Vincent Istvan

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a character in “Darkest Powers”, as played by fonkyomom


Vincent Maximilian Istvan
Half Demon

Nickname(s): Max, Maxxie (more intimate)
Age: 18
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 146 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Body Type: Slim
Face Claim: Bill Skarsgård

Relationship (if any): none
Bio: Vincent is the boy parents warn their daughters about. He's tall, dark, handsome and mysterious. Pretty much a classic combination that sets the loins of young women ablaze, and he knows it. He knows no matter how badly he treats them, they'll still want him, and it drives all the other guys insane because it's true. He even catches married women eye fucking him when they think their husbands can't see. But as popular with women as he is, he's very standoff-ish, and antisocial. Ever since he was young it seemed people avoided him like the plague, for reasons he could never comprehend. He grew up being told that they were all just scared and jealous because he's different; special, and that once he started to grow into a beautiful young man he wouldn't be able to keep the women off of him. When this premonition began to prove true he started to believe what he was told, that there was nothing wrong with him, and they were all just jealous. When he found out it was actually because he wasn't human...well lets just say he didn't take it well.

So begins...

Vincent Istvan's Story

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"Hello," June says unsure what else to say as someone made their way over to her. She wasn't sure why, but she felt like she might know him from something or somewhere but it wasn't like she met or knew many people. "Do you know what's happening here then?" June asks wondering if this guy knew. He was taller than her and probably older though it didn't appear to be by much.

June couldn't help but look around as she stood waiting for an answer, she didn't like silence as it usually got uncomfortable which led to awkward and so on so on. Maybe he was a friend of her brothers' or even an old neighbor she had only seen once or twice. Maybe they really had never met but just had something in common that drew them together believing they knew each other.

How could one tell?

June, somewhat nervously, moved her fingers in a small way, craving a small breeze to just calm her nervousness, to allow her to breath more and cool off instead of get redder and redder on her neck. She felt the breeze though she wasn't sure it did as much as she had hoped as her hair swayed away from her neck, following the small gust of wind that had been created.

The fellow seemed like he wasn't sure why he was there as did most of the people in the room. Why were they there? Why could June control wind and water on command depending on the amount? Why wasn't someone stepping up to take the lead of this gathering of the supernatural? Why wasn't there a lot of people, or too few people? June wasn't sure which would be more suitable considering she hadn't been sure if there was a lot of people like her or only a few...

June looked around the room. It wasn't surprising that it wasn't extremely decorated, she hadn't expected it to have a sign saying "Welcome, you aren't crazy" or anything, but that kind of seemed what this was. There were chairs all over and June wondered if this was going to be like some sort of intervention for someone, maybe all of them. Her eyes followed the outskirts of the room noticing that there was only two tables for food and maybe one cooler for what must be drinks. Should the ice start to melt June would step in as she hated room temperature drinks, they just didn't taste aw good...

With those thoughts in mind, June turns to give her attention back to the guy in front of her.