Felix Waterby

Druid twin to Merlin

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a character in “Darkness Comes Again”, as played by GreenGentleman



Felix Waterby




Bow and Arrow
Throwing Knives
Felix is more often that not seen as the kind of person you can just tell all your problems. The kind of person that is too nice for his own good, that will let people walk all over him and not say anything about it. And most of the time, that's true. He is the opposite of his brother, so that together they may balance one another out. He is often very calm and laid back, doesn't normally say much unless he's required too. Felix is a gentleman to the core, never flirting with the ladies and always interacting with them with a respectable manner. Felix fancies the Princess of Darkness very much, but he would never act on such impulses, no. That would be inappropriate.

Though every once in awhile, little things have a habit of setting him off. The most obvious of those little things is when another person touches his bow, which he treasures more than his life. It was passed down through his family and now is his, and he plans on passing it down to his firstborn son one day. It was originally supposed to be given to his brother, but when it was discovered he was a warlock and Felix was not, it was given to him.

Felix is incredibly talented with a bow, and he can throw a dagger with such precision it's frightening. His brain seems to work in a way that allows him to see what path his enemy is going to take before they even decide so themselves. He is extremely intelligent, though he does not flaunt this. Felix also has an uncanny link with animals, befriending them easily and occasionally persuading them to help him.

Felix is very much like his brother in the appearance department, they are twins after all. His hair is naturally a light blonde color, which is what it stays today because he claims bleach kills brain cells and he likes being smart. Along with his blonde hair he has gorgeous blue eyes, another thing he and his brother share. He happens to have a more slender build, standing at only five foot nine inches and weighing less than a hundred and fifty pounds.


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