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Darkest Day to Brightest Night

Darkest Day to Brightest Night


Blood Valley is home to supernaturals of all kinds. A sanctuary after the Burning. But there must be redemption for all the lives lost, and the fates of two species rest on the shoulders of a talisman. {Much more inside}

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There are many theories today about the supernatural. Whether it be from young adult/teen novels or folk legends told around campfires, there isn't really a proven lore. A lot of people today are skeptical. They want to believe, but the facts just aren't there. The supernatural world thrives on those skeptics, because it gives them a sense of security in the new world. From persecution to execution, there has never really been a safe place for the supernatural to grow up. It's always been hunt or be hunted. However, for once, there might actually be some hope.
ImageDeep in the hills of Virginia, there's a small town by the name of Blood Valley. But it's not just any town. Blood Valley holds every supernatural creature that survived the Burning, an era where supernaturals were hunted and burned on sight. Since then, creatures have lived in fear of humans. Even some sympathizers turned on them. Needless to say it was a time that no one wanted to go back to. It's been just over half a century since then, and there are only a handful of supernaturals left. They all congregated to this town, and it seems to have protected them well so far. The witches of the town cast a spell around it to hide it from human eyes. It wasn't foolproof, since no spell is perfect, so there are psychic faeries that watch for danger in the nearby future. It's been a good system, there's never been any disturbances, and the children of the Burning survivors have grown and had their own children. Those teens have grown up together in their little world, some with dreams of getting out and exploring, others simply content with living in the Valley.

However, things are starting to stir. There's been talk of humans circling Blood Valley. And they have something with them. A talisman. Something that, if tipped in the correct spot, can eradicate all supernaturals from the planet. It existed after the Burning, as a sort of reminder to the creatures that humans will always have the upper hand. But, it couldn't be that easy. There can't be an act of great evil without an act of great good, so those who created the talisman had to also create a counterbalance. Instead of placing the talisman into an object, they placed it into a person. A girl with an extreme gift for knowing one's true intentions just by touch. Should the girl be swayed in the ways of the supernatural, the Valley can stay, and the humans will die out. But, should the girl choose the human side, the supernatural race is eradicated, with no means of revival. And, should the girl die before choosing a side, the planet will cease to exist altogether, and Earth will be just a memory. There are some who wouldn't mind this fate. They are called the Survivors. They believe that in sacrificing the girl, they will in turn give the planet a chance for rebirth. So, it is up to both species to protect the talisman from the Survivors, and what better way to do that than to be in a town impenetrable by humans?

The witches will let the girl in, along with two human bodyguards, but the race to sway her is on full force. Who will win their freedom?

The Talisman || Name: || Age: 17 || Gender: Female || FC: Daveigh Chase || Claircognizant || TAKEN by GM
Bodyguard 1 || Age || Gender: Male || FC: || Human || RESERVED by Savader
Bodyguard 2 || Age || Gender: Female || FC: || Human || OPEN
Supernatural 1 || Age || Gender: Male || FC: || Species || OPEN
Supernatural 2 || Age || Gender: Female || FC: || Species || OPEN
Supernatural 3 || Age || Gender: Male || FC: || Species || OPEN

1. This goes without saying, but please no godmodding. The only time this will ever happen is the first post because my character will be talking to all of yours. Other than that, big no no.
2. Reservations last 48 hours. WIP can be submitted, but you will only get an additional 48 hours after you submitted it. And believe me, I keep track. All reservations must be made in the OOC.
3. Don't take everything I say to heart. Rules are rules, yeah. But I'm not a stone cold bitch, so please don't treat me like one. Be kind in the OOC to me and your fellow RPers.
4. Competition is allowed! I understand that there are so few characters. I will not add in any more. However, if you wish to compete for a role, by all means. Just ask first.
5. When reserving, state name; age; and species if it applies to you.
6. I hate it when RPs die. It literally strikes a chord in my soul. If you're gonna leave, at least do so gracefully and mention it first in the OOC. Lucky thing about a race to the death RP is that characters can be killed easily.
7. That being said, no characters can be killed without writer and GM approval.
8. Don't forget that when you reserve you must tell me your favorite animal, because it is very important.
9. This is important! I've been doing this awhile. I've come across a couple people that have a habit of abandoning RPs. Due to my aforementioned issues with the subject, these people's reservations will be rejected. This will be done by PM. Don't be afraid and freak out that it might be you, because trust me you'll know if it is. We've had words.
10. The CS must be filled out thoroughly and like you actually gave a damn. No half-assed shit. Your CS will tell me whether you're really dedicated to the RP or not.
11. Oh, and come on, no Mary Sues or Gary Sues. At the same time, don't give your character so many weaknesses that there's literally no point to them surviving.
12. Posting should happen at least every other day. Like I said before, I get that things happen. Just tell me first.
13. The secret to any relationship is communication. An RP is like a massive polygamous relationship. We all need to communicate in order for it to work. DO NOT GIVE UP OR LEAVE WITHOUT NOTICE!
14. Alright, I think I've made my point. It's a great day to save lives, people.


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[font=times]What makes the character who they are today? What events defined their future?[/font][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][hr][/hr][left][img]small gif[/img][/left][right][img]small gif[/img][/right][font=times][u]Played By:[/u][/font] [size=110][font=vijaya]your name[/font][/size]

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Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night


you are way past the 48 hour mark. I'll PM you if you don't respond to this message. After that, the role will be re-opened.

Which would suck.

Respond, please!

Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night

Oh wow guys I didn't know you were having so many problems! My computer has been down all day!

You can alter it to fit the amount of gifs you have, it's fine.

Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night

Also, can you explain to me how to make sense of the "small%20gif" stuff? I imagine it's supposed to automatically resize any gifs you place, but I don't understand how... No matter where I place the link, it either breaks the image or displays the link itself. A little help?

Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night

Okay, so I may have made a bit of a mistake. Not a huge one, but for my face claim I chose Dee Dee Ramone. Seemed like a great Idea at the time, but after spending about 30 mins looking through gifs of him, I can pretty much say with certainty that I've looked at all of them. Normally that wouldn't be a huge deal, I found 7 that were the right size give or take. But, well I didn't realize quite how many gifs you wanted. Is it alright if I remove some of them from the character sheet or do you want me to change face claims?

Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night

Sooo, it turns out I kinda underestimated how deep Alistair's past was... Hehe... But not to worry! I still have a couple days, right?! I've got this!

But for now, I am dead tired. I'll get back to it tomorrow right after I wake up ;)

Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night

Wow! We have something in common! I like dogs, too.

Reserved :)

Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night

I don't know why but I feel compelled to say that I like dags, you like Dags?

I'd like to reserve supernatural 1.

Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night

Super, it helps immensely! I'll probably have Alistair's CS finished by tonight, so look forward to that!

Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night


I was thinking that the bodyguards had been with her her entire life, or at least when she turned ten and started developing her abilities, and that they were assigned to her at first. Whether each one grew to care for her since then is up to you.

The time period is completely modern, early 2000s maybe. The Burning would have happened somewhere between the 40s and 50s. Yes there are guns and cars, but modern weapons wouldn't do much against a supernatural. The Survivors are human (they are being enacted as NPCs and will be explained once more people join), so they can be killed as easily as the talisman. There are just a lot of them and they're quite resilient.

Hope that helps!

Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night


Alright, so now that I'm officially reserved, I would like to know a few things.

First off, what was your preference on say, how each bodyguard met the talisman, exactly? And how long have they been with the girl? Also, what is their level of attachment? Is it out of personal want to protect them? Or employment of some kind. Maybe a bit of both? Like it started out as "just a job," but turned into an actual want to keep her safe and help her accomplish her "destiny?"

Second, what time period does this take place in? I saw that it's in Virginia, so I've got the country, but I still couldn't determine exactly what year, or rather, the theme of what era. Are there guns? Cars? Is it in the future? If so, what kind? A semi-dystopian world with supernatural elements, similar to the movie Daybreakers?

Any info you can give me on that would be very helpful. I'm almost done with my character, I just have to fill out the bio section and include some gifs.

Re: Darkest Day to Brightest Night

Hi! I'd like to reserve a spot for Bodyguard 1, please.

His name shall be Alistair Kenway. He's human, and I'm thinking on him being somewhere around 40 or 50 years old.

Also, kinda just throwing this out there, but... I love wolves. I'd have to say they're my favorite animal.

Darkest Day to Brightest Night

Well, hey there!

If you haven't read the rules, please go do so before reserving!

Also, please do not submit charries until your reservation has been accepted.

I will accept characters once the majority of them are finished, so don't worry if yours isn't accepted right away.

I reserve the right to ask for changes to be made to your CS.

Please be active in OOC! Active OOCness will prove to me that you care about this RP. Otherwise, my anxiety will flare and I'll be a hot mess and no one wants that, now do they? :D