Sebastian Barins

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a character in “Darkness And Plague”, as played by Brutal~Lover


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Song: Neighborhood: Sweater Weather
Quote: It's their world now, we're just living in it
Name: Sebastian Barins
Age: 26
Physical Description: 6'4, well built, tan, chestnut brown hair, slight and unnoticeable age wrinkles.
Other Features: Dusty, torn up clothes, old work boots, slight cuts, small bruises
Affiliation: Ellena Barins
Personality: Sweet, helpful, charismatic, honest, adventurous, optimistic, funny
Background/History: Kicked his father out once he learned about the abuse going on to his mother and sister. Tried to help his mother as she slowly went insane but nothing helped. Saved Ellena once everything started and led her to saftey
Skills/Strengths: Doesn't get clingy, can put his feelings aside so he can make sure everything works out right, stong, knowledge on weapons
Habits: Bites nails
Likes: music, shooting, camping
Dislikes: being cooped up, settling somewhere for too long
Secrets: none
Fears: losing Ellena or leaving her alone

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Sebastian Barins's Story

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[So because Isabelle still hasn't posted we're just going to go ahead and continue :)]

"Are we atleast going somewhere specific-" "I don't know Off." G says, this time with bite.
I hold any other questions back. 'We're probably going to go look for another place to stay, even though it's getting closer and closer to morning.' I think with a quiet sigh. 'Maybe we'll search the bus stations??' I rub my hands as G leads me around.
'Looks like I'm right so far.' I recognize the different street signs and maps.
"Off, watch where you step. I hear lots of walkers, and glass can make the loudest noises." G sighs anxiously.
I nod, going completely with his instruction. 'I really hope G doesnt have to waste his energy on the walkers.' I assume he hasn't eaten like me this morning.
We stop at the corner of a brick wall, standing close against it. "There's three coming this way, four at the next corner, and then I can see two more at the map I think." G sighs as quietly as possible.
I frown "Well how do we maneuver around them then..." I glance down at the ground nervously.
"That's.... I don't know yet." G admits in an annoyed tone.

[Sorry it isn't longer.]