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Rodrick Warren [4] "I was raised to joke around, its kinda my thing."
Nadia Brunswick [4] "I've lost the will the see things in a brighter light, everything has become dark."
Isabella Sophia Gray [2] She wears black, just like her soul. But her heart is made of gold
Offelia Elias [2] "That was SO funny I didnt even react."
George Wolfen [2] "I told you not to fucking leave, and what did you do?!
Ellena Barins [2] "I keep dreaming of the day you come back."

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[For now I'll post in first-person, but later I'll probably transition to third since I'm more accustomed to writing in that perspective.]

It's dawn, more specifically around, 5 AM? Feels that way. The mist smothering the ground swirls around my lowers legs as I run desperately down the street. I didn't care enough to look at the name, I just need to find G. I don't even know when he left me, did he really not care enough to say anything? I look around nervously, but there are walkers still chasing me I think. I don't have the guts to cry out. He couldn't have gone too far, right? He can be pretty lazy.
I pray under my breathe that I find him, and a few alleyways come into view, branching into the in-betweens of buildings.
Moaning, and groaning is heard from the third. It's dark, and I almost decide to run past it; but I see a familiar face.
I stop dead in my tracks, and look behind. The walkers must have stopped a while ago, even though I'm not much of a runner. I silently walk to the alleyway; G is pinned against the wall with the walker slowly advancing in on him.
Aw shit you idiot!
I grit my teeth and rush in. Even though its been a long while since the apocalypse started, I haven't killed too many walkers. I'm not good at attacking, I don't have much experience. Wielding G's signature bat, I close my eyes and take in a sharp breathe, before swinging the bat with all my strength into the walkers head. There's a loud splat noise, it must have hit the wall.
After moments of silence, I slowly open my eyes. G is just staring at me, he wasn't bit was he?!
G distantly stutters. Weakly dropping the bat to the ground, I fall forward into him, and grip his shirt.
"Why the hell would you do that?!"
I lash out emotionally. I can feel Georges eyes on me, he's staring. I shouldn't have been so loud.
"Off. Pick up the bat, we need to go."
He answers strongly. Damn, trying to be a badass again? I willingly pull away though, holding back any feelings I want to just yell out. I lean down, and pick up the bat from the muddy water.
I don't swing well...
I stare off forlornly, and like reading my mind he snatches the bat from my hands and pulls me away out of the alleyway. He's in a rush, I wonder what kind of shit he got into while I was sleeping back at our room. I don't want to question him though, G can get aggressive when I ask too many. I decide to stay silent, and just cling to him. We get to another street, and G stops to stare at it.
"We're not even close to the center..."
G sighs, is he relieved? I don't know much about walkers, but I wonder if they crowd together purposely; and maybe the heart of New York is where they all decide to stay. Zombies don't think like that though... or, probably don't.
"Is that a good thing?"
I speak reluctantly. G doesnt reply, he stares down at me, and beckons me forward as he continues to walk. I gulp nervously and follow close.
"The... fog and mist is ominous, isn't it."
I say quietly. He nods, it isn't often when G doesnt talk to me. Maybe he's really thinking hard about something. Probably nothing I would know of, G is quite the tracker. And I'm, well, not really much of anything.
Horeno Road...
I try to remember.

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The walker strained its neck, trying to get even the smallest nibble on me. Here I was, pinned against a wall holding a walker back with one hand while my other hand slid a knife into its throat. I dug further and further until the head just....popped off. Blood spilled out, covering my hands and leaking down my arms. "Shit..." I muttered out as I flicked some of the blood off.
"See, you could handle it." My brother, Sebastian, snickered.
I rolled my eyes and grabbed the bag. "All of this trouble just for a bag?" I asked, we had been out for days with no sleep and little rest. He grabbed the bag out of my hand and tore it open. He rummaged around, pulling out bottle after bottle of medicine along with cans of food. He smiled ear to ear as he zipped it back up and swung it over his shoulders.
"Alright hurry up." I said as I ducked out of the alleyway. Silence overcame us as Sebastian followed close behind me. All that could be heard, the clicks of our shoes against the breaking pavement and the loud groans of walkers. "How much walkers do you think we've killed?" I asked, my pace quickened.
"A good amount, but New York's a big place." He cleared his throat. "So nothing that would ever make a difference." I nodded and went back to being silent.

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"Dammit Nadia talk to me before you run off like that kid!" Rodrick whispers loudly to me as we both crouch beside and overturned city bus. A few paces ahead of us a couple of Walkers shamble around the corpse of a mostly picked clean body. But even from here I can see that the body itself is also moving, also a Walker it seems.

"One, I'm a few years younger than you. If I'm a kid then your an old man," I whisper back. Digging in my pocket for something silent to kill the Walkers with. We don't have any guns with us, and its no use using one in a city this big and with Walkers all around. "And two, I did not run, you just can't keep up."

Rodrick rolls his eyes, but smiles and takes out a knife from his own pocket. I continue my search and grow frustrated when I can't find the knife I had picked up a few weeks ago. "Loose something?" he asks. I sigh and nod, "You wanna take care of this?" I ask him.

He shrugs and creeps forward, eyes focused on the closest one. He knows if he gets in trouble I'll rush in and help him. Not that he will get in trouble, Rodrick is capable, if not a little reckless. I keep an eye out on the situation, worry gnawing at my gut. What if one of them notices him before he can take another down. Rodrick can fight off one easily, but two at the same time won't be an easy feat even for him.

Luckily I have no reason to worry, as he dispatches the first Walker before it can even turn around. He rushes towards the other recklessly, tussling with it for a good minute and a half before getting the knife in its head. He looks at the body on the ground, seemingly debating before knifing it as well. No use leaving one alive even if it can't move.

"Nice work, are you hurt?" I ask, hefting my mostly empty backpack higher on my shoulders all I have left is half a tube of Neosporin and a band aide, nothing helpful for a wound bigger than a scratch. He shakes his head. "We should find somewhere hole up for a while, I'm getting tired of all this running around." I tell him, watching him clean the blood off of his knife. "My thoughts exactly kid," He says, giving me that sideways smile that used to get him all the girls. I scoff and punch his shoulder, "Come on ya dope, we're making too much noise."

"Most of these buildings are overrun I'm sure, but we can try and clear out a smaller one." I say, looking around at the tall buildings around us. It won't be easy trying to clear out a small one either, but at least we could have somewhere to sleep tonight, rather than braving the deep darkness of the night. I hate the dark. "Come on Rod, lets get a move on."

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[So because Isabelle still hasn't posted we're just going to go ahead and continue :)]

"Are we atleast going somewhere specific-" "I don't know Off." G says, this time with bite.
I hold any other questions back. 'We're probably going to go look for another place to stay, even though it's getting closer and closer to morning.' I think with a quiet sigh. 'Maybe we'll search the bus stations??' I rub my hands as G leads me around.
'Looks like I'm right so far.' I recognize the different street signs and maps.
"Off, watch where you step. I hear lots of walkers, and glass can make the loudest noises." G sighs anxiously.
I nod, going completely with his instruction. 'I really hope G doesnt have to waste his energy on the walkers.' I assume he hasn't eaten like me this morning.
We stop at the corner of a brick wall, standing close against it. "There's three coming this way, four at the next corner, and then I can see two more at the map I think." G sighs as quietly as possible.
I frown "Well how do we maneuver around them then..." I glance down at the ground nervously.
"That's.... I don't know yet." G admits in an annoyed tone.

[Sorry it isn't longer.]

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{Sorry I had to go to a funeral this weekend and I wasn't able to get online}
Isabella got off of the pitch black motorcycle it was the fifth one she found which contained only a quarter of a tank of gas. She hasn't talked to another human in months. As she walked around the big city she remembered all of the small details that she missed about life. Yes she was living but this wasn't the lift she wanted. Isabella was used to being on her own. She was very intelligent and knew how to handle different scenarios when they crossed her path. Her biggest scenario at the moment was a death walker in front of her. She has encountered numerous death walkers before but this one was different. She screamed as he lunged for her. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she started running for her life...Literally. The faster she ran the faster the walker tried to keep up with her. She climbed on top of a hummer and took out a hammer. It was her fathers old hammer so it always came in handy. One walker after the other heard her distressed screams and grunts. She was panicking at the point. She was defending herself quite nicely until they started to charge at the hummer. It tilted from one side to the other rocking and concaving at the motions. She was surrounded and at a loss for words. She needed to come up with a plan, and quick.

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(OOC: I make long posts by accident I swear. But I had an idea and ran with it. XD)

A distant scream caught our attention. I turned my eyes to the direction the noise came from, sussing it out to be more human that Walker...Walkers didn't make the same noises as us. They were different, in subtle ways that were easiest to detect after so long. Naturally as we continued on our journey the more and more we both began to pick up these subtle differences. "Sounds like someone in trouble." Rodrick says, already gripping his knife tighter in his hands. He looks ready to take off to save the day, but I grab his arm in a tight grip. Giving him one of my patented 'don't you dare' looks. He raises his eyebrow, looking disbelieving. "It could be a trap, or worse and I don't have a weapon yet to help." I point out, voice low as we creep behind rows of dead cars, keeping out of sight while keeping our wits about us.

"We can't just let some innocent person die!" Rodrick argues, beginning to lead us on the path toward the scream. At our steady rate however we probably wouldn't make it there in time to save anyone. "Yes we damn well can Rod," I hiss through clenched teeth, fists balled up angrily. A red haze has begun to creep into the edges of my vision, a darkness looming just below the surface. I don't want Rodrick to die, but I could care less about some stranger who could very well be baiting us.

"Have it your way then, kid." He says, as he springs forward into a dead run. In a sudden panic I do the same, trying to keep on his heels despite how much faster he is than I am. He turns a corner, I turn right behind him, and suddenly both of us are face to face with a thick crowd of Walkers. "Oh fuck," I hiss, reeling back as one of the shambling corpses reaches a dirty, bloody hand out to grab me. Its fingers catching at the front of my shirt. Its grip tightens as I drag it back with me, immediately losing sight of Rodrick in my attempt to escape its grip. The damn thing is strong, but a kick to its knee makes it buckle and fall. I carefully knee it in the head, making sure to keep its snapping and snarling mouth far away from my flesh. Its nose caves in, but it doesn't stop its struggle even as I finally peel its bony fingers from my shirt and take off at a dead run.

I turn back, but a few out of the crowd are already on my tail, including the one that nearly had me. I don't have much time to think, Rodrick has a knife and can probably take care of himself. I don't have anything besides my feet to carry me away from the situation. I dodge a few hands as I turn and run, trying to catch sight of Rodrick.

With nothing left to lose I shout his name, "Rodrick! Come on we need to go!" But there is no answer. I tear my gaze away and dodge away from more prying hands, feeling the cloth of my shirt tear and snag as my frantic running seems to draw them closer.

Without much hope left I take a sharp turn away from the Walkers, continuing on until I hit a side street that's small enough and packed with enough cars that the Walkers will have a hard time wading through it. Leaving Rodrick behind hurts like hell, but its the only thing I can do right now to stay alive. Besides, if he's still alive they always have their various rendezvous points to try and meet up at. Right now its more likely that I'm the one who isn't going to survive. Not If I can't lose the Walkers.

No choice left, I use up all my energy to keep them running down various streets, dodging around dead cars and other obstacles until I've put enough distance between myself and the closest Walker that I can safely duck into a building to hide. I don't know how long I've been running. But the pain in my chest and the stitch in my side doesn't go away even as I sink to the ground, panting and heaving. It feels as if I'm going to puke but I keep my head straight, fear echoing in my mind. I don't know what kind of building I'm in besides that its pretty open, but dark. I hate the dark, it sends shivers of fear all through me. I wish Rodrick was here with me.

(I decided to split my characters up. Which means shorter posts as I'll be doing so from two different POVs. Ill put their names at the top of the post from now on until I join them up again. But I figured I left it open ended enough. As for the person who screamed I left it open ended...It could be anyone.)