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Isabella Sophia Gray

She wears black, just like her soul. But her heart is made of gold

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a character in “Darkness And Plague”, as played by Isabella Sophia Gray




Quote:She wears black, just like her soul. But her heart is made of gold

Name:Isabella Sophia Gray

Alias: Bella// Izzy// Sophie// Little Miss Temper

Age: 21// Twenty One

Sexuality: Hetersexual//Straight

Physical Body Descrition: Isabella has bronze skin, bright ocean blue eyes and long, healthy, elaborately styled black hair. She has a long face with friendly eyes, a small nose, defined cheek bones,and full red lips. She has a small birthmark on her right shoulder blade.A very noticeable feature is her white, sparkly teeth. She is 5'3" and has muscular build.

Other Features: Isabella has three tattoos. And 13 piercings.She has multiple scars all on her body.

Personality:Isabella has always had the urge to be nice to every and anyone.Yeah, she gets sick of it pretty quickly, but she tends to keep her true emotions hidden away, and isn't the easiest book to read.
Always true to her word, if she breaks a promise, she will go to great lengths to fix her mistake, making her seem gullible.
Although appearing as the beautiful gullible girl, she is quite smart, and is simply observant.
However, she does have a dark side.
When she's angry, she's furious.
When she hates something/someone.
When upset, she lashes out, be them friend or foe, and frequently says things she cannot take back.
Isabella has an heir of confidence and authority about her. She doesn’t excessively seek or strive for attention but she is the girl that isn’t afraid to speak her mind or do whatever she wants. When she has a job she gets it done, nothing can get in her way.
When you think about Isabella the words stubborn and strong willed come to mind. When Isabella makes up her mind there is nothing that can change it. She is determined to do what she wants when she wants it. She trusts her own instincts and no one else’s. Isabella is a very compassionate person. She takes others feelings to heart and adjusts her actions and personality accordingly.

Background/History:Isabella's background is a dark nightmare. Some would say they pity her others say she deserves what is coming to her but that is for you to decide. As a child Isabellas father killed himself because he was in a deep depression. He was a scientist of sorts. She never knew what kind though. Isabellas mother Katerina was very abusive after her husband past. She drank heavily and fell into a deep enraged depression. She would bully Isabella and belittle her until she turned 16. At the age of 16 Isabella met a man named Stephan. He was perfect in her eyes and she was "In love". As the months went by Isabella noticed how possessive and aggressive Stephan was getting with her. Isabella came home one day receiving an alerting message form him saying it was very important. Isabella rushed home from school and saw Stephan sitting on his bed with a kitchen knife in his hand. The details of the torture have become cloudy in her mind. Her brain trying to shield her from her horrific past. She has been on her own ever since.

Outlook on Herself:"Hmm am outlook on myself? Well I am a fun-loving kind of girl. I have a big heart and that tends to get me into a lot of trouble. I am not afraid to speak me mind against others and explain my views, however I always make sure to allow others to explain how they feel. I have a bit of a fiery temper sometimes. I aim to be fair, understanding and looked up to. I do have an incredible ability to hide my emotions.I have the ability to manipulate fire considering I am a witch. When I'm not being a bossy-butt or reprimanding others who get out of line I am silly and friendly towards others. As I become comfortable around others I can talk up storm, but I am skilled at listening especially when someone needs me to lend an ear. I enjoy being a medic and helping those in need."


Skills/Strengths:Strong// Intelligent// Cunning// Fast// Logical// Has some knowledge in the medical field//

Habits:Twirls her hair// Bites her bottom lip and inside of her cheeck// Plays with her fingers // Blushing

Likes:Social media | Sour candy | Healthy eating | Manicures | An even tan | Bahamas | The smell of the ocean | Febreeze | The Vampire Diaries | Money | Power | Competitions | Roses | Wine |

Dislikes:Losing in anything | Chocolate ice cream | Criticism | Beer | White bread | Overly salty foods | Sexism | Rejection | Unrequited love | One night stands |

Secrets:Isabella was abused as a child. Her Ex boyfriend tried to kill her because he thought she was cheating on him. She has multiple scars on her body from where he tortured her by cutting her just enough so she would bleed slowly.She is immune to the bites.

Fears:Being cheated on | Never developing close relationships with people | Sharks
She has no major phobias but is a noticeably jumpy person. She's easily startled and can't stand when people sneak up, surprise or prank her.
The dark | As a child her mother would lock her in a closet for being disobedient.

Other:She was bitten a while ago but she found out she was immune to the disease.


So begins...

Isabella Sophia Gray's Story

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[For now I'll post in first-person, but later I'll probably transition to third since I'm more accustomed to writing in that perspective.]

It's dawn, more specifically around, 5 AM? Feels that way. The mist smothering the ground swirls around my lowers legs as I run desperately down the street. I didn't care enough to look at the name, I just need to find G. I don't even know when he left me, did he really not care enough to say anything? I look around nervously, but there are walkers still chasing me I think. I don't have the guts to cry out. He couldn't have gone too far, right? He can be pretty lazy.
I pray under my breathe that I find him, and a few alleyways come into view, branching into the in-betweens of buildings.
Moaning, and groaning is heard from the third. It's dark, and I almost decide to run past it; but I see a familiar face.
I stop dead in my tracks, and look behind. The walkers must have stopped a while ago, even though I'm not much of a runner. I silently walk to the alleyway; G is pinned against the wall with the walker slowly advancing in on him.
Aw shit you idiot!
I grit my teeth and rush in. Even though its been a long while since the apocalypse started, I haven't killed too many walkers. I'm not good at attacking, I don't have much experience. Wielding G's signature bat, I close my eyes and take in a sharp breathe, before swinging the bat with all my strength into the walkers head. There's a loud splat noise, it must have hit the wall.
After moments of silence, I slowly open my eyes. G is just staring at me, he wasn't bit was he?!
G distantly stutters. Weakly dropping the bat to the ground, I fall forward into him, and grip his shirt.
"Why the hell would you do that?!"
I lash out emotionally. I can feel Georges eyes on me, he's staring. I shouldn't have been so loud.
"Off. Pick up the bat, we need to go."
He answers strongly. Damn, trying to be a badass again? I willingly pull away though, holding back any feelings I want to just yell out. I lean down, and pick up the bat from the muddy water.
I don't swing well...
I stare off forlornly, and like reading my mind he snatches the bat from my hands and pulls me away out of the alleyway. He's in a rush, I wonder what kind of shit he got into while I was sleeping back at our room. I don't want to question him though, G can get aggressive when I ask too many. I decide to stay silent, and just cling to him. We get to another street, and G stops to stare at it.
"We're not even close to the center..."
G sighs, is he relieved? I don't know much about walkers, but I wonder if they crowd together purposely; and maybe the heart of New York is where they all decide to stay. Zombies don't think like that though... or, probably don't.
"Is that a good thing?"
I speak reluctantly. G doesnt reply, he stares down at me, and beckons me forward as he continues to walk. I gulp nervously and follow close.
"The... fog and mist is ominous, isn't it."
I say quietly. He nods, it isn't often when G doesnt talk to me. Maybe he's really thinking hard about something. Probably nothing I would know of, G is quite the tracker. And I'm, well, not really much of anything.
Horeno Road...
I try to remember.

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[So because Isabelle still hasn't posted we're just going to go ahead and continue :)]

"Are we atleast going somewhere specific-" "I don't know Off." G says, this time with bite.
I hold any other questions back. 'We're probably going to go look for another place to stay, even though it's getting closer and closer to morning.' I think with a quiet sigh. 'Maybe we'll search the bus stations??' I rub my hands as G leads me around.
'Looks like I'm right so far.' I recognize the different street signs and maps.
"Off, watch where you step. I hear lots of walkers, and glass can make the loudest noises." G sighs anxiously.
I nod, going completely with his instruction. 'I really hope G doesnt have to waste his energy on the walkers.' I assume he hasn't eaten like me this morning.
We stop at the corner of a brick wall, standing close against it. "There's three coming this way, four at the next corner, and then I can see two more at the map I think." G sighs as quietly as possible.
I frown "Well how do we maneuver around them then..." I glance down at the ground nervously.
"That's.... I don't know yet." G admits in an annoyed tone.

[Sorry it isn't longer.]