, though in surprise, not fear. Her grip was tight, and Pip knew she could get out of it if she absolutely had to, but that would mean breaking her own arm, so, for the moment, she stayed put.

She forced herself to keep her heartbeat steady, knowing whoever was holding her would sense her fear, and hoping that it wasn't who she thought it was. If it was one of the party goers, maybe a bit too drunk, someone would deal with them, letting them know she belonged to the Prince and Princess, but if it was the Princess like she feared, she knew no such thing would happen.

“You’ve got a visitor.” Effie whispered, her breath cold as ice on her skin, but Pip held her ground, not sure what she meant. How could she have a visitor? She was a slave, nothing more.

Then, suddenly, it hit her. Her brother was there somewhere. But why? Why, after more than a year would Griffin finally be coming after her? She'd though he'd forgotten about her, or maybe that she wasn't important enough to risk his precious Hunters lives trying to save. Why would he be there to see her? “Looks like you’ll be my pet tonight.” Effie said, and Piper knew she was seconds from becoming a meal, however, she was too shocked by the rush of memories that were bombarding her at the thought of her brother, and she could feel herself slipping into one of her "moods" meaning she had to fix herself and fix herself quick. She didn't have time to sit for hours fighting for her sanity. She had to be sane now.

Across the room, she met Trevor's eyes, and the fear in his eyes seemed, somehow to settle her a bit, and when the Princess pulled away some, she found herself able to breathe again as she swallowed down the rush of memories that had, just seconds ago, threatened to choke her, composing herself quickly.

The red-haired witch dragged her away from the party before throwing her into the library roughly, causing her to stumble, but managing to catch her footing as she stood straight and glared at the Princess, keeping distance between them.

Her eyes locked onto the woman, and all her training came back to her instantly as she took in everything around her in nothing more than a quick glance, making sure to keep all her senses trained on the Vampire before her. "What the fuck do you want? I'm nobody's pet." She spat angrily, backing away from her, towards the desk in the library. Maybe she could find a letter opener or a pen she could use as a weapon.

"If it's my brother, I don't care." She said with a wicked, gleaming grin and a laugh. "Kill him if you want, and he's certainly not going to care if you kill me. We're a little sick, the two of us." That was a lie, but a perfectly executed one. Griffin would care if Effie killed her, but she didn't know that, and if there was one thing Piper knew how to do better than, even most vampires, it was lie seamlessly. Everything about the twist in her voice and the sound of the small, almost wicked laugh she let out leading one to believe that she was fairly messed up.

Finally, the backs of her wine and blood-covered legs were pressed against the desk and she reached behind her frantically with one hand, managing to find herself a letter opener, as well as a stapler and picking them up swiftly behind her back before, taking a quick step away from the desk so she wouldn't know what she'd been doing.



Griffin was satisfied with the results of the drugs. Not only did they hide his scent well, but they were making him impossibly clear, able to see every little detail of every little thing that was going on around him.

The three of them stepped into the grand ballroom, and Griff smirked as he heard a loud shattering and tinkling of breaking glass and glanced into the crowd to see what the commotion was about, though only being able to spot a flash of red hair. Red hair he'd know anywhere. Red hair he recognized as it blazed a fiery trail through the crowd, pushing someone into a room down the hall.

Griffin smirked and lead his group of three into a room off to the side so they could talk for a moment and he could make last minute changes to the plans, like always. "I think we can get all three of them." He said with a wicked grin, and Alden's eyebrows shot up. "Ald, you go for the King. You're easily the stealthiest of us." He said with an honest shrug. "Amie, you get the prince." Her eyes widened and she shook her head frantically.

"No. No way I'm advanced enough for that. Just no." She said, panic clear in her thick accent and he rolled his eyes.

"Amiedalia," he said, using her full name and placing a hand on her shoulder. "You know you're more than capable. Just get him alone and make him think you're weak and helpless, and, when he's ready to drain you, you just stab him. Make sure it's the heart." He said with a wicked grin, and she matched it, making him laugh excitedly, reminding himself that, if they made it out alive, he'd more than reward her.

"I'm going after the Princess." He said simply, not bothering to let them ask questions before slipping back into the crowd, following the direction he'd seen her flame of red hair disappear, able to feel the adrenaline in his veins fueling him.


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"What the fuck do you want? I'm nobody's pet." Effie smirked and she didn’t bother to argue with her or answer her she simply walked over to the window, glancing out it before looking back to Pip as she started to speak again "If it's my brother, I don't care. Kill him if you want, and he's certainly not going to care if you kill me. We're a little sick, the two of us."

Effie wasn’t at all effected by her menacing laugh, in fact she was more amused by it than anything else. She kept her eyes on her, watching her back into the table and where Pippa tried to hid what she was doing, Effie had already guessed she was looking for a weapon but she didn’t bother to move or stop her.

“Penelope, you think I want to kill you?” she smirked and the tone she’d used had been so innocent it was cruel. “I can’t even if I really wanted to.” She sighed softly.

None of the servants were aware of Effie’s extra powers, she didn’t use them often only when she really thought she needed to or when she wanted to see someone in pain. Griffin on the other hand had experienced her tormenting inflection of pain on more than one occasion.

“You see, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.” She said, staying oddly calm about the situation anyone who knew the princesses temper, knew that with her there was always a calm before the storm with her.

She moved quickly across the room, a blur of motion that couldn’t even be caught by the best photographer, she stood inched from Peppers face looking into her eyes, not glaring more searching them, almost feeling sorry for her, before giving her a softer smile.

“You see my dear, you aren’t much different from me or my brother.” She whispered tauntingly “You different from the other though…you don’t have an expression date.” she said darkly before moving away from her “Your fate is something even I cannot control, as much as I’d really love to rip you to pieces.” She smirked and even an idiot could tell she was being completely honest “Fate won’t allow it.” She informed her and where Pip wouldn’t understand what she meant by expression date, she’d know in due time.

Effie heard a commotion outside the door and smirked knowing who it was and having told Ezra to let him and only him inside. She moved once again in an almost uncatchable blur, grabbing Pip again from behind.

“By the your brother…he thinks you’re dead.” She laughed before sinking her teeth into the girls neck, for only a moment, wanting that to be the first thing Griff saw of his supposedly dead sister.

Image Image

Evan, sighed before hearing the door to his study but he didn’t move or even look to see who it was. He simply stood there as if he was till alone. Her heard the door click shut, before her turned to her a beautiful women, her long dark hair and tanned skin it reminded him of a human he once dated.

“Congratulations on disguising your human scent.” He spoke soothingly “Byzantium, it’s a very advanced drug is it not?” He turned his gaze out the window, the women didn’t respond. “There’s only one flaw too it.” He smirked “It doesn’t hide the scent of your growing fear.” He said darkly.

He moved in a quick motion, pinning her to the wall, causing her to drop what she was supposed to use to stab him in the heart. Just like the servant, he could feel her pulse underneath his flesh causing him to crave it. He didn’t kiss he slowly like had lured the other girl in, instead he didn’t draw it out, he dug his fangs into her neck roughly and she tensed against him.

She managed to push him away though, she placed a hand on her neck, he’d torn into it pretty badly and blood oozed from the new wound only causing him to want it more, but this time she fought back, hard managing to pick the weapon back up. He knew then, she was a hunter and he smirked wickedly.

“Your one of Fin’s faithful followers aren’t you.” He smirked wickedly as the cuts and scrapes she’d managed healed quickly.

Her breathing picked up and she wasn’t sure how he knew who she was with, but he’d known about the drug, so it didn’t surprise her all that much. She stood her ground, though she knew she was losing, she almost felt like the Prince had let her beat him up a bit to give her false hope and she was right.

“Listen darling, it’s been fun playing, but I’m really tired of this and like to get back to being alone.” He said tossing her against the wall with enough force to break her back and he let out a wicked laugh, before moving in to finish the job, but stopping before draining her, just in time to change her.

He waited patiently for her to reawaken, minutes passed before her eyes opened and she was even more beautiful now than she’d been before. He offered his hand and she flashed him a wicked smirk as he helped her up, linking his arm with hers.

“It’s about time I head back to the party.” He said leading her out of the study and back into the grand ballroom.


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Pippa watched as Effie simply walked past her and went to the window, though she didn't let her guard drop, just simply kicked out of the heels she was wearing in case she had to run, and took off her mask, dropping it on the ground so it didn't get in the way of her vision. “Penelope, you think I want to kill you?” Effie asked, and she was about to say something sarcastic when she was cut off. “I can’t even if I really wanted to.” She said with a sigh, and she couldn't explain it, but the words sent an icy chill down her spine.

What did that mean? Of course she could kill her if she wanted, not that Pip wouldn't put up a fight, but Effie made it sound like she couldn't even try. It wasn't that she didn't think she could win against her in a fight, it was more that she thought there was something else, some other force that was keeping her from killing her, which confused her.

“You see, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.” She said, eerily calm, and Pip kept her eyes on her as she blurred before coming back into focus inches from her, looking into her eyes. Had Effie been glaring at her threateningly, Pippa would have simply held her eyes defiantly, but there was something soft about her eyes and they seemed to be searching hers for something, and that's what made her look away.

Pip could read the people around her all she wanted, but they weren't allowed to read her, and they never could. They never seemed to really understand her or connect with her. Something about her just didn't click with other people, so it irritated her when people tried to read her, even though she did it right back to them with the same probing looks.

“You see my dear, you aren’t much different from me or my brother.” Effie taunted, making her narrow her eyes and snap her gaze back to hers, not sure exactly what she meant by that, but positive she was nothing like the two of them. She was human. The good side. That was all she had, and if you took that away, she was left with what?

“You're different from the others though…you don’t have an expression date.” She said, and Pippa was frustrated by her inability to understand. She held the letter opener tightly down by her side, ready to use it if she had to. “Your fate is something even I cannot control, as much as I’d really love to rip you to pieces. Fate won’t allow it.” Pippa didn't understand her words fully, but she knew enough about people to know she was telling the truth.

However, that didn't mean she was going to relax either. Effie said she couldn't kill her. She said nothing about not being able to harm her, and she may still need to fight to get away from her and escape. For good this time.

Effie blurred from view again before grabbing her roughly from behind just as she heard footsteps in the hall and suddenly knew who it was and what Effie was doing. “By the way, your brother…he thinks you’re dead.” She hissed before sinking her fangs into her skin.

It felt like ice was being injected directly into her veins, freezing her in place, but her mind was still conscious, and she knew Griff was outside the door, having no idea what he was walking into, so, without hesitation, she let out a loud scream. Not exactly because of the pain, though it was excruciating, but more to warn Griff of what he was stepping in to, and also, so distract Effie as she lifted her hand with the letter opener and swung straight and hard, lodging the blade deeply into her arm, causing her to lose her grip on her just as the door swung open and she saw her brother's face for the first time.

Only she didn't run to him or anything like that. Like a normal sister who hadn't seen her brother in over a year. Instead, she quickly pulled free from Effie and ran right past him. In the chaos, she had a small window for escape, and she wasn't missing it. She was covered in blood and wine, and running through a house filled with vampires, but she didn't care.

She further down the hall, away from the ballroom, headed towards the back door where she could get outside and make a break for even further, off the Royal grounds, and be free again. Suddenly, she stopped at the large glass back door to the gardens, placing her hand on the cool glass. She'd left Fin. Her brother. He'd thought she was dead all this time, that was why he hadn't come for her, and she finally saw him again, and she just left him.

Pippa knew what her instinct was telling her to do, and she was a creature of instinct. She wanted to swing the doors wide and disappear into the night, finally free. But should go back for her brother first? Pip looked at the glass under her hand. She could always meet up with him later. Afterall, she knew everything about the Hunters, including where their head quarters were. It was a shock Effie and her brother hadn't tried to interrogate her yet. She could always head straight there and wait for him to catch up.

If he survived the night, that was.
And what about Trevor? Was she going to leave him behind too?
And knowing her brother, Alden was probably there somewhere as well.

However, the need to do what her mind, body, and logic were telling her to do was much stronger than the parts of her that were begging her to go back and save a group of people who were probably already dead anyway. She didn't totally understand the part of her that wanted her to save her brother, and that scared her, not understanding herself, for, herself was the only person she'd ever truly been sure she knew.

So, Pip pushed the doors, swinging them wide and allowing a rush of cool night air to blow back her light pink hair and toss her dress. She had to get out before she thought so long there was no hope for any of them, and she was stuck with failed escape attempt number 433.



Griffin made is way effortlessly through the crowd of Vampires, headed for the room he'd seen Effie disappear into.

As he made his way across the ballroom, a large wolf fell into step beside him, and it was strange, because it was almost like having Monster walk beside him. Only Monster followed where Griffin lead. Somehow, he had a feeling this situation was reversed. That the wolf was leading him instead of following.

Finally, they stopped outside of the door, and the wolf sat and looked up at him. He placed a hand on the wooden door, hoping she was in there so he could finally put an end to her, and the haunting memory of her always being that one Vampire that manages to give him the slip time and time again.

Then a loud scream errupted from inside the room. A scream he knew well. He could have been able to recognize her scream had he been deaf, and he was pretty sure, with their enhanced hearing, every vampire at the party had heard it as well.

It was Pip. It had to be. And something was hurting her. He remembered suddenly that Effie had been dragging someone along with her when she'd ducked into the room he was now standing outside of. Was is really his sister? What could Effie be doing that was so horrible it made her scream? Pippa didn't scream for no reason.

Suddenly, before he could overthink it anymore, Griffin pushed the door open, revealing his sister, standing there with Effie sinking her fangs into her neck. The sister he'd thought was dead for almost a year. He watched as Pippa drove something into the Princess's arm before dashing from the room, leaving him behind, and he was so shell-shocked, at first, he knew he'd wasted his moment to spring while Effie was still stunned from his sister's stab.

He tried not to think about Pippa, and her being alive. Tried to just focus on Effie. She was the target. He'd deal with Pip later. He pulled out two long knives, one for each hand and glared at her, anger consuming him for her hurting his sister. "Hey Princess." He said with a laugh as he lunged, pinning her roughly against the nearest bookshelf, their impact nearly toppling the thing.

He pressed one blade to her neck, the other to her stomach and held her there. "Remember me?" He sneered, and pressed the blade into her neck deep enough it started to draw blood.


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Pip let out a scream causing her to loosen her grip, the scream had been right in ear and with sensitive hearing, her scream had nearly made her deaf. Pip dug the letter opener deep into her arm, causing her to let go of her completely, not so much in pain, more so because she had Griffin exactly where she wanted him.

The two were constantly bringing each other out, yet they could never successfully kill the other and that bother her, she wanted him dead more than any human she’d ever come across. She pulled the letter opener from her arm, tossing it to the ground the wound healing instantly. She glanced up to Griffin with a wicked smirk. Behind him, Ezra sat, the doors had closed behind them and the three of them were alone.

"Hey Princess." he laughed bringing her attention back to him, glancing to the knives.

She waited for him to make the first move knowing he would, he was more than angry, she’d wanted to hit his soft spot and that’s exactly what she’d done. He lunged at her and she smirked bracing herself for the impact, he pinned her roughly to the bookshelf they’d nearly knocked over. He dug one of the knives into her neck and the other into her stomach, she was in pain, but her she expertly hid it, smirking wickedly welcoming more pain.

"Remember me?" he said digging the knife deeper into her neck, drawing blood.

She let out a laugh, cocking her head to the side as if telling him to push the knife deeper. Ezra growled darkly as he glared at the man, keeping posture low ready to lunge at the man. Effie let out a dark sadistic laugh that seemed to confuse Ezra even. She brought her blue eyes to look into Fin’s caramel colored ones, taunting him dangerously.

“That’s your big “it’s me line”?” she said sarcastically “I was expecting a…”Burn in hell bitch” at the least.” She said, pushing him away causing him to fly half way across the room, before crashing into the coffee table.

She pulled the knife from her neck, wincing lightly, it was almost unnoticeable, before pulling the one from her stomach. She threw them both back to him, one landing in his upper thigh, the other, landing just under his rib cage. The wounds in her neck and stomach, closing. She slipped out of her heels, turning her neck to each side, cracking it.

“Alright…let’s play.” She smirked

She didn’t like using her power on him unless it was a last resort, because unlike other humans he wasn’t afraid of her, he actually posed a challenge to her and she didn’t get that often, humans tended to give in and just let her do what she wanted. But, he fought back. In a flash of motion she was kneeling in front of him.

“I missed you.” She whispered darkly, biting her lip, before pulling him up harshly, and roughly shoving him into the wall across from where he’d pinned her. She pinned him against the wall just as roughly as he pinned her, smirking darkly. “You know for wanting to kill me so badly…you’ve never once aimed for my heart.” She whispered, before her teeth ripped into his neck, rougher than any normal vampire would when attacking a human. His skin was hot against her icy body, she couldn’t remember a time she’d ever really been that close to him, she’d never been close enough to bite him.

Image Image

Evan walked down the stairs with his new date on his arm, before hearing a piercing scream coming from the library and where all the other vampires in the main ballroom ignored it, thinking one of the servants had just fallen into the hands of a hungry, he was curious.

He excused himself from Amie and she made her way into the party, joining her now fellow undead, Evan watched as Pip ran past him and disappeared into the crowed, he was quick to notice the way she’d ran and he smelled her fresh blood, causing him to tense.

He followed after her, knowing exactly what she was doing trying to escape yet again and he couldn’t let that happen, he wouldn’t let it happen. He pushed through the vampires after her and he could see her hesitating at the door, but he wasn’t about to hesitate.

“Damn it.” He cursed under his breath as she pushed the door open.

He knew he could catch her, that really wasn’t an issue, it was the fact that he knew she was smart, he knew she’d fight back and had he been able to catch her before she slipped out the door, he have had a better chance of controlling her.

He pushed out into the back yard and oddly enough it was deserted, normally there were a few couples walking about but there was no one and it was an eerie silence. Christmas lights lined the tall maze of bushes and the waterfall in the center of the garden caught his eye for a moment, he thought he’d seen her. He took a deep breath in closing his eyes, he could smell her blood and that gave away her position, who’d ever bitten her had known she’d run and someone namely him would be able to find her based on her fresh blood.

“Effie.” He whispered rolling his eyes, she was always causing trouble for him.

His footsteps were quiet, not even another vampire could hear him sneaking up on them, he made his way through the maze of bushes and her smell continued to get stronger. Finally he was only a few steps behind her and he paused, he could let her go and he should only that would mean risking his family in the long run considering she’d been inside their home, she’d walked the halls, she knew where they slept.

He sighed moving again to catch up with her, grabbing her wrist roughly, turning her to face him with on quick motion, he held her so tight against him, he felt her heat warm his own body and the smell of her blood caused him to tense and squeeze her tighter, she had no weapons on her, he could easily kill her and he should, he could deal with Effie later. But, something made him think twice it felt good to hold her, the way it’d felt when he’d held his ex-wife, the only person he’d ever truly been in love with, he quickly shook the though and looked down at her with a wicked smirk.

“Attempt 433?” he said taunting her.


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Pippa ran out into the night before she could change her mind again. The fresh air was shocking. Some of the other servants, like Trevor, who were less rebellious, were allowed to leave the building on occasion to run errands for the Royals, but Pippa was most certainly not one of them. The only times she tasted fresh air was when she snuck out with Trevor in the middle of the night. Not to mention the fact that she'd been locked in her little solitary confinement room for the past four days.

The grass was cold and springy beneath her feet, and she ran quickly, not allowing herself to slow until she was deep in the darkness of the garden, covered by the shadows. At the moment, it looked like the garden was empty, but she wasn't taking nay chances, so she kept to the cover of darkness, moving quickly as she made her way to the back of the garden where she knew she could climb the fence and escape.

Cold fingers suddenly wrapped around her wrist and squeezed, whirling her around and pulling her close so fast her head spun, and it took a second for her to realize it was the Prince. His hands on her were icy cold, and yet sent a strange tingling sensation across her skin.

She struggled to keep her fear in check, knowing he would sense it, though unable to hide the small flutter of her heart when his lips parted in a wicked grin as he looked down at her and held her tightly to him. "Attempt 433?" He asked tauntingly, and Pippa let out a angry hiss of air. She hadn't bothered to waste time taking the letter opener out of Effie's wound, so she was officially weaponless.

She twisted her wrist in his hand, testing his grip as her mind frantically tried to come up with something. He was a vampire, so running wouldn't do much good, but maybe, if she managed to get lost in the bushes and shadow, it would give her just enough of a head start.

Pippa looked up at him. Or maybe she could get him to release her himself. She was a master of deception afterall. She made her large eyes wide and round, looking at him like she was at his mercy and was completely weak. If she played innocent, maybe he'd let her go and she could make a run for it. If that didn't work, she could always rip herself from his grip, run, and look for a weapon of somesort on her way for when he followed her. "Please." She pleased, eyes begging, voice suddenly low and fragile as she pretended to wince at his grip. "You have Griff, and Trev, you don't need me anymore." She begged, feeling a pang inside her at the fact that she was willing to turn her brother and her best friend's lives over in exchange for her own survival, but that was the way she was and she couldn't change it.

Pippa kept her eyes on his, wondering if he'd take the bait. He was fairly more responsible than the other vampires, and more likely to keep his head with her irritating attitude and behavior, however, did that make him kind? Or compassionate? Would he let her go because they were alone? She already knew the answer. She knew it from just the look in his eye when he'd pinned her to the wall earlier, and the threat in his words when he'd suggested making her watch him kill Trevor.

No, he wasn't going to let her go. Responsible did not mean compassionate. So, as she stood there waiting for his response, adrenaline racing through her veins, she prepared herself for a fight.



Fin would be lying if he said that the sound of her laugh hadn't sent a chill down his spine, but he kept his face hard and angry, brown eyes holding her blue ones defiantly. “That’s your big “it’s me line”?” She asked, and he rolled his eyes. She was one for teatrics, as was clear by her scene with Pip, a lot of vampires seemed to be that way, always making things into a show, however, he was one for simply getting the job done. “I was expecting a…”Burn in hell bitch” at the least.” She said, and she pushed him away as though it was effortless.

Only he flew backwards and landed on the coffee table as a result of her strength. Quickly, without wasting time, she pulled his knifes from herself and threw them at him instead. Griffin winced, but did not make a noise as the blades cut through his skin, almost to bone. The one in his ribcage would be a real problem, especially if it'd punctured a lung or something vital, but he could suffer through the one in his leg.

She pulled the knife from her neck, wincing lightly, it was almost unnoticeable, before pulling the one from her stomach. She threw them both back to him, one landing in his upper thigh, the other, landing just under his rib cage. The wounds in her neck and stomach, closing. She slipped out of her heels, turning her neck to each side, cracking it.

“Alright…let’s play.” He heard her voice as he reached for the handled of the knife in his leg and started to pull it out.

She lunged, lifting him easily and pushing him against the wall this time. “I missed you.” She whispered and he rolled his eyes. He was in tremendous pain, but the mix of the drugs and adrenaline pulsing in his veins made it bearable. Made it possible for him to glare at her with little pain in his eyes and not even flinch as he yanked the knife from his leg, and the one from his ribs in one swift motion.

“You know for wanting to kill me so badly…you’ve never once aimed for my heart.” She taunted, cold breath on his neck as she plunged her fangs into his skin.

It hurt like hell, but there was also a part of it that made him want to reach out and pull her against him, wanted her to keep going. He'd heard that, the more a human was fed off of by vampires, the more pleasurable the experience became until the human was nothing more than a pathetic, obsessed, blood bag and the vampire tended to kill them then.

However, he wasn't even close to that point yet, so he simply took one of his knives and stabbed it into her thigh, wasting no time as he used her surprise to throw her back, forcing her flat on her back as he climbed over her and pressed the other knife against her heart, holding it there, the blood from his neck dripping on her pale skin as he leaned down over her, putting pressure on the knife slowly, forcing it in as it slid closer and closer to her heart. "I'm going to enjoy watching this." He whispered darkly, face mere centimeters from hers as the knife went deeper and deeper into her chest towards her no-longer beating heart.


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She could feel a bit of hesitation in him, as if he was debating on whether or not to let her continue feeding on him, but the hesitation was so quick, if she’d never fought with him before she’d have never caught it. She let out an irritated shriek when he stabbed her in her thigh, but before she could react, he had her flat on her back holding the knife over her heart.

Her breathing was heavy as she glared up at him, she smirked as the knife slid deeper into her skin and closer to her heart. She was terrified on the inside, but on the outside she didn’t shown an ounce of the fear she was feeling, she never did. Once again a flood of memories came over her, from the night she’d almost died and the hunters had killed her boyfriend.

"I'm going to enjoy watching this." his voice brought her back from her thoughts and before she had time to react, Ezra lunged at Griffin, knocking him off Effie. The wolf pinned him the ground flat on his back, he bared his teeth, only a sliver of air between his face and Griffins.

Effie stood, she was weaker now, as she pulled the embedded knife, groaning as she’d finally managed to pull it all the way out of her skin. She dropped the blood cover knife on the ground, the whole in her chest didn’t close as quickly as the others had. She walked over to where Ezra had Fin pinned, kneeling at his side glaring at him, she was consumed by anger, mainly he’d hit a soft spot just as she had.

“You really fucking piss me off.” She whispered in a low voice “You can’t kill me.” She said darkly, taunting him.

Ezra stepped off of him and she quickly took his place, climbing over him, keeping him pinned to the ground. She closed the space between them. Her face like his had been, centimeters from his face. She place one hand on her chest, before she moved her lips once again to his neck only this time, she didn’t bite him, she pressed her lips to his neck, the kiss was as cold as death itself and it was something she’d mad a tradition before she killed someone. She pulled away from him almost immediately.

“No fucking way.” She hissed as she glared at him.

She’d had run in with him before, they’d touched before and as so she’d seen his death clock. He had an expiration date, but something had changed and when her lip touched his neck, his clock had vanished and just like his sister he now had no expiration date.

Image Image

He watched her curiously. He knew she was coming up with something trying to figure out a plan. He was quite amused actually with the way she worked. She was so different from the rest so unreadable and he wasn’t exactly sure why or how, but Effie had told him when they’d first brought her home, she’d live forever like them.

He’d never really understood how it worked, seeing as most everyone Effie came in contact with, had a death clock that eventually ran out, even vampires, whether it was a week from them being turned or one hundred years, Effie had even known about their father, they all knew somehow he was going to die tonight. But for a human to have no expiration date, like him was intriguing to him, she was worth something, she was different and maybe that’s why he was so drawn to her.

"Please. You have Griff, and Trev, you don't need me anymore." he raised a brow at how willing she was to hand her friend and her brother over so easily, but he sweet innocent tone made him roll his eyes irritated that she’d really thought he’d buy that.

He’d kept track of her more than any other servant, although he wouldn’t admit it. He was drawn to her, not just because of her blood, but because of who she was as a person, which was odd for him considering he, didn’t get attached easily and he was only normally drawn to humans for their blood. So for her to pretend she was helpless in his arms or that she was innocent, was just a ploy to escape hoping he’d buy into it.

“Stop acting pretending to be scared darling, we both know you’re not scared of me.” He smirked, pulling her tighter closing the lasts slivers of air between them. He glanced down to her neck before bringing his dark eyes back to hers “I’m willing to bet, that’s my baby sisters handy work.” He said, finding it quite easy to keep his blood lust under control with her near. “I’m surprised you let her get that close.” He teased.

Before she had the chance to answer her moved quickly, with her still in his grip, within seconds they were on the roof of the mansion, a roof so high, jumping would kill you on impact, or paralyze you at the least. He finally released her, knowing even if she’d tired, she wouldn’t be able to escape or run without his help.

He lend against the brick chimney that was shrouded in shadow, making him almost impossible to see, even with the light of the moon. He let silence fall between them as he lit a cigarette, the lighter illuminating his face for a moment before he fell into darkness again, the cherry of the cigarette the only thing assuring her he was still there. He took a drag from his cigarette, realizing the smoke. He watched her for a moment.

“Happy birthday by the way.” He said in a wicked voice, that made it obvious he was smirking, just by the tone of his voice.


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Pippa watched him roll his eyes in irritation, knowing he was no where near believing her, though it had been worth a try. Looked like fighting and running was her last option. She had to admit, she was good. Better than a lot of the Hunters, but she was not excited about her odds against the Prince. Effie, maybe, but that was because they were both about the same size, even if she did have some killer powers.

But he was much taller than her, and strength made the perfect opponent, and the trickiest, for her speed. “Stop pretending to be scared darling, we both know you’re not scared of me.” He finally said as he pulled her closer, closing the last remaining sliver of space between them, making her heart speed up a little. She watched as his eyes went to her neck, seeing the puncture wounds from Effie, and for a moment, she thought he was going to add his own when he looked back up at her.

“I’m willing to bet, that’s my baby sisters handy work.” He said, and she just shrugged. “I’m surprised you let her get that close.” He teased her, remembering the ambush. She should have jammed the letter opener in her arm sooner, before Griff had gotten to the room, and run out and warned him, but what Effie had been saying had intrigued her so she'd waited a moment too long.

Like I'm doing now. She reminded herself and made a move to yank herself away from him when suddenly, everything around them seemed to blur, and, when they refocused again, Pippa glanced around to see they were on the roof. Fuck. She thought to herself as he released her and she went over to the edge to look down, inspecting the drop. It would easily kill her. She'd waited too long for the second time that night.

The smell of smoke caused her to turn back around, and she had to squint to spot him, but eventually, she could see his vague outline in the shadow against the chimney, smoking a cigarette. Her eyes locked on the cigarette and she bit her lip. It had been ages since she'd had one. She'd been stealing packs since her time in the Blood House, but everytime they ran out, it took her awhile to get her hands on a new one.

"Happy birthday by the way." He said, making her eyes raise to where she assumed his were in the darkness, raising a brow at the smirking tone of his voice.

She rolled her eyes and walked over to him, stepping so close she could feel the iciness of his breath, holding herself there for a second, eyes on his before swiftly swiping the cigarette from his fingers and walking away, taking a seat on the roof a few feet from him. Normally, she would have attacked him already, but she wasn't stupid. Killing him wouldn't solve her dilema of being on the roof. Only make it worse because, without him, she couldn't get down.

She inhaled the smoke, closing her eyes and fighting back the urge to moan as her craving was satisfied, a true addict. "Thanks." She spat, though the word was bitter, not sincere. "So why the fuck did you bring me up here?" She asked as she looked out into the dark, puffing the smoke from the cigarette out into neat little "o" shapes and watching them spiral away, stretching and changing shape before finally dissipating. "If you wanted to keep me from running away, you could have just brought me back to my room and locked me in there." She said with a shrug, still not bothering to turn and look at him. "So you must want something." She grinned as she inhaled more smoke, her voice taking on a wicked, taunting tone. "What does the master want from his slave?" She asked with a small, slightly twisted laugh as her fingers absentmindedly rubbed the tattoo on her collarbone that made her his.

She hated the tattoo, but whenever she was thinking, she tended to touch it. It made her angry, fueling her anger and determination to get out, so touching it was like reminding herself that she had to get away. That she belonged to no one. When they'd first given it to her, she'd cut through it with a piece of wiring she took from the springs in her bed, trying to scrape it off, but, when that healed, they only tattooed over it again. After that, she'd tried to burn it off, as well as skin it off with a knife, so but they just kept re-applying it, so the skin under it was rather scared, but you really couldn't tell unless you were touching it.



Griffin watched her gaze go glassy like she wasn't in the room anymore, and felt her heartbeat speed up, so he knew he'd gotten to her, scaring her and bringing up some distant memory, though what she was thinking, he could only guess.

However, he only had a moment to enjoy her fear when her wolf lunged and knocked him off her, pinning him down instead. HE watched her stand, and it was clear he was wearing on her, but he could easily say the same. He was starting to feel the pain stabbing his chest and leg, but he swallowed it as she knelt next to him and glared at him.

“You really fucking piss me off.” She whispered and he smirked, as if he was glad. “You can’t kill me.” She said darkly and he rolled his eyes. Yes he could. If she didn't have her stupid dog guarding her all the time, he would have killed her right then and there.

Griff didn't speak as the wolf climbed off him, and she took his place, making him wince in pain as she leaned in, her breath cold on his cheek, her face hovering close to his, making him hold his breath. Her lips went to his neck, and he thought she was going to sink her fangs in again, only she didn't. She just placed her lips against his skin, and he had to swallow down a shiver at the way her lips made his skin tingle.

“No fucking way.” She hissed as she whipped away from him suddenly and glared at him like she was shocked.

Griff looked at her, raising his eyebrows, confused, but chuckled. It wasn't often you were able to surprise a Vampire, and he liked seeing it. "What?" He asked with a smirk. "Suddenly grow a conscience?" He said, looking her over. One of his knives was on the ground, mere inches from his hand, so he could grab it if he wanted, but first, he wanted to know what had her so freaked.


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"What?" he smirked causing her to roll her eyes "Suddenly grow a conscience?" she scoffed irritated with his sarcasm and the fact that something had changed.

Effie stood up as if she’d given up, Ezra glanced to her guessing what had happened. She was completely confused in all her years of living among the humans a death clock had never changed and she wonder what had changed so drastically. She didn’t let her guard down because she knew he’d still try and kill her.

“Persephone.” Ezra’s voice brought her from her thoughts as she glanced to him “Kill him or I will!” Ezra yelled in an ordering tone.

Ezra never talked in his wolf form, everyone suspected he was only a dog. But, now Griffin would know the truth, but that was the least of her worries, she was too transfixed on what had just happened. She glanced from Griffin to Ezra.

“I can’t.” she sighed causing Ezra to roll his eyes

“Then I will.” He said only this time he was no longer a wolf, he took on his human form as if he wanted to fight him face to face, Ezra had lost his temper and that was unusual for him.

“Touch him…and I’ll kill you.” She said coldly. “I’ve gotta go.” She said simply before disappearing from the room without another word, leaving both Fin and Ezra alone.

She made her way to the garage, climbing onto Ezra’s street bike, she knew Fin wouldn’t give up that easily, he’d want to know what made her give up so easily, what made her leave.

Image Image

He smirked when she stepped close to him he could hear the beating of her heart from inside of her chest and be sighed be had to keep himself from pulling her to him so they'd be touching again. Her warmth felt good against his body, it made him feel oddly alive.

He let out a chuckle as she snatched the cigarette for him, he didn't mind it, he was fairly patient with her. He simply lit another cigarette and watched her as she enjoyed his first cigarette.

"Thanks." her bitter words didn't effect him "So why the fuck did you bring me up here? if you wanted to keep me from running away, you could have just brought me back to my room and locked me in there."

He listened to her not I refuting her, just watching her. He knew he was showing a different side to him the. She was used to seeing, a less confrontational side of him that didn't have to attack her because eyes were on them.

"So you must want something. What does the master want from his slave?" she said tauntingly

He smirked and he took the taunting tone of her voice as a Challenge. She kept her eyes fixed into the darkness and didnt look at him, so he moved quickly and silently until he was behind her. Her rubbed his icy hands down the length of her arms and his hands were on fire.

"You would have made a scene if I tried dragging you into your room." He whispered in her ear his breath on her skin, he was so close he had to keep control of his instinct to do more with her. "And, I want a lot of things from you Pippa, more than any master should want from his slave." He said darkly, he placed his lips to her neck kissing her suductivley moving his lips continuing down her neck and along her shoulder slowly, letting her know he wanted more than feeding from her.


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Pippa continued to blow smoke rings, watching them disappear into the night before standing, though keeping her back to him. It was stupid, one of Griff's first rules: never turn your back to a vampire. However, he wasn't going to kill her, and she didn't want to look at him.

Suddenly, his hands grazed her arms and her whole body tensed, his touch was like pure ice, cooling her skin in a way that was irritatingly delicious. She'd been touched by other vampires before, but she wasn't sure she'd ever been touched the way he touched her. She never got the same feeling of electricity, or the yearning for more, and she wondered if it was because of the fact that he was a Royal, and was older, knowing what he was doing, or if it was something else.

But that was stupid. It was probably just him. Pippa didn't feel anything so it couldn't be anything on her part.

His hands glided slowly down her arms, and she stayed still, eyes on the darkness before her. "You would have made a scene if I tried dragging you into your room." He whispered, his breath tickling her neck and something about the strain in his voice, a clear sign that he was having a hard time keeping control of himself, excited her, making her heartbeat speed up. She fought the urge to shiver or moan, but she did close her eyes as she raised her cigarette to her mouth and inhaled a lungful of smoke slowly, as if savoring, both the cigarette, and his touch.

"And, I want a lot of things from you Pippa," he said, causing her to squeeze her eyes closed tighter and force herself to keep her breathing even. [b]"More than any master should want from his slave." Finally, the dark tone of his voice made her shiver, and she was about to pull away and say something sarcastic when he placed his lips against her neck, stealing her words away as he kissed her slowly and seductively, his lips cold, tracing a slow line of ice down her neck and along her shoulder.

Pip couldn't help it. It was so intense, she lost herself for a moment and leaned her neck to the side for him, letting out a deep, desperate moan at both the kisses, and they messages they sent. He was barely touching her, his hands were on her arms, and his lips on her neck, but that was it. However, it was extremely intimate and she wanted nothing more than to turn around and kiss him.

However, she stayed where she was. She couldn't give into him. He was a Vampire, and she was a human. He was probably just toying with her, and she refused to be anyone's plaything. Still, she couldn't suppress the desperate need for more. For him to close the final space between them and press their bodies together. For his lips to find hers. For him to slip his fangs into her skin and--

Pippa stopped herself, taking a step away from him, breaking their contact and turning to face him. Realizing she was breathing heavily, looking hot and worked up, she raised her cigarette to her lips to hide it as she looked him over. No one had ever had that kind of effect on her, and it frightened her and enthralled her at the same time.

"Too damn bad." She said with a wicked grin, finally managing to compose herself. "You'll have to find some other human pet to screw with." She smirked and shook her head. "Because I hate your kind."



Griffin watched as she stood up, and he looked at her, confused, suddenly needing to know what had her so worked up she was willing to give up killing him so easily. However, that didn't mean he was giving up. She was still a vampire, and he was still a Hunter. She was nothing but a target. Even if she didn't fight back.

“Persephone.” The wolf suddenly said, startling him, and he stood, slowly and painfully with a groan, figuring he'd imagined it as a result of his drugs and pain. “Kill him or I will!” The dog shouted, and this time he knew it was real, and raised an eyebrow, wondering exactly what it was the princess was hiding about her "pet".

“I can’t.” She sighed and he narrowed his eyes. Why couldn't she kill him?

“Then I will.” The wolf spat and Fin grabbed the knife from the floor, ready for the animal, before Effie drew his attention once again.

“Touch him…and I’ll kill you.” She said coldly. “I’ve gotta go.” She said simply before disappearing from the room without another word, leaving them alone.

He wanted to follow her, and took a step forward, but the wolf snarled at him, so he just stood there for a moment, confused. "Fin! There you are! Come on, we've got to get out of here." Alden's voice finally broke him from his trance, and he looked up to see that the wolf was gone and his friend was there instead, covered from head to toe in blood, but, save for a bite mark on his arm, most of it seemed to be someone else's.

"Holy hell man, you look like shit." His friend observed, and finally, with the last drops of adreneline now gone, Griff felt the pain, and doubled over, groaning loudly and struggling to breathe.

"Ugh, dude, I need Amie." He groaned as he spat blood and Alden wrapped his arm over his shoulders, supporting his weight as he helped to lead him, limping from the room and heading through the halls towards the door, avoiding the ballroom. "What the hell, we can't leave." He said, shaking his head, though unable to shake Alden off, passing out cold instead.

When he woke, he was back in his room at the hideout, and he was in nothing but his boxers while a girl that was definfitely not Amiedalia was working on his wounds. Alden stood leaning in a corner, eyes on him, looking absolutely tortured, like he wasn't sure he was going to wake up again. "I'm fine Alden." He breathed, though it was a lie. Pain was killing him.

"No you're not." He spat angrily, shaking his head, his worry suddenly turning to fury now that he knew his friend was away. "You changed the plans and fucked everything up." He said, shaking his head.

Griffin just shrugged and tried to sit up, he needed to find Effie and find out what the hell had freaked her out so much. He had a nagging feeling about it. "Where's Amie?" He asked bitterly as the girl working on his wounds shoved him back down again, maybe a little too roughly.

"That's the thing." Alden spat angrily. "Because you had to go after that bitch, you put everyone at risk, and Amie wasn't ready to take on the Prince, you know that. Hell, I'm not sure Pippa would have been able to take him on." He shook his head and Fin suddenly remembered why he had to get back to that house. His sister.

"Is Pippa here?" He asked, suddenly needing to know if she'd made it out of the house.

Alden looked at him, confused and shocked. "No? What the fuck? Why would she be here? She's been dead for a year." He shook his head, and continued, as though Griffin hadn't even spoke. "Anyway, because of you, Amie is now a vampire, you lost a lot of blood and your lung was nearly punctured, you're lucky you didn't drown to death on your own blood rushing into your lungs, and I had to take on four guards at the same time. On. My Own." He sounded royally pissed and Griffin couldn't blame him.

"Did you get it done?" He asked, wondering, suddenly, if anything had been a success.

"Yeah, I got it done, no thanks to you. The King's dead. You're welcome." He spat before stalking from the room, causing Griffin to sigh deeply.


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She felt someone grab her wrist roughly and pull her off the bike in one quick motion, she collided with his chest and he held her tight enough she wouldn’t be able to escape easily, but he knew if she wanted to she’d be able to.

“What happened back there Seph?” Ezra’s voice was calming and she didn’t try to fight back it always felt nice when he held her, she felt safe. “What is it with him? You should have killed him, you had him.” He sighed.

She pushed him away causing him to stumble back glaring at him. He didn’t take it personally, just like he hadn’t taken her comment about killing him personally, he knew something was seriously wrong. He sighed looking her over.

“You don’t get it…I can’t.” she spat “something changed.” She whispered looking away, still trying to figure it out. “Ez, I need to be alone. I need you to stay here…Please.” She said knowing that would hurt that she couldn’t even tell him, he knew everything about her and she never went anywhere without him. “Do me a favor…” he held his hand up stopping her already knowing what she was going to ask for.

He left her alone, she waited patiently for him to get back, he was quick and when he returned he held a small bag in his mouth. She tied her long red hair up, before placing a black bob cut wig on, to cover her red hair and slipping on black lace gloves to cover her royal marking, the way she looked she’d easily disgused herself as a human.

“Ef…” he started, but stopped, letting out a breath “Fine…just be careful.” He said watching her climb back on the back of the bike and take off, every bit of him wanting to stop her or run after her.

She made her way through the city, out of the sparkling lights of the Blood district and into the darkness of the slave district. She pulled up to and parked her bike in an empty alleyway before making her way to the back door of a pub, no one suspend her as the princess and she was let right in, making her way down a secret staircase.

The musky, smoky air of the underground club made it hard to see even for a vampire, there were other vampires there, it was one of the few clubs with mixed races, both humans and vampires wondered the club. She made her way to the bar ordering a shot before downing it and ordering a few more. Here she could be alone and get wasted and forget everything that had happened with Griffin and more than likely end up back with Slyder.

Image Image

He felt her finally shiver and a satisfied smirk painted his lip, it was so strong the energy between them. He was surprised he was holding back so well, when he wanted someone it was very rare that he took his time, he just took what he wanted, but there was something different about this, about them.

He worked his way back up her neck, smirking against her skin, knowing full well she was giving into him, he could hear her heat speed up and had his been a beating heart it would have matched her speed. Her breathing was heavy.

He sighed when she took a step away from him, knowing she’d realized what was going on between them, and he forced himself not to reach out and pull her in all though his self-control was hanging by a thread.

"Too damn bad."his smirk matched hers "You'll have to find some other human pet to screw with." he rolled his eyes irritated, losing his control by the second "Because I hate your kind." he sighed, on the verge of losing his temper with her now.

He took a threatening step forward, grabbing her wrist roughly and pulling her to him effortlessly in one swiftly fast motion. There was no sliver of air between them he’d close every bit of space between them and his breathing picked up having her so close to him again.

He placed his ice hand on her cheek, his other arm around her waist tightly, holding them together. He moved his face close to her with no more than a breath of air between them and his dark eyes held her light ones. Not many people ever got this close to him without becoming his meal, his irises turned in slow motion around his pupil, making it almost impossible for anyone to look away they were hypnotizing and absolutely enticing to human and vampire alike.

“That’s funny…because I hate your kind to.” He whispered, smirking wickedly

He pressed his lips to her and there was a warmth that ran through his icy body that he couldn’t explain, the kiss was like a drug, that made every part of him alive, he moved the hand he’d placed on her cheek to the back of her neck holding her lips to his, so she couldn’t pull away. Her kiss was like nothing he’d ever felt before and, he couldn’t hide the shiver in his body, he lend into her kissing her harder.

He pulled away moving away from her and looking over her as if he was afraid he’d hurt her if he kissed her any longer, the kiss had been like a poison the infected his entire body.

“Fuck.” He muttered as if he knew he’d messed up.


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Pippa could tell just by looking at him that her words were pissing him off and she smirked, taking a drag off her cigarette, clearly satisfied.

Then he took a step forward, and she couldn't move back anymore or she'd fall off the roof, so she was forced to let him grab her again and pull her to him, pressing their bodies firmly together, leaving no room between them. She could feel his breathing pick up, and hers followed to match his.

He wrapped an arm around her, holding her firmly in place, placing his other hand on her cheek. It was cold, and she held her breath as she looked closely into his eyes, having to repeatedly remind herself that he was a vampire. No, the prince of vampires. Well, actually the King, if what she assumed her brother had been there for had been carried out successfully.

However, it was so hard to remember why she hated vampires so much with his face hovering so closely to hers, his lips right there in front of her... “That’s funny…because I hate your kind to.” He whispered, with a wicked smirk, pulling her from her thoughts as she tried to compose herself enough to come up with a response.

Then he pressed his lips against hers, and she instantly moaned into him as he moved his hand to grip the back of her neck possessively and hold her in the kiss. Though she wouldn't have broken away even if she could. Her whole body leaned into his, and she kissed him back just as hard as he was kissing her, her hands sliding up around his neck as she stood up on her toes, wanting more and more of him, knowing she was reaching her breaking point.

Until pulled away suddenly, making her let out a disappointed sigh as he released her and moved away, looking her over like she was delicate. Like he was afraid to hurt her, and the thought made her scoff.

“Fuck.” He muttered, bringing her head back down from the clouds as she realized what had just happened.

"Fuck is right." She breathed, rolling her eyes, frustrated with herself for giving into him like that. She'd spent years training to make herself immune to vampire charm, and yet, all she could think about was kissing him again. And her whole body ached so badly to pull herself back against him, that she took a step forward without realizing it.

Then she realized what she was doing and stopped, just looking at him, fists clenching at her sides as she struggled not to kiss him again and keep her face as passive as she could. "Don't you have a party to get back to, your Highness?" She asked with a wicked smirk, as though daring him to blow off the rest of the ball.



Finally the girl, he thought her name was Liss, one of the meds Amie had been training, finished with his wounds and left him a bottle of pain pills before slipping from the room. He groaned and sat up stifly, taking three or four of the pills, sitting there to let them take effect for a few minutes, before slipping on his jeans.

Fuck. Losing Amie was a huge blow. She was the most advanced in medical knowledge of all the Hunters, not to mention she was stealthier than a jungle cat, and extremely lethal. Not only was she good for important work around the HQ, she was good for Hunting as well.

And now she was a vampire because he'd been a cocky asshole and split the three of them up. If they had stayed together, they would have gotten in, killed the king, and gotten out. It was a sheer marvel that Alden had managed to do it all on his own, and he was thankful. At least something about their mission had been a success.

He breathed painfully, but fought through the pain as he stood and limped a little to the door, heading out into the small living area that separated the leaders' rooms from the club area. Alden looked up from the newspaper he was reading and, though he still looked royally pissed, as soon as he saw him, he jumped up to help him settle onto the couch before sitting back down again.

"I don't know why you read that shit." Fin said, gesturing to the paper in his hands. "It's nothing but vampire-approved stories." He rolled his eyes, disgusted.

"You're an idiot if you think I'd actually read that garbage." Alden said, not looking up from his reading. Alden was very particular about what he read. If they were still in school, he'd be the nerd reading the book for fun instead of just because the teacher said so. "This is actually our paper. You know, the one that prints Hunter news." He said, referring to the Huner newspaper that was being sold illegally to the humans.

He sighed and stood. "I need a drink." He said.

"I'll get you something from the club when I'm done reading this." His friend said, and Fin shook his head.

"I think I need some fresh air too. Instantly, Alden looked up at him, about to scold him about needing rest, but Griffin just raised his hand to cut him off before he started. "I wont go far, and Monster will be with me." He said simply before standing and walking out so that he didn't get a chance to protest.

Outside, in the night, Griffin walked with his beast of a dog by his side, and thought about what he'd seen that night. He'd have to go back to that building. As much as he liked to stay away from the Royals, working around the lower ranks to keep his Hunters from being discovered and killed, he would have to go back.

They still had his sister.


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The alcohol had compromised her vision and she sighed knowing she’d drank to much, which was dangerous considering she looked like a human and she didn’t have Ezra with her to protect her or help her stand straight.

She stood up squeezing her eyes open and closed for a moment trying to focus but it was no use, everything was in doubles and she felt sick, she’d forgotten about Griff and the party and he father, but at the cost of making herself vulnerable to a hunter or vampire for that matter.

She stumbled up the stairs using the railing to keep her balance although it wasn’t much help, she finally managed to stumble out of the club. Her breathing was heavy and she felt sicker and sicker. Once she was outside the club, she lend against the wall closing her eyes hoping to sober up, but she knew that was unlikely.

“Look what we got here boys.” She heard a voice and instantly cursed.

She opened her eyes seeing a group of five or six male vampires walking toward her, even sober she wasn’t sure she could take them alone and she desperately wished Ezra was with her. She cursed as she pushed off the wall trying to walk away.

“You were you going cutie.” She felt someone grab her wrist roughly and with a swift motion she was pressed against the cold chest of a very large vampire. “We just wanna have a little fun babydoll.” He cooed, trying to coax her.

He pressed his lips to hers, causing her to let out a miserable grown. She tried pushing him away but it was no use he was to strong and he mind wasn’t clear enough to use her powers on him. In a quick motion that nearly caused her to throw up , she’d been tossed to another vampire, he held her roughly causing her to let out a small whimper as he dug his teeth roughly into her neck.

They weren’t stupid they knew she was a vampire, she was cold like them not warm like the humans, but they didn’t care, they figured she was knew and helpless. His teeth burned her skin, nearly ripping a whole in her neck.

“Let go of me.” She growled in a low voice, managing to push him away roughly enough to send him crashing to the ground.

“Ohh we got a feisty one.” One smirked

Her breathing was heavy as she took a few steps back, her neck gushed blood from his violent ripping into her neck, she started to feel light headed. But managed to keep herself coherent enough that if she really had to she’d try and fight back.

Image Image

He didn’t regret kissing her, he’d wanted to for quite some time, he just had realized it until that moment. He wouldn’t even say that kissing her was a mistake, because it wasn’t. The problem was even if he changed he she was still only a half blood and even then they could still never be together. It didn’t matter that he was the prince or the King now considering Effie had told him her father would be dead before midnight.

By the sound of the commotion downstairs, his father was dead and he was nowhere around, which he knew was bad for his family’s image. The king dying and the prince nowhere around to step in and take control of the situation or order the royal guards to go after the hunters, he was definitely going to have some explaining to do, but the kiss had been worth missing all of that a hundred times over.

"Fuck is right." her voice brought him back from his thoughts.

He looked to her with a wicked smirk, he was craving her every bit of her. He wanted to be close to her again feel his lips on hers. He watched as she took a step towards him and he knew then, she was feeling it to whether or not she was willing to admit it.

"Don't you have a party to get back to, your Highness?" she smirked wickedly and he matched her smirk.

A part of him knew he should grab her and drag her back to her padded cell and leave her there or let her go at the least, but the way she had said it, she was challenging him, daring him to leave the Royal ball. Her daring tone was something he couldn’t refuse.

After tonight he’d be the king of the Vampires, there was no one who’d question him, he’d have to be ten tie more responsible then, than he was now. His whole life would change, even his name would change, he’d have to remember everything his father had taught him and more importantly he’d be the ruler and he’d have to keep his families reputation.

So why couldn’t he drop all his responsibility for just one night, it wasn’t like anyone would really truly miss him until morning. The hunters who’d attacked and killed his father had come to do only that, they couldn’t take on a whole room of hundreds of vampires. Effie never had to answer to anyone, why should he?

“I do.” He smirked taking a step towards her “But…they won’t miss me.” He whispered pulling her close once again.

He wrapped his arms around her tightly, before everything around them became a blur, and once everything came into focus again they were outside a door and the soft murmur of the party could be heard. He released her for only a moment, before opening the doors leading into his dark bedroom

He grabbed her wrist, pulling her inside the bedroom and closing the door, locking it so they wouldn’t be interrupted, before she had time took object or react, he forced her against the wall rather harshly pinning her to it. He pressed his lips to hers once again, kissing her hard and rough, before moving his cold lips along her jawline and down her neck, he hesitated for only a moment before he sank his teeth into her skin, though it wasn’t rough, it was intimate and soft.

Her blood was enticing and a feeling of ecstasy and he’d never tasted anything like it before and he debated on whether or not to pull away afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop, but he knew she could fight back if she wanted enough so she could get him to stop.


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Pip grinned wickedly when she saw an expression she knew well come to the eyes of the Prince. The need to not do what everyone was expecting you to do. What was proper, and responsible, and she was satisfied to see that the her suspicions about there being much more to him than the responsible Prince, were true.

She loved a little danger.

“I do.” He said with a mischievous smirk as he took a step towards her, and Pippa didn't back away like she normally would have. Just stood there, allowing him to pull her suddenly close. “But…they won’t miss me.”

His arms wrapped around her, and the world blurred briefly before refocusing again. She glanced around to see that they were in the hallway, outside his room and smirked, knowing what it meant if he'd taken her to his bedroom. On the outside, she was calm, like they were just going to talk about his sheets or something, but on the inside, she was conflicted. She shouldn't be there with him. Shouldn't let him take her into his room.

It went against everything she'd thought she'd believed in, and, if she didn't have her beliefs, she didn't know herself as well as she thought, and that was frightening. Plus, there was no garuntee she'd even make it through the night alive, or human for that matter. Afterall, he was a vampire and she was just his servant. He could easily get bored with her and kill her after he'd gotten what he wanted.

Or worse, change her.

However, when he released her to open the doors, she didn't run like she should have, merely watched him, rubbing the small "uprising" tattoo on her wrist absentmindedly before he grabbed it and pulled her inside, locking the door behind them.

And there was her last chance. All she had to do was slip back out of the room. However, as if knowing she was thinking about running, he gave her no time to act, stepping forward and shoving her back against the wall. The force he held her there with was shocking, and she knew she'd have bruises down her back, but she just grinned wickedly, as if welcoming the pain, her thoughts of running away quickly slipping from her mind with his closeness.

His lips came down on hers, hard and rough, and Pippa kissed him back, leaning her body into his, suppressing the urge to moan or shiver. It was so wrong. On so many levels. Griff would probably kill her with his own hands if he could see her, but she didn't push him away.

His lips moved away from hers and along her jaw as he held her pinned there, against the wall, making her stretch her neck for him. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she was kicking herself for practically giving herself to him, but she pushed it back easily.

His kiss moved from her jaw, down her neck, stopping at her pulse where he hesitated, causing both her heart and her breathing to pick up, unable to suppress her mixed fear and excitement anymore, knowing what he wanted. Only, instead of shoving him away, she closed her eyes and tilted her head even more, making it easier for him as he bit softly into her skin and drank her blood.

Pippa moaned and pulled out of his pining grip, and grabbed the front of his shirt with her fists, closing the last sliver of space between them before moaning again. She could feel his breathing pick up, and his excitement excited her. She'd been fed off of multiple times, especially in the Blood Houses, to the point where it was no longer agonizingly painful, but she'd never felt what she was feeling with Evan. She felt lighter than air, like a natural high, and her whole body wanted more.

She forced herself to breathe as she pushed his jacket down his arms and pulled it off before unbuttoning his shirt buttons one at a time and slipping that off as well, sliding her hands over his chest as she closed her eyes and moaned again, loving the icy cold feel of his skin.



As they walked, Griffin spoke to Monster in a low tone, expressing things to him that he would never had told anyone in a thousand years, knowing the streets were empty and they were alone. No one was stupid enough to be out in the middle of the night in the first place, let alone the night of the Vampire Masque. Every living person with even a little common sense would be inside, either in one of the clubs, or safe in their homes.

So he was sure he was safe from listening ears as he complained to his dog about his best friend and brother, irritated by the way he'd scolded him like a kid he could control. Sure, Alden was the majority of the brains behind the operation, but, without Griff, the Hunters would be little more than an idea.

Alden was an amazing fighter, and smart as a whip, but he couldn't lead. When his Hunters needed motivation, they looked to him. When they needed training, they came to him. When they needed someone to keep order and solve disputes, it was always him.

They went to Alden when they wanted advice, or had ideas for plans or missions, or with their number of kills for the day so he could write it down and keep tidy track of all the numbers in his little book.

Griffin was being selfish, he knew that. Without Alden, the Hunters would not be as successful as they were, however, he was irritated by the way he'd treated him like he was too stupid to realize that he'd put their lives in danger. He wasn't stupid. He knew that they'd probably have been killed, but that was a key difference between Alden and Griffin. Alden went into every fight hoping for the best, making preparations to keep as many alive or unharmed as possible.

Griffin went into every fight ready to die, and ready to lose any or all of his comrades.

As he walked, his pain slowly eased away. Whatever the girl had given him was strong enough to hide his pain, but weak enough to keep him from feeling groggy or weighed down by the drug. His wounds were nothing more than annoying sore spots that ached a little with each step.

“Ohh we got a feisty one.” Griff heard and raised his eyebrows, stopping midsentance, and midstep to look at Monster, who sat down and looked up at him, indifferent as always.

Fin crept a little closer, and Monster seemed annoyed to have to get up, but followed faithfully as he glanced around the corner, into an alley to find about five male Vampires surrounding a girl. He couldn't see her very well in the low light, but she had short, black hair, a red dress, and a severly bleeding neck.

He sighed. He was in no condition for a fight. Especially not with so many, but, if the girl could hold her own against at least one of them, that left two for him and two for Monster. He could try two. He grinned wickedly and tapped Monster's back twice, letting him know he was to take on two of the men, and watching as he reacted instantly, going from a lazy, indifferent, oversized horse of a dog, to a true monster, lunging from the shadows to knock the nearest man on his back.

Their advantage of surprise was nice, and Monster was able to sink his teeth in the man's neck and tear out his throat, killing him, before they'd even managed to realize what had just happened. Fin stepped out of the shadows as well just as Monster lunged for his second victim.


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Effie’s breathing picked up as they started to close in on her, she normally would never run. It would have been a rough fight but she’d have been able to come out on the good end, if she was sober. She glared at the vampires irritated.

A large dog lunged from the shadows a dog she knew well, Griffins dog. “Shit” she breathed seeing Griffin follow suite and while he wouldn’t notice it was her at first, he was smart enough after a second glance to put it together.

Her vision started to clear and she could only guess it was from the sudden adrenaline that pulsed through her body, that started to make everything around seem clear and the smell of Fin’s blood was stronger than it had been seconds ago.

She felt an icy grip wrap around her wrist tightly, before her back collided with the wall with enough force that if she would have been human it would have killed her. The air had been stolen from her lung causing her to stop breathing for a couple seconds, before finally gasping for air. Her fiery red hair falling around her pail face exposing who she was.

“Oh fuck.” The vampire who’d thrown her muttered in shock.

Seph’s breathing was heavy and she was in more pain then she’d been in in years, but now she’d been pissed off, pushed beyond her breaking point and running off pure adrenaline. She glanced up at the vampire giving him a wicked smirk, he took a few steps backwards as if about to run before he let out scream of pure torture, grabbing at his chest, falling to his knees.

Effie was a blur of motion before refocusing in front of the vampire, who’d started pleading with her and begging her to stop. She pulled him to his feet roughly as he continued to beg for his life.

“I thought you just wanted to have a little fun.” She hissed cruelly, causing the vamp even more pain, barley able to stand.

She stepped onto his knees, breaking his neck, before popping his head off his shoulders, completely severing it from his body, before stepping down letting his headless, lifeless body fall to the ground. She tossed his head next his body like a piece of trash, before realizing it had gotten quite behind her and she could feel eyes on her. Which meant Fin and his mammoth of a dog had killed the others and realized that she wasn’t a helpless human, instead the princess.

She turned to face them glancing around seeing the other bodies of vampires that surrounded Fin and Monster, before glancing back to the one she’d beheaded and then back to Griff. The fight having sobered her up enough so she could actually focus.

“Bet you wouldn’t have jumped in if you would have known it was me.” She said tauntingly “Your on a roll Griff, why don’t you finish me off while you’re at it.” She said coldly as if really asking him to kill her.

Image Image

He smirked against her skin as he drank from her when she closed the finally space between them. It was a feeling he’d never felt with anyone else, not even his ex-wife and the feeling scared him, because she was human, it was wrong, but then if it was so wrong he shouldn’t feel alive, even though he was a part of the undead.

He didn’t bother to hold back a shiver as she moaned, her moan was a green light for him, letting him know to continue and that she was enjoying it as well, he was entirely sure even if she asked if he could stop.

She slipped off his suit jacket and unbuttoned his shirt, her warm hands sent tingles and sparks of electricity across his icy skin. He lend into her needing to feel her touch, more so than he need her blood or wanted her blood.

Her pulled away from her neck, knowing he’d drank a little too much of her blood, she was paler and if she tried to move, she might be a little light headed. But she didn’t seem mind, nor did it look like she was too worried. There was a part of him that wanted to continue and change her, because at least then, their affair would be less of a risk.

If he was caught with her now, he’d be forced to brutally murder her in front of an entire city. But was it really an affair or just a lustful hook up. He pushed the thought from his mind as he looked down at her. Her blood dripped from the corners on his mouth, he pressed his lips to hers again only this time the kiss was more passionate.

He lifted her up moving her to the bed, slipping off the servants dress and tossing it to the, ground as he ran his hands freely over her body, the only thing illuminating his room was the soft glow of the moonlight that peeked through his window. He smirked wickedly as he climbed over her pressing his lips to her, slipping his tongue past her lips as his hands continued to roam her body freely.


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Pippa was afraid he'd drain her, or change her, but the intense feeling of desire and satisfaction she was getting from his feeding completely masked her fear, allowing her to forget for a moment that she hated his kind, and that they were from two completely different worlds.

So she didn't push him away though she knew she probably should at some point, in case he couldn't. She just allowed him to take more and more of her blood, making her dizzy, and lightheaded, her knees weak, but still utterly awake, hyper-aware of every part of her that came in contact with him.

She smirked as he leaned into her touch, making it clear that he wanted more than just her blood. Finally, he pulled away from her neck, looking down at her, and she smirked up at him, not sure if she wanted to go any further. What they were doing was wrong. It was beyond wrong. She was the human sister of the leader of the Hunters, and he was the King of the vampires. It didn't get worse.

However, it couldn't have felt any better, so she kissed him back when he pressed his lips against hers again, able to taste her own blood from his lips, something that, normally, would have disgusted her or pissed her off, but this time, it made her heart beat faster as he lifted her, and she was glad he did, because she knew there was no way she'd be able to walk.

He carried her to the bed and slipped her dress off, tossing it away before running his hands down her body, making her close her eyes, savoring the feel of his icy hands on her skin. It was incredible. She'd never felt that way with anyone, and she couldn't help but be suspicious if it was just because he was a vampire. Because his skin was so cold, and his kind was practically created to seduce her kind to their deaths.

However, she honestly couldn't care. If he was going to kill her, she really couldn't think of a better way to die than with his hands on her. He climbed over her and she grinned wickedly as he pressed his lips against hers again and slipped his tongue into her mouth, his hands continuing to slide across her body.

Pippa's breathing was shallow, and she kissed him back, one hand sliding up his neck and into his hair, the other down his chest, towards his pants as she unbuttoned them and slid them down his legs with practiced ease, her heart racing wildly as she arched her back, bringing her body to his before laying back down on the bed again, hands shaking from a mixture of excitement, fear, and loss of blood.



Griffin stepped up behind the first vampire quickly, giving his head a swift and powerful turn, hearing a cracking noise, and, before he could even react, the vampire was dead. He'd learned from his first kill that there were three main ways to kill a vampire: one was the heart, another was the throat tearing out the throat (before it could heal though), and the third other was breaking the neck or puncturing the head, cutting off the brain's communication with the rest of the body. The best way to make sure a vampire remained dead, was to burn the body.

Monster was busy with another of the vampires, and he glanced up briefly to see that the girl also had one of her own, so that left one more. He could hear the girl talking, and Monster growling, but he didn't lose focus. Vampires were fast and strong. Infact, they were so fast that it lead most humans to believe there was no way they even remotely stood a chance, causing them to give up.

But Griffin knew better. The creatures were not God. In fact, they were closer to devils than angels, and, as such, they had weaknesses too, and could be beaten.

If you kept your focus. That was the first rule. Never lose focus. Most of his Hunters hunted or trained with headphones or earplugs in to block out the world around them, as well as the vampire's soothing voice. However, while it was a good technique, Fin also relied heavily on his hearing.

When your opponent moved so fast they blurred, hearing became one of your key senses. Some could hunt without it, others couldn't. Fin was just one of the ones who couldn't.

So he listened, and caught the whiz of air that flashed by, allowing him to follow the blur, if not with his eyes, with his mind and ears, able to pinpoint where the vampire would reappear just seconds before he did, so, when the vampire before him blurred, Fin listened, and whipped out a knife, throwing it without hesitating.

When the vampire reappeared before him, there was a knife in his heart and Griffing grinned in satisfaction at the completely dumbfounded look that passed over his face just before he fell to his knees.

He walked over to the body and yanked his knife out, glancing over to see that Monster had finished off his second vampire and was laying on his stomach, paws crossed, looking lazy, like he was sitting on a lawn somewhere in the fresh air, not in a pile of blood and bodies. Not like he'd just ripped the throat out of one vamp, and completely mangled the other.

He sighed and glanced to the girl to see how she was doing, his eyebrows shooting up in surprise when he realized there was a black wig on the floor and the girl he'd been saving was Effie, not a human girl like he'd thought.

“Bet you wouldn’t have jumped in if you would have known it was me.” She taunted and he shrugged with a smirk. She was right, he wouldn't have, but then again, the vampires never would have attacked her in the first place had they known it was her, so he wouldn't have had to make the choice. “You're on a roll Griff, why don’t you finish me off while you’re at it?”

He laughed lightly and glanced at the two vampires he'd killed, and the two Monster had killed. That made a total of seven vampires he'd killed just in one day. Eleven, if you counted the ones Monster had killed. He smirked. She was right, he was on a roll.

"Guess I don't have to recruit you to join the Hunters now." He said sarcastically with a shrug. In all honesty, his pain was coming back, causing him to have to lean against the wall of the alley, and he was too tired to try and kill her, and there was no way he was going to try to fight her if she fought back. The inexperienced vamps he'd just killed were one thing, but Effie was something else entirely. He had to be at the top of his game to take her on, and, at the moment, he was nowhere near that point.

"What the hell are you doing on this side of town anyway?" He said, shaking his head as he sighed and pulled out a cigarette. He was going to ask her about the weird events from earlier and hope she'd answer him, seeing as he'd just saved her ass, but he waited for her to answer why she was in the slave district in the middle of the night.

The answer should be obvious. That she was hunting.

However, a vampire didn't have to disguise themselves to hunt humans, so he knew something else was up.