George Wolfen

"I told you not to fucking leave, and what did you do?!

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a character in “Darkness And Plague”, as played by Mileenazel


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"So I saved your life, yet still you just want to leave. Fucking fine then."
Name: George Wolfen
Alias: G, Wolf
Age: 25
Sexuality: Pansexual
Physical Description: Black (Hair), 6'2 (Height), Green (Eyes), Lightly Tanned (Skin), Tall Muscled Strong & Beefy (Body Type), B- (Blood)
Other Features: Numerous tattoos covering his body, gauges, septum ring, smiley ring, double tongue rings, snake bites
Affiliation: With Offelia, none others yet.


Personality: G comes off as the really tuff, scary punk-rocker kind of guy. He's intimidating, loud, and has a short temper. He can often-times have trouble getting close to people, but he loves to party when its offered. G has an odd sense of humor, one reminiscent of an Uncle; but he's very goofy and can be quite fun loving. G has had more girlfriend than boyfriends, because the truth is that G just needs to have a "lady in need" so he can take care of her. He's a prince charming, always looking for a lost princess to save; And sometimes he can be really annoying because of that. G is very protective and territorial, sometimes aggressive, but really he's just a loving guy. G can be too blunt and honest sometimes, but he doesnt mean hurt feelings. He can have a sailors mouth when he's angry or excited, but tries to keep the language on the down-low when he can.
History: In Progress


Strengths/Skills: Protecting others, yelling orders, taking control of situations, hitting things, taking pain, tracking people/things/places/etc.
Habits: Following people, being over-protective, getting angry easily, snapping back, getting obsessive over small things.
Likes: Animals, women, violence, partying, traveling, tea, hands, reading, swamps, smoking, denim
Dislikes: "I hate a lot of things, and one of them is you asking me what they are. Buzz off."
Secret: Has a small.... well, quite big memory problem. He doesnt like to share the info, though.
Fears: Being all alone on his own.
Other: Used to ride a motorcycle, but lost it sometime when the plague was at its worst.


So begins...

George Wolfen's Story

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[For now I'll post in first-person, but later I'll probably transition to third since I'm more accustomed to writing in that perspective.]

It's dawn, more specifically around, 5 AM? Feels that way. The mist smothering the ground swirls around my lowers legs as I run desperately down the street. I didn't care enough to look at the name, I just need to find G. I don't even know when he left me, did he really not care enough to say anything? I look around nervously, but there are walkers still chasing me I think. I don't have the guts to cry out. He couldn't have gone too far, right? He can be pretty lazy.
I pray under my breathe that I find him, and a few alleyways come into view, branching into the in-betweens of buildings.
Moaning, and groaning is heard from the third. It's dark, and I almost decide to run past it; but I see a familiar face.
I stop dead in my tracks, and look behind. The walkers must have stopped a while ago, even though I'm not much of a runner. I silently walk to the alleyway; G is pinned against the wall with the walker slowly advancing in on him.
Aw shit you idiot!
I grit my teeth and rush in. Even though its been a long while since the apocalypse started, I haven't killed too many walkers. I'm not good at attacking, I don't have much experience. Wielding G's signature bat, I close my eyes and take in a sharp breathe, before swinging the bat with all my strength into the walkers head. There's a loud splat noise, it must have hit the wall.
After moments of silence, I slowly open my eyes. G is just staring at me, he wasn't bit was he?!
G distantly stutters. Weakly dropping the bat to the ground, I fall forward into him, and grip his shirt.
"Why the hell would you do that?!"
I lash out emotionally. I can feel Georges eyes on me, he's staring. I shouldn't have been so loud.
"Off. Pick up the bat, we need to go."
He answers strongly. Damn, trying to be a badass again? I willingly pull away though, holding back any feelings I want to just yell out. I lean down, and pick up the bat from the muddy water.
I don't swing well...
I stare off forlornly, and like reading my mind he snatches the bat from my hands and pulls me away out of the alleyway. He's in a rush, I wonder what kind of shit he got into while I was sleeping back at our room. I don't want to question him though, G can get aggressive when I ask too many. I decide to stay silent, and just cling to him. We get to another street, and G stops to stare at it.
"We're not even close to the center..."
G sighs, is he relieved? I don't know much about walkers, but I wonder if they crowd together purposely; and maybe the heart of New York is where they all decide to stay. Zombies don't think like that though... or, probably don't.
"Is that a good thing?"
I speak reluctantly. G doesnt reply, he stares down at me, and beckons me forward as he continues to walk. I gulp nervously and follow close.
"The... fog and mist is ominous, isn't it."
I say quietly. He nods, it isn't often when G doesnt talk to me. Maybe he's really thinking hard about something. Probably nothing I would know of, G is quite the tracker. And I'm, well, not really much of anything.
Horeno Road...
I try to remember.

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[So because Isabelle still hasn't posted we're just going to go ahead and continue :)]

"Are we atleast going somewhere specific-" "I don't know Off." G says, this time with bite.
I hold any other questions back. 'We're probably going to go look for another place to stay, even though it's getting closer and closer to morning.' I think with a quiet sigh. 'Maybe we'll search the bus stations??' I rub my hands as G leads me around.
'Looks like I'm right so far.' I recognize the different street signs and maps.
"Off, watch where you step. I hear lots of walkers, and glass can make the loudest noises." G sighs anxiously.
I nod, going completely with his instruction. 'I really hope G doesnt have to waste his energy on the walkers.' I assume he hasn't eaten like me this morning.
We stop at the corner of a brick wall, standing close against it. "There's three coming this way, four at the next corner, and then I can see two more at the map I think." G sighs as quietly as possible.
I frown "Well how do we maneuver around them then..." I glance down at the ground nervously.
"That's.... I don't know yet." G admits in an annoyed tone.

[Sorry it isn't longer.]