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Yukiko Fajuko

Jinx, Lead singer of Descendent of Darkness. Are girl who dabbles in the business of spirits

0 · 271 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Darkness Lullabies”, as played by IceFoxJess



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Name: Yukiko Fajuko
Age: Twenty
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight, though she loves to mess with fan girls heads at time.
Position: Decedents of Darkness lead singer/The girl who started the spirit investigations
Psychic Abilities: Pyrokinesis
Band:Decedents of Darkness
Instrument you play/Nickname/Stage name: Vocalist/Yuki/Jinx

Height: Five foot five inchs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Origanaly light brown, but she dyes it often. It is at the moment blond and black.
Skin Tone: Creamy with the slightst hint of a sun kissed glow.

Yukiko Fajuko was born on the rainy yet smoldering night of August the twentieth at 12:00 AM, to Yuso Fajuko, and Aiko Fajuko. She was their third child, and their second daughter. She had one elder sister, Ai, and one older brother, Yami. On the outside, to the world, they family of five was a happy one though, sadly that wasn't true behind closed doors. From a young age Yuki was exposed to violence, and cruelty. Her father often hit her elder brother and sister and take them away somewhere for long periods of times, which she would often find at lest one of them about ready to cry, or ready to flinch from the little girls touch. Their mother, didn’t do anything to stop this, she just sat back with her head bowed, and never said anything to stop her husband from hurting her children. By the time she was five her father often verbally abused and occasionally slapped her, she had learned quite quickly to only speak to her father, or even look at him, only when spoken too. Though he had never dragged her off anywhere like he often did to Ai, and sometimes Yami. Yami back then was a very quiet boy, always seeming to close himself off from everyone and everything, but little Yuki slowly melted that cold, damaged heart. The little girl always seeming to know how to make her big brother laugh, and quickly learning when he wouldn’t push away the small girls frail hugs, and even occasionally returning them. Though Ai, poor Ai, never learned as Yuki had, the eldest sibling often did everything she could to protect her younger siblings from their father; acting as the twos mother more often then their own. Though sadly, Yuki barely seven years old was a witness to her darling big sisters death. The doctors and police classified it as an accident but, Yukiko knew better, father had killed her...The night before their father just wouldn’t keep his hands off her, and Ai finally snapped, yelling at him, and everyone in that house knew better then to do that. Before the little girl knew what was going on Yami had snatched her up and ran to her room, barricading the door behind him, and hugging the confused, yet scared little girl as screams floated to their ears....

After that the two learned more ways to avoid their father, Yami more so being sure to keep Yuki out of the house as often as possible, mostly sleeping over at heir grand parents home. Who always welcomed the two with open arms. Though once Yami was old enough to move out of their parents house he did, trying to take Yuki with him, but father wasn’t having that, their new baby brother and sister just wasn’t big enough for him to hit on. So their she stayed. Luckily for her she was just hit, and compared to what ad happen to her brother and sister, it was a blessing from God for her to just be hit. She was just in stage two, as they often called their fathers stages of abuse. This continued for sometime, until Yami did the last thing that she expected. He told their Grandparents what had been going on, everything from what had happen to him and Ai, to what he is doing to Yuki then, and begged them to get her out of that house before their father did anything more, before he did what he had done to him and Ai....

Though their Grandfather made one big mistake, he had called his son, to ask if what their grandson was telling him was true, and screamed at him over the phone. Once her father had slammed down the phone, her father was furious, looking at her as if she did something to tell them, and truthfully, Yuki was terrified, she had never seen him so furious, the last time she did was the last time she say Ai alive. It wasn’t log until her father yelled at her mother to go to their room, as he went back into the kitchen, and poor twelve year old Yuki just sat their staring fearfully at the kitchen door, and it was only about three minutes latter did her father come out with a butcher knife, and a sadistic grin on his face, as his dark eyes were clouded with rage and a strange glee....
It was probably only twelve minutes latter did the front door bust open reveling her brother and grandfather, revealing to them the sight of a blood covered Yuki leaning her back against the wall, the knife weakly clutched in her hand, and Yuso, holding his hand to his gushing cheek as he glared down at his bleeding daughter. Yuki had, for once in her life, fought back, having fought to live. She might have just cut open his cheek, but it was a miracle to her. Her grand father quickly called the police, and ambulance as Yami, tried to keep Yuki from passing out from the blood loses that resulted from the stab wounds on her back and chest. The last thing she remember hearing as she lost conciseness was her usually cold brothers begging for her to not leave him.

Yuki recovered from the attack relatively quickly, though it forever left a scar on her chest. Yami quickly took up the role of taking care of her once he and their grandparents won custody of her after their father was put in jail. Though for years and until this day her grandparents and brother often argue about every little thing of how and who should raise her, but, the four still love each other, no matter what is said. Though non of them are especially happy about her current career choice as a singer.

Yuki seems to be found smiling genially more often since the day to she meet her friend, and ever since they started up their band and she’s been having fun playing and helping the ones unseen...Let’s just hope that she doesn't learn of her father release from jail anytime soon..

Yukiko is what people would call the “misfit” of the group, the mischievous joker, the little air headed dare devil. She’s the girl to never back down from a challenge or dare. She’d be the girl you see go cliff diving with a grin and laugh, jump from the top of a school with only a couple of mattresses and pillows bellow. She’s not what you could call fearless, at lest not exactly. Reckless is more like it, As well as stubborn, once she gets her idea in her head, it’s hard to change if not even influence her thoughts.

At first she seems a little sarcastic, always with either a smile or a cocky smirk, a girl with guts, though once you dig past that shell you find a sweet caring girl who just won’t be pushed around anymore, she might have let her family do it for years but she sure as hell not going to let it happen again. She won’t give up.

Yuki is the girl you can count on to have your back, to be there when you need a hug, or someone to try and make things right. She could catch you red handed with a dead body, and she wouldn’t judge you for it. She would just help you burn and bury the evidence, get rid of the body, and get you cleaned up before anyone else became the wiser. That is if she likes you. She’s what you call a loyal friend who’d stand by you till the end, it takes a lot to lose her trust, but once you do you might as well give hope of ever fully gaining it back...That is if your not as stubborn as her. The mistake of second chances after betraying her trust has burned her more then once.

To her friends, they see the more affectionate side of her, they can always expect an affectionate hug, from the ever smirking or grinning girl. Though even they aren’t fully spared of her temper. She is one to get annoyed easily, and for the people she cares for, she tries to bite it back, but as it grows her control lessen, when she finally snaps she doesn't let her grudge go until she feels that she has returned the “Favor” or until she finally vents. Though innocent bystanders beware, she is sometimes blind to who she lash’s out at when she finally breaks, though once she realizes that you were not the source, even if she dislikes, maybe even hate you, she will try to make it up to you, or at lest apologize, despite her pride.

In short, Yuki’s a loving friend, a bitter enemy, and a girl who’s smile hides many a secret.

♥ Music; Preferably rock, metal, and a little classical.
♥ Pranks, pulling pranks, and occasionally being the prank-ie; Be it on someone she likes or someone she doesn't.
♥ Being in the band
♥ Her friends.
♥ Reading a good book and Manga
♥ Chocolate!{Ice cream, Pocky, cookies, most cake, if it's chocolate or has chocolate on it she'll try it.}
♥ Pocky.
♥ Skelanimals.
♥ Anime
♥ Horror movies, Action flicks, and romance comedies.
♥ Her grandparents.
♥ Children and animals {Turns into the biggest softy around them,.}
♥ Soft/fuzzy things
♥ Snow/Playing in snow.
♥ Her big brother.
♥ Roses/Nature and rain.
♥ Festivals
♥ Getting to wear traditional clothing.
♥ Having a smoke. {Usually when she's stressed or nerves are about shot.}
♥ Historic things. Be it a place or a weapon, she loves the past.
♥ Wining


X, Her father. {It's out of fear and hate.}
X, The fact that her mother is such a spineless cowered.
X, That her Big brother and grandparents argue. {Over who should take care of her and her future usually.}
X, Bitter stuff
X, People looking down on her because she is a woman/claming she is useless because she is one.
X, Constantly slow, blah, music. {Little is fine but too much get’s annoying.
X, Broccoli, and spinach
X, Someone hitting her face.
X, Movies and shows that are noting but Drama.
X, Yami suffocating her as he does.{Which is why she’s moving in with {Who ever is this friend}
X, Being a Klutz. {Always gets her in awkward situations or positions.}
X, That she left her little brother and sister with that bastard of a father...
X, Too much slow/sad music.
X, Being seen crying. {Things dealing with her past...}
X, Her friends being hurt/ being bad mouthed. {You might as well kick a baby bear with it's mama right their.}
X, Being forced to wear something she thinks would look dreadful on her. {Though the person usually wins.}
X, Sluts who think they can have/Do what ever they want.
X, Child abuse/Animal abuse.
X, Thunder and lightning.
X, Being trapped in the dark.
X, The smell of old spice. {Reminds her of her father.}
X, The taste of strong mint.{but likes the smell}
X, Can't find her smokes/Lighter when she 'needs' a smoke.
X, People who brag about how good they are at everything, but actually suck.
X, Men who expect woman to do everything without them asking. {"Were not flipin' psychic!...Well you know what I mean!"}

Myrmecophobia: Fear of ant’s
She hate spiders for along the same reasons ant‘s freak her out..
Aichmophobia: Fear of needles
Brontophobia: Fear of thunder and lightning.{A mild case}

She is still terrified of her father, and seems to revert to the obedient, scared little girl she use to be when he is around. She is also scared of dyeing/ ending up all alone. Two of her biggest flaws might just be that when she losses her temper she is blind to who and what she lash's out at. Secondly she doesn't seem to care much for her own well being or health at times, so she sometimes tends to not eat too well, and has unhealthy habits. Including putting herself in danger without thinking things through. {Another flaw, with being so stubborn}

Yuki is pretty skilled singer of course, but also when she was younger, her grandfather taught her how to play the violin and she was quite good at it. She is also skilled at art, she loves to sketch people and places, and morph the world into her own reality. Her greats passion might just be tied between music and her art. Though also she has a passion for teaching and taking care of children, even if she won't usually openly admit it. She has some strength in Kendo, not a lot, just a few little things her brother taught her, along with fighting, but it was more so taught to her so he wouldn't worry about her as much as he dose.

Crush/Lover/Love: {Will choose the two boys she crushes on when profiles are up. Yay triangles! Though feel free to have someone crush on her first ;3}

Little extra... Yukiko only ever drops her smile when something seriously bothers her or a spirit has really gotten to her.

Theme Song:
Weight of the World by Evanescence.

So begins...

Yukiko Fajuko's Story